Galaxy X's RIVAL

  • Published on Oct 25, 2017
  • A foldable phone from Samsung named the Galaxy X will launch in the near future but it's going to be released in limited quantities to test the market. Now, Huawei is also working on a foldable smartphone and will launch it next year. The Galaxy S9 is also going to launch in a few months and there are chances that the Galaxy X could affect the sales of the Galaxy S9 if both of them come at the same time. The Galaxy S9 rumors indicate that the handset could arrive sooner than usual.
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Comments • 1 787

  • Vasanth Yuvraj
    Vasanth Yuvraj 5 days ago +2

    Anyone after google ban on Huawei ??馃槀

  • Qasim Ul habibi
    Qasim Ul habibi 21 day ago +1

    I love Samsung Galaxy Note series

  • Rehan Ahmad Bhai
    Rehan Ahmad Bhai 27 days ago +6

    Got recommended in 2019!!
    Guess I have been watching TechTalkTv very much.

  • TeeSoar
    TeeSoar Month ago

    Hey Sal I'm from the future where you got 300,000+ subs and the phone is called Galaxy Fold, ok bye馃槀

  • Nick Ferhan
    Nick Ferhan Month ago

    the foldable phone is out and why is this in my reccomended?

  • ImUnlord
    ImUnlord Month ago

    I am from 2020 and Fold is alredy 100% foldable

  • MattPlaysTooMuch
    MattPlaysTooMuch Month ago +1

    Lucky for you I am from 2020 and the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been aroun for some time now...

  • Sprite
    Sprite Month ago

    Haha this is still great in 2019

  • RondomR Ron
    RondomR Ron Month ago

    Tehe, I am 2019 and it is Galaxy Fold. (I wish the prototypes were real and cheaper)
    I know that TechTalk didn鈥檛 know that

  • to be fair
    to be fair Month ago +1

    Wtf recommended in 2019

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson Month ago

    Do you ever worry about your producing fake news stories to get viewers and then when they find out that you were a downright pathological liar you may watch all of them go bye bye have a great day loser

    • TechTalkTV
      TechTalkTV  Month ago

      This was created a couple of years ago

  • Albert Apetrei
    Albert Apetrei Month ago

    Lol who鈥檚 here after watching a galaxy gold video in 2019 馃槀

  • Lollo
    Lollo Month ago +1

    Q2 2019?

    OH YEAH YEAH!! 2 months ago +2

    2019 anyone?

  • Diaz
    Diaz 2 months ago

    9.5 m views wtf

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 2 months ago +14

    It's called Galaxy fold and costs about 1980$

  • Louie Salvador
    Louie Salvador 2 months ago +42

    This aged so well...including your voice 馃き

    • Alex 2017
      Alex 2017 Month ago +2

      Wow Sal also looks at comments from older videos. Respect!

  • Marvel 4Life
    Marvel 4Life 2 months ago

    What鈥檚 the point of this phone?

  • Muditha rajapaksha
    Muditha rajapaksha 2 months ago


  • Ellen Blay
    Ellen Blay 3 months ago

    iphone number one

  • Kalvin One
    Kalvin One 3 months ago

    I want a wrist 50m deep diving mobile phone and nomore one smartphone in my pocket.

  • Help me get 100,000 subscribers plz

    1:25 h谈u谈m谈a谈n谈 h谈a谈s谈 l谈e谈f谈t谈 t谈h谈e谈 c谈h谈a谈t谈

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 3 months ago

    The folding phone is actually coming over a few weeks...

    • Kim Jong-un
      Kim Jong-un 3 months ago +1

      +Geo You yeah I know, that's the fun thing about it馃槀

    • Geo You
      Geo You 3 months ago +1

      This video was posted in 2017

  • Bouie342
    Bouie342 3 months ago

    1:28 me when i just realized i dont have lunch so i think of som-

    thing else.

  • ya khmer
    ya khmer 4 months ago

    I love Samsung

  • Endri Official
    Endri Official 4 months ago

    C'mon Huawei stop copying and do ur own shit!

  • MM Ariful Hasan
    MM Ariful Hasan 4 months ago

    I'm fan of your videos.Watching since you've 100k of luck

  • Rhafli04 HD
    Rhafli04 HD 4 months ago

    iPon iri wkwk

  • what should I name myself?

    IPhone x bro

  • Anton Wong
    Anton Wong 5 months ago

    Wheres the first bendable battery

  • Filip Ha拧ka
    Filip Ha拧ka 5 months ago

    It is gonna be galaxy F. F stands for Fuck apple

  • Korfocat
    Korfocat 5 months ago

    Me: finally got the galaxy x
    Samsung: newer cooler phone
    Me: you're my ex now

  • The Amazing Josh
    The Amazing Josh 5 months ago

    Ahahahahha this is unaccurate. Neither made folding phones this year 馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃槀

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta 5 months ago

    Possible faults in hardware or too fragile

  • Ram yadav
    Ram yadav 5 months ago

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  • RiPixel
    RiPixel 6 months ago

    Please Make A video on how you make a video from beginning to end.
    and nice video

  • Gymnast and Squishys
    Gymnast and Squishys 6 months ago

    Sometimes I feel like as soon as iphone comes out with a new phone ( iphone x) Samsung just has to copy it ( Galaxy x) don't ya think? Iphone 8, Galaxy s8, then 9 , now X? Really? Copy cats. Cool vid!

  • AF TV
    AF TV 6 months ago

    0:46 windows phone wtf samsungs best phone on Windows mobile 10?!

  • Ray Thompson
    Ray Thompson 7 months ago

    Apple is b&o they offer nothing but good build quality even that's questionable. I wished for a great I watch with battery strap and got nothing as for phone it's just big iPhone X from last year they need to innovate now starting be boaring.

  • Johno
    Johno 7 months ago

    9millionviews holy hell

  • GDBOY 123
    GDBOY 123 7 months ago +70

    1:25 Look at the guy in the background

    Guy.exe has stopped

  • Bluecolty
    Bluecolty 7 months ago

    I've always wondered how far Samsungs foldable displays will go like if you could fold and create it like a piece of paper

  • Headout
    Headout 7 months ago

    I still don't understand why though

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A 7 months ago

    True. HuaweI got some foldable screens and stuff from Samsung. It's amazing how first apple and Samsung used to be the guys doing stuff like one releases something and the other releases an alternative. Now it's Huawei. Can't believe it's on 2nd and apples on 3rd. I'm not hating on apple please don't cringe me our in the comments .. Apple makes great phones.

    G-XTREME 7 months ago

    Just got my note 9, it's amazing!

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike 8 months ago

    Did you know Huawei purchased foldable screens from Samsung, Samsung gave them a right so when Hauwei release it and it goes big they aka samsung then can take those numbers and say OK people like this so now we will release it.
    Think of it as testing the waters before going fully in.

  • Zala Production
    Zala Production 8 months ago

    9.4 M wow

    • Zala Production
      Zala Production 8 months ago

      +TechTalkTV i'm glad you reach that amount of view, you deserve it!

    • TechTalkTV
      TechTalkTV  8 months ago +1

      I know right! Never expected it would go that far

  • Bergwacht
    Bergwacht 9 months ago

    the guy at 0:51does not need a brush when painting HAHAH

  • Sai Saran Ogoti
    Sai Saran Ogoti 9 months ago +16

    Can't wait to see the foldable phones or 100% screen phones takes out *CANCEROUS NOTCH TREND* .

    • Justin Lloyd
      Justin Lloyd 2 months ago

      Sai Saran Ogoti notch isnt bad and guarantee you don鈥檛 have one lmao

  • Harsha Jith
    Harsha Jith 9 months ago

    Samsung is worthy not iPhone馃ぃ馃槀

  • Rahul Jindal
    Rahul Jindal 9 months ago

    Cost and from where

  • Tech Top with D.D
    Tech Top with D.D 10 months ago

    Sir, you had not told any thing about the device , which that man hold in his and and showing nfs game play
    Please sir reply i want to known about that.

  • Rana G
    Rana G 10 months ago

    I love this model.馃憤馃挅馃挆

  • Rana G
    Rana G 10 months ago


  • Prajwal Kumar
    Prajwal Kumar 10 months ago +5

    1:28 wtf was that on the background! Chinese man stopped working.exe

  • M Ismoyo SetyonoWidagdo
    M Ismoyo SetyonoWidagdo 10 months ago

    Jancok apik rek woe aq ko indonesia

  • Austux 鈥
    Austux 鈥 11 months ago

    Poor IPhone users

  • 旯靹膘湦
    旯靹膘湦 11 months ago


  • International Fan Crying *Sob* *Sob*

    Hala ka bes grabe na 馃槀

  • Krishna Nagpure
    Krishna Nagpure Year ago

    Nice naaa

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  • Malik Aleihsas
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  • Payaso Bom Bom
    Payaso Bom Bom Year ago

  • Lubega Sula
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  • Jimmy Joebob
    Jimmy Joebob Year ago

    SORRY BUT THE GALAXY IS A STANDARD!! You'll never come close to it!! Millions and millions of people either have the GALAXY or the I PHONE !! You're not going to best either one!!

  • yusuf yakub
    yusuf yakub Year ago

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  • Kiwa Khong
    Kiwa Khong Year ago

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  • Kiwa Khong
    Kiwa Khong Year ago


  • Rodofika
    Rodofika Year ago


  • Gurvinder Nalvi
    Gurvinder Nalvi Year ago

    I like it so much

  • 牍犾椉
    牍犾椉 Year ago

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  • Julio Sica
    Julio Sica Year ago

    Why does everyone copy samsung馃槀

  • Thuong Ba
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  • Hamidunwinardie Nardie

    Samsung termewah bagi gaya semakin moderen semakin maju suatu negara teknologi semakin cangih dan terdepan duclasnya

    CRAZY HACKSBD Year ago

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  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto Year ago +79

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