Samsung Galaxy S10 - THEY'VE DONE IT!!!


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  • Mostafa Kandil
    Mostafa Kandil Month ago +482

    My favorite channel! You are absolutely killing it!

    • Jordan Lynch
      Jordan Lynch 27 days ago

      If there's been a murder you should report it.

    • Several Seconds of Streamers
      Several Seconds of Streamers Month ago

      Not even subbed to him this guys subs are public

    • Paul NSNO7
      Paul NSNO7 Month ago +2

      A guy expresses an opinion and gets slaughtered for it by some people, interesting!! Or is it cause his post is pinned and not yours lol!!

    • Agyvann Cruz
      Agyvann Cruz Month ago

      Im switching note9 or s10

  • Isaiah Rodgers
    Isaiah Rodgers Hour ago

    I knew it it's possible 😁😁😁

  • mohadji jaadi
    mohadji jaadi 11 hours ago

    After this what's next...????

  • Anthony Eke
    Anthony Eke 11 hours ago

    Samsung never does anything until apple comes up with something then they jump on it to advance it for no reason...
    well, looking at Samsung alone gives me headache 😎

  • Anthony Eke
    Anthony Eke 11 hours ago

    Who on earth wants to fold a phone? SMH

  • Cardnylsin
    Cardnylsin Day ago

    Remember the Samsung Curve TV ? yeah short lived

  • angel cerda
    angel cerda 2 days ago

    Welcome back flip phones lol

  • Azz Azz
    Azz Azz 2 days ago

    The s6 edge onwards has the flexible display, it's just under the grass screen

  • Elias Robles
    Elias Robles 2 days ago +1

    Why do you need a foldable display full my opinion we don't need one

  • urban cza
    urban cza 2 days ago

    no on FLEX PHONE

  • Jorgey Qweras
    Jorgey Qweras 2 days ago

    No flexible phone

  • Melinda Pap
    Melinda Pap 3 days ago +1

    No need for foldable phone, i need a phone that doesn't crack when it falls from my pocket 😃😂

  • Olivia
    Olivia 3 days ago +1

    Foldable phone? No thanks. I had a flip phone in 2009

  • Saaraunsh Rege
    Saaraunsh Rege 3 days ago

    Well this is a bit off topic. But what is the name of your intro music?

  • Donny
    Donny 3 days ago

    i think the fold-able phone is stupid, as it would just half revenue for the company as they would not need to buy a tablet if they have one

  • Mk6 Jetta
    Mk6 Jetta 3 days ago

    Sweet now when I get Into an argument with my GF I can just crumple up my phone and throw it like a piece of paper

  • DiDi kite
    DiDi kite 3 days ago

    Samsung and apple have killed switch updates software. They were constantly updating and just died. I'm using Sony I'm happy and it saves me money.

  • wild woods warriors
    wild woods warriors 4 days ago

    Yes to the foldable phone or better a scroll phone be better

  • Samuel Hernandez
    Samuel Hernandez 4 days ago

    Foldable phone I don’t see me getting one ..they still have flip phones on the market just stupid for me .....

  • Snowflex PxP
    Snowflex PxP 4 days ago

    Whats better than android?

  • it's gameing bro music and vlogsss

    I just realized you have a iPhone you traitor

  • it's gameing bro music and vlogsss

    Oh so is going to be foldable

  • Mausham Dhakal
    Mausham Dhakal 4 days ago

    Wow !! ..Gift me brother❤❤

  • Mumin Fayaz
    Mumin Fayaz 5 days ago

    No we don't need

  • Curtains O'Sandwiches

    Come back to me when you've got a phone I can at least fold into a paper aeroplane Come on guys that should be an absolute... *breeze* :D

  • M71 Shock
    M71 Shock 5 days ago

    LOL appolo find X already made that display

  • Bb Bb
    Bb Bb 5 days ago

    Lmfao!!! Change the game and industry???? All of Samsung’s phones suffer from burn in screen and they just can’t fix it and make a perfect screen like iPhone, and most of the Samsung phones I come across are getting a message that say “”” moisture in charging port”””” and will not charge anymore!! Samsung is going down the crapper and iPhone is the best phones period

  • Wilfredo Hernandez
    Wilfredo Hernandez 6 days ago

    Nooooooo. No flex

  • Konner Evans
    Konner Evans 7 days ago


  • Glenn Wright Jr
    Glenn Wright Jr 7 days ago

    I don’t see the point in a foldable phone I mean if you fold it wouldn’t it still be kind of bookie I’ll stick with my iPhone max

  • Glenn Wright Jr
    Glenn Wright Jr 7 days ago

    Did u know me D J is really Jackie Chan’s brother did u notice they look 👀 alike

  • Michael Jaca
    Michael Jaca 7 days ago

    Xiaomi did it already mi mix 3

  • xxxia a.
    xxxia a. 7 days ago

    Watching on my note 5 👌

  • Tetsu Hoshi
    Tetsu Hoshi 7 days ago

    Oleds are already flexible so if the possibility is there, it’s cool. I wanna see it in action though.

  • Rajat Rawat
    Rajat Rawat 8 days ago

    OMG got views ,oh my God

  • Mr. Grillo
    Mr. Grillo 8 days ago

    Phone to Tablet? I think it's unnecessary, PornHub fans will love it.

  • Kusha
    Kusha 8 days ago

    NO we dont need it.

  • Synyster Goose
    Synyster Goose 8 days ago

    Still that same phone they have had

  • Rivaldo Smith
    Rivaldo Smith 8 days ago


  • Erick Gault
    Erick Gault 8 days ago

    I like 6 to 8 inch screen phone works for me

  • Cruss
    Cruss 8 days ago

    Apple is getting way to expensive I’m thinking about switching if this phone is somewhat priced well

  • Awford Adingtorn
    Awford Adingtorn 8 days ago +1

    Cant wait for my baby to be born 😌

  • Roberuto Uchiha
    Roberuto Uchiha 8 days ago

    Apple is down, this is Samsung’s chance to shine if they bring out an awesome phone better than xs, I think Samsung could once and forall reign over apple

  • Carey Crews
    Carey Crews 8 days ago

    Foldable Phone...Eh...Take it or Leave it...

  • hbarudi
    hbarudi 9 days ago

    Good to see samsung finally changing things when it comes to mobile phones. No more the usual cheap china anymore. No notch and no bezel are things that people want, but to me the foldable phone has a lot of benefits. No longer have to rely on phones simply getting longer for size. The foldable tablet has a complete up to date android tablet compared to those that have terrible specs out there and folds into a phone that can fit into the pocket and fingers crossed for the foldable phone to have a note version with the pen and start from at least 8gb ram preferably 16gb ram.

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 9 days ago

    Also apple is a massive rip off over priced for the same 20 year old iPhone software that hasn’t changed at all and the cameras are way behind Sony and Samsung

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 9 days ago

    How come we don’t have hollow graphic mobile phones that bisplay on your wrist

  • EnderSoul Gaming
    EnderSoul Gaming 9 days ago

    Love the content, imo we dont need the flexible phones, if they really want to make it it should be a line for itself, so the s10 wouldnt be flexible

  • kik köp
    kik köp 9 days ago

    Nokia : 30 dollars
    Newest iphone/samsung: 600k reads your fukin mind

  • Rustam Shinwari
    Rustam Shinwari 9 days ago

    Yes fold is flop I don't want..... I am sorry

  • twistedcookiemnstr
    twistedcookiemnstr 9 days ago

    No, we absolutely don’t need a foldable phone! I switched from the S8 to the iPhone 8... I felt there was so much bloat ware, the 64 gigs were damn near finished by the end of a year, and the way the phone interfaces isn't as simple & as fast as iPhone. Why do I need to open and swipe several windows just to complete a task?🤦🏾‍♀️...also, the speaker phone & the proximity sensor failed me many times, and the speakers weren't as rich in sound as the IPhone. I've realized, It's hard finding an efficient screen protector and phone case for the S8 as well as other models. I actually miss Android but Samsung has got to do better! I don't care about look and appeal...if Samsung can perfect the aforementioned in the 10, then that's where I'll go. In the meantime, I'm eating expensive ass apples 😕🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Mark Martin
      Mark Martin 3 days ago

      Samsungs trash pixle is where its at

  • NickCam07
    NickCam07 10 days ago

    Me personally, I don’t see a time that I would need a phone/tablet of that size. Also I’m horrible when it comes to breaking phones. I feel as tho this leads to the area of the motorized camera. This is just yet another breakable part. The phone will not be as strong as a brick, if that makes sense. Also, cases could someone tell me how that would work lol

  • Human Being
    Human Being 10 days ago

    I need it

  • high
    high 10 days ago


  • Oleg Braghis
    Oleg Braghis 11 days ago

    How do they do the bend test on a phone if it’s meant to bend????

  • Fresco L
    Fresco L 11 days ago

    Xiaomi = 'show me'

  • Michael Hewitt
    Michael Hewitt 11 days ago

    A foldable is a must

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 11 days ago

    get the FUCK outta here iphone xr, xs, xs max!

  • John G
    John G 11 days ago

    It’s a phone not a wallet.

  • imserious2187
    imserious2187 11 days ago

    If they can pull it off, game over for everyone else

  • My NewPhone
    My NewPhone 11 days ago

    More tech rubbish. Utter horseshit.

  • Rishab Debnath
    Rishab Debnath 11 days ago

    yes we need a foldable phone

  • Erneal Cooper
    Erneal Cooper 11 days ago


  • Sun Abeer
    Sun Abeer 11 days ago

    flip phones make a comeback

  • Day Hop
    Day Hop 11 days ago

    A folding phone? you might not believe me, but when i was in grade school, my dad said someone should make i guess they will LOL

  • I_24 Gaming
    I_24 Gaming 12 days ago

    Ape is taking notes and ready to copy...

  • Luke
    Luke 12 days ago

    Id like a tablet that folds into a phone but if its just a phone that folds in half i wouldnt buy it

  • TheSpookyBoi
    TheSpookyBoi 12 days ago

    Have yet to see? Yeah, not like all these other companies haven't already done the full screen smartphone by implementing certain ideas.

  • I_Live_For HARDSTYLE
    I_Live_For HARDSTYLE 12 days ago

    Sooner or later they're going to run out of ideas for new specs and people are so used to wanting new specs and it will all die. We as humans have no patience.

  • Elizabeth Vela
    Elizabeth Vela 12 days ago

    Bring keyboards back

  • Selina Geiß
    Selina Geiß 12 days ago

    Well, we don't NEED any fancy phone.. but if it's fun it's fun. ^^

  • Dapper Flareon
    Dapper Flareon 13 days ago

    I'm just wondering how waterproof cases are going to fold

  • ljonathan991
    ljonathan991 13 days ago

    you need a foldable phone cause you look that the kinda person that wears skinny tight jeans

  • ljonathan991
    ljonathan991 13 days ago

    this phone will have washing machine parts in it

  • Kenneth Tarlow
    Kenneth Tarlow 13 days ago

    who cares? Just want a phone that works

  • Sam710
    Sam710 13 days ago

    the foldable concept reminds me of the old phones which didnt last very long. probably the next most revolutionary thing that will happen is going to be a smart hands free smart phone/device. people are still holding a phone on their hands ever since. :)

  • Camryn
    Camryn 13 days ago

    This seem really good coming from an huge iPhone user (currently have the X) this makes me want to switch to Samsung but I do not like there software my mom has a Samsung and I can’t stand it that’s why I stick to Apple.

  • AntiqueAshes
    AntiqueAshes 13 days ago

    Yes, it we had foldable smart phones, they could be like curved tv's

  • Carlos Suarez
    Carlos Suarez 13 days ago

    Foldable ?? Um no that’s stupid

  • Ryan
    Ryan 14 days ago

    More like Samsung galaxy WHY

  • DJ RJ
    DJ RJ 14 days ago +1

    Flexible displays should be used for a flexible smart wristband/watch

  • toki saki
    toki saki 14 days ago

    I think folded phone is kinda cool because when you put it in your pocket it doesn't damage your phone. How? Well because all the other phone can't fold and if you have a tight pocket, it can cause your phone to fold an that sucks.

  • A Lovelle Rodney
    A Lovelle Rodney 14 days ago

    Yes we do need something different. Fold phone will be great. Yes yes yes.

  • Richard yang he cen
    Richard yang he cen 14 days ago

    on that screen for UPS it’s Chinese rather than Korean

  • brandon muse
    brandon muse 14 days ago

    Foldable Phone/Tablet Hybrid???

    BESTBRAN 14 days ago

    definitely need the foldable phone

  • Yves J
    Yves J 14 days ago +1

    Why is no one talking about the "Touch Sensitivity"? Here in Canada, most of us have to wear gloves during winter. So, it is inconvenient that I have to take off my gloves to use my "smart phone". Among all those features for fhe upcoming S10, I would love to see the touch sensitivity again that used to be on Galaxy S5. I have the S8+, but I refused to upgrade again until I see the touch sensitivity in the future S series.

  • Elegant Fuck
    Elegant Fuck 14 days ago

    Yes we need ut

  • DeeJay LJ
    DeeJay LJ 14 days ago

    Samsung will have all this but he iSheep will still say Android/Samsung is trash

  • Just Us
    Just Us 14 days ago

    Des i want flexible screen caus it can absorb fallenergie

  • DeeJay LJ
    DeeJay LJ 14 days ago

    There's already a fully bezelless display without notch or motorized camera, it's this one android with a screen on the back and you use the dual camera to take selfies it's odd yet unique

  • CharlLovesTech
    CharlLovesTech 14 days ago

    S10 is said to have an punch out camera lol

  • SciKE _
    SciKE _ 14 days ago

    TL:DR I like the idea, but cases are an issue.
    Honestly a foldable tablet/phone hybrid would extremely useful for me. Using the unfolded tablet at home for a larger screen for youtube, netflix, etc. and using the folded phone on the go or if I dont feel like trying to hold a tablet to watch youtube.
    The foldable phone that just folds up for storage purposes doesnt seem useful since it will just be bulkier than unfolded. But it might be useful for conforming to the body so your phone isnt jabbing into your gut when you squat or bend down, or so it can bend if you have it in your back pocket.
    The problem I see with the phone/tablet hybrid is that cases will have to be interchangable between the 2 states, preferably staying on the device during transition so switching isnt tedious. The problem is that in order to do that, one side on the phone state wont have any protection. I bet someone will come up with a design for a case that will fix that issue but, just putting it out there.

  • Tony Boshell
    Tony Boshell 14 days ago

    Watching this on my Note q

  • Ricky Jack
    Ricky Jack 15 days ago +12

    I want notchless and infinite battery phone

  • Yasir Ali
    Yasir Ali 15 days ago

    Stop with folding gimmicks do stuff that useful to customer

  • iOS Pro
    iOS Pro 15 days ago

    They finally did what 😂 3/5 phone but 1/5 software

  • Tipo
    Tipo 15 days ago

    And when the 1st true bezel less phone if produced to the market, people will moan like never before. Because, it will be total nightmare to handle and I doubt the palm rejection algorithms required will be up to the job.
    I don't see why there is this obsession for bezel less phones, or for more out of phones in general. What do prople want and/or expect from a mobile phone?!

  • xFELLEx
    xFELLEx 15 days ago

    Well, let's hope that they keep the 3.5 mm...

  • Righteous628
    Righteous628 16 days ago

    We don't need a foldable phone. That is no reason for this