Found A Fan Hiding In Hi5 Studios!


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  • Meg Mothaar
    Meg Mothaar Day ago

    The whole video, my friend was like, “How did they NOT know” and I was saying the whole video that it was totally Matt because he was the one who acted like the first victim. Classic pranks

  • Bronson Jeff
    Bronson Jeff Day ago

    I hate matt now

  • Supergirl
    Supergirl Day ago

    Man you eval Matt. XD

  • Alex Targett
    Alex Targett Day ago

    What about paul

  • Jeztyn Francisco
    Jeztyn Francisco 3 days ago

    Bro don't don't do that I was really scared I was about to call the police on you

  • Clay Corley
    Clay Corley 3 days ago

    roses are red,vilots are blue,i got clickbaited and so did you

  • ayla kay
    ayla kay 4 days ago

    I like your hair and beard cut 😊☺️

  • top 5
    top 5 4 days ago

    receding hairline

  • Ashley Zander
    Ashley Zander 4 days ago

    Funny prank Matt

  • play gamer
    play gamer 5 days ago


  • Daniela Barra
    Daniela Barra 6 days ago


  • Daniela Barra
    Daniela Barra 6 days ago


  • Vanessa Bustos
    Vanessa Bustos 8 days ago

    It is good

  • Snow Wolf
    Snow Wolf 9 days ago

    U need the police for ur crime @-@

  • jzheng73
    jzheng73 9 days ago

    You got me

  • Emmett Couchot
    Emmett Couchot 10 days ago

    Who agrees that Connor should get more credit.

  • Jacejstokes Eliot
    Jacejstokes Eliot 11 days ago


  • Jacob Jimenez
    Jacob Jimenez 11 days ago

    the first video you ever made one of your pictures fell down it landed on the table and then it was standing up perfectly then it fell off as if someone pushed it off.

  • tomato juice
    tomato juice 12 days ago

    My anxiety.........

  • Chase McConnell
    Chase McConnell 13 days ago

    Hey matt

  • BlackSword FIFTY5
    BlackSword FIFTY5 16 days ago

    wow amanda can do anything matthias she is a superwomen

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez 16 days ago

    It's get good gaming in the car

  • Sirius Snape
    Sirius Snape 16 days ago

    The first thing you start with is a hair cut

  • Brooke Ice Age
    Brooke Ice Age 17 days ago


  • Brooke Ice Age
    Brooke Ice Age 17 days ago


  • Jayden Martinez
    Jayden Martinez 17 days ago

    Mathias looks like j Fred

  • RedpandaAssasin
    RedpandaAssasin 17 days ago

    Aynon? Anon! Not Aynon.
    I'm dying!!

  • SongPOP
    SongPOP 17 days ago

    Connor flipping his keyboard! lmao

  • Evalynn Vanstratten
    Evalynn Vanstratten 20 days ago

    Lol 😂

  • Laxis.
    Laxis. 21 day ago

    I luv mikes shirt

  • LOL Brawl
    LOL Brawl 21 day ago +1

    Matt's hair looks👍
    Like if you agree
    Also first to like

  • Starr Paul
    Starr Paul 21 day ago

    I love your hair cut I liked and subscribed I clicked that bell

  • GummieHead
    GummieHead 21 day ago

    Nice prank bro (#bestprank)

  • Dylan Brennan
    Dylan Brennan 22 days ago +1

    Amanda does it good but ummm you should probably keep going to the barber

  • nadine alva
    nadine alva 23 days ago

    dude if i did that and was caught i'd be like Nervous as hay (hay doesn't talk tho?)

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 23 days ago

    when you relaize for the intro, he has to change the camera position

  • Brooke Nazarian
    Brooke Nazarian 23 days ago

    was this a planed video-yes

  • King Of Hearts
    King Of Hearts 23 days ago

    Man!!!!!!! Boi! My heart was racing man, I legit thought it was real and Tanners reaction around 17:46 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Minecraft- Master
    Minecraft- Master 23 days ago +1

    I like for the hair a 1 ᑎOT a zero because the zero makes you look bald sry but true like if you agree

  • Addison Day
    Addison Day 23 days ago

    your haircut looks the supercaliafragalist

  • Bailey Blankenship
    Bailey Blankenship 25 days ago


  • Colin Ferguson
    Colin Ferguson 25 days ago

    Well I think your hair is great

    Joking I think it’s great

  • gabriel estrella
    gabriel estrella 25 days ago

    I hate all of you, this got me so hard.

  • I.Am.B Nuckols
    I.Am.B Nuckols 26 days ago

    U got me spooked man. GG

  • Brady Dobson
    Brady Dobson 27 days ago


  • Hsiu-Chuan Chen Chen
    Hsiu-Chuan Chen Chen 27 days ago

    **laugh of depression**

  • Taylor Owen
    Taylor Owen 27 days ago

    this is a good video

  • Tom Tran
    Tom Tran 27 days ago

    I thought it was actually really I was like OMG 😮

  • Beth Barber
    Beth Barber 27 days ago

    I thought this was 100% real

    TROY IRL 29 days ago

    Good Prank

  • just Ben here
    just Ben here Month ago


  • Wyatt Rutan
    Wyatt Rutan Month ago


  • ur m8 ICDT
    ur m8 ICDT Month ago

    The most cash grabbing video award goes to.......

  • D.G10 Gleis
    D.G10 Gleis Month ago

    It true if they die it sad but we are all watching for Mattais

  • Alys Rebecca Greeff
    Alys Rebecca Greeff Month ago +1

    Is Tanner and Conner twins? I'm confused 😂😂

  • The Grand Observer
    The Grand Observer Month ago


  • TheFood Thief
    TheFood Thief Month ago +1

    6:25 pat in the background 😂

  • Ghazi Kerawala
    Ghazi Kerawala Month ago

    ur forehead looks bigger

  • Marsha Cruz
    Marsha Cruz Month ago

    Dang she cute tho

  • Evan Ritter
    Evan Ritter Month ago

    Dude that had me freaking out! I was like Nooooo! You can't do that!

  • Joshua VanDerslice
    Joshua VanDerslice Month ago

    Stop being mean to conner one of these days he may commit suicide

  • Destiny Hernandez
    Destiny Hernandez Month ago

    u scared me

  • Benjamin Peterson
    Benjamin Peterson Month ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. And AWSOME! SUCKA! :D

  • Kyle O'Sullivan
    Kyle O'Sullivan Month ago

    When is Catherine starting

  • Mae Mes
    Mae Mes Month ago

    roses are read
    violets are blue
    I was scard
    and so were you

  • Maggie Phillips
    Maggie Phillips Month ago

    You could tell it was a prank when Kevin was looking at the footage because she never went upstairs to put a letter on Matt’s desk

  • Sabina R
    Sabina R Month ago

    6:14 Patrick looks so suspicious!!😂

  • Masooda Shahid
    Masooda Shahid Month ago

    Cut all of your beird

  • Dafa popo
    Dafa popo Month ago

    I knew it was a joke

  • Brent
    Brent Month ago

    Then can I apply?

  • dboyz32
    dboyz32 Month ago


  • MinSugaaa
    MinSugaaa Month ago

    Damnnn Matthias Got me i was shooktttttt

  • JayJay_donuts JayJay_donuts

    I thought it was real!!!

  • JayJay_donuts JayJay_donuts

    He forgot to say Paul when he told Kevin

  • xXflameplayzXx
    xXflameplayzXx Month ago

    19:26 dont come huh... hmmmmm... *Į ČÆŇŢ JÕİŅ ŢHƏ PÅŘȚÝ HƏHƏHÉHĚ*

  • Bailey Brooks
    Bailey Brooks Month ago

    when you try to get a job but they make you do it the hard way

  • xX GalaxyGlasses Xx

    Matt you scared me so freaking much when you were watching the footage of the rooms

  • Brenda Ito
    Brenda Ito Month ago

    hhhhhhat time

  • Jonah Gill
    Jonah Gill Month ago

    Matt has massive ears

  • jojo zucco
    jojo zucco Month ago

    Can you manage that’s week or yeah lake lake

  • Psycho Wolf Girl
    Psycho Wolf Girl Month ago


  • Grant the Computer master

    Trim beard at the bottom. 1 on sides 2 or 3 on top of the hair. Fade looks cool.

  • Krazy Ben
    Krazy Ben Month ago

    Zorgo Diffuse 11:00

  • Lindsay Shuart
    Lindsay Shuart Month ago

    Oh My Gosh, Matthias, I thought that was real and it was like freaking me out. Oh, man Matthias that was some prank.

  • Mojang Worker
    Mojang Worker Month ago

    Amanda is a girl in gta 5 Matthias

  • The Last Knight
    The Last Knight Month ago +1

    Connor gave it away at exactly 9:16. Sorry

  • The Last Knight
    The Last Knight Month ago +6

    Man, if you fell for this you dumb.. I love the whole hi5 crew but if you know their style.. it's scaredey cat. If this was real they'd be gone XD

  • carslang252 GPS
    carslang252 GPS Month ago


  • paraconiwnl
    paraconiwnl Month ago

    CCTV is a thing

  • McGowan Productions

    Kevin is such a god at acting

  • Midori Sakurai
    Midori Sakurai Month ago

    Nooo why this freaking scared me

  • Ariana Cipra
    Ariana Cipra Month ago

    I think your awesome Tanner! Your actually my favorite out of all y'all!

  • Vito Kekin
    Vito Kekin Month ago

    Okay you got me. Watched twenty minutes thinking my favourite youtuber was in danger. But if Kevin gets a day off I am braking in.

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster Month ago

    Tanners reaction😂

  • Payton and Michael
    Payton and Michael Month ago

    dude your the best youtuber i watch we all love you man and your hair cut is legitimate broski

  • Jasmijn Dat
    Jasmijn Dat Month ago

    Im watching this for the second time now so i know what happens but im still so nervous😂😂

  • Miniman plays
    Miniman plays Month ago

    what about lis. jk #likefor lis

  • nico hieb
    nico hieb Month ago

    Mr all wear glasses in a car

  • Petey Timpe
    Petey Timpe Month ago


  • Petey Timpe
    Petey Timpe Month ago

    Notificationsquad :-)