Coming Out (Animation)

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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    I know a lot of you already know that I'm gay, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.
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  • Katzun
    Katzun  4 months ago +24533

    I know a lot of you already know that I'm queer, but I decided to make a video about it because I had a lot to say on the subject. I've had the misfortune of growing up in a homophobic area and I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I just wanna let you know that it IS going to get better, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. You're doing nothing wrong by loving who you want to love. Those idiots who call it a sin are the only people doing something wrong. Love y'all.

  • XxMaddisonPlaysx X
    XxMaddisonPlaysx X 33 minutes ago

    I'm 11, most of you would say " that's too young to know" but I say otherwise. I've come out to my mom and my step-dad (soon my dad) but I need help coming out to my grandma. God has helped her all of her life and she believes that the LGBTQ+ community are all
    "Devil people". Wish me luck

  • Skye Sansom
    Skye Sansom Hour ago

    Being gay is not bad and you should just be yourself, im scared to tell my parents that im bi tho,. plz help me!! i dated this girl and she was soo cool! but she dumped me because she only wanted to be friends. it hurt me but i got over it hopefully i date someone new... hopefully a girl.

  • Big Chungus Club
    Big Chungus Club Hour ago +1

    I'm gay and the only dude I've ever had a crush on is....

  • Adele Butz
    Adele Butz 2 hours ago

    I dont understand how some people can use religion as an excuse for their homophobia. God loves everyone.

  • Audrey’s Animals
    Audrey’s Animals 2 hours ago

    WELL ever had a haircut? Ever ate shellfish? Ever gotten divorced? Or know someone who had gotten divorced? Were you born out of wedlock? Did you give birth before you married? All those things are AGAINST the Bible, yet idk why “Catholics” make such a big deal about same sex couples. Also, doesn’t God love you no matter what? Isn’t that kinda His thing?

  • October Witch
    October Witch 3 hours ago

    Katzun is one of the people who made me realized that it was okay that I was a lesbian

  • Addalynn Berry
    Addalynn Berry 3 hours ago

    For all those people how dislike your straighter then a ruler

  • Braillynn Rodriguez
    Braillynn Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Would love it if there was an animation like this about being trans.

  • Wolfie_ Universe
    Wolfie_ Universe 4 hours ago

    Yeah honestly I’m just tryna figure out who I am right now. If I was gay my family would disown me. I’ve never talked to them about it. My brothers would never talk to me again. Yeah so this video kinda helped

  • Gacha Wolfie
    Gacha Wolfie 4 hours ago

    Okay ill admit I’m pan

  • Gacha Wolfie
    Gacha Wolfie 4 hours ago

    2:20 Brendon urie is hot oh yes I agree

  • Killer Bunny
    Killer Bunny 5 hours ago

    Wow. I felt this. i've experienced similar things but in my case it was only my dad who found it wrong to be gay. And he was pretty passionte about it. I wrote a story about one particular incident that hurt me the most. It still hurts me. And it's 13 years ago since it happened. I was just five years old and wore some red pants. Those pants were apparently forbidden at my dad's place and he pulled them off, made me sit out on his porch (on a cold November day) and burned the pants. I'm sorry for my little rant here but i really need to get all of my bad experiences out of my system. And talking about them is supposed to help. Even though i haven't seen the effects of it yet

    Oh and i'm not gay. I like both guys, girls and everything inbetween. But i'm still afraid of what would happen if my dad found out

  • Avalee Towedo
    Avalee Towedo 5 hours ago

    Thx for making me fill Detr

  • UNDEAD Recruit
    UNDEAD Recruit 5 hours ago

    As someone who is straight and a christian, I am not gonna condemn you just because you're attracted to someone who is the same gender as you. Whenever someone talks about being gay or lesbian I'll say " well as long as you don't force yourself on me we good" and I still hold true to those words I won't hate someone for being homosexual, if anything it'll allow me to trust you more cuz you're being honest and it sends shivers down my entire body when someone says that you'll go to hell for this or that. All I'm gonna say is, God bless you for being honest.

  • Gluh
    Gluh 7 hours ago

    it’s kinda weird how some of these commenters end their comments with “i’m gay” or “i’m bi” it’s like they’re warning other people, like “if you disagree with me i’ll say it’s a hate crime”, i don’t know i just think that’s a little weird

  • Edox the Infinite
    Edox the Infinite 7 hours ago

    This is a serious video so here is a light hearted story that is still connected to this:
    My girlfriend (who is bisexual) had a girlfriend herself in high school (we are in the first year of college) since where I live people thoughts on being gay is basically: “Whatever. Is there anything to have an opinion on there?”. So, this one time her friends told me that I should leave her and that she doesn’t really like me, and as “proof” showed me a picture of her as a junior kissing her girlfriend.
    I looked at them weirdly and asked: “You do know she is bi and not completely gay, don’t you?” As it turned out, they actually didn’t. They always thought that she was 100% into girls and not into guys at all, and she only explained that to them after this incident.
    I know it doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, if you were in my position you would find it funny too 😂

  • l bear scout
    l bear scout 9 hours ago

    This is why I am not religious man. If you want to be gay, I will not stop you(gose to every one)

  • Emily - Chan
    Emily - Chan 9 hours ago

    But Brendon urie is sexy!
    But I'm gay

  • Shadow Wolfy Gacha
    Shadow Wolfy Gacha 13 hours ago

    Is loving bad. No its not. Me myself,don't like anybody. It doesn't matter who it is. Love is love. You can't help feelings. There is nothing wrong with it. Many of my friends are lesbien. They are amazing. God loves everyone and if you read this whole thing. You are awesime

  • galaxy pug
    galaxy pug 14 hours ago

    *people who say there is 2 genders*

  • Swag Moose
    Swag Moose 14 hours ago

    How is loving someone bad?

  • Anna Lialine
    Anna Lialine 15 hours ago

    Is it weird that I'm lesbian but I'm not turned on by the Halsey drop?

  • The Mining Phantom
    The Mining Phantom 15 hours ago

    To all who read this I just want to say to Kat it's ok with me but I would just like to say that if GOD wanted homosexual he would have made 2 men or women but instead he made man and woman so from my faith I believe that love should be between man and woman because that is how God wanted it to be. Ps. Catholic's believe in a twisted sense of the Bible

  • RushThyWaffles
    RushThyWaffles 16 hours ago

    I personally dont feel postive about homosexuality. But if you want to be yourself be yourself. If it doesnt affect me physically I really dont care.

  • TigerLilli TheGamer
    TigerLilli TheGamer 16 hours ago

    When I see signs that say stuff like "God hates gays!" I want to say "If God hates gay people then why did he make them like that? God loves all of his children no matter what race, religion, or sexuality."

  • Travis West
    Travis West 16 hours ago

    If all the bad things in life are just God testing to see how we react, then I'm still waiting for him to tell the jews, "it's just a social experiment."

  • Travis West
    Travis West 16 hours ago

    I'm fine with gay people. If anyone says they're gay my reaction is always the same. I just go "cool.", or "neat." Because that's how I respond to like 99% of all news I'm given.

  • Silent Senpai
    Silent Senpai 16 hours ago

    At the end of the year im gonna shout my sexuality from the roof tops

  • random nes
    random nes 18 hours ago

    gay,tranz gender its all perfectly fine exept raceisom and being a peace of shit

  • BrightMoon 357
    BrightMoon 357 18 hours ago

    One girl in my grade is rlly popular and i have always had a crush on her. One day in drama class we were acting and I had one skit where I had to hug her while we took a pretend selfie. I felt weird putting my arm around her (we barely even talk to one another) but I kinda liked it. Then one day (i'm 99.9 percent sure she was joking now that i look back at it...) She said "I ship me and (my name)" And I almost had a heart attack. She even walked over and wrapped her arms around me (i don't get too much human contact, even my friends don't hug me a lot) I'm awkward...

    • random nes
      random nes 18 hours ago

      good for you. l say in an encouraging tone

  • The Keelykot
    The Keelykot 19 hours ago


  • Enchanted Swag68
    Enchanted Swag68 19 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this video. I actually had a crush on my friend (she loves ur vids) and I told her.
    That was my third rejection.

  • Logan Webb
    Logan Webb 20 hours ago

    My hangnail is gay

  • 123Kbob
    123Kbob 20 hours ago +1

    Don't mind me, just looking for the Christian 8 year olds...

  • The Lich
    The Lich 21 hour ago

    I'm strait and I love your vids

  • Spooky Buddies
    Spooky Buddies 22 hours ago

    "'then I saw the Hold Me Down drop" ikr-

  • Tea Bag
    Tea Bag 22 hours ago

    Love is love

    Baby don’t hurt me

  • Slowpokes's Palo
    Slowpokes's Palo 22 hours ago

    I told my mother I was bi... I think I’m gay now though.

  • GalaxyGhost 993
    GalaxyGhost 993 23 hours ago

    Good for you Kat! I cant say almost anything in my school because everyone else views it as wrong, except me. But with the people who know, they just call me their half gay best friend.

  • mary medd
    mary medd 23 hours ago

    And also about what you said at the end...your job is done

  • mary medd
    mary medd 23 hours ago

    *is trans and has a family who is 99.9% Christian family and has a boyfriend so I am the “sinner” in the family and is a furry to add the cherry on top*

  • Emily Cotrell
    Emily Cotrell Day ago +1

    r u still with her?

  • Hånnah & Echø Cørale

    2:18 Brenden Urie lol

  • Kristen Baker
    Kristen Baker Day ago +1

    2:17 & 3:00

  • Flame-Paw {Games}
    Flame-Paw {Games} Day ago +1

    I was in love with my best friend... That's when I knew I waaaas bisexual..

  • Anja Grbac
    Anja Grbac Day ago +4

    I accept everyone but... My friends don't. I wish that my friends would understand that it's not bad! My whole class think it's bad but I am proud to be only one who is not acting stupid like them.😎😎😎
    I am straight but I support every sexuality! 💖💖💖

  • Ono I dropped my Baguette

    Hecc yeah I love me some *g a y*

    SPAC3-ODYSSEY Day ago

    Being gay is gay

  • la lunapig :3
    la lunapig :3 Day ago

    I'm scared to come out especially because my class in school hates gays/lesbians and that made me even scared to come out. And I thought even if I came out to my parents they'd probably say "your just doing it for a trend or dare and you aren't" . Btw I'm bisexual and I thought if I were/was gay I think it would've been even worse.