26-Year-Old Admits He Will ‘Do Anything’ To Keep Up His ‘Bad And Boujee’ Lifestyle

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • A 26-year-old says he has no problem stealing thousands of dollars from family and friends to maintain his “bad and boujee” lifestyle.
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  • something really cool
    something really cool 30 minutes ago

    He was 🤣🤣twerking on the wall🤣🤣🤣
    I can't breath 🤣🤣🤣omg 🤣🤣🤣😏
    Known fo my 🤣🤣my butt🤣🤣stop stop 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kotoko aihara
    kotoko aihara 53 minutes ago

    When he walked in
    Cricket sound

  • Pelvic Splanchnic Ganglion

    Bad and boujee more like gay and moronic.

  • George Maher Jr
    George Maher Jr Hour ago

    That’s a rough 26 😳

  • Overexcited_ Chiken

    HONEY!!! get the popcorn

    were not watching Dr. Phil again are we...


  • Emily Kury
    Emily Kury Hour ago

    He looks like the 00.01% of germs the Lysol didn’t kill

  • yes fadhlan
    yes fadhlan 2 hours ago

    How this kind of people exists

  • DatMemeKid
    DatMemeKid 2 hours ago

    He looks like the future lil tay

  • Athena GM
    Athena GM 3 hours ago

    He pass like Jessica Yaniv sibling.

  • Ella Sophia
    Ella Sophia 3 hours ago

    I want to punch this guy

  • Andres rodriguez
    Andres rodriguez 3 hours ago

    If he had a brother he'd be beat to a pulp.

  • Boyd Weippert
    Boyd Weippert 4 hours ago

    he will have fun in prison lololololo

  • cloutamine Wuwuwu
    cloutamine Wuwuwu 4 hours ago

    If says bad and boujie one more time

  • wellsparker
    wellsparker 4 hours ago

    Sum total of our social media problem!

  • cloutamine Wuwuwu
    cloutamine Wuwuwu 4 hours ago

    Oh my god he is the worst

  • Ceptom MUA
    Ceptom MUA 4 hours ago

    All that money and he couldn’t get better eyebrows DESCUSTANG

  • Kng Hazza
    Kng Hazza 5 hours ago

    Lol Dr Phil invites some guests that really makes us want to punch them in their face 😂

  • Joncorrington
    Joncorrington 5 hours ago

    That’s not twerking 🤬I can twerk better then that 😂

  • Jeremiah Alrenzo
    Jeremiah Alrenzo 5 hours ago

    This is depressing.

  • Jeremiah Alrenzo
    Jeremiah Alrenzo 5 hours ago

    Fire whoever does your brows!

  • Krowman84
    Krowman84 5 hours ago

    He reminds me of a Flintstones animal that fell on its head too many times

  • kaitlyn spiva
    kaitlyn spiva 5 hours ago

    Please stop giving these people the time of day 😔

  • kaitlyn spiva
    kaitlyn spiva 5 hours ago

    How you gon’ be bad & boujee in jail

  • Rene Ehause
    Rene Ehause 5 hours ago

    This guy needs a smack.

  • Anthony Luciano
    Anthony Luciano 5 hours ago

    He needs shot

  • Shirley Whetsell
    Shirley Whetsell 6 hours ago +1

    Cringy cringe Mc cringepants

  • Joe Famous
    Joe Famous 7 hours ago +1

    No more real men anymore.

  • Sydney Hafner
    Sydney Hafner 7 hours ago


  • Baxter Beats
    Baxter Beats 7 hours ago

    What a loser.. Grow up

  • ʟᴀʏᴛᴏɴ ꜱʜᴇᴘʜᴇʀᴅ ᴠɪᴀ ᴄʀᴜᴄɪꜱ

    Why does this dude look like a custom randomized character?

  • Merherp Doolilly
    Merherp Doolilly 8 hours ago

    Wait you guys, he might ACTUALLY be psychotic

  • Steev Adams
    Steev Adams 9 hours ago

    One day he’ll watch this back and see what a total embarrassment he really is!! He thinks he’s “attractive”... hahaha he’s revolting!

  • Marysgirl04 Marysgirl04

    I wish the Dr.Phol show would update us on these people.. I hope his mom kicked him out...i hope he had to go to jail and learn what freedom and family really mean

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May 9 hours ago

    When he/she gets to prison he/she will definitely be known for his/her butt.

  • Non Conformist THE TRUTHSEEKER!

    I'm at a loss of words this world now I'm gonna stay inside .

  • J. E. R
    J. E. R 10 hours ago


  • Mega Metagross
    Mega Metagross 11 hours ago

    Ew gross.

  • Richard Kringe
    Richard Kringe 11 hours ago

    Anyone have a link to the full episode?

  • AmazingLover96
    AmazingLover96 11 hours ago

    When someone walks into the room at the beginning of the video and they dont realize that your watching Dr. Phil.

  • Melissa Russell
    Melissa Russell 11 hours ago

    “I’ll do anything to keep up my lifestyle” except get a job clearly

  • little childish
    little childish 12 hours ago

    lol i can’t believe he’s 26 🥴

  • amna
    amna 12 hours ago

    ‘might make it a little better’
    just made it a little worse but ok

  • Gurosama Bltch
    Gurosama Bltch 13 hours ago +1

    He has to be trolling lmao

  • Bryan Portillo
    Bryan Portillo 13 hours ago

    Y’all can’t expect me to believe that this clown is 26... I know white people don’t age well but this man gotta be on something to look that jacked up. He looks like he smells like vinegar and rancid meat.

  • victheimpailer
    victheimpailer 14 hours ago

    That's a big toddler

    LEV!ATHAN 15 hours ago

    This mom deserves to be paraded around town with a dunce cap begging society for forgiveness. Any parent who raised this loathsome virtueless degenerate did a piss poor job.

  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston 15 hours ago

    2:06 OMG the way he walked on to the stage 😂 it was almost like he was expecting everyone to clap and cheer for him.

  • Carmello Sanders
    Carmello Sanders 16 hours ago

    Your not a bad and boogie person your just a theif

  • Carmello Sanders
    Carmello Sanders 16 hours ago

    He doesn’t know how to twerk but ok

  • Chris! Is that a weed?!

    *What's poppin' dr Phill?*

  • Joels_Creed141
    Joels_Creed141 16 hours ago

    Send him to Jail, please

  • Bless Dead Hands
    Bless Dead Hands 18 hours ago

    Kill it with fire

  • A saints Life Tv
    A saints Life Tv 19 hours ago

    Migos #1 fan if this is bad & boogie put me on santas good list

  • Ava Fisher
    Ava Fisher 20 hours ago

    I mean I hate him and all, but at least he is aware of his issue.

  • Piggy2 Wiggy
    Piggy2 Wiggy 22 hours ago

    Are we gonna talk about 2:23-2:26?

  • Piggy2 Wiggy
    Piggy2 Wiggy 22 hours ago

    C'mon hes faking it. You can tell he's just putting on this persona for the sake of Dr Phil.

  • Piggy2 Wiggy
    Piggy2 Wiggy 22 hours ago

    "I like twerking thats what I want to be known for, thats how I want to be recognised"

  • Charles Packer
    Charles Packer 22 hours ago

    this cant be real...

  • Kaleb Leathers
    Kaleb Leathers 22 hours ago

    This is legit cringe

  • Carlie Flowers
    Carlie Flowers 23 hours ago

    But... He has no butt and he's horrible at twerking....