Exes Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  • Published on Jun 4, 2015
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    Exes Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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Comments • 5 196

  • Its_ Adan
    Its_ Adan 19 hours ago +1

    Why this nigga look like Link from gmm

  • superflash Shazam

    I can't stand to sit with my ex how they doing it

  • Dylan Trappler
    Dylan Trappler Day ago

    the two gay guys are perfect

  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo 2 days ago

    Wont kiss him on the lips but will gladly let him such alcohol from his naval 🤮

  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo 2 days ago

    Why are all the men with the women screaming gay!

  • honeysmartie s
    honeysmartie s 2 days ago

    can anyone tell me why the backsound is a mozart effect music?

  • Hunter Whittle
    Hunter Whittle 2 days ago

    :) now :) we’re :) buddies :)

  • Alice Roscoe
    Alice Roscoe 2 days ago

    the girl in the plaid shirt look EXACTLY like cody ko’s girlfriend omg

  • wildyouth
    wildyouth 2 days ago

    God this whole video is uncomfortable

  • Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell 2 days ago

    Ok the peach shirt and bald guy are STILL f'ing. That kiss was intimate. They were super cute together too!

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 3 days ago

    5:47 they love each other still

  • omar yousri
    omar yousri 4 days ago

    مجموعه شراميط اقسم بالله😂

  • DatSav_Kendall
    DatSav_Kendall 4 days ago +1

    2:27 at .5x speed = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • papapudding
    papapudding 6 days ago +2

    4:02 Natalie Portman?!?!

  • Last Ronin
    Last Ronin 7 days ago +8

    So many gay "straight guys" in this video.

  • Marci Abbey
    Marci Abbey 7 days ago

    2:52 um my parents think ur gay

  • Colton West
    Colton West 9 days ago

    I've never been so uncomfortable 1:52

  • sebastian seabeach
    sebastian seabeach 9 days ago

    1:50 what a total doush

  • Jay Inconclusive
    Jay Inconclusive 9 days ago

    2:42 nobody wants to see that

  • Kimberly Gray
    Kimberly Gray 10 days ago

    These are all so

  • Don’t worry About it!

    I love body shots...so fun!

  • Don’t worry About it!

    Fucken gay racist, fuck you homie!

  • Cameron S
    Cameron S 11 days ago +24

    “You know you can call me... when that happens...” that was exactly the correct response

  • Jimbo The Bimbo
    Jimbo The Bimbo 12 days ago +2

    "I dare you to kiss me on the mouth"

    "can we slip tongue?"

  • ScumbagVandal
    ScumbagVandal 12 days ago

    The last two fucked after production.

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 15 days ago +1

    Blondie and baldy need to date again

  • Maurice Buren
    Maurice Buren 17 days ago +48

    The short hair girl is so pretty!

  • Darshan Patawari
    Darshan Patawari 18 days ago +1

    2:58....here's the comeback for your last question's answer

  • Somebody
    Somebody 18 days ago

    The short haired girl is absolutely gorgeous

    • mat nice
      mat nice 16 days ago

      Somebody yeah somebody knows who she is? Lol

  • Robin Vettier
    Robin Vettier 18 days ago

    2:57 that guy is so awkward

  • dieu_nique_les_abeilles BZZBZZ

    Do an other best kisser pls

  • esmo 915
    esmo 915 18 days ago

    The blonde and bald guy look like siblings

  • Caleb Paul
    Caleb Paul 18 days ago

    Damn I wish my fwbs were this chill and mature lol

  • KaptainBasketball
    KaptainBasketball 19 days ago


  • teehee
    teehee 20 days ago +1

    y’all really needa stop using eine kleine as ur background music HAHAHAHAH

  • lil boat
    lil boat 20 days ago

    short haired girl is sOooo beautiful! omg

  • Escophe
    Escophe 20 days ago

    Ok so did this guy rlly take a shot from his belly button??????

  • Tricheda Miller
    Tricheda Miller 21 day ago

    Yoo all these couples still have feelings for each other 😭❤️

  • Nichelle Teal
    Nichelle Teal 21 day ago

    Been binge watching these truth or drink clips for a while - that end clip definitely got me to subscribe lol

  • Sarah Lamper
    Sarah Lamper 21 day ago

    The girl with the short hair is absolutely GORGEOUS 😍

  • ChewyBite
    ChewyBite 23 days ago

    I've always been lurking on this channel, watching videos, but I've never subscribed. The ending made me subscribed.

  • Esther Diana
    Esther Diana 23 days ago +1

    That man is gay..family and friends thought he's gay🤷

  • Maebh O'Mahony
    Maebh O'Mahony 23 days ago

    Lara jean and peter?

  • Stephanie Musakanya
    Stephanie Musakanya 26 days ago

    That kiss though neck grip and all

  • Jasmyn Madison
    Jasmyn Madison 26 days ago +1

    Her parents thought you were gay, buddy. 💁🏾‍♀️

  • C Charles
    C Charles 27 days ago

    Why do some of them look like they're in the 1970s ?

  • ADog 7346
    ADog 7346 27 days ago

    Gay nigga on the right looks like Link om Good Mythical Morning

  • Fluffy296
    Fluffy296 28 days ago

    Guy at 2:07 seems like he could be gay but please stop assuming every guy is gay because he is no longer interested in an EX

  • Nicole Jules
    Nicole Jules 29 days ago


  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 29 days ago +348

    THE DEMOTION LETTER what a couple. they should get married

  • Lexie Stuart
    Lexie Stuart 29 days ago

    bruh that gotta be gay guys ass is almost out of the back of the chair skksks

    AMAN JOHN Month ago

    1:52 there was a pain behind his laugh, He is still not over her

  • Zaria Powell
    Zaria Powell Month ago +2

    I DEF wanna take my ex on here, the humor in THAT content would be IMMMMMMENSE

  • The Philosopher
    The Philosopher Month ago

    Fuck, that girl in the green shirt is amazing! How tf can she be that beautiful!? 😩

  • Oops090909
    Oops090909 Month ago

    The bald guy and the girl in the orange tank top are totally getting back together. They had a such a good vibe and clearly enjoyed each other's company.... and that kiss.

  • Brandon Gorrie
    Brandon Gorrie Month ago

    Literally every male was so Beta, cringy performances

  • neha doe
    neha doe Month ago

    I liked the Baldie

  • georgia_ glam
    georgia_ glam Month ago +2

    Omg he sounded exactly like Seth rogan

  • Reagan Salstrom
    Reagan Salstrom Month ago

    when the gay guys did the bellybutton shot i choked

  • AsToldByTammy
    AsToldByTammy Month ago +4

    I love the bald guy and blonde girl. So cute. Get back together and make adorable giggly babies!