Jack Black Jablinski Games Destroys YouTube!

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Jack Black put up his first gaming video... was it what we expected? Is he going to ruin USclip for everyone? Am I going to stop watching all my favorite gaming channels because of him? Of course not... I love that Jack & his son Sammy are making gaming videos. I am excited to see what they have in the works!
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Comments • 232

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    Hes spending time with his son, noting wrong with that

  • Pleasant Pop
    Pleasant Pop 5 months ago

    I love Jack Black and I am currently enjoying his channel, I'm a small channel trying to grow, but I don't look at other people's success as my own failure I know I'll get there one day.

  • Hijynx87
    Hijynx87 5 months ago

    He’s just having fun with his kid.

  • strangefruit42
    strangefruit42 5 months ago

    OK, ten minutes of talking, three ads in the middle of the whole thing, and actually I'm still waiting for you to make a point. OK, so you like Jack. You won't stop watching other channels because his is on. This is all I got out of ten minutes. You're surely aware that a lot of people watched your video, because of Jack's name in it. So did I, I'm not into gaming or whatever. I was waiting for some things to make me think, start a discussion, laugh, or anything. Nothing. In ten minutes. Maybe that's the reason Jablinski Games got so many subscriptions in no time. Five minutes of massive entertainment, maybe even some provocation. Not ten minutes of nothing at all. Sorry. Even an upset rant would've disappointed me less.

  • Freestyle Fletcher
    Freestyle Fletcher 5 months ago

    Jack black is a bluff

    MILLIONAIRE FILES! 5 months ago

    Start a CeleTube for celebrities!! Not USclip!

  • Ron Hertzberg
    Ron Hertzberg 5 months ago +1

    Jealous mfkers lmao.... tbh Ur channel just copys rgt85 and his copys spawn wave we let that slide..... At least Jack black does his own thing .... be happy you have grown sense u started copying ur subs have jumped dramatically

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      Another dumb ass speaking out his ass. Its funny... to see the idiots say I copy anyone, as none of you can support that at all... because if you look at videos with your own dumb ass eyes you would see who uploads first... but nope... idiots wanna make stupid allegations out of some kind of spite. You didn't even watch this video and decided to make a dumb ass comment... thats why Im saying you are a dumb ass. This video praised Jack Black, stated how I am excited to see what he does and how all the UScliprs out there crying about him just need to not worry about it and stop comparing themselves to others..... Yeah... sounds like jealousy...
      I copy no ones content, I do my own thing. Its funny seeing all the other comments I get about bigger UScliprs copying my content... I just ignore that crap... but to see some jerk say I copy RGT 85 or anyone else... man you got shit twisted. So with that said... get your lame ass off my channel.

  • Adam L
    Adam L 5 months ago

    I’m watching Jack Black’s videos because I was a diehard fan of tenacious d, always liked his movies, he was a big part of my musical upbringing! He introduced me to rush!
    But I’m still watching other channels, that’s the beauty of USclip: it’s my choice!
    Plus it’s nice to see a good person like jack black take the limelight from scumbags like ricegum and the Paul family!

  • Joe Slater
    Joe Slater 5 months ago

    Seems like people are acting like it doesn't take years of hard work to build a following off USclip.

  • Cleve Crudgington
    Cleve Crudgington 5 months ago

    I was going to make a snarky comment about the clickbait title and thumbnail, but I clicked on it so I guess the joke's on me.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      What does the title say? Honestly some people have been telling me its not saying what I have it listed as lol. I changed the title the first hour I put it up 4 days ago because it was a sarcastic joke against those talking crap about Jack Black, but people were not getting it and just commenting with hate messages that had nothing to do with what I talked about.

  • Nikolas Keel
    Nikolas Keel 5 months ago

    Jack's channel has literally one real video and it's of the same quality as everyone else's (Most gaming channels are absolute shit). If this were the Will Smith or The Rock channels, I'd agree. Jack's just having fun and being Jack Black. It's not bad for you. Not even remotely. If you want to whine and complain, aim it at multimillionaires that are utilizing those millions to produce content and advertising that you can't compete with. He's at least doing it with the same production value that you normal guys do. You should be praising him for accepting that handicap instead of paying out the ass for documentary level videos.

  • Dryxket
    Dryxket 5 months ago

    Hey, Alpha Investments?

  • nknutknut
    nknutknut 5 months ago

    jablinski is god himsels you aint with the times you silver-bearded commie

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      nice, you obviously didn't watch my video. Congrats for making a foolish comment.

  • Hamdi Shuaib
    Hamdi Shuaib 5 months ago

    cranky cause you dont have a million subs, huh ?

  • Henry Dudley
    Henry Dudley 5 months ago

    "Are people watching his videos instead of mine?" Definitely broh. Wake up. Stop your butt from hurting

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      wow you are pretty damn stupid arent ya? LOL you obviously missed the point of the video... so either you didnt watch and just want to talk shit or your level of comprehension is so damn low you just don't understand simple things.

  • Straight Edge Steve
    Straight Edge Steve 5 months ago

    Jack Black's gaming channel is the only gaming channel worth watching. He's entertaining and he doesn't waste people's time with silly video game streams.

  • Willie Howe
    Willie Howe 5 months ago

    I love that you and everyone else have spent more time analyzing this channel than the length of all his videos combined. Great view point btw!

  • Sean
    Sean 5 months ago

    Why make a video about another video, Do you lack any ideas for proper content? Be original bro, like Jablinksi.

  • Tony MontanaMan
    Tony MontanaMan 5 months ago

    He's just having fun with his son, as someone who never really connected with my dad this is kind of nice to watch, besides Jack Black is great in everything he does. Just let them do their thing, don't like it? Don't watch it!

  • *bacon* *boi*
    *bacon* *boi* 5 months ago


  • Josh James
    Josh James 5 months ago

    Dont Be A Jerk! He's Famous And He Can Have A Game Channel If He Wants! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Just Tim
    Just Tim 5 months ago

    Yea hes got almost 3 million subscribers so

  • Wicked Gamer & Collector

    I'm aslo very curious what he is going to do :) Thanks for your opinion Mr. Madlittlepixel

  • ö
    ö 5 months ago

    10 minutes and you said nothing

  • alex ello
    alex ello 5 months ago

    See, jack black is the perfect celebrity for USclip. He isn’t as big as the rock or Taylor Swift, and his personality is very genuine and unique. He isn’t trying to be strictly family friendly or just promote a product.

  • Full Melt Fusion
    Full Melt Fusion 5 months ago

    Did your title get you the down votes? because if they watched to the end its a solid video. cheers

  • Ruben Lam
    Ruben Lam 5 months ago

    Jack's Chanel is dope

  • Greninjia
    Greninjia 5 months ago

    Jack black is one of us
    He memes like us

  • MrJ0mmy
    MrJ0mmy 5 months ago +2

    Wow you also watch bithead1000 nice

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 5 months ago

    I think you're just just pissed off because he got almost 3 mil subs in 2 weeks

    • Trevor Turkington
      Trevor Turkington 5 months ago

      @Madlittlepixel so you had a few drinks before the video and a few afterwards perhaps? Is that what inspired you to react to this comment troll? Lol. Love your content and appreciate the bithead 1000 shout out when he needs it most.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      What makes you think I am pissed off? Did you watch my video? Because its surprising all the negative comments, when there was absolutely nothing said in this video being negative toward Jack Black. To recap my video because doesnt seem people watch it before commenting, I say a lot are talking about it and some think celebrities coming to USclip are unfair as they get a lot of views and subs, I state I welcome all celebrities and none celebrities to join USclip and create content. I state if you are a content creator you shouldn't be worrying about others and the views/subs they get, and to not compare to other UScliprs and to do what you love and continue getting better at it... I also state I am excited to see what Jack Black and his son do as I am a fan of his. Negative? Or me being pissed at anyone... NOPE~ Thanks a lot for assuming I am pissed without watching what I spoke about.

  • ST.Ethan Slawson
    ST.Ethan Slawson 5 months ago

    Anyone can do USclip and Anyone can watch what they want

  • dominator games
    dominator games 5 months ago

    Jack black deserves it. He'll do good on USclip. Don't hate on him

    • dominator games
      dominator games 5 months ago

      @Madlittlepixel srry it just changed for me. Honestly I like your content. Didn't want it to sound like hate.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      @dominator games my thumbnail originally was a joke being sarcastic against others who I saw complaining. But people couldnt get past the thumbnail so I changed it within the first hour of the video being up. That was like 20+ hours ago. So not sure what thumbnail you were seeing but ah well~

    • dominator games
      dominator games 5 months ago

      @Madlittlepixel but your thumbnail says that it jack black is bad for youtube. But it wasn't directed towards you mostly just people who think he's bad for the site

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      Im not hating on him at all as my video didn't speak negatively about Jack Black, his son or his channel... I said I am excited to see what he does... So Im assuming your comment was not directed at me then.

  • Alterbrap 04 Gaming
    Alterbrap 04 Gaming 5 months ago

    Nice to see ur subbed to ReviewTechUSA

  • threetwoone321123
    threetwoone321123 5 months ago

    I doubt jack black is going to do any serious gaming. I would like to hear his commentary tho, just because he’s funny.

  • Thamor Elf
    Thamor Elf 5 months ago

    I see we have a fellow members of the tomatoes mafia here!!!

  • AlphaTrion92
    AlphaTrion92 5 months ago

    If I make sweet ass love to that notification bell, will I get a rash?

  • Holey Moley
    Holey Moley 5 months ago

    People are flipping out over jack and his son joining USclip when other USclip channels promote child gambling and nicotine use? Holy hell what is this world

  • E Villanueva
    E Villanueva 5 months ago

    I thought it was ok I’ll keep watching him and you. I hope it just it doesn’t turn into his son just playing Fortnite.

  • James Midgett
    James Midgett 5 months ago

    I completely agree, Ron. Jack Black seems like a good dude. I especially agree that subscribing to him doesn't take away from anyone else. The more the merrier!

  • Andre Aditya
    Andre Aditya 5 months ago

    What's with the dislikes??

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      People thought I was talking crap about Jack Black.. Reading the comments I see a lot of people who made assumptions without even watching.

  • The Retro Nobody
    The Retro Nobody 5 months ago

    Wait... I made a video visiting an arcade. Wait... my son was also there with me... JACK BLACK RIPPED OFF MY CONTENT! This is MADNESS! Stealing my views!

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      Several of my earlier videos were at the pinball museum in California and i recorded with my son... Didnt get any views but hey!!!!

  • T HAWKIS 52
    T HAWKIS 52 5 months ago

    Don’t see the problem

  • jakAttak
    jakAttak 5 months ago

    Y u b dissin ma boy

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      Dissin who? I didnt diss anyone in this video. Did you watch it before commenting because this I feel was a very positive video about it.

  • Kiera De Muerte
    Kiera De Muerte 5 months ago +2

    I miss the days of people (regardless who they are) made videos for fun. Now it feels like a majority of butt hurt content creators who no longer do it mostly for fun.

  • scott120
    scott120 5 months ago +1

    I thought from the thumbnail it was a homeless person. What happened to Jack Black?!!

  • Dan D Mann
    Dan D Mann 5 months ago

    The title is pretty dumb and clickbaity when you don't even feel that way in your video. This isn't the quality of content I subscribed for. You're entitled to upload what you want, just giving my opinion.

  • xTheJoexRF
    xTheJoexRF 5 months ago

    I like your channel big guy, but I disagree with your title of the video and thoughts on Jablinski Games. USclip is for anyone and everyone, not just for the average guy trying to have a voice. If your content is good enough, famous or poor, you will get the followers. Soooooo many HUGE UScliprs who had no recognition and now have a crazy following. Just work on your channel and let the pieces land where they fall. Don't focus on others to the degree that it stunts your growth. Life Lesson I have learned. Regardless, love your content bro...

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      I honestly am baffled as a lot of people are saying they disagree with my thoughts about Jablinski Games. If they disagree it would mean they are not excited to see what he and his son does... Cause in my video I did not say one negative thing about him or his channel.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      You disagree that I am excited to see what Jack Black does on his channel? And that people shouldn't worry about what others do and to do what they love and keep pushing through as content creators? That its amazing even just to get 100 views for any of us starting out and imagine speaking to that many at once? And that just because Jack Black has a huge following doesn't mean we all lose out to a celebrity just because he starts a USclip channel? That I am excited to see what anyone be it celebrity or not does on USclip? I think a lot of people are not actually watching this video and making incorrect assumptions by misunderstanding the title.

  • HappyChills
    HappyChills 5 months ago

    It's jack black. He's famous. Alot of People love him. So when you hear that he has a USclip channel then of course that you will be like "holy crap gonna go see that"

  • ChickenNuggie Buddy
    ChickenNuggie Buddy 5 months ago

    The intentions behind his channel are so wholesome. I really don't think there's any problem with it at all. I think it's best to see what he'll do in the future.

  • JikissGamer
    JikissGamer 5 months ago

    His Pinball video was cool. Loved seeing all those vintage machines.

    OTERO STUDIOS 5 months ago

    positivity is the best route

    SHUT IT DOWN 5 months ago +2

    This is just a whine fest. Oh boo boo, Jack Black is stealing muh views!
    Get a real job like everyone else and stop blaming others for your so-so channel.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  5 months ago

      Guess you didn't watch my video and just wanted to comment. Thats ok, but no Im not complaining about Jack in this video at all. I say how I am excited about what he is doing and that others shouldn't compare themselves to others and to celebrate there wins if they are growing a channel no matter how big or small. No where in this video would I say I whined about Jack Black... this video was more of a response to those that had been complaining about his channel. The title was a sarcastic response to others Id seen... but people obviously didn't get it so I changed it... wow I say :P

  • Bagsy
    Bagsy 5 months ago

    I like Jablinkski, but you’re sort of right: he’s using his name recognition. And USclip is heavily promoting his videos because they know they can get a shit ton more ad revenue. And in the process, they sort of are screwing over smaller channels and people who work really hard.

  • NyTeMarZZ R6
    NyTeMarZZ R6 5 months ago

    You vape!?!? Jk do whatever u want 😂

  • Chris Plissken
    Chris Plissken 5 months ago

    I never liked jack , I always thought he just tried to hard to be funny ...I wouldn't subscribe at all

  • Jonathan Kulesa
    Jonathan Kulesa 5 months ago

    JB can do a channel where he does nothing but review adult diapers and millions would still sub... 😆

  • Super King 64
    Super King 64 5 months ago

    Anybody can make a USclip channel so what!! Celebrities want to bring their cult fanbase so be it they earn their backing already no need to hate. People just to need to work on their brand period.

  • Super King 64
    Super King 64 5 months ago +1

    Nice click bait... there is much to learn from you

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 5 months ago

    Felt like you are threatened by competition

  • Rjjshoany
    Rjjshoany 5 months ago

    The video was meant to be a funny video

  • UncleCatfishDub
    UncleCatfishDub 5 months ago

    Ruin USclip? cmonnnn. USclip has been ruined for years now.

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson 5 months ago

    It may just create more gamers and boost this industry for the better. More UScliprs may be found and discovered by people who wouldn’t necessarily watch their videos. It isn’t bad.

  • Johnathan Johnathanos
    Johnathan Johnathanos 5 months ago +1

    Wow just him and his son

  • Marcelo Souza
    Marcelo Souza 5 months ago

    I see the good side of it, at least for now. He has a ton of money and he like games, old school games, retrogaming (he is even wearing a Pitfall Tshirt), and he can atract a lot of attention for any subject, and ...he don't need money. This way he can talk about anything without being tied to trending subjects and this video is a example of that. It's simple, etc. But it is.
    So, i am sure that he will start to talk about more ordinary subjects like fortnite and things like that, under his son influence... BUT there's a hope there.
    The other day i saw Macaulay Culkin playing old video games with the Angry VideoGame Nerd. And it was a good sign. For me.
    Jack black could help to boost reprogramming content as a whole. Maybe is a good ideia to keep supporting him in this way, try to get his attention, and to show that's a huge community around here that he could approach to.
    I really hope that reprogramming will be always on his content someway. Hope he does not turn in "one more fortnite channel". Lets see ! :)

  • The Twicycle
    The Twicycle 5 months ago

    Yikes for anyone being threatened by Jack Black

  • Invader TAK
    Invader TAK 5 months ago

    I think it's good that Jack's not monetizing his channel. He has a ton of money from his movies and music. Speaking of, I wonder if he'll get Kyle on from time to time. That could be fun.

  • detroit retro gamer drg313

    “Ive been making videos, doing what I like doing” is the key phrase to me in this discussion. I can’t really believe people can fix their lips to say “it’s not fair”. No one is entitled to getting people’s time or attention. If you put out content, you don’t concern yourself with other’s efforts in their lane. I want to emphasize my appreciation of the content and the hard work people put in... but... you are ultimately doing what you want to do, therefore there shouldn’t be so much entitlement imo. I’m not saying USclip isn’t completely F’d and “unfair”.... but it is what it is. It’s a cold bologna sandwich kind of world and the crust ain’t cut... mom isn’t bringing down a sandwich for you just because you’re tinkering in the basement. Not referring to you, MLP. Just my thoughts in general. Love your attitude, “BRING IT!!!!!” 😂😂🙌💯

  • Wenz PH
    Wenz PH 5 months ago

    I gave u 4mins
    Turns out annoying like a liitle girl
    Unlike. Block.

    BROOKLYN MANIAC 5 months ago

    I like Leon lush too

  • George Lynch
    George Lynch 5 months ago +3

    Jack Black is doing well because he put more effort in than those moaning.
    Where? --> His films.
    Let him enjoy the rewards of his hard work.

  • Erik M
    Erik M 5 months ago +1

    Sir can u please be gone from USclip

  • Super Steaman
    Super Steaman 5 months ago

    Honestly, I was hoping Jack Black would at least make one video about SouljaGame Consoles. Very disappointed!

  • Cyris Troy
    Cyris Troy 5 months ago

    Shout out to Bithead, love that man, true gaming treasure

  • eddie9454
    eddie9454 5 months ago

    People are peanut butter & jealous

  • Cyrus Nagisa
    Cyrus Nagisa 5 months ago

    I like the guy , going to have to see where he really goes with it though, a 3 min video every FRI?.....not really much, its more like a Vlog that could be on FB or Twitter. But we will have to wait and see where it goes, I will be watching ;p

  • KurbstompKitty
    KurbstompKitty 5 months ago

    Aight pinky time to get off USclip and go to a D concert

  • knop3se
    knop3se 5 months ago


  • Pablo Motchovitch
    Pablo Motchovitch 5 months ago

    I still don't get wtf is wrong on him having a youtube channel for fun and all those people talking 'bout this like it's some kinda big deal !!!

  • nathan wallace
    nathan wallace 5 months ago

    I want Conan to do a clueless gamer series on USclip. Hopefully they'll put some on his Teamcoco channel.

  • Paul LaBrier
    Paul LaBrier 5 months ago

    If Jack Black has fun with his son producing USclip videos, good for him.

  • childpredatormissile
    childpredatormissile 5 months ago +2

    Interesting video but terrible title choice

  • Timothy Mansker
    Timothy Mansker 5 months ago

    Give other UScliprs a chance Jack Black is a sell-out for USclip

  • Timothy Mansker
    Timothy Mansker 5 months ago

    Jack Black is join with the Illuminati just like Jim Carrey and the rest of Hellywood

  • Francis Bournival
    Francis Bournival 5 months ago

    His video only last about 3 min, but this is entertaining. He obviously does not need ad revenues from USclip, so he does not need to repeat himself for 6 minutes just to get throught the 10 minutes mark. His video only last for 3 minutes, but he does not need ad revenues... -Buzz sound- Thanks for reading my comment! Leave a Like if you appreciate it! And don't forget to subcribe to MadlittlePixel's channel for more awesome videos! ;-)

  • PabstOban
    PabstOban 5 months ago

    Did people even watch the video before downvoting it?

    • childpredatormissile
      childpredatormissile 5 months ago

      PabstOban because of the title. I'm not even sure why he titled it this when he doesn't really have a hard opinion on the matter either way

  • RD400D78
    RD400D78 5 months ago +1

    burrito supreme and chicken supreme and a cutlass supreme. supreme.

  • Jedidiah Dalm
    Jedidiah Dalm 5 months ago +3

    This guy is out of his mind

  • Reinhardt Lionhart
    Reinhardt Lionhart 5 months ago

    I love jack black y no comparto tu opinión, la plataforma USclip es para todos...

  • kuma138
    kuma138 5 months ago

    Just remember if you make a video bitching about Jack Black starting a USclip channel all you’re doing is sending people over to his channel.

  • Steve Martino
    Steve Martino 5 months ago

    I see you follow twisted420 too, Richard is the man

  • Zeyad Fayez
    Zeyad Fayez 5 months ago

    he’s gonna take off big time, he already went on the h3 podcast.

  • Arkki213
    Arkki213 5 months ago

    Do you know what bothers me the most? You not using the USclip's Dark Theme, just sayin'

  • Edwin Barragan
    Edwin Barragan 5 months ago

    Its JACK BLACK!!! Of course dude is going to kill it, hes ENTERTAINING AF!!!

  • Scott
    Scott 5 months ago

    I like Jack Black, but I like the MLP's, SmashJt's and the Bithead1000's all day everyday over known celebrities.

  • trzarector
    trzarector 5 months ago

    USclip and online is so vast I don’t see how Jack Black is a threat to any other gaming UScliprs? Surely everyone occupies their own space. Smh!

  • LeNoir679
    LeNoir679 5 months ago +2

    Dang your clickbait title, made me come in here ready to defend him hahaha Jack Black has had a presence in gaming before, plus it's Jack...he's always had a "persona/brand" of being "one of us", or a regular Joe. It's not like Rihanna or Steven Tyler just magically had their PR people make a "gaming" channel

    • David Hill
      David Hill 4 months ago

      True, JB is just like that wacky uncle who everyone loves

    • LeNoir679
      LeNoir679 5 months ago

      I actually believe Jack Black is more or less a regular Joe, I just said persona/brand to stay critical.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 5 months ago +2

    I like Jack Black , he is very talented and down to earth. Of course he is going to have an instant following because he is a celebrity.

  • Kamerin Bowen
    Kamerin Bowen 5 months ago

    I enjoyed his first real video on pinball machines. I think other youtubers have a right to be mad as they have put in years for subs and just never trended. He is not destroying youtube. Just some tubers are thirsty and trying to shoot their shots in hopes of knocking him down a bit. Which is sad and wrong. I also love alpha investments.

  • pac213344
    pac213344 5 months ago

    No...just no

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill 5 months ago

    I completely agree that the Algorithm is broken, but it's definitely not the fault of Jack Black. Hell, if anything, having Jack Black on the platform is beneficial because it's bringing more curious eyes to the site. And hey, I'd rather have 10 Jack Blacks on USclip rather than a Will Smith or The Rock because where their videos are over polished and sort of Hollywood-esque, Jack Black's are these raw, very USclip feeling, genuine videos. People have to stop acting like USclip views are a limited commodity.