Bloopers That Will Make You Love The Avengers Even More

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • The bloopers from the Avengers films might be some of the funniest we've seen in a while. In fact, they're so funny that it's hard not to fall in love with the films all over again.
    In the realm of superheroes, especially Norse mythology-derived superheroes, you're only as good as your accessories. Thor has quite a few: his long red cape, his long blond hair, and his mighty hammer Mjolnir. When it comes to his hammer, it's so tough and unbreakable that it took the might of Hela, the goddess of death, to finally break it in Thor: Ragnarok. Maybe they got the idea for that moment from this blooper in which Thor's magical hammer sure seems like a very breakable prop.
    One of the few things as iconic as Thor's hammer in the MCU is Captain America's shield. It's about as classic as superhero equipment gets and it's so powerful that Cap routinely busts through walls and locks with it. Unfortunately, the real prop shield they use in the filming is a lot less useful than its fictional counterpart.
    Watch the video for more Bloopers That Will Make You Love The Avengers Even More.
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    Not so tough props | 0:10
    Vocal flubs | 1:10
    Hulk run away! | 2:11
    Short-circuiting Vision | 2:43
    Not so serious | 3:11
    Captain America's hot tip | 3:47
    Room to vroom | 4:24
    Stan the Man | 4:47
    Great job, Heidecker! | 5:26
    Did you say Wakanda? | 6:06
    Doctor of dance | 6:45
    Asgard's funniest home videos | 7:40
    Comedy Gold(blum) | 8:07
    The cape can't cope | 8:53
    Iron Man can't suit up | 9:26
    Wild, wild goat | 10:27
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  • TonesPOV CertifiedGoat

    Yes. Wong

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome 3 days ago

    What about how rdj apparently hid snacks all around the set and when he offered his snack to cap and mark it was really one of his snacks? It seemed so minor and yet something that tony would do yet it was just one of his quirks.

  • Maree Leming
    Maree Leming 3 days ago

    goat : interrompt black panther twice
    black panther : ok now you are going too far
    omg so funny

  • Lesi PlaysHacks
    Lesi PlaysHacks 7 days ago

    Who else noticed this

  • Callen Valkyra
    Callen Valkyra 19 days ago

    I was excited to watch this video. Then I heard the narration

  • Rushelle Bernard
    Rushelle Bernard 19 days ago

    I personally don’t mind the narrative !!! It explains a lot .

  • Nina F. Razad
    Nina F. Razad 27 days ago

    I wonder why they didn't put the quote Lee's saying at 5:18. It's more hilarious.
    Rest in peace, Stan Lee. You're loved. We still do.

  • Erin Thor
    Erin Thor 28 days ago

    I want vision back! Please!!!

  • Alexis McAuliffe
    Alexis McAuliffe Month ago

    Did you really just try to tell me that Black Panther made Lupita Nyong'o famous?

  • Sanne Marinissen
    Sanne Marinissen Month ago

    Unpopulair opinion: ant man is boring

  • Amelie Potatoes
    Amelie Potatoes Month ago

    I am? Iron man.
    Stan Lee? Rip.
    Avengers? Assemble.
    Hotel? Trivago.

  • Jim Sirette
    Jim Sirette Month ago +1

    The Avengers was produced to appeal to children and gay men.

  • Raphael Passarelli
    Raphael Passarelli Month ago +2

    Why talk so much? Just wanted to see bloopers

  • TheConfidentialEnderman

    a HoT lUnCh

  • Noah Dukat
    Noah Dukat Month ago

    Goat is gonna be the next hero they introduce

  • Pugss
    Pugss Month ago

    Mumbo jumbo hermitcraft

  • Benjamin Bierley
    Benjamin Bierley Month ago

    Check out the bloopers for Star Trek Into Darkness, the image of Khan (Cumberbatch) busting a move in his cell is forever burned into my mind.

  • Amber Andrews
    Amber Andrews Month ago


  • Amber Andrews
    Amber Andrews Month ago

    I wouldn't like to be hit by Thor's thunder. I've been zapped by a cattle fence before (between 2000-3000 volts) when I was nine. Wasn't a pleasant experience from what I can remember.

  • aruizislas
    aruizislas Month ago

    Edition sucks.
    Explanations suck big time.
    Video sucks. Great idea, lame developement.

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams Month ago

    just show bloopers and stop voice over.....very painfull to listen and watch the entire clip dragged out

  • Aryan Samii
    Aryan Samii Month ago

    It’s hard to love it more when you already love it 3000

  • Claus illum
    Claus illum Month ago

    fun fact the bad guy in doctor strange is from denmark

  • Sophie Chong
    Sophie Chong Month ago


  • Sharon Martin
    Sharon Martin Month ago

    I want an extended version of the Dr. Strange dance scenes. Specially with Mads Mikkelsen in it.

  • Sarcastic Father
    Sarcastic Father Month ago

    Would’ve been much better without the unnecessary narration.

  • Shigeo Kageyama
    Shigeo Kageyama 2 months ago

    I came for the *BLOOPERS* not that " *stupid* irrelevant commentary".

  • Steven Ross
    Steven Ross 2 months ago

    Yeah just...if you could please stop talking?

  • Adehesmer Andriguintivano

    Too many explanations👎👎👎👎👎

  • David L Carter
    David L Carter 2 months ago

    For real, tho. Just shut up and play the bloopers.

  • Shuresh Manikandan
    Shuresh Manikandan 2 months ago

    You are talking too's irritating... There is no need of explanation

  • Nounou D
    Nounou D 2 months ago

    I'm hella late... BUT when he did that spanish voice I SPIT ALL MY FOOD OUT!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!

  • Roger Powell Jr.
    Roger Powell Jr. 2 months ago

    So the goat was trying to be the GOAT?

  • pigs18
    pigs18 2 months ago

    Bloopers that made me love Looper much, much less.

  • Bill Henry
    Bill Henry 2 months ago

    Didn't come here to hear you talk or tell me what the bloopers are.
    I came here to SEE the bloopers. Too bad you do not understand that.

  • Dark Newt
    Dark Newt 2 months ago

    giving a dislike my first ever, couldn't watch anymore way to much intro.... to the bloopers

  • chithra vinayan
    chithra vinayan 2 months ago +13

    Hela:I broke Thor's hammer
    Thor:I have done this before

  • diya kaushik
    diya kaushik 2 months ago

    Can you shut up and just play the goddamn bloopers no one wants the stupid commentary ffs

  • ily 3000
    ily 3000 2 months ago


  • Aathan Raan
    Aathan Raan 2 months ago

    Just play the damn bloopers

  • Nick Pantalones
    Nick Pantalones 2 months ago

    Footage cribbed from other USclip videos slapped together and passed off as a blooper reel while unnecessary narration (read from an uninspired script at that) drones on.
    Bravo, Looper. You've done it again.

  • Raymond Gerlach
    Raymond Gerlach 2 months ago

    Love all your videos.

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 2 months ago

    The only thing that is going to make the world love the United States is to stop your troops murdering people in other countries, and get rid of trump.
    Stay home in the United States and kill each other, indeed.

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 2 months ago +1

    The only thing that going to make the world love the United States is to stop your troops murdering people in other countries, etc.
    Stay home in the United States and kill each other, indeed.

  • Adrian Enriquez
    Adrian Enriquez 3 months ago

    I was bored watching. Not funny at all.

  • Josh Mitchell
    Josh Mitchell 3 months ago

    Seriously, do you really think we need a set up for a blooper? Unlike

  • oki_ loki
    oki_ loki 3 months ago +3

    1:05 OMG HIS LAUGH😂😂 ahh I love Chris he is so cute

  • Brian Deluca
    Brian Deluca 3 months ago

    Wakanda for ever!! Shit I can't say that

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores 3 months ago

    ya. hilarious

  • peacelife
    peacelife 3 months ago

    Omg the goat last part 🤣🤣

  • nixi panda
    nixi panda 3 months ago

    30 seconds unnecessary context explanation followed by 5 seconds blooper! Such a great way to watch bloopers... said no one ever!!!

  • Alicia Barnett
    Alicia Barnett 3 months ago +1

    Too much talking, blah blah, just show the freaking takes.

  • Liberty Donaldson
    Liberty Donaldson 3 months ago

    I been loving avengers scenes as long as I can remember and I’m a huge marvel fan

  • Freja Badawi
    Freja Badawi 3 months ago +3

    9:18 "NO CAPES!!" is what Edna would say was she there.

  • sneha jain
    sneha jain 3 months ago

    America's funniest home videos? Seriously?... Darn

  • C T
    C T 3 months ago

    goat talking foreva

  • Alpha Angelo
    Alpha Angelo 3 months ago

    6:41 dania so dedicated

  • Queen HANAN
    Queen HANAN 3 months ago

    Your dumb explaintions ruined everything

  • Hans-Edward Sørensen
    Hans-Edward Sørensen 3 months ago

    couldnt watch till the end.the narrator totally ruins it

  • Jess Lo
    Jess Lo 3 months ago