Building Satan's 1,500HP Coyote Pt. 1 | Installing Heads

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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Comments • 965

  • itsjusta6
    itsjusta6  Month ago +387

    Just a few more videos and the car should be running again... 😱 who’s as excited as I am??

    • Hellcat Dreamin Josh
      Hellcat Dreamin Josh Month ago

      Itsjusta6 Great Video I'm glad the Heads of Satans New Engine are installed and I can't wait to see part 2 of the build

    • Layne Sisco
      Layne Sisco Month ago

      What do you do for a living????

    • Jason Guia
      Jason Guia Month ago

      I want a video already of the motor completed and put in the stang

    • Daryl Richard
      Daryl Richard Month ago


  • Starthenoodle A
    Starthenoodle A 12 days ago

    no red valves

  • mauro martinez
    mauro martinez Month ago

    Does anybody remember the video where Gavin was talking about that little Bluetooth speaker he got and they had a sale on it? Been looking around for it but I can’t for the life of me remember which video it was.

  • KC2101
    KC2101 Month ago

    Only 100 ft/lbs? My 460 stock is 140

  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton Month ago

    Billet billet billet so cool saying billet 100 times it's still a mustang

  • PockyFiend
    PockyFiend Month ago +1

    To Hell with another Lame Sauce engine! B is for Build should put one of these in their salvaged Huracan!

  • Chris Wagenhofer
    Chris Wagenhofer Month ago

    i absolutely love the mustang and the new shelby this channel is amazing.

  • Deon Dimicks
    Deon Dimicks Month ago

    Why are the pistons red ?

  • tomcronininc
    tomcronininc Month ago

    Excited for you man

  • DGMustangRoush
    DGMustangRoush Month ago

    Quit selling watches bitch- WTF are you thinking?

  • SuperZombiemaniac1
    SuperZombiemaniac1 Month ago

    Did that man say all three manuals in the sevens are vettes. Guess the minion mustang sexually identifies as a vette now

  • James Newland
    James Newland Month ago

    You an your girl still together? Haven't seen her in any videos lately

  • Cameron Harper
    Cameron Harper Month ago

    I love your vids man you've inspired me to start working on cars. Keep these bangers coming

  • Colton Brydges
    Colton Brydges Month ago

    It’s quad overhead cammed lol not dual

  • Grant Zaitchick
    Grant Zaitchick Month ago

    Don't you ever compare Vincero with Rolex. I don't care how good a sponsor they are.

  • Rev'n Step
    Rev'n Step Month ago

    I want my channel to become as popular so I can advertise watches!

  • sparrow
    sparrow Month ago

    You got a vette for under 15 k let me guess it doesn't have as rediculs insurance like mustangs because gotta kill the crowds am I right or am I right

  • CAWBPlays
    CAWBPlays Month ago

    if i had a dollar for everytime he said billet lol

  • Amin yashed
    Amin yashed Month ago

    Every time You upload my blood sugar always returns to normal 😩❤️

  • Jalen Chambers
    Jalen Chambers Month ago

    1:16 do more of that😂😂😂😂😂omfg

  • SilverRaven1959
    SilverRaven1959 Month ago

    I shut the last 2 video's down cause of the BS RAM Commercials...Tooooo Much BS from RAM. Hate those POS Trucks
    Besides that great VIDS and keep em up!

  • SilverRaven1959
    SilverRaven1959 Month ago

    How many Cubes is this engine being an MMR Engine now!

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez Month ago

    “This is probably more expensive than most rappers chains” these rappers wearing his whole car fleet on they’re necks alone💀😂

  • Railengineer
    Railengineer Month ago

    When you coming to florida let me know nice to meet you in person

  • bret kopp
    bret kopp Month ago

    I swear you better get a notchback!

  • Ducati Master
    Ducati Master Month ago

    Wide body on the vette’?

  • Dylan Macias
    Dylan Macias Month ago

    *nate rider has left the chat

  • DaLaw
    DaLaw Month ago

    I honestly thought they were gonna wear the chains like a rappers necklace.. Who needs gold when you got billit

  • luis suarez
    luis suarez Month ago

    Come down to Vegas bro you have a lot of followers of slow 5.0s, that would be a great meet whit not to many people we can make it a private meet whit the crew @702 racing give us a follow on IG🔥

  • Syed Hassaan Mujtaba Bokhari

    This should be on pornhub

  • Xiric Benson
    Xiric Benson Month ago

    Why do I need a password to buy murch and what is it

  • Jonathon Taylor
    Jonathon Taylor Month ago

    What’s the name of that song at the beginning ?

  • Bobby Martin
    Bobby Martin Month ago

    The lifter thing is called a hydraulic lash adjuster because there’s no push rod they get rid of the lash between the valve and rocker

  • Leooz Wow
    Leooz Wow Month ago +4

    Gavin, I love but you cannot compare Vincero to Rolex. If a Rolex costs 15000$ there is a reason compared to a Vincero costing 200$. Please don't say that Vincero is like Rolex.

  • Devon Sajdak
    Devon Sajdak Month ago

    You should do an LA meet when you get out here 🙏🙏🙏

  • Zachary 3V Blum
    Zachary 3V Blum Month ago

    When you come to New Smyrna Beach (VMP performance) do a little meet?? It’d be awesome to meet you, I live down the street...

  • Christian Moreno
    Christian Moreno Month ago

    What happen to the race truck?

  • Edward Vanhoose
    Edward Vanhoose Month ago

    This car wont see sevens not with that setup.

  • Jesse Johnson
    Jesse Johnson Month ago

    Where is Harry at

  • marc mo
    marc mo Month ago

    ARP lube is for the washers

  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan Martinez Month ago

    Ouga douga

  • isaac flores
    isaac flores Month ago

    All new mustang custom built hell hound engine

  • Minecraft Youtuber
    Minecraft Youtuber Month ago

    Swap the coyote into the 350 😗

  • Tr3X Nyex
    Tr3X Nyex Month ago +1

    Cant wait

  • Kaleigh Pruitt
    Kaleigh Pruitt Month ago

    I actually DIED when yall played I Got Depression😂😂😂 ohhh and I am now in auto engineering so all yall be prepared to be buying MY built engines in about 20 years😂🙃

  • Amory Capalot
    Amory Capalot Month ago

    harry prolly watching these videos like dang bro doug took my spot 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

  • Austin Thieme
    Austin Thieme Month ago

    Gen3R incoming

  • Carlos Schein
    Carlos Schein Month ago

    What was that app that shows all the car shows in your area the itsjusta6 is sponsored by

  • BlackIce59
    BlackIce59 Month ago

    I want to know where Harry is at

  • Dalton King
    Dalton King Month ago +1

    Itsjusta6 vs. demonology rematch??

  • The boyz The boyz
    The boyz The boyz Month ago

    Import a ford barra straight 6 from Australia 🇦🇺 for a mustang

  • llvllaxwell T
    llvllaxwell T Month ago

    What happend to harry ? Anyone else curious?

    HAMPA Month ago

    *iTs StiLL a StrEEt CaR*

  • doodreally
    doodreally Month ago

    You could give me ten or those watches for free and I wouldn’t wear them. They break within a week it sucks because I ordered 3 of them and all 3, done zo

  • Eric Vargas
    Eric Vargas Month ago

    Can you beat demonology from a dig for us mustang owners?!

  • Abractive
    Abractive Month ago

    1:19 deadass something id make on the wii lmfao

  • Beau Ireland
    Beau Ireland Month ago

    This is insane, I’m learning all these things in school . I’m in auto tech and seeing you put these tools and do these things really blows my mind like woah I used a torque wrench for the first time today and getting to see you use them is insane . I’m glad your in depth about it too. Love your vids and 6 media in general. Keep doing what your doing !

  • Isaiah Juarez
    Isaiah Juarez Month ago

    You just hit us with a sponsor bro😂but love the car, when’s the next time you are coming to Texas?

  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck Month ago

    Put the ‘itsjusta6’ 6 symbol on the valve covers

  • I am Brian
    I am Brian Month ago

    Thanks for getting detailed on this. It’s pretty interesting.