Found A Fan Hiding In Hi5 Studios!


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  • magicpaw148
    magicpaw148 8 hours ago


  • magicpaw148
    magicpaw148 9 hours ago

    When it was '' theater time '' and matt looked at is paper and was like wht an add came on right after XD

  • Colin Dixon
    Colin Dixon 13 hours ago

    I like you connor! (as a friend)

  • Chris Litton
    Chris Litton 16 hours ago

    I fell for the prank 😤

  • Elijah Tobin
    Elijah Tobin 17 hours ago

    I love my Mclaren 570

  • A Ghost
    A Ghost 18 hours ago

    You could tell this a prank if I was in this situation because the letter is signed anon but her names is Catherine

  • Raven Maxwell
    Raven Maxwell 19 hours ago

    Conner is my fav njk not kidding

  • Stone Frye
    Stone Frye Day ago

    It is because Matthew is a girl

  • Red Emerald Studios


  • K Letsios - Thimister

    boo -100/100

  • Sam Hunter 2
    Sam Hunter 2 Day ago


  • Zeke Lopez
    Zeke Lopez 2 days ago

    Matthias you earned my respect.

  • Blackice Fingerboards

    Matt that is a McLaren 570 S

  • EMMALEE Mason
    EMMALEE Mason 3 days ago

    Were you at that McLaren was my dad's

  • Some guy on the internet

    Connor (or Conner) is my favourite.

  • Remi_x
    Remi_x 4 days ago

    You look like Joey now

  • someamorplease
    someamorplease 5 days ago

    Omg I was actually SHOOK. I'm glad it was fake because that's scary and could've been dangerous but I was also a little disappointed cos I was living for the drama lmaooo

  • Cupcake Unicorn
    Cupcake Unicorn 6 days ago +1

    Roses are red🌹
    Violets are blue 💧
    I just got clickbaited😂
    and so did you💕

  • Ava Bellomo
    Ava Bellomo 7 days ago

    you guys are my fav you family is the best your daughter is soooo cute i am your biggest fan !!!!

  • IcyLegend Gaming
    IcyLegend Gaming 7 days ago

    9:45 id anyone else see "SUCK"

  • Jaden H
    Jaden H 7 days ago

    omg i actually thought that was real until i saw kathrine because i know her from other vids

  • Sania Johnson
    Sania Johnson 8 days ago

    whos watching. this in 2019 even though the year just started

  • Da'Mia Cobb
    Da'Mia Cobb 8 days ago

    That’s Catherine aka Roze

  • Trapping18
    Trapping18 8 days ago


  • anna maree
    anna maree 9 days ago

    Hey v sauce?

  • Fizzy Friends
    Fizzy Friends 9 days ago

    Was anybody else actually scared for a moment

  • Korblox_Overlord70
    Korblox_Overlord70 9 days ago

    But what if I want to drop by and give you a present huh Matt huh

  • Jamin Toast I love Friday

    As soon as you said milk I get an ad about milk

  • Selene Trevino
    Selene Trevino 10 days ago

    Tanner :im a honest guy
    (The end of a video)
    Tanner : i lied

  • memes with my family
    memes with my family 10 days ago

    wow i never even notesed

  • Armando Torres
    Armando Torres 11 days ago

    I was fooled again and I remember watching this wow just wow😂

  • Nancy Pagaduan
    Nancy Pagaduan 11 days ago

    guys if you paused the video at the start it is a prank he is pranking us and some people in hi5 studios not all of the people but some I know I am spoiling it, but I just had to do it I couldn't hold it.

  • Levidoesart
    Levidoesart 11 days ago

    This is fake right

  • Jaxon Dugger
    Jaxon Dugger 11 days ago +1

    I love it

  • please dont subcribe
    please dont subcribe 11 days ago

    He just wanted to download some *good stuff*

  • Virtually Loved
    Virtually Loved 12 days ago

    Hah i got fooled at the first!

  • Keira Heine
    Keira Heine 12 days ago

    Connor is awsomeeeee

  • deer hunter
    deer hunter 12 days ago

    that got me going but dude I'm a huge fan of the team not a creep so I would like to contact you via phone or email and when I am older maby can I work with you and your team

  • Alex L. G.
    Alex L. G. 13 days ago

    0:48 umm Matt there’s a license plate we can clearly see of the whit car

  • The Alpha Wolves
    The Alpha Wolves 13 days ago

    I had a slight idea that it was a prank until the security footage. He really got me.

  • Jerry Opgenorth
    Jerry Opgenorth 13 days ago

    I hat the har

  • Jade Arbogast
    Jade Arbogast 13 days ago

    Ok u r a genus

  • Jay Wu
    Jay Wu 13 days ago

    cut your beard Matt

  • Jeremy Strange
    Jeremy Strange 13 days ago

    The haircut make ur ears look big

  • Mocha :3
    Mocha :3 13 days ago

    Some idiots: *It's not April fool MATTHIAS*
    Me: Dude...dude chi-
    Me: Um...ok
    Great vid tho you are great at acting!!!!!!!

  • Kid Gamer
    Kid Gamer 14 days ago

    i hate it

  • Kieran Mc Crory
    Kieran Mc Crory 14 days ago

    Omg I was crying 😭 for u but ur still the best love ya

  • Matilda Kennedy
    Matilda Kennedy 14 days ago

    I knew it was fake she’s Cathrine rose I watch her

  • Philip Valiant Simonsen

    Matthias your ugly. Jk you Are lokking nice

  • Jeffrey Roth
    Jeffrey Roth 14 days ago

    That was a McLaren Senna

  • Eddie Herrera
    Eddie Herrera 14 days ago

    I’m whaching this when she’s already married and she won the money

  • Daniel Sickler 2 vlogs


  • Michael Gee
    Michael Gee 14 days ago

    dude when i saw the chick on camera i could legit feel adrenalin in my chest

  • Iron Lord
    Iron Lord 14 days ago

    I would say if this wansnt a joke I would say no let's not Hire her bc she is not gonna be their bc she would be arrested

  • Iron Lord
    Iron Lord 14 days ago

    Your beautiful

  • Jungkookie All The Way


  • Glock Watts
    Glock Watts 14 days ago


  • Cookie Crumbs 4223
    Cookie Crumbs 4223 14 days ago

    Wow... just... wow

  • Graham Cartwright
    Graham Cartwright 14 days ago


  • Onekiller 2
    Onekiller 2 14 days ago

    00:34 he calls Amanda a he like if I you agree I never got likes btw

  • samarria777
    samarria777 14 days ago

    That was a good prank

  • GarrettZombie Rules
    GarrettZombie Rules 15 days ago

    19:13 XD

  • Tech Teale
    Tech Teale 15 days ago +1

    Anyone else realise that the letters were all in different bases but she was only in one base so it could not have been her as she never went in those bases!

  • Johnny Testa
    Johnny Testa 15 days ago

    That car 0:48 is a McLaren 570s

  • yumhi capricho
    yumhi capricho 15 days ago +26

    You CEO, you deal

  • Matthew Mettler
    Matthew Mettler 15 days ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Malcolm Guthrie
    Malcolm Guthrie 16 days ago

    you're a loon

  • SMS0verkitten
    SMS0verkitten 16 days ago


  • I Like Pizza
    I Like Pizza 16 days ago

    I said something

  • Axel Amezquita
    Axel Amezquita 16 days ago

    1:10 i don’t

  • Bekah Bouton
    Bekah Bouton 16 days ago

    Before I ended the video I was like plot twist it’s Matthias and well I was right.

  • Ryan Bauer
    Ryan Bauer 16 days ago

    Start posting

  • The Gonzalez Fam
    The Gonzalez Fam 16 days ago

    That's Cathern Roze

  • Prime Tech
    Prime Tech 17 days ago

    Man mat I like your choice of hair cut you look great

  • failsafe and striker
    failsafe and striker 17 days ago +1

    Nice skit

  • Rahim Islam
    Rahim Islam 17 days ago

    Do you have security cameras everywhere in your office

  • Shomari Elsberry
    Shomari Elsberry 17 days ago

    dude my chest hurts now

  • Ryan McKeeman
    Ryan McKeeman 17 days ago

    Yo i was axualy scared

  • Isaiah Contreras
    Isaiah Contreras 17 days ago

    NOT COOL MAN!!!!!

  • Dane Schuk
    Dane Schuk 17 days ago

    when there going on a lunch brake did you guys know all them had sun glasses and matthias didnt

  • Tobias Knight
    Tobias Knight 17 days ago

    oh my gosh, i got pranked from the start.

  • Miss Liz Drives
    Miss Liz Drives 17 days ago


  • Aiden Nolte
    Aiden Nolte 17 days ago

    thats sad

  • Charlie Kingsley
    Charlie Kingsley 17 days ago

    Paul did to

  • Charlie Kingsley
    Charlie Kingsley 17 days ago

    I am a fan of you conor

  • Faded Gaming
    Faded Gaming 17 days ago

    oh my gosh stop!!!!!!!!! i spent 19 minouts of my life on this and its a joak aaaaaaaaaaa

  • Isabella Kirchhoff
    Isabella Kirchhoff 17 days ago

    Notice how tanner says “ Zack, Connor, and Matt” ... is Paul’s real name Zack?!?! 19:05-19:12

  • skyblue8304 aka sierra

    he got me but when I saw Katherine I was like doesn't she work there

  • Jacob Rivas
    Jacob Rivas 18 days ago

    I really thought it was real because I've had stuff like this happen

  • Jacob Gumble
    Jacob Gumble 18 days ago

    you good no matter what you look like man I'm not guy buy the way

  • RumiIsBoss
    RumiIsBoss 18 days ago

    12:08 Matt were are the sunglasses 🕶 Connor Tanner and Paul all have theres

  • The creator of Subnautica

    If Amanda cut your hair for that many years she is skilled and those so called "co-workers" are wrong for laughing at u

  • SavageTeam
    SavageTeam 18 days ago

    I Don’t Really Like The Beard.

  • Paige The Unicorn
    Paige The Unicorn 18 days ago

    You look amazing Matt 🙂

  • Neftali Cortez
    Neftali Cortez 18 days ago

    Omg omg kill it with fire !!!

  • Amy Kimball
    Amy Kimball 18 days ago

    We should all respect Matthias

  • jarchee 78
    jarchee 78 19 days ago

    ok i was like yea thats cath man... freaked me out for a min thought she actually got a job from breaking in,

  • ThegoldenMcLarengaming

    You can tell by my name that my favourite car is a McLaren