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  • Sabrina Lik
    Sabrina Lik Day ago

    I thought. In goons die

  • anusha v
    anusha v Day ago

    i am 12 and i dont even have it yet while my other friends have it already

  • goldturtle N
    goldturtle N Day ago

    Here after she gave birth!

  • Vianey Toledo
    Vianey Toledo Day ago +1

    I'm watching after she gave birth.

  • Ryan Dominguez
    Ryan Dominguez Day ago

    Yeah I don’t like periods they hurt your stomach

  • Purple Smiles
    Purple Smiles Day ago

    Worst feel I g ever with stomach

  • Aryia Young
    Aryia Young Day ago

    When my firs period come on I was think of how I was free women and my mother and uncle let me stay home from school. We want to shore my mother show me how to use the pad and my sister come over that same day and bought a strawberry shortcake it was delicious

  • KirstenTheNugget *

    i went to the bathroom and i saw the stuff on my underwear, and i yell to my mom asking her what it was, and she had her jaw dropped. then i knew it from there.
    *i'm officially a woman*

  • Hallli Harrison
    Hallli Harrison Day ago

    funny story, my mum just went out to run some errands and when she was gone I literally sneezed about 6 times, and I didn't feel anything, until I went to the bathroom, looked in my pants, and there was blood, everywhere, IT EVEN MISSED THE PAD...

  • MiaB 05
    MiaB 05 Day ago

    True that

  • Madison Parisien

    😂😂😂that was so me

  • Alyssa The.gymnast


  • Alyssa The.gymnast

    How I found out I got mine was just looking in the toilet and there was blood then I called by mom like 20 times and she answered and came and helped me

  • Alexis' Bizarre Videos

    When do people normally get there period? I am 9 and I am scared also does it hurt putting the tampon in?

  • Alexis' Bizarre Videos

    I am 9 and somehow I know about it

  • Reyna Soto
    Reyna Soto Day ago

    So true

  • madison harressey
    madison harressey Day ago +1

    I am watching this after the birth of baby boy!

  • Rose Vaj
    Rose Vaj Day ago

    I thought I was gonna die when I had my first period 😅😂

  • Joob Delatore
    Joob Delatore Day ago

    My friend just started her period.... She thinks shes pregnant when she STARTED her period....

  • Sybil H
    Sybil H Day ago

    I am on my period right now

  • Desire Gacha life

    When I got my first period I was thinking that:WHAT IS THIS PEEING POO

  • Kali and Brighton


  • I R
    I R Day ago

    2:23 i canttt

  • Ingvild Kvakestad

    I Got my first period in a Mac Donalds second at my cottage with my whole family yup 🙄 i Got mine once at a sports camp in front of a hundred people dressed in all white yup Still doubling to this day

  • Cake Yay
    Cake Yay Day ago

    Yeeeesssss Girl

  • •Andie• Why?

    Luckly when I got mine I was at home chilling.

  • Hopper Central
    Hopper Central Day ago +1

    I just messed up some good pantsu! Send help!

  • Jenny Rivera
    Jenny Rivera Day ago

    The first time I got It i was wearing WHITE shorts !!

  • Jassy Hill2006
    Jassy Hill2006 Day ago


  • Star Shaw
    Star Shaw Day ago

    Anyone else get a bra ad before this? Just me ok.

  • Caedyn Mae
    Caedyn Mae Day ago +1

    Woah I’m watching this after she just had her baby and in this video and her face looks so much bonier in this because she isn’t pregnant before

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Day ago

    This is the most reliable video I’ve ever seen! 😂

  • lιoneѕѕ ѕнa

    This is so funny 😂😂

  • Maysy Mayly  Sisters

    Ok I got mine today so just asking I can’t sneeze

  • Niamh _23
    Niamh _23 Day ago

    My Period Story:


  • Evie Topping
    Evie Topping 2 days ago

    i just got my period! its HELL

  • Libbylo 10
    Libbylo 10 2 days ago

    In the middle of pe I was running I sneezed blood everywhere and I was the only girl in that pe class

  • Miss AudreyGrace
    Miss AudreyGrace 2 days ago

    I thought I was dieing too

  • Jessica Aviles
    Jessica Aviles 2 days ago

    My wifi is very slow so that sucks

  • Crazykid 33
    Crazykid 33 2 days ago +1

    Cut to December 2018

  • Valeria_ _jose
    Valeria_ _jose 2 days ago +1


  • Holly norton
    Holly norton 2 days ago

    Lol that sneeze tough

  • •Jazzy• *Jazz Star*

    My period starts tomorrow and I’m really sick,.... and my cough is bad.... welp plz pray for my pad, underwear, and couch or whatever I’m sitting on, my pants, and my mom lol. 🤣🤣😂

  • Lps Teko
    Lps Teko 2 days ago


  • Tip Tike
    Tip Tike 2 days ago

    The sneeze thing
    I literary sneezed 7 times in a row
    Niagara falls happened in my pants
    And oh boy
    It was really bad ; w ;

  • Erin Is Trash like most people

    I was at school in white shorts.....then I sneezed...

  • Teh BabyEinsteinLover5342

    That moment when you have a heavy flow and you don't check because your scared to see how much blood there is, so you literally hold your bladder in for the rest of the day.

  • Ava Zuccalo
    Ava Zuccalo 2 days ago

    I just started my first period And I got it on Thanksgiving Day morning I wake up till on Big Red pile of blood on my brand new white bed sheets it hasn't been that long since Thanksgiving so I've only had my first cycle so far some kind of nervous for my next one but will be in a few days

  • Flora Reed
    Flora Reed 2 days ago

    first period story!!!!!

  • Elanor Allmann
    Elanor Allmann 2 days ago

    My first time was nothing, absolutely nothing like that! I just woke up a month before my 15th birthday and went to the toilet because I needed to pee and when I wiped I saw blood, and then I looked at it and I was like "oh... i think my period just started, but I don't remenber having any pain at any time?" And then I just went to my mom's room and woke her up and she was really grumpy until I told her that I thought I just got my first period and then she was wide awake and gave me pads and told me how to use them and that was it! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ No drama at all.

  • Bryony Rodgers
    Bryony Rodgers 2 days ago

    I am getting my period soon I'm eleven and my mum thinks I'm going to get it when I am twelve

  • Lauren Edwards
    Lauren Edwards 2 days ago +1

    Omg, I just got mine Monday, I was like screaming “what the hell,what the hell do I do” then I had to call my mom worst experience ever

  • Elizabeth Berry
    Elizabeth Berry 2 days ago

    Who’s watching this when Colleen had her baby?? 12/10/2018

  • Hannah Dadswell
    Hannah Dadswell 2 days ago

    This was on one of my first periods, I went to Mac Donald's and I had just eaten, I think I sneezed or coughed or something but the next thing I knew I was running to the toilet panicking. At the time there was a load of 15 year old girls in McDonald's and I was really worried they'd know. I had leaked onto my jogging bottoms, I had nothing in the toilet with me all my stuff was in my Mum's bag so I had to wait for her to bring me something. Yeah that was really awkward!

  • Rhiannon Noble
    Rhiannon Noble 2 days ago

    Liked it emeditly when she sneezed. Relatable

  • Samira_ 42 Crazy Gurl!

    Who is watching this when she already had the baby 14 hours ago?!

  • Catherine Keane
    Catherine Keane 2 days ago

    I sneeze alot. I mean, a lot.

  • Slime Lover XX
    Slime Lover XX 3 days ago

    I watched this 6 months before I got my period and I related so much but I was at school and I had no pads or tampons :(

  • Little Miss Kiya
    Little Miss Kiya 3 days ago

    i had like really bad cramps as soon as i watched this

  • MantaLol
    MantaLol 3 days ago

    I completely forgot i was even on my period

  • Bianca Fierro
    Bianca Fierro 3 days ago

    You are so right

  • Natalie Cook
    Natalie Cook 3 days ago

    She just had a baby!!!!!

  • Ruby Feltimo
    Ruby Feltimo 3 days ago

    When I got my first period my mom wasn't home and I was with my LITTLE BROTHER AND HIS FRIEND. And one time I got it at my friends house who, just so happened, to be a boy and I had no stuff with me. I had to ask his mom.

  • Skye s.
    Skye s. 3 days ago

    she has a baby now OMG just saw that video !!!!

  • xXTheLoneWolfXx XP
    xXTheLoneWolfXx XP 3 days ago

    2:20 is so relatable

  • CJ
    CJ 3 days ago

    Right on

  • Kelsey And Weird Stuff

    Ok I'm on my second period so my first was weird so we had doge ball at school and a boy thows a ball at my vajana so the next day I pee and BLOOD so I tell my mom I need a pad so I told her a boy hit my vajana my mom told me im in becoming a woman not because I boy hit me (f you Parker) so bye!!

    GÖTČHÄ GRÄČË 3 days ago

    That’s exactly what happens

  • Ziimber :3
    Ziimber :3 3 days ago

    *potty mouth child.*

  • Magical Unicorn
    Magical Unicorn 3 days ago

    In my first period I thought I had cancer 😂😭

  • mark hubbard
    mark hubbard 3 days ago

    why do U have a fidget spinner in your bathroom....?

  • Yasmine Aguado
    Yasmine Aguado 3 days ago

    Yesterday was last day :-)

  • ItsJust KayKay
    ItsJust KayKay 3 days ago

    U look a lot like Miranda sings

    • Lainey Rowland
      Lainey Rowland 2 days ago

      She also has a baby

    • ItsJust KayKay
      ItsJust KayKay 2 days ago

      Lainey Rowland omg 😲 I never knew that haha 🤣 see that’s how much attention I don’t pay to things

    • Lainey Rowland
      Lainey Rowland 3 days ago +1

      ItsJust KayKay she IS Miranda Sings

  • Sakura Sweet
    Sakura Sweet 4 days ago

    I got my period when i was 9 totally normal thats what my mom said

  • Mystical Magic2
    Mystical Magic2 4 days ago

    Little did Coleen know that im a year from then she would have a precious little baby boy!👶

  • Olivia Woolley
    Olivia Woolley 4 days ago

    Who is watching this when she is pregnant in 2018

  • Tracey Lawton
    Tracey Lawton 4 days ago

    I have not had my first period but im 9 and not happy im going to get one but I say this when I think about it. Girls go on more adventurous then boys because of our period, giving birth and more us women make life so bet that boys

  • Briley Taylor
    Briley Taylor 4 days ago

    Omg I miss these videos lmao

  • Pais Gumma
    Pais Gumma 4 days ago

    0:11 "You boys get to talk about your boners all the time so let us talk about our period uh thank you '' lol

  • Jordyn Damian
    Jordyn Damian 4 days ago

    Thank you for liking this

  • Infinite Soul
    Infinite Soul 4 days ago +2

    Today I almost sneezed and then I sneezed I was like *MISS...MISS* and she said “yes dear?” I said *I HAVE A SERIOUS CASE OF NIGARA FALLS AND I NEED TO GO TO THE RESTROOM*

  • Jose Padilla lopez
    Jose Padilla lopez 4 days ago +1

    I Don't have period I go through puberty

  • *-*banana*-*
    *-*banana*-* 4 days ago +1

    Why.....just why is this so true! Lmao

  • Jordyn Damian
    Jordyn Damian 4 days ago +1

    You are awesome!!!!

  • Elizabeth Muscott
    Elizabeth Muscott 4 days ago +2

    back when you had a period !
    hope everything is going well with your new born! ❤️
    Dec. 12, 2018

  • Luna Zebrarider Elite Horses Inc.

    Helpppp... I haven't got mine. It's late! I'M PREGANT. NO I'M NOT KIDDING I'M PREGNANT!!!

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry 4 days ago

    when i had my first period i just ignored it and acted like noting was happening.

  • ItsKellie
    ItsKellie 4 days ago


  • Anne Loô
    Anne Loô 4 days ago

    I woke up on my sister's 7th bday and went to the bathroom. I said "hey moooommm! Guess what? I got my period'
    That was literally it! 😂

  • Simply Galaxy
    Simply Galaxy 4 days ago

    “I’m a women”
    “Im a women😭

  • Ceone White
    Ceone White 4 days ago

    I haven't sneezed on a period yet, I've only had 2 though so, thanks for the warning!😀

  • Madison O'Brien
    Madison O'Brien 4 days ago

    Soo true!!! I asked Siri so many questions when I started

  • Katrina Hudson
    Katrina Hudson 4 days ago

    I remember my first period I thought I could hide it with no pads. . . I was wrong. . . Very. . . Very wrong. . . Ruined a brand new pair of pants underwear and a school chair . . . I look back to this day and cringe hardcore.

  • Jess Magaletti
    Jess Magaletti 4 days ago

    Omg lol!! This is so true!!

  • Mercy Whisner
    Mercy Whisner 5 days ago

    Im really scared...I haven't started yet and i dont want to ask my fam S.O.S

  • Denyce Harpe
    Denyce Harpe 5 days ago +1

    Also I have never sneezed on my period...

  • Denyce Harpe
    Denyce Harpe 5 days ago +1

    Actually on my first period I was soooooooo happy. And I was totally fine. I started at school but I treated it like I've had experience with it?!?

  • LeeLee the great
    LeeLee the great 5 days ago

    Being 13 and not knowing how to use a tampon, I think forcing girls to gym on their periods should be illegal

  • Selena Cruz
    Selena Cruz 5 days ago

    Me: sneezes
    Me: crap

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 5 days ago

    I was so embarrassed I did not want to tell anyone I thought I was dying, I also thought I pooped my pants...
    when I finnaly told my mom I was bleeding I was in tears because none of my friends had they're . yet so I was sad and I thought I would be the odd one.

    • ąɾìąղą.
      ąɾìąղą. 5 days ago +1

      I just started my period and nobody else in my class is on theirs. Don't worry, I feel you. You're not alone. (: