Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy


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  • First Nation Industry & Gaming
    First Nation Industry & Gaming 2 months ago +3342

    Omg IM IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

  • Daniel Hulse
    Daniel Hulse 17 hours ago

    4:01 POOP LAMA

  • Gamecrasher 2.0
    Gamecrasher 2.0 20 hours ago

    Alex you don’t compare five guys to mc Donald’s, mc Donald’s sucks

  • The channel of cray

    What how do people not know what five guys is it’s the best

  • RaitonNin
    RaitonNin Day ago

    That manager must have went crazy with all those people at once

  • Infamous
    Infamous Day ago

    So, what is fiveguys?

  • Toree Hines
    Toree Hines Day ago

    He's so funny 😂

  • Scoot001
    Scoot001 2 days ago +1

    Casey Neistat vlogging status

  • MLG Gaming TV
    MLG Gaming TV 2 days ago

    Who is better odd1s out or alex clark

  • harry crab
    harry crab 3 days ago

    What a wholesome video! Good for you Alex

    BADASSM1NER 3 days ago

    please balance your audio better

  • Krptik Legend
    Krptik Legend 3 days ago

    Free marketing for five guys they should be happy

  • Savagebear 2406
    Savagebear 2406 3 days ago

    OHHH MYY GOODNESS I love 5 hurt burger and fries

  • Burhan Senih
    Burhan Senih 3 days ago


  • Super Ryan14
    Super Ryan14 3 days ago

    Just because you can’t go to five guys doesn’t mean you can’t eat five guys food

  • Sarah Brzykcy
    Sarah Brzykcy 4 days ago


  • airplanemode
    airplanemode 4 days ago

    I am eating five guys while I watch this..

  • Moon ._.
    Moon ._. 4 days ago

    My mom works there!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hotdog Man
    Hotdog Man 4 days ago

    5 guy is bad

  • TheWolve'sDen Crafts, Gaming and Tutorials!

    4:39 did he say the sh word?!?!?!?

  • King Namor 777
    King Namor 777 5 days ago

    Alex Clark is Legend wait for it


  • King Namor 777
    King Namor 777 5 days ago

    I heard of five guys. Because I five best friend in the whole wide world.

  • Amber Martinez
    Amber Martinez 6 days ago


  • Sophie Suleman
    Sophie Suleman 6 days ago

    Canada in Calgary because I would love to you ps we have five guys there milk shakes are amazing
    🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟😊😊😊😊🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃 ty

  • tubotrech
    tubotrech 6 days ago

    you do too many face reveals

  • Blkea
    Blkea 6 days ago

    “It’s a hamburger joint”
    Well then don’t put cheese on it boi

  • JuicyDragon Gaming
    JuicyDragon Gaming 6 days ago

    The free peanuts are my favorite

    TNZ BROTHERS 6 days ago


  • Kaden D
    Kaden D 6 days ago

    As a North Dakotan I welcome you to ND even if the welcome is late :P great video.

  • SuperCamPlayzYT
    SuperCamPlayzYT 7 days ago

    Alex: Holy S***

  • Xx_TiM_MeTz_xX
    Xx_TiM_MeTz_xX 7 days ago

    Five guys is overated and overpriced imo.

  • Mack Savage
    Mack Savage 8 days ago


  • Jess B
    Jess B 8 days ago

    Is the audio off for anyone else? I can't tell if its just me. Other videos sound normal...but this one, the narration is really quiet and the music and sound effects are super loud

  • Abby I
    Abby I 8 days ago

    Jesus man you need to balance the audio out!

  • Teodoro Nino
    Teodoro Nino 8 days ago

    I live next to a five guys burgers and fries

  • David Huinaccostanza

    I know five guys

  • Brian Garrett
    Brian Garrett 9 days ago

    5 guys is probably only where u live where Eva that may b

  • brit. ann
    brit. ann 10 days ago

    You're just . . . like, one of the coolest people on USclip. I only discovered your channel recently, but I'm hoookeded. 👌🏻💛🌼
    I can't wait to watch your channel grow even more!

  • Viral Playz
    Viral Playz 10 days ago

    Pooooo Pacca

  • Stacey Moore
    Stacey Moore 10 days ago

    I love 5 guys 🙂

  • CluelessAnimations
    CluelessAnimations 11 days ago

    People who have to travel 12+ hours are probably from Europe

  • JPTV
    JPTV 11 days ago

    Do they sell chicken burgers 🐓 🍔

  • Hunt3433 !
    Hunt3433 ! 11 days ago

    does Alex really have a girl friend

  • Rajdip Sarker
    Rajdip Sarker 13 days ago +2

    I’m in the videoooooooooo

  • BNVG
    BNVG 13 days ago

    Was that a Diablo in the scenematics

  • Barbslayer
    Barbslayer 13 days ago

    Hold on I thought 5 guys was a secret Area 51 transportation system to Mars

    Edit: And 5 guys is always so small on the inside but big on the outside so I think the burgers secret ingredient that makes it soooo good is Mars dust

  • lizzy Daniels
    lizzy Daniels 14 days ago

    I like how you make everyone look so real in the animations

  • lizzy Daniels
    lizzy Daniels 14 days ago

    Do a truth or dare!

  • Jack'ed productions
    Jack'ed productions 14 days ago

    North Carolina please.

  • Joseph Wallace
    Joseph Wallace 14 days ago

    Fortnight lama

  • Vanessaxxx Gacha verse

    What five guys why is five guys there idk sorry

    Not everyone is American I’m austarlian :)

  • Anny Annymations
    Anny Annymations 14 days ago

    Wait......GINGER PALE ISN'T GREEN?!?!?

  • Kristaps Sprūdžs
    Kristaps Sprūdžs 15 days ago

    for me this video is quietererer than normal (the ererer is a joke (for pc people(the parenthasese in the parantheseseis also a joke)(also (im not english so sorry for the mistakes)for pc people)))

  • ientereda name
    ientereda name 15 days ago

    what is 5 guys again? j/k

  • Gage Davis
    Gage Davis 16 days ago +1

    Five Guys is AWESOME!!!

  • Percy Mc
    Percy Mc 16 days ago

    This vid inspired me

  • Cloud - From The Squad - ROBLOX and More!

    Lol it's funny how I'm watching this vid IN the airport

  • gaming kitten
    gaming kitten 17 days ago

    Fiv guys

  • Gabecraft64 gaming
    Gabecraft64 gaming 18 days ago

    You’re gonna have to have five guys cater you’re wedding and funeral. So one more time

  • LDProductions
    LDProductions 18 days ago

    Dang I work at five guys but I obviously wasn’t in this video cause I live in the dead of nowhere

    • LDProductions
      LDProductions 18 days ago

      itsAlexClark Even though you didn’t come to my location the next best thing happened, you responded to my comment!!!

    • itsAlexClark
      itsAlexClark  18 days ago

      That’s where this was. Lol

  • xIsaiah02x X
    xIsaiah02x X 18 days ago

    I have a five guys not to far from my house in my city

  • Fun4U
    Fun4U 19 days ago

    Wait I still don’t get it. What’s 5 guys?

  • Lily Melvin
    Lily Melvin 19 days ago

    I've seen a Five Guys before but, my parents won't let me go

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown 19 days ago

    Five guys!

  • Jayvyn Sheppard
    Jayvyn Sheppard 19 days ago

    Luv you bro!!😀😃😄

  • Judy Shimada
    Judy Shimada 19 days ago

    Sooooo what is five guys again I wasn’t listening

  • Wong Kobe
    Wong Kobe 19 days ago +2

    I’ve never had Five Guys
    And yes..
    *I’m American*

  • Grape Jelly Films
    Grape Jelly Films 20 days ago

    5 Guys Doesn’t Exist Anymore

  • nisa rojas
    nisa rojas 20 days ago

    Lol he called those who were unaware of Five Guys dummies😂

  • Cat Dot
    Cat Dot 20 days ago

    That walmart looks like the one I go to 2:06 it's the subway

  • Oli-Bear.moose! Yay moose

    What is five guys?

  • Braiden Quinones productions

    Texas plz

  • Kitty Clover
    Kitty Clover 21 day ago

    Come to Illinois

  • kira chanYT
    kira chanYT 22 days ago

    Five guys = heaven

  • N
    N 22 days ago

    You can only go to five guys with five guys you go as many times that you want

  • Loganatorexit
    Loganatorexit 23 days ago

    Uncultured swines

  • Justin Vickers
    Justin Vickers 23 days ago

    You should come to northern California!

  • Cameron Simms
    Cameron Simms 23 days ago

    Plz come to London in England

  • RAWLILY Gaming
    RAWLILY Gaming 23 days ago

    This is so funny a guy is wearing the Odd 1s out Merch and he’s at an Alex Clark tour XD

  • Aamin Gill
    Aamin Gill 23 days ago

    i appritiate your work man

  • PacificThunder
    PacificThunder 23 days ago

    Very nice selection of music :P (love the Electro Swing)

  • Dean Friedel
    Dean Friedel 23 days ago

    Your freaking amazing go to pittsb burgh

  • Itsjack G
    Itsjack G 24 days ago

    alex clark looks like mr beast

  • Fire ball
    Fire ball 24 days ago

    In n out is better

  • deathball0123 rage
    deathball0123 rage 24 days ago

    Did you like what I gave you Alex I am Quinn remember

  • IndianaMcMahon 31
    IndianaMcMahon 31 24 days ago

    I saw Sam perform in Colorado

  • StarDie4Ever
    StarDie4Ever 25 days ago

    Im ur sub number 12

  • Dave the Duck
    Dave the Duck 25 days ago

    What is six guys

  • Team Sloth
    Team Sloth 25 days ago

    Ive never heard about 5 guys?

  • CCkoolTube
    CCkoolTube 25 days ago

    There's a little more than 5 guys in 5 Gus xd

  • Crystalwolf _YT
    Crystalwolf _YT 26 days ago

    I just went to five guys yesterday

  • Turkey Man
    Turkey Man 26 days ago

    you just casually raid five guys

  • Datntlover / HussDTL
    Datntlover / HussDTL 26 days ago

    I want u to have a show at Detroit Michigan because I live there

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 26 days ago

    What who dosent know what five guys is

  • William Eaton
    William Eaton 27 days ago

    who is 5 guys

  • Shockwave0811
    Shockwave0811 27 days ago

    What’s five guys??

  • Unicorns N Stuff
    Unicorns N Stuff 27 days ago

    I looooooooooove five guys

  • xplere
    xplere 28 days ago

    The five guys with pies tell more :D

  • some guy on youtube
    some guy on youtube 28 days ago

    Everyone asks what is five guys
    *But nobody asks how is five guys*

  • AloxGaming
    AloxGaming 28 days ago

    Holy crap, your videos are so good but your audio is absolutely terrible, find a sound designer lol, I almost go deaf listening to your videos because of the inconsistency in audio volumes. I'm being serious, and I really hope you start taking note of the audio volume because I've watched almost all your videos but always go near deaf every time lol; PLEASE, FIX, AUDIO LEVELSss