Coming Out (Animation)

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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    I know a lot of you already know that I'm gay, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.
    I animate in Toon Boom and edit in Premiere Pro and use a Mobile Studio Pro to draw!
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  • Katzun
    Katzun  13 days ago +19815

    I know a lot of you already know that I'm queer, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.

    • ace trainer calpires
      ace trainer calpires 6 days ago

      Don't be afaired about who you are

    • Sophia Hampton
      Sophia Hampton 12 days ago +1

      I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel less alone because I'm gay but I have been judged by my friend cause her family doesn't like gays i haven't told my family but I told some of my friends well, anyway I just wanted to say thank you again❤❤❤

    • ElectroLyghtnyn Mullings
      ElectroLyghtnyn Mullings 12 days ago


    • Blackfox 2023
      Blackfox 2023 12 days ago

      Where did you grow up???

    • Kyara Fite
      Kyara Fite 12 days ago

      I feel like I am the same as you were to kat zun

  • H e n t a i !
    H e n t a i ! 3 minutes ago

    Hey I'm lesbian too~! Well that's the first.

  • flashback aesthetic
    flashback aesthetic 21 minute ago

    I mean Brendon urie IS daddy but Halsey is queen too

  • Katie Murray
    Katie Murray 21 minute ago

    I’m so happy that I never went to that school. I go to a school where they tell you that being gay and other stuff is amazing and that you should never think it’s a bad thing. :/ oh welllll bai bai

  • Fire kid sans *KIND* gf
    Fire kid sans *KIND* gf 23 minutes ago

    I am not straight...I, tala, am....bisexual...
    Straights: *pulls out crosses
    Me: really?!?

  • Suomi on paras maa roblox nimi on Sylhop

    Guess what....

    I dont know do I like girls or boys 😞

  • Fizzy Creeper
    Fizzy Creeper 29 minutes ago


  • high anxiety? nah im just high

    The texting thing is exactly what happened to me and I was dating the guy at the time

  • Storytime Tay
    Storytime Tay 41 minute ago

    There is no such thing as being queer fyi

  • Tasty Kiwi
    Tasty Kiwi 44 minutes ago

    Mmmm you musta been really nervous to post this... that’s brave of you. But yeah there’s people out here who don’t mind at all.

  • Galaxy Cats Animations
    Galaxy Cats Animations 45 minutes ago

    Oof this really speaks to me
    -even though im totaly Asexual/Pansexual-
    I still support ppl who are LGBTQ :3

  • Lady Marmalade
    Lady Marmalade 47 minutes ago +1

    God has no time to worry about relationships so he don’t care who u like dears

  • Leya Acharki
    Leya Acharki 59 minutes ago

    So are you bi

  • TheDerpHead
    TheDerpHead Hour ago

    Some of my best friends are gay/bi/lesbian & they're still friends.

  • [Swoop] MSP
    [Swoop] MSP Hour ago

    Brendon Urie is daddy

  • Daegu and Busan boys

    "My sexuality "
    "Lake of gay" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • gamer_ kid
    gamer_ kid Hour ago

    nah fam u guys cool want a cookie?

  • x//LilahRPG
    x//LilahRPG Hour ago


  • WolfGalaxy Official

    Katzun, I didn’t watch your live video. What happened? Is it important? I’m always here for you. Don’t worry. Sorry, I’m just very scared.

  • fnaf123lover fnaf

    im not gay but im fine with them its normal to me

  • Kedalini
    Kedalini Hour ago


    RACCOON 2 hours ago

    I'm lesbian and I from Russia, help

  • Donovan Silva
    Donovan Silva 2 hours ago

    Coming out of your socially inhibitin sitiation partner...just blew y'alls minds.
    P.S. "Coming out" ain't a complete sentence and is hurting the minds of our younglins.

  • Emma Watkins
    Emma Watkins 2 hours ago

    This Video I what helped me come out to my family and friends

    • Emma Watkins
      Emma Watkins 2 hours ago

      Also I'm a lesbian and Bredon kinda is daddy lmao

    • Emma Watkins
      Emma Watkins 2 hours ago

      Also Jessica Rabbit was my first girl crush

  • The names .NOONAN
    The names .NOONAN 3 hours ago

    Love is not a choice

  • Andy Falcon
    Andy Falcon 3 hours ago

    Im bisexual
    It’s a lil difficult that some people look at me weird but hey I’m happy as I am
    #proud 💖💜💙

  • aesthetic lps
    aesthetic lps 3 hours ago +1

    my friend made fun of me for being kat-sexual
    the obsession with watching your awesome vids! keep it up x

  • Stephie M
    Stephie M 3 hours ago

    People are going to be who they want to be, gay or not. We just have to support each other, ya know?

  • Funny BANANA
    Funny BANANA 3 hours ago

    This was so amazing to hear because im also gay and I've found a amazing gild and were dating right now💕 and it feels good to hear stories about gay people👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩

  • Yenixyダイヤモンド

    I can't stop watching this video. I feel so calm and relaxed i don't know why.. Well probably is because I want to coming out to my family too but I'm not going to do that, is to early and I'm still to scared

  • J's_Yt -animates and makes vids and playzX3

    Or... the girl was lesbian

  • J's_Yt -animates and makes vids and playzX3

    Wait... your gay?

  • IQVlogs
    IQVlogs 4 hours ago

    Called it

  • Time keeper
    Time keeper 4 hours ago

    This has helped me realize more about myself. Thank you.

  • Ella Miller
    Ella Miller 4 hours ago

    I am Buddhist. I also think I might be bisexual as well. I never had crush on a real girl but two fictional characters named Terezi and Feferi, I like them. Both girls. They are from Homestuck

  • QXRA
    QXRA 4 hours ago

    I cried at the part where she said "I like you too" and I don't know why

  • Uka Chan
    Uka Chan 4 hours ago

    Ayyyyy I’m bi XD
    Thanks Katzun- I have been feeling different recently for around 3 years as I’ve been only recently been exposed to more people my own age- it has been hard- with my dad who I extremely look up to being a homophobe and always telling me gay is wrong as well- sooo I’ve been keeping my sexuality away from my parents- oooft-

  • Tie Toys
    Tie Toys 4 hours ago

    I mean... I’m very very aggressively bisexual. I never knew that had a name, I’m gonna call it that now

  • thinos purple
    thinos purple 4 hours ago

    I am not gay but you can't judge people because of their sexuality thay are people too,you hear that Christens?

  • Changeling Swarm
    Changeling Swarm 4 hours ago

    Luke 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven." Yet some Christians judge others heavily which makes no sense.

    PARAPPA THE CRAPPPA 4 hours ago

    jeez, I'm being bullied at schooL bout being gAy lOl

  • Just A Frans Shipper
    Just A Frans Shipper 4 hours ago

    "God said no."
    God almost killed off humanity because of toxic people.

  • XenoPlayz
    XenoPlayz 4 hours ago

    Omg! *gay squeals*

  • KiwiCinnamon Animations

    I am lesbian, I dont rlly tell anyone this but yeh, im lesbian and have an amazing girlfriend. we like to hug and yeh, and i love her very much

  • eb gaming king
    eb gaming king 5 hours ago

    Welp I didn't know that

  • Messi Gamer
    Messi Gamer 5 hours ago

    Cat I feel you in a good way

  • CyconPlayz
    CyconPlayz 5 hours ago

    my sister is gay too but we all accept it.

  • gamer brothers
    gamer brothers 5 hours ago

    aggressively bisexual huh, i don't know if i would've gotten along with that person very much then, not because she is bi i don't care about that, i just find it really annoying when people constantly reiterate that they are gay or bi or whatever, I don't mind if you show your pride and express yourself for being yourself, but when you constantly shove down people throats that's "im gay" or I'm bi" it just gets really annoying, again you can be proud and show pride, just don't be a ass hole about, great video btw, you seem pretty neat.

  • Kopani Katoa
    Kopani Katoa 5 hours ago +1

    We are all lgbtq+ potato on the in side

  • Jaylyn Jackson
    Jaylyn Jackson 5 hours ago

    Your job has been done...Im also more atractacted to girls than i am boys and i am dating a girl rn but i cant help but feel so ashamed ill be around my friends and they'll talk about how much they hate gays and bisexuals and im just like "ahaha yea its gross!" But sometimes im like "well whats wrong with being gay?" And they usually just laugh and say "what are you gay or something?" I often here that if they found out one of their friends were gay theyd shut them out completely and im not exactly a popular kid so not alot of people would be okay with it..its scary knowing that my only friends will leave me if im lesbian the girl im dating has already lost some friends cause they found out shes gay i ask her not to mention me as her gf and she understands but i just feel so guilty shes not afraid to show her sexuality but i am

  • Agility
    Agility 6 hours ago

    I don't like gay men because of how the way they's just weird

  • Error Sans
    Error Sans 6 hours ago

    im bi...

    planning to ask this girl out(and also im a girl)

    next day


  • keju
    keju 6 hours ago

    If two people with the same sex kiss. It isn’t gay.

  • Sample Of That Spag Swag

    For them Christians:
    Hmm.. the Bible said that we shouldn't judge each other and that we should love our 'enemies'. What happen to that, Christians (not everyone but you know which ones I'm talking about)? Don't you read the Bible? Yes, I know it said homosexuality was wrong but God is forgiving. "God hate gays"... pfft, God loves everyone because he made us :P. Just support what a person wants and don't push your beliefs onto them. And if you can't support them then don't hate, hate is bad. It's not like they're hurting anyone with their love... unless someone likes that person who's already taken or audultary, so... ouch.

  • Pheonix Lord
    Pheonix Lord 6 hours ago

    I'm sorry if I'm gonna say this but how could I not giggle for having 669k subscribers, I mean if your dirty minded of course you would giggle, but if you cm then you won't get it and that's OK for me, just don't think it, just think something stupid that you found on tumblr.

  • Toru Tsuki
    Toru Tsuki 6 hours ago

    Who dare to dislike this video!!

  • yaveste
    yaveste 6 hours ago

    why my PP hard?

  • tea shister
    tea shister 6 hours ago

    You mean we were suppose to think your straight?

  • theoddboy out
    theoddboy out 7 hours ago

    Are you gay I don't get it ?

  • Random Tea
    Random Tea 7 hours ago

    I have a bisexual mom and a Christian dad I’m turning out fine .
    I’m bi too lol 😂.

  • Lillian Harvey-Parkes
    Lillian Harvey-Parkes 7 hours ago

    guess you did your job then

  • Astrid L
    Astrid L 7 hours ago

    sending love to everyone in the lgbtq+ community, love is love and you should be proud of who you are because it's a natural, beautiful thing 🌈💕
    -a big asexual polysexual

  • Cartoon Guy
    Cartoon Guy 7 hours ago

    I don’t know how to come out as gay

  • CannonCorn
    CannonCorn 7 hours ago

    My big brother is gay, and I’m in Boy Scouts. One day, one of the biggest and “coolest” scouts (he was about 5 yrs older than me,) said that trans-gender people and gay people are demons and should die. I literally pushed him to the ground and punched him so hard he got sent home because his nose was broken. I’m still not guilty for it :)

  • Fishy fishing Gamer!
    Fishy fishing Gamer! 7 hours ago

    To think about it you Christian's saying being gay is a sin FREAKING GET CHECKED M8 WERE U GET UR LIFE? WALMART?
    Cause If god made us and loves us all why would he make us something he don't want and also why in the heck would god QUOTE ON QUOTE the creator of all be bothered by this decision.

  • Adam and Sans {Uf, crazy}

    I thought you meant going outside.
    Cause who wants to go and do that now a-days.
    FAKE IT!

  • Michael A.K.A ya boi
    Michael A.K.A ya boi 7 hours ago

    I sexualy identify as an attack helicopter

  • Michael A.K.A ya boi
    Michael A.K.A ya boi 7 hours ago


  • Ariana The Banana
    Ariana The Banana 8 hours ago

    Hey. If anyone wants to talk about this, DM @sunshinesatan on insta

  • Kestyne London
    Kestyne London 8 hours ago

    Incoherent wheezing "kat, when you said the guilt , relief, feeling, im like. . . . Holy shit THATS WHAT IT WAS. . Dude, my family hates me yaayayaya

  • True-Indeed
    True-Indeed 8 hours ago

    I'm actually a huge supporter of the gay community and have gone through a bunch of those experiences but I'm still unsure/in denial so that's GREAAAT

  • Suggs
    Suggs 8 hours ago

    New it.

  • Apple cranbie
    Apple cranbie 8 hours ago

    Well.... im Bi

  • xXSummerCookieXx
    xXSummerCookieXx 9 hours ago

    I just want to say it's okay then be gay or whatever is what you are

  • CraiggomyEggo
    CraiggomyEggo 9 hours ago

    I'm a genderqueer

  • The Real Hannah Banana

    Thanks, I needed this. I'm lesbian and I think my dad might be homophobic but I'm not positive. I don't wanna come out yet because I am not sure how he will react. I told my sister last time I saw her about me liking girls and she told me about how she is bi. I was so relieved. Funny story, I came out to my online friends but I was too nervous to do it directly so I just kinda hinted at it, they didn't get it at all, so I just had this idea. I made a drawing and put the words "The person above me is gay" On the drawing (Basically I came out with a meme) and they where completely chill about it. Next step to coming out I'MMA JUST WAIT UNTIL I'M ABLE TO MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE THEN TELL HIM 0w0" yee. . .

  • DannyFaceless
    DannyFaceless 10 hours ago +1

    Oh so sad, boohoo. Good thing you weren't born in Malaysia.
    *Help, I'm currently serving 17 years in jail for kissing my best friend (and this will be my last ever comment for a while). We were just joking, I swear!!!! Somebody bail me out!!!!!!*

  • I hate myself Masky9800

    We need 10.6k eggs to throw two eggs at each of the homophobics who disliked the video or in subscribed

  • Lovely Inkling
    Lovely Inkling 10 hours ago

    I'm afraid to come out to my parents, but I did come out to my friends and they know I'm homosexual but I'm afraid of my parent's reaction if I tell them

  • RocketLawnChair
    RocketLawnChair 10 hours ago

    Its so unfortunate that Im in the same boat still despite being an adult, I cant afford to live alone however so i'm forced to live with them. My entire family is homophobic and it wouldnt't even be safe to come out to them. I found out i was pansexual when i was 17 and now im 23. i was in denial my whole life like you are. But i cant have that liberating moment where i can ever be happy with a woman. i can never have that same happiness because if i ever did it would permanently damage my relationship with the people i depend on for life support.

  • RoboBear 913
    RoboBear 913 10 hours ago

    Welp your job is done katzun

  • Starcat
    Starcat 10 hours ago

    Who cares what you are we you just the way you are👍💗👍

  • Ashley vampire girl
    Ashley vampire girl 10 hours ago

    Thx you😢😳 so much Katzun i was to scared to tell my frienda and family that i like girls and boy watchkng thus made me feel happy,not alone, joyful,and i want to cry😢😶😄

  • StaryFox
    StaryFox 10 hours ago +1

    *Brendon Urie is 31*
    CryS he dOesN’T lOoK oLd

  • Henta Suru
    Henta Suru 10 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Erraticabbyg Gaming !!!
    Erraticabbyg Gaming !!! 10 hours ago +2

    Omg you’re gay that’s so cute I’m bi so we’re not to different I guess :3

    • No One No One
      No One No One 10 hours ago

      Ayyeee fellow gay/ questioning here😂

  • Cathy Cahn
    Cathy Cahn 11 hours ago

    I don't know why, but i've always gotten major Halsey vibes from you XD

  • I-T’s Drawing
    I-T’s Drawing 11 hours ago

    Good for you bro

  • Scarlet Anime lover
    Scarlet Anime lover 11 hours ago

    my family HATES anything gay bisexual or pan im bi and im to scared to tell my family and friends i have a crush on a girl and she's one of my BFF'S. and she is bi too. we talk about people we have cruchs on and I said " I have a crush on this girl" she asked me "who is she does she go to our school is she pretty" amd I said " she is pretty she's funny she's kind and she's bi" im planning on telling my friends soon but not my family....

  • Wild. cømet
    Wild. cømet 11 hours ago

    I’m bi and I’m not sure how to tell two of my friends bc they aren’t very 2-sided I guess you could say.. There are two main reasons I don’t wanna tell them:
    1) They might not accept me for me
    2) They’ll accept me but they’ll treat me different
    Anyone have any good advice?? I’m kinda desperate!😥

  • greasy memes
    greasy memes 11 hours ago

    Are you a furry? And how do u do it? If your gay. Not trying to offend anyone

  • zachary johnson
    zachary johnson 11 hours ago

    just who the fuck cares i just love your videos

  • Cough Syrup
    Cough Syrup 11 hours ago


  • Huggy Time
    Huggy Time 11 hours ago

    Every time I hear "god hates gays!" I just think yeah no fucking shit god hates everyone.

  • OreoPuffs Animation
    OreoPuffs Animation 11 hours ago

    *Read More*

  • Astrid Hector
    Astrid Hector 11 hours ago

    I'm bisexual and I saw the thumb nail and went YASS! I was wearing rosebuds and two seconds later my brother came into my room asking what was wrong cuz I yelled🙃

  • Replay Button Dealer
    Replay Button Dealer 12 hours ago

    Rules don’t apply to me, I’m an atheist

  • Atlas Flame
    Atlas Flame 12 hours ago

    People shouldn’t hide what they really are people should be happy of what they are and what they like I know from experience of hiding ones true feelings about something and I still hide stuff I find interesting or something that I really like that none of my friends or family know about myself it’s hard to open up but watching this video gave me a lot of courage to open my self up and tell my friends and family about my true side of my self thank you Cat this video really helped me thank you for giving me the courage😊👍

  • VlogTV Vlogy stuff
    VlogTV Vlogy stuff 12 hours ago

    Your gay? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I don’t mean hate but I don’t like gayness


    I've been bullied for years from my family and school for dating my best freind (which is a girl and so am i) recently my grandma told me im gonna burn in hell and well i need somebody to talk to i might get therapy soon...