Bill Burr Doesn’t Trust Technology - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • Bill Burr thinks sending your saliva to is akin to helping the Illuminati finish your robot replacement.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 1 041

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago

    Why would they censor when he clearly said “.com”?

    • Of Legend I Am Born
      Of Legend I Am Born 7 days ago

      My guess is in case it's someone's (and it probably is) legit E-Mail. Why they didn't censor the first part is the bigger question.

  • A.A
    A.A 14 days ago

    guys i'm running out of bill burr anxiety is rising,welp

  • pweter351
    pweter351 15 days ago

    So true

  • Pengen sehat
    Pengen sehat 20 days ago

    he is kinda right...

  • Sentry80
    Sentry80 20 days ago

    That's one thing I do not like about Bill. He considers being white nothing special. Despite being the only race that looks distinctively different from each other. Red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, brunette. Different shades of blue eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes.
    Everyone else? same as everyone else in their race
    Whites single handedly modernized the world. Yea how arrogant of me to find out I'm a decendant of a great philospher or inventor. I may not be as great as that person but it's amazing to know.
    I want segegation because multiculuralism doesn't work and I'll be damn if I view my cultural heritage as " nothing special" because blacks don't like it..

  • gary purewal
    gary purewal 28 days ago

    Bill's the best!

  • Altimatic
    Altimatic 28 days ago

    Why did they block out dot com? Lol

  • Courtney Buras
    Courtney Buras 29 days ago

    Wasn't there an article recently about Google and them keeping recordings of ppl talking to Alexa and co. and them promising to delete it all?

  • Piper Tarver
    Piper Tarver Month ago

    Thank you Bill Burr!!!

  • Josh Lyon
    Josh Lyon Month ago

    "Why would anybody bug your own home?" Ever heard of cellphones?

  • phil vogt
    phil vogt Month ago

    Burr is woke.

  • Airik1111
    Airik1111 Month ago


  • Conqueror
    Conqueror Month ago

    He speaks the truth. It's sad how we willingly share our personal information to all these businesses

  • Ye P
    Ye P Month ago +3

    2018 - "you think you're the only one listening?" - Bill Burr
    2019 - *Amazon admits that it pays contractors to listen in on Alexa conversations*

  • mau sanchez
    mau sanchez Month ago

    Why did they bleeped out *dotcom* ?

  • Ian Lim
    Ian Lim Month ago


  • randomswedishdude
    randomswedishdude Month ago

    He had me at "robot replacement"

  • kam w
    kam w Month ago

    It's true about etc. They obviously keep your DNA on file and how secure is that?

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes Month ago

    tell him hes not being filmed, but his soul is getting caught.

  • Ayan Majumder
    Ayan Majumder Month ago

    Illuminati? So that's still a thing? Huh..!

  • Ashwin 007
    Ashwin 007 Month ago

    Only celeb who seems smart enough to understand what's happening..

  • mattieskemoevie
    mattieskemoevie Month ago +1

    And it's 2019 and he was right! Prophet Bill Burr in action

  • Anthony Ringering
    Anthony Ringering 2 months ago

    I love Billburr. Lol. Funny to say his full name as one word.

  • KrapfenMonster
    KrapfenMonster 2 months ago +1

    And right he was!

  • Georgios Zachariadis
    Georgios Zachariadis 2 months ago

    Well about the email address he is right. I host my own email server which is really easy actually and use a vivaldi given email. Plus you can pay 5.99 a month for a phone number that supports messages too that companies can use to contact you which you can set up to direct calls to your real phone number without anyone knowing and disconnect it if hacked or sold off and people keep calling it for promotions. or you can buy yourself a 10 pound nokia, put a 1 pound sim don't have to load it for 3 year. I have tons of them and the phone charges up 1 time for 7 days.

  • Georgios Zachariadis
    Georgios Zachariadis 2 months ago

    Btw if you go to a clinic and give your saliva in person, the exact same process happens :P If they can steal or have it one way, they can have it another.

  • M
    M 2 months ago

    Common sense says a lot of things....highly overrated. But Bill is still funny. Common sense says the world is flat. Look out the window.

  • R AZA
    R AZA 2 months ago

    We all need a friend like Bill Burr our lives. Lol

  • Justin Z
    Justin Z 2 months ago

    It would seem to me that a lot more white people don't know their ancestry as opposed to black people. We're constantly told we have no culture. It's kinda demeaning and sad when you think about it.

  • WalkingCane
    WalkingCane 2 months ago +1

    Did they censor Bill saying .com? Why is that?

  • Caesar Ray
    Caesar Ray 2 months ago

    Does he use any new material on these talk shows other than bits from his stand ups..

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose 2 months ago

    I mean, they have your blood and prints from when you're a baby. Plus it's kinda weird when you're trying to hide when you have a driver's license lmao

  • Wumboligist
    Wumboligist 2 months ago

    They use to tell you never to give out your email address out randomly and now it's like sex, everyone's just giving it away

  • WisdomVendor1
    WisdomVendor1 2 months ago

    2000 2 min vids...hmmmm

  • Konatada
    Konatada 2 months ago

    My mom did an ancestry test because uhhh her dad was adopted. Also- our last name was changed in Elise island because it was a confusing Lithuanian name. It's cool to find out what it use to be before the United States destroyed it from the inside out.

  • Brian Finnegan
    Brian Finnegan 2 months ago

    There's white people from England to Sweden to Siberia to Dagastan, come on bill

  • Meh
    Meh 2 months ago

    Well this aged well

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g 2 months ago

    1:28 that's actually a real number lol. I feel bad now for calling but I just had to do it.

  • Nick Knife
    Nick Knife 2 months ago

    I'm a techie, I can confirm everything he just said xD

  • Thermalburn
    Thermalburn 2 months ago

    I just wanna have a beer and talk about conspiracy theories with bill burr

    THAT RANDOM CHANNEL 2 months ago

    Why you don’t like technology bill?

  • Cornelia A.
    Cornelia A. 2 months ago

    I'm Bill everytime there's a new scandal like "Amazon / Google employees are listening to your conversations" ... you don't say 🙄

  • Crzyangelgirl
    Crzyangelgirl 2 months ago

    He’s not telling lies. Telling no lies...

  • Walid Seb
    Walid Seb 2 months ago

    You may laugh at that thinking it's conspiracy theory, but he it's not if it happened

  • cindy mananzala martinez

    He does make a lot of sense

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B 3 months ago

    I'll answer Bill's question: The reason I sent my DNA to is because my family told me my whole life that I was part Native American Indian on my Dad's side. My results - 100% white European, my family lied to me or was misinformed or my mom cheated on my dad.

    • Michael Panggabean
      Michael Panggabean 3 months ago

      You could still have native american ancestors, it's just that you're not inheriting the native american gene. The thing with this sort of testing is that people are doing in with the assumption that dna is inherited mathematically, so you'll assume it'll split accordingly. But it's all randomised. If you have a sibling, tell them to do the exact same test, and from the result you'll see that your sibling will not have the exact same genetic makeup as you do.

  • Dragon's Red
    Dragon's Red 3 months ago

    God I swear he is the best. I thnk the fact he is alive during the current dark times amplifies this.

  • Jacob Murphy
    Jacob Murphy 3 months ago

    Alexa bitch

  • flickchic238
    flickchic238 3 months ago

    "Because I am a hoot" lmaooo

  • william rivera
    william rivera 3 months ago


  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 3 months ago

    And then we find out thousands of employees can and do listen even when the machine is not in use.

  • Xeno Falcon
    Xeno Falcon 3 months ago

    Bill's on to it

  • Jesse Claffee
    Jesse Claffee 3 months ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 months ago

    Volunterly Bugging own house , So true , relevant & Prophetic

  • De Luc
    De Luc 3 months ago

    Is it before or after Conan did his ancestry test?

  • CLuv
    CLuv 4 months ago +2

    Why did they edit out .com

    • CLuv
      CLuv 2 months ago +1

      @Starman256 like seriously, it will drive me insane if I don't figure out why

    • Starman256
      Starman256 2 months ago +1

      was about to comment the same thing lmao

  • Joe U.
    Joe U. 4 months ago has the legal right to sell your DNA information once you submit it; but that's in the contract you sign when you send it in...

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 4 months ago

    I work for Amazon, and I approve this.

  • MetalPersonJ
    MetalPersonJ 4 months ago

    .com is a dirty word now?

  • James Manzano
    James Manzano 4 months ago

    I’m cool with people knowing my information or what I look up online.
    However, this is a deep thought; John Winthrop said “We shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.” When you are driving, it is tough to see a car at the top of the hill, but it is very easy to see people at the bottom of a hill. If the hill is shaped like a plateau, it is impossible to see most people on the hill, and if it is a rounded hill, how it the city supposed to hold out to erosion. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but it makes more sense to be the city at the bottom of the hill if you are going for what mr. Winthrop is trying to say.