Pokemon Detective Pikachu Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Detective Pikachu Breakdown! What Pokemon did you miss in this Detective Pikachu movie? What references did Detective Pikachu make to the Pokemon games and the Pokemon animated series? Erik Voss breaks down Detective Pikachu for the Easter Eggs and jokes you missed, and the subtle ways the film foreshadowed the big Ryan Reynolds moment. How does Detective Pikachu reference the Legendary Pokemon, Professor Oak, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Go, the evolution stones, Team Rocket, and more? What secret is Mewtwo hiding in Detective Pikachu?
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  • ASHtag bachhi
    ASHtag bachhi Day ago

    PIKACHUUUU volt-tackling Mewtoo

  • ASHtag bachhi
    ASHtag bachhi Day ago

    PIKACHUUUU volt-tackling Mewtoo

  • ChaosDivides
    ChaosDivides 2 days ago

    Mr Mime got his Basic Instinct on! Had me creased up

  • TheDragonaf1
    TheDragonaf1 2 days ago +1


  • Heroic Pandaa
    Heroic Pandaa 4 days ago

    YOOOO . My friend had a theory . What if R is pokedust because in pogo you use pokedust to level up a Pokémon to make it stronger , and what does R do in the movie , it makes the Pokémon stronger

    HIMANSH 5 days ago

    Y'all getting real lazy!!!

  • jupamoers
    jupamoers 5 days ago

    I suspected Pikachu to actually be Harry almost from the beginning of that movie...I was pissed, when it was revealed, that I was right

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 5 days ago +1

    saw it today

  • Miles The Reviewer
    Miles The Reviewer 7 days ago

    PDP takes place in the same universe as Home Alone confirmed!

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 8 days ago

    It's crazy that this movie exists. I still think the World of Warcraft movie is the most "I can't believe this actually happened" video game movie, but this is a close second. Just like with Warcraft, I'm so blown away with how good the movies both look. Video game movies guys! Remember what they used to be like? How far we've come...

  • TheSuperiorNerd
    TheSuperiorNerd 9 days ago

    Did anyone else call Harry being Pikachu before the movie came out?

  • Nick Bernal
    Nick Bernal 9 days ago

    Tim: “yeah, of course, you are my partner.”
    Pikachu: “yeah, that’s right, I am your pa...”

  • Huskers
    Huskers 10 days ago +3

    In the introduction video to ryme city, they reference the "Who's that pokemon!" With how they introduce bill nighys character

  • Mr. Ugly
    Mr. Ugly 10 days ago

    Its nevermelt ice

  • Buzz James
    Buzz James 11 days ago

    I'm glad I said No to this movie.

  • Faith Armbuster
    Faith Armbuster 12 days ago

    My favorite part was where Pikachu tried to climb up onto Tim's shoulder and Tim said Nope we're not doing that as he puts Pikachu down then Pikachu says Fine I'll walk I'm trying to get in a hundred steps. This movie was abousetly amazing and it was definitely worth watching first run

  • Roseblossom9029
    Roseblossom9029 12 days ago

    Seriously, ami the only one that thought of the smash brothers brawl reference? The giant pokemon floats where a reference to the games pokfoats stage, and mewtwo and pikachu were fighters in said game.

  • DjoseR 13
    DjoseR 13 13 days ago

    There’s no ice stone!! Isn’t that the “never melt ice” and then he said DIAL-gee-ah instead of die-Al-ga

  • Thomas Higgins
    Thomas Higgins 13 days ago

    Ash shows up in the train scene

  • Michał Jakowczyk
    Michał Jakowczyk 14 days ago +3

    The Ditto-Terminator reference was great :)

  • Jack Rogers
    Jack Rogers 16 days ago

    That reporter is named Cynthia, shes a trainer in one of the games I don't remember which one

  • Northie
    Northie 17 days ago

    I lost my pokemon cards about three years back. I'm still traumatized...

  • Cuauhtemoc Delgadillo
    Cuauhtemoc Delgadillo 18 days ago

    “I cannot have fun if I sweat” 😂 I lost it there

  • EdwinPlayzYT
    EdwinPlayzYT 18 days ago

    I can't believe that Harry is in pikachu's body. Mewtwo puts him in pikachu's body

  • Kevin
    Kevin 18 days ago

    Bulbasaur! Nuff said.

  • 2e FuE
    2e FuE 19 days ago

    We will kill you

  • eventyraren
    eventyraren 19 days ago

    I figured out that Picachu was Tims father from the first trailer, but not untill we finde out that mewtwo coulde do that body swtsh thing did I understand how.
    By the way,did we know he could do that before this movie? I must have missed that.

  • jampuan jampuan
    jampuan jampuan 19 days ago

    I think the unown h shirt meant to be Harry which is his dad

  • Ciaran O Dubhgain
    Ciaran O Dubhgain 20 days ago

    Zazie beets has a cameo.

  • Timmetje
    Timmetje 20 days ago

    I've been to Detective Pikachu Today

  • BMZ1004
    BMZ1004 20 days ago

    I knew that pikachu was his dad!

  • Jake the Gaming Wolf

    he said dalja it pissed me off its DILGA

  • Gabe Tanumihardja
    Gabe Tanumihardja 22 days ago

    I think that ice stone was the nevermeltice and I also saw one of the orbs from palkia or dialga

  • Nicola Elsom
    Nicola Elsom 22 days ago

    It's got to be Ryan Reynolds singing the Pokémon theme song... Just great!

  • rpgfan007
    rpgfan007 22 days ago

    It also didn’t make sense that ditto could transform into a human until i learned that they modified it

  • rpgfan007
    rpgfan007 22 days ago

    I thought this movie was meh the purple gas didn’t make sense to me and had alot of questionable moments in it and i thought the jokes were very corny

  • ulises nino
    ulises nino 22 days ago

    Was the soul transferring be a easter egg for Pokemon RESCUE TEAM WHERE YOU ARE A HUMAN TURNED INTO A POKEMON

  • Reviewer Yyc
    Reviewer Yyc 22 days ago

    Gas in balloons like Batman :)

  • Volcanoblade
    Volcanoblade 22 days ago +1

    There is no "ice stone". It's probably a nevermeltice on the desk

  • Lynx-Kun Does YT
    Lynx-Kun Does YT 23 days ago

    Kamen rider drive is in this movie for like 3 seconds lmao

  • Totally Tommy
    Totally Tommy 23 days ago

    This video was quick

  • Eugene Ke Wei Lau
    Eugene Ke Wei Lau 23 days ago

    It's kinda weird they named the reporter's name after the Champion of the Sinnoh region's Pokemon League.

  • I Like Trainz ???
    I Like Trainz ??? 23 days ago


  • Alexis Cruz
    Alexis Cruz 23 days ago

    I honestly loved the car scene and when Ryan Reynolds Pikachu says "I am strapped into a baby seat next to a BOMB!!"

  • Ekkk
    Ekkk 24 days ago +1

    Ryme City could be in one of the Ranger game regions.

  • ShadowTrooper 64
    ShadowTrooper 64 24 days ago

    It would be cool if team rocket was in the movie.

  • Kevin Slater
    Kevin Slater 24 days ago +1

    Can someone help explain what happens at the second half of this video?
    I keep falling asleep at 4:16 for some reason ...

    • HadeaRin
      HadeaRin 21 day ago

      Before that, you should check the mirror.

  • Andrew Lowry
    Andrew Lowry 24 days ago

    Steps is probably a reference to pocket pikachu.

  • Duncan Lin
    Duncan Lin 24 days ago

    I watched this vid late

  • ProAfeefXY3
    ProAfeefXY3 24 days ago

    H can also be for Hero

  • General GTA
    General GTA 24 days ago +2

    One of my favourite scenes were the car Chase scene in the begenning, and the train scene with the introduction to Ryme City, and the entry into Ryme City!!

  • StarKittyUnicorn
    StarKittyUnicorn 24 days ago

    In the train when he was watching the video, the lady said something like people and pokemon living *harmoniously* together, and (N)atural *Harmonia* Gropius is all about that. Idk I just noticed it because I love N >////

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 24 days ago

    Who pronounces it like "Dialja"???

  • pureaccuracy
    pureaccuracy 24 days ago

    Mewtwo's first words in the tank right at the start were "they're outside", I'm sure he says that in the 1999 movie right at the start too

  • NNamDrE
    NNamDrE 25 days ago

    Bill Nighy played Slartibartfast in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. And then the Mime Pokemon came out of a door that had a 42 on it...

  • The gaming Knight
    The gaming Knight 25 days ago

    My favourite was charbezorb v s pichaku

  • The gaming Knight
    The gaming Knight 25 days ago

    I’m sorry but it’s di-al-ga not ja

  • swordwhale1
    swordwhale1 25 days ago

    never played the games and have zero idea who these characters are... but now I want to see the movie...Eric Voss rules.

    RHIANNA VLOGS YT 25 days ago

    We need a second movie

  • Dee Barnum
    Dee Barnum 26 days ago

    Dial-(JA) 😭♂‍🤦🏿

  • Henry Booth
    Henry Booth 26 days ago

    Pikachu says he needs to get in his100,000 steps, not 10,000 steps

  • Manish
    Manish 26 days ago

    That is pronounced Dial-GA not Dial-Ja

  • Oatmealduck
    Oatmealduck 26 days ago

    The Jolticks marching around a nod to night march one of the best tcg decks for a while?

  • Miharuru Pi
    Miharuru Pi 26 days ago

    in the beginning of the movie there is a special pokemon font, but I can't remember from where it is!! but im sure it is from one of the pokemon games :(

  • Venice De Jesus
    Venice De Jesus 26 days ago +52

    Ditto: *takes off sunglasses*
    Me: *surprisee Pikachu face*
    Also me: *realises Ditto can text* :oooooooooo

  • David Sun
    David Sun 26 days ago

    Wait, Ash is voiced by a lady?

  • David Sun
    David Sun 26 days ago

    No Eric. Berry juice is an item itself in the Pokemon games.

  • MrLeoKing00
    MrLeoKing00 26 days ago

    The poster with Articuno vs Steelix is a reference to a scene in one of the earliest OP of the cartoon, I believe it might have been in an OP of the Japanese version.

  • CaptainG33 Gaming
    CaptainG33 Gaming 26 days ago

    I like to think the reason for the no pokeballs is a nood to “Pokémon Conquest” but that’s just me

  • Arvin Caseles
    Arvin Caseles 26 days ago

    Favorite scene: Pikachu singing while crying on the bridge.. Most LOL moment in the movie. :)

  • legend123ify
    legend123ify 26 days ago

    Unknown on his shirt

  • TheWindChicken
    TheWindChicken 26 days ago

    When I was watching Detective Pikachu I started regretting not bringing a notepad to catch all the references.

  • E.E the dolphin
    E.E the dolphin 26 days ago +1

    What was that mountain Pokemon that wasn't like as big as Godzilla Titan something the one where Pikachu says oh no I see an eyeball like that big Pokemon when the escape the lab

    • E.E the dolphin
      E.E the dolphin 24 days ago

      @General GTA I missed that part

    • E.E the dolphin
      E.E the dolphin 24 days ago

      @General GTA OIOOHHHH

    • General GTA
      General GTA 24 days ago +1

      @E.E the dolphin If you have watched the movie, then you would know that they were experimented on for getting a 'Growth Enhancment'.

    • E.E the dolphin
      E.E the dolphin 24 days ago +1

      @General GTA but how come it's SI big are they really that big?

    • General GTA
      General GTA 24 days ago +1

      It's a Toterra, Lol.

  • skrrt skrrt
    skrrt skrrt 27 days ago

    the movie was terrible

  • Craig Lane
    Craig Lane 27 days ago +1

    This was so perfect I came home from the movie and saw this notification

  • Blaze Inferno
    Blaze Inferno 27 days ago

    I actually loved the scenes of Mewtwo. I feel like they did an amazing job. They did way better than sonic with the real life to animation movie.

  • Mr Llama129555
    Mr Llama129555 27 days ago

    I knew he was dopinder

  • jakub Staniec
    jakub Staniec 27 days ago

    ARCIUSE IS A MYTHICAL,and its dialga not dialja

    • jakub Staniec
      jakub Staniec 9 days ago

      @Aislin*V - M2 Valeryon I was just writing it as you say it

    • Aislin*V - M2 Valeryon
      Aislin*V - M2 Valeryon 10 days ago

      Arceus, not Arciuse... before you start correcting someone.. you may want to check yourself first....

  • Andreas Tobiaz
    Andreas Tobiaz 27 days ago

    This movie makes me want to pick Bulbasaur as my starting pokemon,and that says a lot about this movie's influence

  • Jakub Chalupa
    Jakub Chalupa 27 days ago +1

    I had 2 best moments in the movie:
    1) forcing Psyduck to use Psychic attack to defend from Greninjas, and after that waking up The Mountains (aka. Torteras)
    2) Pikachu singing Pokemon theme song (at the same time funny but sad)

  • Micah Parks The Epic
    Micah Parks The Epic 27 days ago

    No one mentions Torterra gardens

  • Pants Dudney
    Pants Dudney 27 days ago

    I wonder if Erik noticed the fact that Tim threw the pokeball at cubone the same way ash does

  • Victorfilms Lego animations

    You forgot the reporters namr being cynthia. Might be a reference to the gen 4 champion.

  • Victorfilms Lego animations

    Lol, the entire movie I tried to figure where i recognized howard from and at the end I just screamed out RUFUS SCRIMGEAOR and half the theater looked at me.

  • Omar Sheikh
    Omar Sheikh 27 days ago +1

    Before I watched the movie the people who gives us tickets gave me 3 packets of Pokemon cards and I got three Pokemon titled “detective pikachu”.

    • Robert Consola
      Robert Consola 24 days ago

      You get Detective Pikachu with every pack.

  • Miyako Yamamura
    Miyako Yamamura 27 days ago

    I thought the step joke was a nod to the pokewalker that came with HeartGold/SoulSilver

  • Subscribe To Pewdiepie

    Least favorite moment was when it was just a giant Torterra garden and not a dramatic reveal for Groudon.

    • HadeaRin
      HadeaRin 21 day ago

      You know if that is Groudon, the whole place will errupt lava.

  • TheShadow1 UCR
    TheShadow1 UCR 27 days ago

    Literally all of these videos just ignore the super Mario reference. After Pikachu had his flashback there were two plumbers one wearing red and blue overalls and one wearing green of course.

  • Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn

    The ditto police assistant is a nod to Pokemon sun and moon. There was a quest where ditto was pretending to be people around the town and one of them was a cop

  • Alpha Mike
    Alpha Mike 27 days ago

    I also caught that Mewtwo 20 year escape because that was the last Pokémon movie I saw

  • Alpha Mike
    Alpha Mike 27 days ago

    I caught that Home Alone reference right away lol, the Gigglypuff probably draws a dick on that passed-out guy’s face lol

  • Heh
    Heh 28 days ago

    Where is giratina in the god pokemon statues?!

  • 정신없이
    정신없이 28 days ago +2

    *"I'm actually quite good... alone... in the dark"*
    Best line in the movie!!

  • Pikachu Fan 9 3/4
    Pikachu Fan 9 3/4 28 days ago

    Oh! Mother of Arceus!

  • Peggy Turner
    Peggy Turner 28 days ago

    This isn't the work of a detective it's the work of a sireal killer

  • Arceus Vandal
    Arceus Vandal 28 days ago

    I haven't seen the movie yet But Does arceus appear?

  • Hayden Williams-Moran
    Hayden Williams-Moran 28 days ago

    ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • icecco
    icecco 28 days ago +1

    Quick mention: the first two big balloons that got pumped air into were Gengar and Jigglypuff, which is probably a reference to episode 72 where there was a legendary giant Gengar (and Alakazam) and Jigglypuff.

    • 6 3
      6 3 26 days ago

      More likely a reference to the original games that open with Gengar and Jigglypuff battling.

  • Andrew._.T
    Andrew._.T 28 days ago

    When I went to see this movie at Westfield, there was a guys sitting next to me yelling out most of the Pokemon on screen.

  • Korey Ashcraft
    Korey Ashcraft 28 days ago

    am I the only one who noticed this but at the very end of the movie when Ryan Reynolds goes to get coffee theres a collective group of squirtles near the stairs and one of them is wearing a BLACK LEATHER JACKET.