Best Laughter Moments - Pokemon FireRed - Game Grumps Compilation [UNOFFICIAL]

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • This Game Grumps compilation features all my favorite laughter moments from Danny and Arin's epic playthrough of Pokemon Firered. It's such a wonderful series, and even though this comp is over 3 hours, the full series has even more awesome moments... well-worth a watch from start to finish if you haven't yet!!
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  • PirateDiscoKing
    PirateDiscoKing Year ago +937

    Complete Table of Contents for sharing the Grump memories:
    Start - Badge 1 (Ep 1 - 10)
    0:00 Intro: Professor Oak shit his pants + bonus goof: Nidoran & Naming their character:"I never"
    0:50 Technology is incredible (ft. Westworld)
    1:02 WAIT!
    1:14 Choosing charmander & Charmander use screchtch!
    1:23 "I never" will get tired of this joke
    1:27 Olfaction and time metaphysics (ft. Claarff)
    1:48 Cleansing the Pallet, oui oui je suis
    2:00 Daniel Reacts #1: panicked Rattata & Chain-smoking noir charmander & The reveal shot (ft. Arin slurring)
    2:28 Arin and Dan gettin' stupid in a hot room
    2:41 Friendly Nurse Joy appreciation turns to referencing obscene cartoon "Pokemon Spread" by Spazkidin3D
    3:03 Dan's roach roommate/RIP Knurtt
    3:59 Can't hold a pikachu down
    4:13 The most unattractive name for a vajeen?
    4:38 SPLAAART!!! dies (sad)
    4:55 Heavy pot smoking (ft. botched high-five)
    5:08 Scrotum fondling
    5:18 Daniel Avidan: Jewish one-liner comic & Arin Hanson: horrible joke guy
    5:46 William-Henry Howard-Henry Theodore-Deleanor Simon-Theodore Howard-Henry Henry-Howard William-Howard William-Henry-Howard-Henry Greg William-Henry Howard-Henry-Howard Howard-Henry William-Howard William-Henry Henry-Howard Taft (ft. oatmeal)
    7:48 Chris Christie is a fat girl
    8:07 Brock's vow of blindness & Battling Brock (ft. painful ineptitude)
    9:18 New Couch v Old Couch: Dawn of Justice (ft. a weedle)
    10:01 Haiku for Barry
    10:31 Green double-helix ouroboros poopy
    11:16 Creme eggz (The People of Good Taste vs Arin Hanson)
    12:42 Which sense would you lose? (ft. some bad science)
    13:43 Cat er pie? & Thunder wave? & Watching pikachu rule 34?
    14:28 The worst high-five I've ever heard in my fucking life
    14:42 Combining team names (ft. starting line-up of the Oaklahenver City Thunder Nuggets)
    Badge 1 - Badge 2 (Ep 11 - 20)
    15:22 Brock Tomb & The Pewter City NAT
    15:49 JO Crystal Hijinks #1: The JO Crystal Ad
    16:18 Sick of rattata & "If I had a $million"
    17:07 Zubat echolocation
    17:14 Mickey Mousecapade Guy Returns (ft. premier animal capybara)
    17:57 Charmander evolves (ft. asian babies)
    18:13 Dan's pregnancy anxiety (ft. wick dipper) & Sounds of love/sex
    19:39 Milton's Milton Factory (what even is this)
    21:01 WHAT IS THAT!?!?
    21:14 Intelligent design & Zubat expression
    22:00 Grimer says "heyyyyyyyyyyy" & "This doesn't look good, Arin"
    22:15 "Don't walk away from me you fucking asshole" (brief ASMR) & Open mic poetry
    23:00 JO Crystal Hijinks #2: Slowbro -> SlowJO & Avionics/"Why must you lie to me?"
    24:11 Dan falls in love with Misty & A War of Attrition (ft. an even worse high-five)
    Badge 2 - Badge 3 (Ep 20 - 36)
    25:07 Long-gasp Ekans
    25:40 Dan's Alzheimer's + bonus goof: Daniel Reacts #2: Bellsprout
    26:43 N.D. in Naturology & Bicep contest
    27:18 Donion Rings
    28:14 Scotty, beam me up (ft. Kakuna)
    29:10 Nidoran has a special message for the kids
    29:18 Hiker Nob (ft. Hiker Nob)
    29:41 Dan endorses bullying and theft & Time to schine
    30:40 Arin pitches a remake of David Cronenberg's "The Fly" starring Bill
    30:52 Arin Hanson: A man inverted
    31:51 Daniel Reacts #3: Drowzee
    32:02 Dan's epistemological war crime
    32:41 What's the deal with DQ?
    33:17 Avi's Extremely Jewish Voicemails #1 - 5 Million Hits
    34:38 Anti-pencil bigotry (trigger warning) & Old man loses track of time
    35:08 Daniel Reacts #4: Diglett
    35:17 Conspiracy Grumps: Who dug the Qumran Caves? & Wikipedia goofs
    36:10 Arin's got a good episode opener
    36:38 How many digletts does it take to drive a man to madness? (ft. reindeer games)
    37:45 Arin caught dementia diglett cave and brings it aboard the S.S. Anne
    38:18 Daniel Reacts #5: Snorlax
    38:31 good_one.exe & dan_confirmed_racist.mp3
    39:58 Tanzany antics (ft. growlithe, gotta ___ 'em all, cereal altruism, more)
    41:12 Virgin game grumps, Chad letsplayers
    41:28 Slap fight over Mark's ass
    41:48 Arin selectively listens to Dan
    42:24 JO Crystal Hijinks #3: The Museum Sesh
    43:19 Rob Zombie
    43:59 Genius lyrics: "I Choose You to Die" by Star Bomb
    44:35 Old gamer plays retro three cup game
    44:59 Umami science lecture
    45:43 Dan's U-Haul Story (ft. embarrassing stupidity)
    47:34 BBC (18+) [animation by Linzb0t]
    Badge 3 - Badge 4 (Ep 36 - 48)
    48:01 Old man recalls horrific memories of war & Grizzled veteran pikachu [animation by Linzb0t]
    49:03 Does God have a soulmate for you? [animation by Linzb0t]
    49:31 THX (TurntSNACO Has Xvolved)
    49:53 D-Society code of conduct (ft. the brontosaurus) & D-Charity
    51:43 "Who's Line is it Anyway?" auditions
    52:02 Brink of insanity #42 AKA what happens when you record Game Grumps at 3 in the morning
    53:34 Avi's Extremely Jewish Voicemails #2 - eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh bye
    54:01 Mrs. Avidan drug tales
    54:33 Post-intercourse Relaxation Flatulence
    55:11 Yeah, no, yeah, no. Yeah! No.
    56:01 Fucked up: ex-friend gropes sleeping girl over Arin's body
    56:28 Jewish Man, 40, flops magnum dong onto amateur teen microphone
    56:55 Dan's eating ice, not ready for work (as usual)
    57:29 Arin vilifies smell-o-vision
    58:57 Arin's farts: the perpetual 6-D sensory experience
    1:00:18 Kickstarter Crap: Dan and Barry's gold leopard pit
    1:01:17 The Rank Stank (ft. Arin)
    1:01:46 Zubat uncovers his son's drug-dealing
    1:02:29 Gambling addiction
    1:02:37 God Jesus Franklin & Clifford the Bitter Egg Dog (ft. slurring)
    1:03:22 PUSSY UP
    1:04:01 Daniel Reacts #6: Victreebel (ft. Arin's fake laugh) + Daniel Reacts #7: Tangela
    1:05:19 A quick "DEW IT"
    Badge 4 - Badge 5 (Ep 49 - 72)
    1:05:32 Arin snorts coke and uses Giga Drain & Dan horrified by abusive TM industry
    1:06:30 Kramer vs. Kramer from Seinfeld & Polite koffing & London, France, Insertion
    1:07:05 !
    1:07:20 Crotchety old grumps & A Mistake is Born (2018)
    1:08:27 Arin admits this playthrough is boring
    1:08:39 Competitive hangman championship (ft. lung cancer) & Dan rudely patronizes Arin with his computer
    1:09:06 ! part 2
    1:09:20 Face fart foreplay (18+)
    1:09:41 Asiatic Linguistics and Telecommunications 101
    1:09:53 Boner foley (ft. magnum dong)
    1:10:53 Dan and Arin grew up in rough neighbourhoods where they contended with enole lizard gangbangers
    1:11:55 Dan doxes Arin's parents
    1:12:29 Verbal "quotation marks"
    1:12:52 Arin's easy-access pajama hole
    1:13:26 Shiny ass-balls
    1:13:48 Dan's trip to New Zealand (ft. Ass-ly)
    1:15:12 Dan endures an unimaginable heartbreak (sad) & Translating "lavender" to Japanese
    1:15:52 Murai Ah-Carey & G.H.A.S.T.L.Y.
    1:16:50 Time metaphysics breakdown (ft. Arin and Dan's disregard for their circadian rhythms) + bonus goof: golbat
    1:18:22 The grumps wish for the sweet release of death
    1:18:44 Animator gives slippery handjob to 40-year-old twink (18+) & Surprise gas-passage
    1:19:38 Dan shares an emBarryassing story
    1:20:37 Fuck King's backstory
    1:20:54 Steppin' on kitty cats
    1:21:21 Two minds... IN-SYNC
    1:21:45 Teleological coffee (ft. racism)
    1:22:33 Life advice: fuck that guy (no, not fuck that guy, fuck that guy!)
    1:22:58 Arin and Dan name the denizens of their ballsacks & Releasing a trapper from the trapper keeper
    1:23:56 Reading an angry fan letter (ft. Khan from Star Wars)
    1:24:52 A down-on-his-luck beekeeper receives a second chance
    1:25:14 Dan leaves speech-to-text on
    1:26:14 Dan gets loopy off of goblin tea
    1:26:31 Puns that make you want to drop everything and start over (skip) & Fifth of all!
    1:27:06 Pokemon master Arin Hanson forgets what is super-effective against poison (answer: grass, fairy)
    1:27:22 The E. in "Chuck E. Cheese" stands for Escobar
    1:28:20 boredom
    1:28:42 Exploding whale penis (not clickbait)
    1:29:13 Dan slices his entire fucking hand off in high school (very not clickbait)
    1:29:53 Stanky flower AKA Fuck King evolves & Daniel Reacts #8: Paras
    1:30:09 brtrsnr
    1:30:50 Eevee existential nightmare (ft. gamsmash)
    1:31:20 Morgan Freeman reveals Batman's secret identity (ft. a person who has never played pokemon in his life)
    1:35:31 Flashman, Crashman, and the Hamburglar
    1:36:35 "The Cloud of Unknowing" not by Gorillaz, but by Arin's Asshole
    1:37:04 Riddles in the Dark (of early morning) & Naming some 'mons
    1:38:58 TurntSNACO, M.D.
    Badge 5 - Articuno (Ep 73 - 76)
    1:39:26 Arin fucks up & Arin fucks up again
    1:39:54 Psyduck and the Rockin' Cock
    1:40:21 Introducing the grumps' new editor, Larry (rip old-school Barry edits)
    1:41:22 Arin tries to leave work early, gets reprimanded
    1:41:54 Arin gets absolutely fucking wrecked by a wild-ass golbat
    1:42:09 Political jeans (sponsored ad: Old Navy)
    1:42:29 Arin's Elite Beat Agents brokerage scam
    1:44:08 Dan admits to first-degree murder (#lockhimup)
    1:44:25 *more psyduck* & Dan's squirty sister
    1:45:29 Young Arin v The Blob: Dawn of Justice & "Bring Him Back" by Young Arin ft. Dr. Dre
    (CONT'd in reply)

    NSRRIPPER 2 days ago

    Thank you game grumps for forever confusing me on my history tests

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    45:49 Why the hell does Dan know about the Menlo Park Mall? I live like 5 minutes from that place!

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    Why hello there
    Why hello there
    Why hello there
    Why hello there
    Why hello there
    Why hello there
    Why hello there
    Why hello there

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    Even after a year, you guys are still the funniest gamers alive!!

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    51:13 why isn’t it a Charmeleon?

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    1:03:06 Clifford the BITTER EGG DOG

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    This makes me wanna take out my DSI and play Pokémon. Probably gonna do that

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    You're welcome

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    i can't count how many time i've seen this compilation and that "I shit my pants" intro GETS ME EVERY TIME

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    What good background noise while I play Shield.

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    One of my favorite overlooked Arin quotes is "Every time I roll the dice I land on tails"

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    RIP Buntd,.

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    “Do you remember when ash evolved his pumbloom?”

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    who did the ren impression at 34:32

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    Arin with his amazing random improv but even better in this bit
    Dan with his beautiful cross thinking improv skills

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    You killed me with Professor. OAK

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    Arin bought the games at $7 apiece, took three at a time ($21 worth) to Walmart and got $90 for them. That means, each time he went in, he made $69 profit. Nice.

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    Kindergartner planet sounds like hell on earth

    Except it's not on earth...

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    I feel like the Grumps would be excellent benchmarks for casual players to semi/avid gamers. Their completion time and general time (most due to talking and literally casually playing games like this) seem like great places to start

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    That's how you know Dan has a supportive dad.
    "congrats on getting 5 million hits on your song about two video game characters arguing over having sex with a girl"

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    "Having sex with a sandshrew is perfectly fine" - Arin Handson

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    Yes love grab my hand such a good game.

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    • Zak Bloodstone
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    Until I saw this I forgot I played this as a kid and never beat it until yesterday with my 5 year old team from 14 years ago

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    every part of this is comady gold

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    Well, hello there
    I've shit my pants
    Welcome to the world of Pokémon, where I consistently shit my pants 👌🏻

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    1:57:20 Charizard

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    Arin's Milton voice makes me think of that dude with the black beard on Two Broke Girls that is the cook at the restaurant they work at EVERY TIME XDDDDDDDD Dies of laughter

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    eat ur oatmeal

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    You don't have "a roach" ... You have "roaches"

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    The thing that always gets me is that Arin legit says William Howard first before all the Howard Henry stuff, and they both fucking forgot about it. Like, he actually was right the first time!

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  • Bartholomew Thundercat III

    Still the best series they’ve ever done, change my mind.

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    28:40 one dick to beam

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    Argument invalid. I don't have a sense of smell and your taste still works fine. In some situations it hightens your sense of taste because your olfactory senses have been supresses. In fact you can become less picky with food because it supresses alot of those related aspects on why you might not like or want to eat something. However it doesn't change anything for people with texture problems with food.

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    the best commentary ever

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    I just clicked on a random gg compilation to work to and it took me 40 minutes to figure out that it was a Pokémon comp. and even then it was when I looked at the title.

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    *F U C K I N N I C E T A S T I C*

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    @40:10 i lost it 😂😂

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    "Will I never change Pokemon?"
    Telling moments revealing the player character awakening to their absolute lack of agency in their own existence.

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    I never watched this wenn i go to sleep

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