Best Laughter Moments - Pokemon FireRed - Game Grumps Compilation [UNOFFICIAL]

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • This Game Grumps compilation features all my favorite laughter moments from Danny and Arin's epic playthrough of Pokemon Firered. It's such a wonderful series, and even though this comp is over 3 hours, the full series has even more awesome moments... well-worth a watch from start to finish if you haven't yet!!
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  • PirateDiscoKing
    PirateDiscoKing 8 months ago +613

    Complete Table of Contents for sharing the Grump memories:
    Start - Badge 1 (Ep 1 - 10)
    0:00 Intro: Professor Oak shit his pants + bonus goof: Nidoran & Naming their character:"I never"
    0:50 Technology is incredible (ft. Westworld)
    1:02 WAIT!
    1:14 Choosing charmander & Charmander use screchtch!
    1:23 "I never" will get tired of this joke
    1:27 Olfaction and time metaphysics (ft. Claarff)
    1:48 Cleansing the Pallet, oui oui je suis
    2:00 Daniel Reacts #1: panicked Rattata & Chain-smoking noir charmander & The reveal shot (ft. Arin slurring)
    2:28 Arin and Dan gettin' stupid in a hot room
    2:41 Friendly Nurse Joy appreciation turns to referencing obscene cartoon "Pokemon Spread" by Spazkidin3D
    3:03 Dan's roach roommate/RIP Knurtt
    3:59 Can't hold a pikachu down
    4:13 The most unattractive name for a vajeen?
    4:38 SPLAAART!!! dies (sad)
    4:55 Heavy pot smoking (ft. botched high-five)
    5:08 Scrotum fondling
    5:18 Daniel Avidan: Jewish one-liner comic & Arin Hanson: horrible joke guy
    5:46 William-Henry Howard-Henry Theodore-Deleanor Simon-Theodore Howard-Henry Henry-Howard William-Howard William-Henry-Howard-Henry Greg William-Henry Howard-Henry-Howard Howard-Henry William-Howard William-Henry Henry-Howard Taft (ft. oatmeal)
    7:48 Chris Christie is a fat girl
    8:07 Brock's vow of blindness & Battling Brock (ft. painful ineptitude)
    9:18 New Couch v Old Couch: Dawn of Justice (ft. a weedle)
    10:01 Haiku for Barry
    10:31 Green double-helix ouroboros poopy
    11:16 Creme eggz (The People of Good Taste vs Arin Hanson)
    12:42 Which sense would you lose? (ft. some bad science)
    13:43 Cat er pie? & Thunder wave? & Watching pikachu rule 34?
    14:28 The worst high-five I've ever heard in my fucking life
    14:42 Combining team names (ft. starting line-up of the Oaklahenver City Thunder Nuggets)
    Badge 1 - Badge 2 (Ep 11 - 20)
    15:22 Brock Tomb & The Pewter City NAT
    15:49 JO Crystal Hijinks #1: The JO Crystal Ad
    16:18 Sick of rattata & "If I had a $million"
    17:07 Zubat echolocation
    17:14 Mickey Mousecapade Guy Returns (ft. premier animal capybara)
    17:57 Charmander evolves (ft. asian babies)
    18:13 Dan's pregnancy anxiety (ft. wick dipper) & Sounds of love/sex
    19:39 Milton's Milton Factory (what even is this)
    21:01 WHAT IS THAT!?!?
    21:14 Intelligent design & Zubat expression
    22:00 Grimer says "heyyyyyyyyyyy" & "This doesn't look good, Arin"
    22:15 "Don't walk away from me you fucking asshole" (brief ASMR) & Open mic poetry
    23:00 JO Crystal Hijinks #2: Slowbro -> SlowJO & Avionics/"Why must you lie to me?"
    24:11 Dan falls in love with Misty & A War of Attrition (ft. an even worse high-five)
    Badge 2 - Badge 3 (Ep 20 - 36)
    25:07 Long-gasp Ekans
    25:40 Dan's Alzheimer's + bonus goof: Daniel Reacts #2: Bellsprout
    26:43 N.D. in Naturology & Bicep contest
    27:18 Donion Rings
    28:14 Scotty, beam me up (ft. Kakuna)
    29:10 Nidoran has a special message for the kids
    29:18 Hiker Nob (ft. Hiker Nob)
    29:41 Dan endorses bullying and theft & Time to schine
    30:40 Arin pitches a remake of David Cronenberg's "The Fly" starring Bill
    30:52 Arin Hanson: A man inverted
    31:51 Daniel Reacts #3: Drowzee
    32:02 Dan's epistemological war crime
    32:41 What's the deal with DQ?
    33:17 Avi's Extremely Jewish Voicemails #1 - 5 Million Hits
    34:38 Anti-pencil bigotry (trigger warning) & Old man loses track of time
    35:08 Daniel Reacts #4: Diglett
    35:17 Conspiracy Grumps: Who dug the Qumran Caves? & Wikipedia goofs
    36:10 Arin's got a good episode opener
    36:38 How many digletts does it take to drive a man to madness? (ft. reindeer games)
    37:45 Arin caught dementia diglett cave and brings it aboard the S.S. Anne
    38:18 Daniel Reacts #5: Snorlax
    38:31 good_one.exe & dan_confirmed_racist.mp3
    39:58 Tanzany antics (ft. growlithe, gotta ___ 'em all, cereal altruism, more)
    41:12 Virgin game grumps, Chad letsplayers
    41:28 Slap fight over Mark's ass
    41:48 Arin selectively listens to Dan
    42:24 JO Crystal Hijinks #3: The Museum Sesh
    43:19 Rob Zombie
    43:59 Genius lyrics: "I Choose You to Die" by Star Bomb
    44:35 Old gamer plays retro three cup game
    44:59 Umami science lecture
    45:43 Dan's U-Haul Story (ft. embarrassing stupidity)
    47:34 BBC (18+) [animation by Linzb0t]
    Badge 3 - Badge 4 (Ep 36 - 48)
    48:01 Old man recalls horrific memories of war & Grizzled veteran pikachu [animation by Linzb0t]
    49:03 Does God have a soulmate for you? [animation by Linzb0t]
    49:31 THX (TurntSNACO Has Xvolved)
    49:53 D-Society code of conduct (ft. the brontosaurus) & D-Charity
    51:43 "Who's Line is it Anyway?" auditions
    52:02 Brink of insanity #42 AKA what happens when you record Game Grumps at 3 in the morning
    53:34 Avi's Extremely Jewish Voicemails #2 - eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh bye
    54:01 Mrs. Avidan drug tales
    54:33 Post-intercourse Relaxation Flatulence
    55:11 Yeah, no, yeah, no. Yeah! No.
    56:01 Fucked up: ex-friend gropes sleeping girl over Arin's body
    56:28 Jewish Man, 40, flops magnum dong onto amateur teen microphone
    56:55 Dan's eating ice, not ready for work (as usual)
    57:29 Arin vilifies smell-o-vision
    58:57 Arin's farts: the perpetual 6-D sensory experience
    1:00:18 Kickstarter Crap: Dan and Barry's gold leopard pit
    1:01:17 The Rank Stank (ft. Arin)
    1:01:46 Zubat uncovers his son's drug-dealing
    1:02:29 Gambling addiction
    1:02:37 God Jesus Franklin & Clifford the Bitter Egg Dog (ft. slurring)
    1:03:22 PUSSY UP
    1:04:01 Daniel Reacts #6: Victreebel (ft. Arin's fake laugh) + Daniel Reacts #7: Tangela
    1:05:19 A quick "DEW IT"
    Badge 4 - Badge 5 (Ep 49 - 72)
    1:05:32 Arin snorts coke and uses Giga Drain & Dan horrified by abusive TM industry
    1:06:30 Kramer vs. Kramer from Seinfeld & Polite koffing & London, France, Insertion
    1:07:05 !
    1:07:20 Crotchety old grumps & A Mistake is Born (2018)
    1:08:27 Arin admits this playthrough is boring
    1:08:39 Competitive hangman championship (ft. lung cancer) & Dan rudely patronizes Arin with his computer
    1:09:06 ! part 2
    1:09:20 Face fart foreplay (18+)
    1:09:41 Asiatic Linguistics and Telecommunications 101
    1:09:53 Boner foley (ft. magnum dong)
    1:10:53 Dan and Arin grew up in rough neighbourhoods where they contended with enole lizard gangbangers
    1:11:55 Dan doxes Arin's parents
    1:12:29 Verbal "quotation marks"
    1:12:52 Arin's easy-access pajama hole
    1:13:26 Shiny ass-balls
    1:13:48 Dan's trip to New Zealand (ft. Ass-ly)
    1:15:12 Dan endures an unimaginable heartbreak (sad) & Translating "lavender" to Japanese
    1:15:52 Murai Ah-Carey & G.H.A.S.T.L.Y.
    1:16:50 Time metaphysics breakdown (ft. Arin and Dan's disregard for their circadian rhythms) + bonus goof: golbat
    1:18:22 The grumps wish for the sweet release of death
    1:18:44 Animator gives slippery handjob to 40-year-old twink (18+) & Surprise gas-passage
    1:19:38 Dan shares an emBarryassing story
    1:20:37 Fuck King's backstory
    1:20:54 Steppin' on kitty cats
    1:21:21 Two minds... IN-SYNC
    1:21:45 Teleological coffee (ft. racism)
    1:22:33 Life advice: fuck that guy (no, not fuck that guy, fuck that guy!)
    1:22:58 Arin and Dan name the denizens of their ballsacks & Releasing a trapper from the trapper keeper
    1:23:56 Reading an angry fan letter (ft. Khan from Star Wars)
    1:24:52 A down-on-his-luck beekeeper receives a second chance
    1:25:14 Dan leaves speech-to-text on
    1:26:14 Dan gets loopy off of goblin tea
    1:26:31 Puns that make you want to drop everything and start over (skip) & Fifth of all!
    1:27:06 Pokemon master Arin Hanson forgets what is super-effective against poison (answer: grass, fairy)
    1:27:22 The E. in "Chuck E. Cheese" stands for Escobar
    1:28:20 boredom
    1:28:42 Exploding whale penis (not clickbait)
    1:29:13 Dan slices his entire fucking hand off in high school (very not clickbait)
    1:29:53 Stanky flower AKA Fuck King evolves & Daniel Reacts #8: Paras
    1:30:09 brtrsnr
    1:30:50 Eevee existential nightmare (ft. gamsmash)
    1:31:20 Morgan Freeman reveals Batman's secret identity (ft. a person who has never played pokemon in his life)
    1:35:31 Flashman, Crashman, and the Hamburglar
    1:36:35 "The Cloud of Unknowing" not by Gorillaz, but by Arin's Asshole
    1:37:04 Riddles in the Dark (of early morning) & Naming some 'mons
    1:38:58 TurntSNACO, M.D.
    Badge 5 - Articuno (Ep 73 - 76)
    1:39:26 Arin fucks up & Arin fucks up again
    1:39:54 Psyduck and the Rockin' Cock
    1:40:21 Introducing the grumps' new editor, Larry (rip old-school Barry edits)
    1:41:22 Arin tries to leave work early, gets reprimanded
    1:41:54 Arin gets absolutely fucking wrecked by a wild-ass golbat
    1:42:09 Political jeans (sponsored ad: Old Navy)
    1:42:29 Arin's Elite Beat Agents brokerage scam
    1:44:08 Dan admits to first-degree murder (#lockhimup)
    1:44:25 *more psyduck* & Dan's squirty sister
    1:45:29 Young Arin v The Blob: Dawn of Justice & "Bring Him Back" by Young Arin ft. Dr. Dre
    (CONT'd in reply)

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      PirateDiscoKing wtf you’re a legend

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      @PirateDiscoKing this took so much effort thank u

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      @PirateDiscoKing rest know my warrior...

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      haha the walk the monkey one cracked me up, its so true
      creed is just such a shitty band, being bible thumping crazy cult members just makes them more hilarious
      you could probably do a similar joke for rage against the machine, EVERY one of their songs has the same chorus haha
      fuck soup, i wont eat the ballsack
      fuck soup, i wont EAT THE BALLSACK
      like that same exact buildup
      theyre just so overrated haha

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    14:00 I DON'T KNOW, THUNDER WAVE?!?!?

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    A child's art project that doesn't want to be alive?... so basically Forky?

  • Another Artist In Yellow

    I’ve been drifting in between sleep and consciousness and Arin screaming about getting rid of flamethrower gave me a heart attack.

  • Sippatee
    Sippatee 8 days ago

    Anyone know where I can find the moment where Arin sweeps a Nidorina and Dan does a voice for Nidorina and says,
    "excuse me, i'm dyng."

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    Toy story 4 plot

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    Funny thing is, all these years later and the only regional bug Pokémon with a mega is beedrill. Hhhmmmmm.

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    God if there were ever a series to make new folks think these guys smoked a shitload of weed it would be this one.

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    Man was Barry a great editor. William Henry Henry Howard Taft always makes me laugh.

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    ah yes my favorite book, clifford the bitter egg dog XD

  • Kitty Kat
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    personally I believe in Franklin :p
    also Historical jesus was a real for all the other stuff he supposedly did :P debatable

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    Those J.O crystals look exactly like the necklace Naruto gets from Tsunade in the original season.

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      Is the J.O Crystal in Naruto?

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    Brock chooses to not use his eyes
    But he also chooses to use his frying pan as a drying pan, so it evens out

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    I love these compilations. It's fascinating to observe the dynamic of their developing on-screen relationship.

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    Grumps sitting on Arin's coach in his house at 3:00 in the morning laughing at anything was my favorite era of grumps

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    8:22 predicting Bird Box 😂 🦜

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    Aron accidentally deleting flamethrower was one of the greatest things in Pokemon history!

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      Herowebcomics *Arin and I AGREE

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    36:28 *DUDE IT'S DUGTRIO!*

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    How most people know Nurse Joy: The games and/or the anime
    How Dan knows Nurse Joy: Show us your butt! Spread your butt!

  • Luigi’s Chinese Cowboy Impersonation Kody

    24:41 when youre smashing somones spinal column and they final stop kicking.

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    14:42 Is Honestly My Favorite Moment.

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    Can we talk about how the first attempt arin made at saying taft’s name was right and they both just totally ignored how he absolutely nailed it at first

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    Dan's nidoran scream crack me the fuck up 😂

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    *AaAAaAAaAAAAaAA..... UUuu!!!!*

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    Arin being aggressively defensive over Drowzee gets me every time!! 31:50

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    4:12 - I rock out with my cock out, when I'm done I throw the sock out.

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    Arin was right about William Howard Taft the first time and he is so dedicated on doing a bit he doesn’t care that he got it right. We don’t deserve his humour

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    The S.S. Anne.......the Titanic of the Pokemon Universe

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    I personally love that Arin opted to use Beedrill. That’s how I play Pokémon, I use low tier dudes to make the game more challenging. Problem is, Arin just isn’t good enough to make Beedrill work to begin with. Which is amazing, I might add, because this isn’t exactly Dark Souls we’re talking about here.

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    You had one job and you cut the barf scene wtf m8

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    Luigi's Ballad now has 36 million views

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    I will always love Danny and Arins old man voice

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    8:20 arin predicts the bird box challenge confirmed

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    2:45:05 Game Grumps describe Death Grips

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