Scream Powered Microwave

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    Your robot ideas are bad and you should feel bad
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • teeth please
    teeth please 17 minutes ago

    A robot that photoshops you to be a white man

  • Amy Pratt
    Amy Pratt Hour ago

    He saw the comment about tasing people's legs and did it

  • HollisDoesAnimations
    HollisDoesAnimations 2 hours ago

    That is the michaelwave

  • assassinduke
    assassinduke 3 hours ago

    Make a stupid robot that makes me feel bad for sending robots ideas to you

  • Velociraptor Nine
    Velociraptor Nine 4 hours ago

    Every time you put your key in your door it screems

  • Endy Assassin
    Endy Assassin 5 hours ago

    Why the hell didnt you made a fuking door that opens when you get close to it

  • Lunar
    Lunar 6 hours ago

    Make a robot that commits suicide when they hear a bad pun.

  • IZack Production
    IZack Production 6 hours ago

    Make a watch that tases you everytime is reaches a second/minute/hour and allow it the ability to calibrate the shock of the taser

  • Lucas Ok
    Lucas Ok 6 hours ago

    Make a robot that fucking shoots you when you read a bad robot idea

  • Chicken McNugget
    Chicken McNugget 6 hours ago

    Make a robot that tells people that there ideas are bad. xxx

  • Alamshah Rahman
    Alamshah Rahman 11 hours ago

    i really happy that michael join offline tv now....atleast he can learn how to streaming now😂

  • Jerald Butternubs
    Jerald Butternubs 11 hours ago

    A robot that eats ass

  • Jaime Salinas
    Jaime Salinas 13 hours ago

    Make a bot that hits people and glass for no reason lol.

  • uberninjajaja
    uberninjajaja 14 hours ago

    This is my first video that I've watched on your channel. I laughed so much 😂 you're my new favorite

  • priimcry
    priimcry 14 hours ago

    make a robot that throws boomer cards at lily and it has a speaker saying "ok boomer"

  • Ariel a
    Ariel a 16 hours ago

    A robot that trhows you away to wake you up in time

  • Jerrod
    Jerrod 16 hours ago

    You should build a robot to shot whoever looks at you with an airsoft gun.

  • Elaborate Pit009
    Elaborate Pit009 16 hours ago

    A knife-wielding octopus robot

  • Me.Cricketbeard
    Me.Cricketbeard 18 hours ago

    you should make a toast to that turns on when you scream at it

  • Itz Cole
    Itz Cole 19 hours ago

    Make a robot that shoots ketchup at u when u get near it

  • ThatsWhat SheSaid
    ThatsWhat SheSaid 20 hours ago

    Can you make a robot that squirts water whenever the temperature reaches a certain degree?

  • nuke-_-trigerman
    nuke-_-trigerman 20 hours ago

    Here me out okay a chair that detects when someone is sitting on it and calls it obscurities like "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME" or "DEAR GOD YOU'RE SUFFICATING ME"

  • Voltic Domo
    Voltic Domo 23 hours ago

    Me make a robot :him bruh

  • Voltic Domo
    Voltic Domo 23 hours ago

    Make a robot

  • Ultimate Beauner

    You should have at least asked
    Can we do it?
    Lol what a twat

  • Jesse Ogbonuba
    Jesse Ogbonuba Day ago


  • ValyTDG
    ValyTDG Day ago

    title : Scream Powered Microwave
    me : wait, how do you change sound to current?
    me after the video: so that was a fucking lie

  • Tobias Victor Kierulff

    A present that tazes if u open it before christmas

  • The Castle
    The Castle Day ago

    Build a robot that suggests bad robots

  • Scully Gaming
    Scully Gaming Day ago

    You should make a robot that puts out fires, so like a roomba fireman

  • SoulstealeR 220
    SoulstealeR 220 Day ago

    you were talking about nord vpn and suddenly a virus and threat detection poped up xd

  • Nathan Jobson
    Nathan Jobson Day ago

    U should make a robot that jacks u off u sad sad little man

  • Matsie
    Matsie Day ago

    Make a machine that tazes you when you get demonitized

  • Boris Landaverry

    0:27 guess he ran out of ideas 😂

  • Ivan Lai is me
    Ivan Lai is me Day ago

    Make a robot that wipes your but for you

  • Mr. Shepherd's pie

    Robot idea

  • Marius
    Marius Day ago

    I expected him to actually power the microwave by converting his screams into energy :(

  • itsugachi
    itsugachi 2 days ago

    Make wind powered stuff duh

  • Hey Wats ap
    Hey Wats ap 2 days ago

    Micheal you like shocking people right?
    Well of course you do.
    Make a twister game that shocks you if you don’t make the colour in time

  • Ravenkshoy
    Ravenkshoy 2 days ago +1

    Ok I have an idea, an electric bike that has two batteries and meanwhile you use one battery the other one charges like to have infinite power.. I don't really know how to but the weeks can be generators... Or something...
    In the worst case, that one charge gives you at least 4 times than conventinal electric bikes.

  • Tre Lane
    Tre Lane 2 days ago

    Make a robot that peels a orange for you

  • Nig Ga
    Nig Ga 2 days ago

    Monsters inc be like

  • Ana Martinez
    Ana Martinez 2 days ago +2

    When did Karen start working at target

  • Orlaani
    Orlaani 2 days ago

    Can you make an air guitar or an air piano which is actually sounds when you act like playing?

  • Unknown Stef
    Unknown Stef 2 days ago

    Robot lol

  • Mega ManMario
    Mega ManMario 2 days ago +3

    Make a bot that deletes all the bad robot designs in the comments

  • Rystic -
    Rystic - 2 days ago

    Makes a robot that does something when you swear

  • Deezapples Unkown
    Deezapples Unkown 2 days ago

    Make AirPods with wires

    DEVIL BOY 2 days ago

    U should make a robot that can make u feel good about ur self

  • Demonic Chair
    Demonic Chair 2 days ago

    Make a chair.

  • KC Garcia
    KC Garcia 2 days ago


    DANIEL RODRIGUEZ 2 days ago

    *Høt ōråñgé*

  • SpongeBucket
    SpongeBucket 2 days ago +1

    A robot that yells at everyone who passes by it before shooting them with a Nerf gun

  • GVMK2
    GVMK2 2 days ago

    Please makes a robot!

  • REDNAX TheGoldKing
    REDNAX TheGoldKing 2 days ago

    A robot that turns off the TV as soon as it turns on

  • CallmeChaos
    CallmeChaos 3 days ago

    Make a 3d printer that destroys things instead of making.

  • dead plays
    dead plays 3 days ago +1

    Make a camera that dosent focus or focuses on the background

    • Joe Biz
      Joe Biz 20 hours ago

      dead plays That’s his actual camera

  • Kyuu
    Kyuu 3 days ago

    you should make a punching bad that sounds like your worst enemy when you punch it

  • Julian van de Laak
    Julian van de Laak 3 days ago +1

    make a robot that can enter a russian slapping contest

  • Deadpool the killer
    Deadpool the killer 3 days ago

    Wait ut its scream powered then why do you need a wire?