Joshleen Wedding (Colleen and Joshua's Wedding)

  • Published on Aug 13, 2018
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  • pipermay
    pipermay 2 days ago

    you can tell how happy colleen is with erik like Josh and colleen just wasn't a mtach

  • user36able
    user36able 2 days ago

    She did want the marriage with this particular groom, just not necessarily this particular wedding. Josh preaches about love like its a religion or something- and while its lovely and honorable that he is a very principled, idealistic man, I think it would also be somewhat- tiring - to actually BE the person in a relationship with him and having to live up to his expectations of what a perfect, all encompassing love story looks like - and live with his disappointments when your life together doesn’t look like the Notebook or his parents marriage or whatever. The biggest red flag is the fact that on the day they met he said he wanted to marry her, (look at her face when he says that!) filmed himself addressing their hypothetical wedding guests AND THEN USED IT IN THEIR ACTUAL WEDDING. That’s not romantic, that’s proof that Josh, at this point in his life, wanted more than anything to be the protagonist in a fictional love story. And it’s fine to want that, but I just feel that Colleen didn’t necessarily want to spend HER life playing the role of the perfect love interest. I do believe they sincerely cared about each other, and there was a point when they were very happy together. I do believe they both really tried to make it work, but in the end, they had very different values, and it wasn’t right for them to stay together. Look at how much they’ve both grown since being apart! I am happy that they both seem to have moved on with their lives and seem to be happier and more fulfilled people.

  • Malia James
    Malia James 3 days ago

    I’m like the only one that didn’t know about ANY of this

    • The Shadow Taco
      The Shadow Taco 14 hours ago

      i literally just found out and rushed to USclip to find proof

  • Lightning Softball
    Lightning Softball 4 days ago +1

    Flynn is probably going to watch this some day. That is so sad, yet so mind-boggling. I could not imagine watching my father marrying his first wife. That is so crazy.
    (He is happily married to my mother now)

  • Animal Lover 2007
    Animal Lover 2007 5 days ago

    Why did they divorce?

  • Shannon Connolly
    Shannon Connolly 7 days ago

    I knew it

  • Natasha Labagnara
    Natasha Labagnara 8 days ago +2

    Who is here after Flynn was born?!

  • Karissa Edwards
    Karissa Edwards 11 days ago +1

    Colleen and Josh were a beautiful couple back then. It still breaks my heart that they are no longer together but, I am very happy for the both of them. Colleen is married to such a loving, down to earth young man Erik and have a son and Josh is happily married to Pamela. It’s unfortunate that they got divorced but, we personally don’t know the reason why they divorced and that’s how it should be. It’s their business and I know they both don’t want to think about it. After their divorce, I never chose a side. I have watched both Colleen and Josh’s vlogs for many years and still do. I wish them nothing but happiness in their lives. All I know is that they are happy with their new lives and that’s how it should be.🙂

  • Ivy Allen
    Ivy Allen 12 days ago +1

    all these people saying that colleen had
    an unhappy face but they never said that in 2015....

  • Tammy MacPherson
    Tammy MacPherson 13 days ago +1

    I’ve never seen him before were they married anyone watching after baby Flynn was born

  • Salt N Shade
    Salt N Shade 15 days ago

    Damn I didn’t even know Jenna and julien went

  • Hana Faythe
    Hana Faythe 16 days ago

    I stumbled upon this... I love Erikleen so much more

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 18 days ago +5

    Who is watching this when Eric is her husband and Flynn is her son

  • Michael Abbott
    Michael Abbott 18 days ago

    She’s married to Erik WTF

  • Lorena De Castro
    Lorena De Castro 18 days ago

    What if flynn grew up and whatches this?
    For me its kinda awkward

  • niamh
    niamh 18 days ago

    anyone know why they broke up?

  • Abigail V
    Abigail V 20 days ago +2

    “I wanna welcome you to a day that will last forever”
    Flynn and Erick shook

  • Britt Ashlyn Kaye
    Britt Ashlyn Kaye 21 day ago

    In this video it seems like no really wanted this wedding to happen

  • Charlotte Henderson
    Charlotte Henderson 23 days ago +1

    I used to think this was so cute and that they loved each other so much, which isn’t to say they didn’t, but now with Erik I can see how her love has grown and how she truly loves him

  • AnnaMarie Lane
    AnnaMarie Lane 26 days ago

    glad she with eric now

  • AnnaMarie Lane
    AnnaMarie Lane 26 days ago +1

    colleen don’t look that happy

  • Carolyn Phaneuf
    Carolyn Phaneuf 27 days ago +1

    I WILL?!!!

  • Kaitlyn Davis
    Kaitlyn Davis 28 days ago

    If Flynn ever sees this.........

  • The toomson
    The toomson 28 days ago

    If there were still together flynn will never be Born

  • larlie
    larlie Month ago +1

    it just seemed to fake and public to ever work out

  • End7less
    End7less Month ago

    i love rachel and colleen but i hate josh what would bsby flynn think

  • Carrilyn Zingerella

    If they stayed together.. there would be no Flynn😱💗

  • Emmy Phillips
    Emmy Phillips Month ago

    "I will always choose you" ughh😭😭♥️

  • Ayala Metzer
    Ayala Metzer Month ago

    I don’t like josh I like erik

  • Emma Penney
    Emma Penney Month ago +1

    now she’s with eric aka the best man for her, josh is a douche ngl

  • Ellie Vela
    Ellie Vela Month ago

    Who is watching this in 2019 I am

  • Paloma Contreras
    Paloma Contreras Month ago +1

    October 2019 👀😂

  • •OofBacon GuyOof•

    They already divorced

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    You were wrong boo

  • 4everRebel14
    4everRebel14 Month ago +1

    they legit got married on my birthday

  • Blue Doggo
    Blue Doggo Month ago

    I love Bailey throwing out the petals

  • Sadie Bear
    Sadie Bear Month ago +1

    If Josh is Christina’s kid’s Godfather I wonder if they’re still in touch. Because like, on a lot of Sacramental documents you need to list the Godparents of the kid so like...?

  • Chelsey Faye
    Chelsey Faye Month ago +2

    I feel like colleen and josh had this epic story book romance relationship, but it didnt last... Her and erik seem to connect on a deeper level, i truly believe they are soul mates. Colleen can be her nerdy, quirky silly self with erik, and he supports her whole heartedly and supports ALL of her dreams and goals.... He is definitely NOT the kind of guy someone would picture her with(josh seemed like the kind of guy shed be with) which makes what they have even more special.❤
    Her and joshs entire relationship was showed to us, the engagement, the wedding, all of it.. But with erik she didnt have to post everything, they had a very small, special and intimate wedding, she didnt feel like she had to document it all, she didnt feel the need to have to prove her love for him to the world the way she did with josh

  • KeepMyNameOutYoMouf

    i'm so happy for them, i hope they stay married forever. Josh, Coleen. i love both of you. i hope you guys live long and happy lives together with children. i'm so excited for the future!!!!

  • Lindy Rice
    Lindy Rice Month ago +1

    whatching this in 2019 im skook!!!I feel bad she had a fake smile:(

  • Mridhula K
    Mridhula K Month ago

    Wait till Erik sees this

  • Mia Echlin
    Mia Echlin Month ago

    jenna marbles was there?

  • sugar C
    sugar C 2 months ago

    Fml this hurts

  • Flowers Fowoson
    Flowers Fowoson 2 months ago

    Why did coleen seem so sad wheb she said i will?

  • Lilli Simmons
    Lilli Simmons 2 months ago +1

    I always thought that her and josh wouldn’t last like even when he literally walked down the isle with a vlog camera

  • sophiab123
    sophiab123 2 months ago +2

    “i promise to be married to you forever” ok..

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 months ago

    In the thumbnail it looks like Colleen regrets what she did am I right or wrong

  • filipinobean
    filipinobean 2 months ago +3

    "I promise that Iove you." Uh, broken promises from a liar.

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 2 months ago +1

    We Stan Erik here sorry 😂

  • Selia Marie
    Selia Marie 2 months ago +1

    everyone saying colleen doesn’t look happy is full of shit yes she does she looks ecstatic she just had a glare in her eyes during the ceremony and your view is just tainted bc they split. people who are very in love are allowed to fall out of if, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t so so so real at other points.

  • natalie lara
    natalie lara 2 months ago

    crazy to think it was all for nothing ..

  • Brandon Tang
    Brandon Tang 2 months ago +3

    colleen: looks like a goddess *regal* *stunning* *queen*
    josh: *vlogs high tops and watch*

  • Savannah Kallan
    Savannah Kallan 2 months ago

    what’s the name of the instrumental that starts playing at 10:42?

  • Kari Bankard
    Kari Bankard 2 months ago +2

    You can just tell how different she is now. She’s so happy, and he’s so hateful. She is living her life to the fullest and looking forward in the future while also staying and enjoying the present, while he is stuck on the past. I’m so happy that she is able to experience a happy life with her soulmate now. 💕

  • LiwiaGoszynska
    LiwiaGoszynska 2 months ago

    How can you go from loving someone so much to literally trying to destroy that person? And no offense but Joshua always commented on her looks, her current husband compliments her for her personality and heart.

  • Freddieshow1
    Freddieshow1 2 months ago +1

    Congrats for 100 subs

  • jt rover
    jt rover 2 months ago

    I always thought Colleen looked beautiful this day, but so unhappy at the same time.

  • mondler&bechloeBallinger
    mondler&bechloeBallinger 2 months ago +2

    Wow. What Rachel said to him just got me wildly emotional. But, shit happens and people and life do change

  • Victoria Renoldi
    Victoria Renoldi 2 months ago +4

    Baby Flynn was like
    “Yeet “

  • Kayla Wells
    Kayla Wells 2 months ago +4

    Am I the only one who actually did think they were happy together? Obviously not as happy as they are now but I don’t think that their love for each other was “fake” in any way.