Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Feb 28, 2018
  • James and Gordon Ramsay take turns asking each other very difficult questions to answer, leaving the other with a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever disgusting food is before them, including salmon ice cream and bull penis.
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  • Danielle Hayes
    Danielle Hayes Hour ago

    "Peter Rabbit!"
    It is hilarious, y'all!
    I highly recommend EVERYONE to watch it, if they haven't watched it! ASAP.
    I have watched the entire movie 7+ times & I still laugh my butt off!!!
    I don't think, "Peter Rabbit" will EVER GET OLD.
    Especially, during the moments when I am forcibly dealing with extreme, "trials & tribulations," that are hurting EVERY ASPECT of my life.
    Some parts of the "Peter Rabbit" movie, will have you in tears from laughing so hard LOL.

  • Lil Spin Xo
    Lil Spin Xo Hour ago

    Where was the lamb sauce tho?

  • LoveRauhlxXx
    LoveRauhlxXx 2 hours ago

    Idk if the child chef show was aired yet but he should’ve asked Gordon who was the worst child chef 😂 he’d definitely eat some nasty food

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 2 hours ago

    *My ass is still bleeding*

  • LAVELUA Finau
    LAVELUA Finau 2 hours ago

    Omggg i love this....intense questions @7:27 "Dont do that much especially with hot sauce on it, you wont be able to see." Deaddassss funny

  • Rintaro Hasegawa
    Rintaro Hasegawa 3 hours ago +1

    As a Japanese, Idk why Japanese luxury food, cow tongue is on the table every time lol

  • Jesus is God
    Jesus is God 4 hours ago

    John 20:26-31 KJV
    And after eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said, Peace be unto you. [27] Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing. [28] And Thomas answered and said unto him, My Lord and my God. [29] Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. [30] And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: [31] But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.

  • Anik Islam Fah
    Anik Islam Fah 5 hours ago

    They just put it in the mouth and spit it out

  • Mr Sture
    Mr Sture 5 hours ago


  • Dibo
    Dibo 7 hours ago

    Actually cows tongue is best food you need to try it. It is very delicious.

  • Sara Yung
    Sara Yung 7 hours ago

    Cow tongue is pretty good tho

  • Jeff lowkey
    Jeff lowkey 7 hours ago

    Gordon ramsey out there marinating worse foods tho

  • Sofie Christensen
    Sofie Christensen 8 hours ago

    Wait I eat that all the time
    Mom did this to me.

  • MyExtractionPoint ?!
    MyExtractionPoint ?! 8 hours ago

    Is this real?

  • jeffrey hu
    jeffrey hu 11 hours ago

    Well now gordan Ramsay is gay

  • Exotic_ Dummy
    Exotic_ Dummy 11 hours ago +1

    The clam juice... is it canned or fresh?
    -Gordon Ramsay 2018

  • lol
    lol 13 hours ago

    BBQ cow tongue and bull penis is actually not bad, the BBQ pig's feet are very delicious. the spicy pickled chicken feet is more like a every day snacks

  • J.C.S S.
    J.C.S S. 14 hours ago

    Gordon deserves that hot sauce in his mouth

  • Snatched&Shook
    Snatched&Shook 15 hours ago


  • Saif Tariq
    Saif Tariq 15 hours ago +1

    Cordon should’ve done: Rank your daughters from favorite to least favorite

    • Danielle
      Danielle 4 hours ago +1

      Saif Tariq CoRdEn

  • Kitten Kat
    Kitten Kat 17 hours ago

    i love how gordon is always cooking. like always

  • Stephanie Esquivel
    Stephanie Esquivel 19 hours ago

    *Is it canned or fresh?*

  • Lindsthestudent
    Lindsthestudent 19 hours ago

    He’s the devil in Hell’s Kitchen. He’s super honest if he hates someone’s cooking.

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 19 hours ago

    lol its not hard to just tell the truth

  • Sophia Pina
    Sophia Pina 19 hours ago

    i’ve come to the conclusion that james just likes cow tounge, he always eats it

  • Sticks and Stones
    Sticks and Stones 19 hours ago

    Flay cuts his porterhouse hot and puts it back on the heat. He ought to be put in fifth place.

  • Gina G
    Gina G 23 hours ago

    Get him back on the show!

  • spicey boi likes memes lul


  • Tughty
    Tughty Day ago +1

    Look at James Corden in the thumbnail LOL

  • Monica Bertoli
    Monica Bertoli Day ago

    Get Bear Grylls.

  • Sarafina Erasto
    Sarafina Erasto Day ago +1

    I dont think cow tounge is even bad its REALLY good when you *Actually* boil or grill or roast or whatever but they ate it raw EWW not many meat are good when raw

    Btw: this is my opinion dont come attackkng me but i like my meat to be WELL DONE OKAY?!

  • JovinTT
    JovinTT Day ago

    This competition should be called " Roasting and Swearing "

  • Guess What
    Guess What Day ago +1

    My yellow mind rising when James started to licked that tongue thingy👀

  • Redsmelt
    Redsmelt Day ago

    James Corden, if you see this, get me on the show to do this one bit.

  • 500 subscribers no videos?

    ..... what's the point if you will spill the thing you eat in less than a second.

  • TerribleTonyShow

    When ever he eats a cow tongue, I feel it on my tongue.

  • Izabella Alexis!

    Salmon ice cream
    The world: ewww gross
    Salt and straw ice cream brand:mmm that seams like a great idea let’s make it an ice cream flavor!

  • Deadpool Gaming Masked gamer

    What if Gordon Ramsay played the next Deadpool 😱😱😱

  • Nguyen Phuong
    Nguyen Phuong Day ago

    Chân gà ở việt nam ngon lắm brooo

  • Karen Laine Catamin

    Funniest episode😂

  • Elijah Dage
    Elijah Dage Day ago +4

    Gordon is impossible to understand with all the bleeping.

  • Michelle Siddiqi


  • K Joe H
    K Joe H Day ago

    I almost threw up watching this

  • killer bee
    killer bee Day ago

    Oi! Chicken feet isnt bad food. its quite delicious

  • Ангел Андоновски

    Grasshopper is not that bad ive tried it and its like fish but dry

  • Rea Black
    Rea Black Day ago

    Epic! Love it!!! Respect, beautiful!

  • cecilya pablo
    cecilya pablo Day ago

    Why did he look like alexi on the thumbnail 😂

  • LiamPlayz
    LiamPlayz Day ago

    You could just give Gordon lamb wihout lamb sauce

  • Marissa Penn
    Marissa Penn Day ago

    Coming from a country girl that’s not how you eat chicken feet just saying

  • Arpan Thakor
    Arpan Thakor 2 days ago

    Is it me or does it really sound as if Gordon is saying "YEET"..!!!!

  • Zhionic Channel
    Zhionic Channel 2 days ago

    i can eat those 😂

  • Fares Bdh
    Fares Bdh 2 days ago

    "Is it canned or fresh?" LMAO

  • Shay Baby
    Shay Baby 2 days ago +1

    So they basically ripped off Fear Factor! Can’t believe they are able to convince guests to do this challenge! I’m telling it all before I eat that crap! I can always make new friends.

  • robert wayner
    robert wayner 2 days ago

    Jamie Oliver looks like Garfield that got payed for eating too much lasagna so he got money and now he's making videos on a tv channel about eating marinated chicken feet.

  • DerJeans
    DerJeans 2 days ago

    Gordon spits out bulls penis.
    My head with Gordons voice: "Honestly, its disgusting"

  • jose aguillon
    jose aguillon 2 days ago

    Are those the actual things they say they are? Or just Props?

  • Ehsan's Animations
    Ehsan's Animations 2 days ago


  • C Blignaut
    C Blignaut 2 days ago

    Legit we eat cow tongue and chicken feet in my country

  • zinaal kriid
    zinaal kriid 2 days ago

    There should really be a rule where you can't spit shit out unless you literally throw up

  • Friend f
    Friend f 2 days ago

    The way James started talking about US, you'd think he'd say he prefers England.

  • Catherine Ebanks
    Catherine Ebanks 2 days ago

    Caribbean people been eating curry chicken feet for decades

  • 郭正豪
    郭正豪 2 days ago

    Guys those Things ARE DELICIOUS !!

  • Gidz Tpet
    Gidz Tpet 2 days ago

    Chickens feet are great

  • Stamp and Scrap
    Stamp and Scrap 2 days ago

    Tongue we eat in salads and sandwiches in UK.

  • SolarTSG ツ
    SolarTSG ツ 2 days ago

    Jamies laugh sounds like StampyLongNoses laugh!

  • David Boudville
    David Boudville 2 days ago

    I almost puked and I’m not even there 😂

  • Anirudh Sridhar
    Anirudh Sridhar 2 days ago

    The real question is where do they get this

  • Nicholas Purcell
    Nicholas Purcell 2 days ago

    They spit out everything almost immediately that’s no fun

  • Scarlett H
    Scarlett H 2 days ago

    He could've just answered the last question by saying when he was like 2 years old. By not answering, it's super embarrassing because it confirms it was when he was older. 😬😳

  • Tanisha Guerrero
    Tanisha Guerrero 2 days ago

    Gordon:ItS RaW
    Gordon:sorry force of habit

  • Billie eyelash
    Billie eyelash 2 days ago


  • sia_sepet 95
    sia_sepet 95 2 days ago +1

    That cow tongue looked like it’s been cooked well 🤮

  • Mia Isn’t Cool
    Mia Isn’t Cool 2 days ago

    Gordon was having fun, I could tell😂

  • Rhia ‘s vlogs
    Rhia ‘s vlogs 2 days ago +4

    Fun Fact: in the Philippines they have a dish with chicken feet

    PS it’s actually good

    Don’t ask

    IMAAN JAFFRI 2 days ago +1

    We need Tom Holland on this 😂 The guy will tell you everything

  • Margaret A.
    Margaret A. 2 days ago

    They say chicken feet taste good if you cook it wisely

    BZ CHAOS 2 days ago

    Chicken feet is very nice to eat wtf

  • GrantPlayz
    GrantPlayz 2 days ago +2

    10:11 I swear I heard a seal in my background it was the weirdest thing but i could only hear it when I came to this part

    DUMPTRUMP2016 2 days ago

    I take the chicken feet

  • BH Raul
    BH Raul 2 days ago

    07:54 "There is milk there"
    Gordon: *IT'S FUCKING RAW*

  • Carson Long
    Carson Long 2 days ago

    This is almost as nasty as the typical meal he eats in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares

  • Goodness Daniel
    Goodness Daniel 3 days ago

    1:08 when James went ‘really’ 🥰🥰

  • TheSans Nerd
    TheSans Nerd 3 days ago +1

    Asians towards chicken feet: tsk tsk tsk

    You don't know da wae.....

  • arjun venkat
    arjun venkat 3 days ago

    Chicken feet with clam juice and salmon icecream is a fucking nightmare....Savage james😎😎

  • Tacitus Killgore
    Tacitus Killgore 3 days ago

    Dude wtf im looking at this at 2:00 am

  • Kapital 165
    Kapital 165 3 days ago

    7:33 i guess you can say he ate that dick

  • Kapital 165
    Kapital 165 3 days ago

    0:59 for mexicans just put that shit on the grill and give us a tortia and we good

  • BlackPhantom861
    BlackPhantom861 3 days ago +2

    The food mixing is basically the shit me and my friends would do while eating together

  • becky martin
    becky martin 3 days ago +5

    this shit had me rolling,,, when Gordon spit out the food on the floor,,,OMG,,,,tears are rolling down my face

  • Jay Svangdibbledobble

    Fill your guts? More like "put something icky in your mouth for 2 seconds then spit it into a bucket". Waste of my f'kin time

  • jeonstuff
    jeonstuff 3 days ago

    if i had a dollar for every time Gordon Ramsay curses, i’d be a mf millionaire

  • Fendi’s kanal
    Fendi’s kanal 3 days ago

    James cordon’s laugh is SO loud and so FUCKING annoying

  • Mohamed Emara
    Mohamed Emara 3 days ago

    Gorden is such a troll LOL

  • EP Random Mexican Kid
    EP Random Mexican Kid 3 days ago +2

    Also Gordon:ITS VERY WET

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 3 days ago

    gordon is like a little child in this i love it when he's happy

  • Yog Sothoth
    Yog Sothoth 3 days ago

    Cow's tongue is eaten frequently where I live lol

  • stevendchu
    stevendchu 3 days ago

    James really coulda just said USA is worse because of Trump or whatever. It's not like Trump supporters gonna watch a show where he makes fun of the President fro the whole monolgue anyways

  • ghania amin
    ghania amin 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay looks so much like simon

  • Yo_illest _Sensei
    Yo_illest _Sensei 4 days ago

    *Petition to bring Bear Grylls on this show.*

  • Dexter
    Dexter 4 days ago

    Cow/bull tongue is actually pretty good.