Women Try Fire Haircuts

  • Published on Dec 27, 2018
  • "Worse case scenario, we don't have hair after this."
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    Lice are animals that feed on the blood of people on the scalp.
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    'Misery' Broadway Opening Night - After Party
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Comments • 1 997

  • Jada Smith
    Jada Smith 16 hours ago +2

    Welllllll am I the only one who thinks there would be sparks everyywere

  • Third Eye Vision with Diya

    But........ I have no hairs....😢😢😢

  • Reaguurder
    Reaguurder Day ago +1

    I think we can say there haircuts where on fire😂

  • AM Productions
    AM Productions 2 days ago

    Magic mirror on the wall...

  • Drewbue322
    Drewbue322 3 days ago

    This is useless

  • Alice In Blenderland

    Yeah, and we should totally start using leeches again too.....

  • Hailey Coulson
    Hailey Coulson 5 days ago

    Who else didn't know if was actual fire and thought it actually meant like cool. Just me? Understandable

  • Esl Summer
    Esl Summer 5 days ago

    These remind me of two villains in a movie

  • Justin Hopkins
    Justin Hopkins 6 days ago

    All style, no substance. Just go to your regular stylist.

  • Gabrielle Warren
    Gabrielle Warren 6 days ago

    I don’t know hot scissors but I do know a *hot comb*

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 7 days ago

    Or you could just cut it.....

  • Matron Jaya
    Matron Jaya 9 days ago

    1:33 😂😂

  • Black Queen
    Black Queen 9 days ago +2

    This is a hot mess
    Y’all too lit
    This girl is on fire

    Y’all keep adding more puns👇🏽

  • Imra Abdulle
    Imra Abdulle 11 days ago

    *What the Asians did before*

  • HeyGirl Games
    HeyGirl Games 12 days ago +1

    This would never work on black hair 😂👌🏽... Subscribe to my channel and watch my videos and comment!

  • Lullierie
    Lullierie 15 days ago +7


  • No0kIeTHeCo0kIe
    No0kIeTHeCo0kIe 15 days ago

    This video was very hard to watch and not because of the technique being used

  • ITsEri
    ITsEri 15 days ago

    Umm you shouldn’t do this that often because it’s a lot of heat damage...

  • Tatum Buchanan
    Tatum Buchanan 16 days ago

    Some might just say...
    That hair cut is fire!🔥🔥🔥

  • ғᴜᴢᴢʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴋᴘᴏᴘ

    I can not be the only one who thought it said free haircut instead of fire

  • Kassy Marie
    Kassy Marie 18 days ago

    I will not mess up my hair like that

  • aaricen
    aaricen 20 days ago

    not to be rude but this looked horribly unprofessional and they didn't even get the styles they wanted? and the hair looked way more damaged at the end. I hope you didn't get scammed

  • Bonnie Petit
    Bonnie Petit 21 day ago +5

    *brad mondo has entered the chat*

  • Erik
    Erik 21 day ago

    If they did it in the past then it's probably a bad thing and not a good thing. This all seems like absolut bs

  • MakeupwithLauri
    MakeupwithLauri 22 days ago

    Stylist: “Don’t use heat on your hair”
    Also them: “let’s put fire on your hair”

  • Jana's Land
    Jana's Land 24 days ago +4

    Is it only me who see no different before and after except they just washed their hair with condionar
    and brushed it!!!!

    • Jana's Land
      Jana's Land 20 days ago

      Ohh!! Two other people noticed😂😂

  • ImDaPleb RainbwoahFan
    ImDaPleb RainbwoahFan 24 days ago

    I think u guys don’t want like literally all those 1k+ comments roasting u lol
    So if I were u I’d delete this vid and go make another idea to scam ppl and get roasted again oof

  • La La
    La La 24 days ago

    Yeah if u have curly coily or kinky hair don’t do this

  • Caitlin last name
    Caitlin last name 24 days ago

    HAHA and men said that women get it easy at personal hygene

  • Astrid Rivera
    Astrid Rivera 25 days ago

    plot twist: those are wigs

  • sammyjsin
    sammyjsin 27 days ago

    Did anyone else hear the CS:GO music?

  • nick knight
    nick knight 28 days ago

    Even if I was the recording team, I would've ran away at the sight of fire XD

  • Jude Snyder
    Jude Snyder 29 days ago


  • Hannah Bell
    Hannah Bell Month ago

    So micheal Jordan didn’t have to ruin his career

  • Lucy Heaton
    Lucy Heaton Month ago

    Me to

  • A random person
    A random person Month ago +2

    I wish my nearby salon cared this much about their costumers

  • CM Beauty
    CM Beauty Month ago

    As someone who went to school, I learned extremely high temperatures cause hair damage. Heat DOES help the cuticle to open & so it helps with product absorption, but when it's a controlled & relatively low temperature. I've done deep conditioning treatments with heat on clients multiple times. Applying a deep conditioning treatment then LEAVING the product in the hair as I heat it with a blow dryer (if their hair is really damaged or if they have curly hair I use a diffuser) or I'll run through their hair with a flat iron.
    If they used fire on their hair WHEN they had product in it while it was drenched in water, it would probably be beneficial but tbh I saw hella split ends in both final shots. Their hair feels silky & shiny due to the treatment, conditioner & the styling. The fire did nothing if not adding to the damage imo.

  • Bts GoT mE JuNgShOoK
    Bts GoT mE JuNgShOoK Month ago +8

    Am I the only one that still can see those split ends?

    LAUREN BERG Month ago +1

    most stressful haircut ever.

  • reya jasmeen
    reya jasmeen Month ago

    imagine having hairspray in their hair 😐

  • Rainer Nolen
    Rainer Nolen Month ago

    Pretty lit 🔥

  • Lil_nugget 205
    Lil_nugget 205 Month ago

    I need that treatment

  • Rakib is bd
    Rakib is bd Month ago

    They didn't cut anything lier !

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth Month ago

    For an aesthetic clip compilation 😚

  • Carmen Quintana
    Carmen Quintana Month ago

    Sounds like someone is gonna die

  • Wowa Ze Best
    Wowa Ze Best Month ago

    when I read the title I thought "Aw man these haircuts are fire man" Implying that its super cool lmao😂😂

  • Nova Baby
    Nova Baby Month ago

    Brad Mondo

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Month ago

    I wouldn’t be able to i can barley have a blow dryer close to my head

  • Ramon Tragedy
    Ramon Tragedy Month ago

    I wasn’t feeling the spiritual connection, they can skip that, was awkward.

  • Chuchay DLR
    Chuchay DLR Month ago +1

    2:47 am i the only one that heard "Bob the Builder"??

    Yep only meh...

  • Megan Collins
    Megan Collins Month ago

    Considering we arent supposed to use heated tools because they damage hair (you only use the really hot tools so it's less heat overall on your hair; hair gets styled faster). Plus they didnt have deep conditioners and chem treatments in "ancient times" probably making this the least practical and most damaging over time way to cut your hair. They're hair looked like they'd had a trim and a deep treatment in the end.

  • AmethystEyes
    AmethystEyes Month ago +1


  • f r o p p y
    f r o p p y Month ago +1

    *heyitsfeiii viewers watched this*

  • Katrina Mcivan
    Katrina Mcivan Month ago +3

    and i thought my hair was heat damaged

  • Ella Bee
    Ella Bee Month ago

    Theo hair looks majorly damaged afterwards

  • Fatima I. Ibrahim
    Fatima I. Ibrahim Month ago

    Nice commercial, Nice selling idea, but no thanks I'm not playing with fire

  • Katie
    Katie Month ago

    I legit thought they meant fire as in "good"...not literal fire

  • y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE
    y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE Month ago +32

    5:56 i'm sorry but who cut that that is so *uneven*

  • josana nogueira gomes araujo

    Hi girl you are on fire

  • Julia Ross
    Julia Ross Month ago

    Ok im mixed and my hairs super dry but notice how no african americans used this technique! Our hair would burn and shrivel up no doubt

  • Seth June
    Seth June Month ago

    Those two “partners” is bf and gf for sure

  • Amanda McCray
    Amanda McCray Month ago

    Did they even CUT the hair? It looks exactly the same!

  • Xnight
    Xnight Month ago

    The would burn my scout my scout is very sensitive

  • hyeyoung jo
    hyeyoung jo Month ago

    Using hair straighteners many times makes hair in bad condition. I wonder how fire make smooth and silky hair.

  • generic person
    generic person Month ago

    People will buy anything

  • Britney Simmons
    Britney Simmons Month ago

    1:47 oh yeah let me get some matches😂

  • ayse duman
    ayse duman Month ago

    4:17 when the hairdressers are talking to them they're probably thinking "what the heck am I doing here?!?!"

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande Month ago +1

    Cleopatra wore wigs

  • Dom TheSag
    Dom TheSag Month ago

    This is awesome... I want to try it

  • Kemar Wynter
    Kemar Wynter Month ago +3

    Worth case scenario the fire comes up and kill you

  • AnOnYmOuS XD
    AnOnYmOuS XD Month ago

    "It sounds like blowtorches are just surrounding me right now"
    *shows blowtorches*

  • army 100
    army 100 Month ago

    Why do they look like they are in disguise?

  • jasmine Lee
    jasmine Lee Month ago

    I thought heat was bad for you hair...so idk why it still makes sense that it seals your split ends

  • madhuparna midya
    madhuparna midya Month ago

    They are just trimming the split ends..

  • Shayne Turner
    Shayne Turner Month ago

    This whole video made me so scared, the way they would "sooth" them. Yikes

  • Singing_Llama
    Singing_Llama Month ago

    Did anyone else see split ends??

  • Lit Love
    Lit Love Month ago

    Girl that’s a hot comb

  • Superior Slime Bre and AJ

    Dude remember all the “life hacks” that were like “oh just twist your hair and burn it (it gets rid of split ends)” NO IT DOES NOT that was probably doing more damage to her hair than getting it cut normally 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Nonexistent
    Nonexistent 2 months ago

    Asian girl has amazing hair!!!

  • idk what to call ir
    idk what to call ir 2 months ago

    They seem very unprofessional

  • Marlene
    Marlene 2 months ago


  • Marlene
    Marlene 2 months ago

    These guys don't seem pros at all

  • FleurYT
    FleurYT 2 months ago

    that music is the same music on the counterblox game i play. also the vid is cool xd

  • blkboyroxo
    blkboyroxo 2 months ago

    Does anybody still see the split ends when they do the close up 😂

  • Toast
    Toast 2 months ago

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  • Tee Williams
    Tee Williams 2 months ago

    That haircut was lit. Them girls are on FIRE. 🔥🔥🔥

  • [] Addie YT []
    [] Addie YT [] 2 months ago +1

    I wonder how many years it took to get used to the burnt hair smell

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller 2 months ago

    Scammy scam scam scammers. Where’s Joanne the Scammer when you need her?

  • zoefrmhawaii
    zoefrmhawaii 2 months ago

    isn't it bad to put heat on your hair?

  • stephanie b
    stephanie b 2 months ago

    okay it works but it's too extra

  • Haley Murphy
    Haley Murphy 2 months ago

    So they cut the hair dry and then do a gimmick? Cool

  • Lily Ritchie-Cruickshank

    Looks bomb, I’d totally be down for that lmao (but probably more for spiritual reasons than actual hair...)

  • LG Hakubi
    LG Hakubi 2 months ago

    It wasn't even a fire haircut, it was more of a fire trim.
    Like the stylists didn't cut the girls' hair in the way they wanted with REGULAR hair cutting tools! 🤔

  • Georgia- Shady313
    Georgia- Shady313 2 months ago +1

    I am the only one who now wants to try this at home?

  • joana stan
    joana stan 2 months ago +2


  • vxCece15xv
    vxCece15xv 2 months ago

    How did the ancients cut their hair?... With ancient scissor no? 😂

  • Me is Jungshook af
    Me is Jungshook af 2 months ago


  • Julisa Winter
    Julisa Winter 2 months ago

    Кажется, что у нее русский акцент😀

  • Hi It’s Pippa
    Hi It’s Pippa 2 months ago

    They didn’t do what they asked for haha

  • Hi It’s Pippa
    Hi It’s Pippa 2 months ago

    I can hear brad mondo screaming 😂😂😂