I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • Sorry, what was that?
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    Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ► www.tuckerprescott.com
    Edited by Ryan Magee/Tucker ► elirymagee
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ► usclip.net/user/Egoraptor
    Danny ► usclip.net/user/NinjaSexParty
    Music from Stevia Sphere ► www.steviasphere.bandcamp.com
    Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    #gamegrumps #powerhour #lipreading
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Comments • 2 817

  • Jameson
    Jameson 6 months ago +4022

    watching the room slowly become cluttered makes me happy because it’s nice memories

    • Sarah Smith
      Sarah Smith 10 days ago


    • Anime Person
      Anime Person 2 months ago

      Hi Aron

    • Tyler Cullen
      Tyler Cullen 3 months ago +5

      Hadley Souther, I would totally agree if the captions were for people who can already hear what’s going on, but the captions are intended for people who can’t hear. You can sort of sometimes tell whether they’re yelling or not, but not always, so the captions help deaf people to experience grumps fully. For example, when Arin covers his mouth and mumbles into his hands, he easily could be saying words and I can no longer read his lips. If I couldn’t hear and there weren’t captions I’d be worried that I missed something funny, when in reality, Arin said nothing. Having the captions tell you that he mumbles nothing into his hands is actually very important if you can’t hear it properly. I do totally get that some of it was a little over the top jokey, but if someone who can’t hear grumps like I can gets to have a better and more fun day because of a caption author’s interpretation of the grumps, then I’m down. For hearing people, the captions are just a bonus; for people without hearing, they’re an essential part of the fullest experience possible. ❤️

    • MaleficKing
      MaleficKing 4 months ago +1

      @Hadley Souther It's the captions, why do you care?

    • Austin Locher
      Austin Locher 4 months ago

      Yeah cause they caught Ike selling them and obviously stopped him.

  • Possum Boy
    Possum Boy 22 hours ago

    Dan: getting them right
    Arin: having a stroke

  • HotEmoToaster
    HotEmoToaster 4 days ago

    *A P P L E F R I T T E R B A B I E S*

  • Yuri Trash
    Yuri Trash 5 days ago

    Arin: Everybody needs to calm down

  • NotMyCupofTea
    NotMyCupofTea 8 days ago

    Running is good exercise.
    _Welcome to your natural state._

  • Elliot Grant
    Elliot Grant 10 days ago

    i feel like i know too much about Dan's Tumblr usage from this video

  • jordan thompson
    jordan thompson 10 days ago

    my favorite arin quote by a fucking landslide has to be “THE BABY FUCKED SOMETHING”

  • Allison
    Allison 10 days ago

    Tucker's face when he had to figure out when Dan was saying lmfao

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 11 days ago


  • anxietymonstrr
    anxietymonstrr 13 days ago

    I ship these two as best friends- they're like 30 but they're adorable

  • mariuuhhh
    mariuuhhh 14 days ago

    *T H E B A B Y F U C K E D S O M E T H I N G*

  • MisterTylerrr
    MisterTylerrr 15 days ago

    Who ever Captions these deserves REALLY good money. They actually add to the experience.

  • Bestel Ples
    Bestel Ples 15 days ago


  • yume mirai
    yume mirai 15 days ago

    Welcome to your natural state.

  • Austin Hepner
    Austin Hepner 17 days ago

    I'm still dying from "it's going in your ass"

  • Bayley Daniel
    Bayley Daniel 24 days ago +1

    "It's covered in plastic wrap"
    "That's too much plastic crap,
    That is ENOUGH plastic crap"
    Its like parents telling an 8 year old to stop plastic wrapping something

  • MrSkully 166
    MrSkully 166 24 days ago

    Tucker is handsome

  • zombie summer
    zombie summer 24 days ago +1

    Turn on the captions lol I'm pretty sure they're playing kid's games as well lol

  • Emma K
    Emma K 24 days ago

    Crame-din is for youuuuuuuu

  • Riley Prowd
    Riley Prowd 24 days ago

    I love how delicately Dan calls Arin ‘fuckface’. It’s almost endearing.

  • Siren! Danny
    Siren! Danny 26 days ago

    I was looking at a Rainbow Dash gif and I heard Arin yell but it looked like Rainbow Dash said it. Arin: Ah! YEE HAW BITCH! I got to coins muthafucka! Yeah!
    Rainbow you ok?

  • Siren! Danny
    Siren! Danny 26 days ago

    Arin: everybody needs to calm down
    My parents walk into the room “welp...I’m grounded.”☹️

  • Siren! Danny
    Siren! Danny 26 days ago +2

    Arin: “It’s covered in plastic wrap “
    Dan: That’s to much plastic crap

  • Canstacat
    Canstacat 28 days ago

    i think this is my all time favorite power hour

  • dis_cat_ded _
    dis_cat_ded _ 28 days ago

    Ice cream headaches suck.
    Stonks /

  • the slunch
    the slunch 28 days ago

    I'm surprised Danny got so many right because he was mumbling so quietly the mic didn't even pick his voice up.

    DAISHORYUJIN 95 Month ago

    Arin: do you has bro?
    Me: Do you has the courage, the determination, the five bucks that it takes to join the Homestarmy?

  • Triston Comeaux
    Triston Comeaux Month ago

    Those moments when they honestly just act ridiculous enough to surprise on another honestly break me, like entire nails on plastic scene.

  • bun
    bun Month ago


  • wadiub
    wadiub Month ago

    Arin:"the teacher drew a square"

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 Month ago +1

    *I H A S B R O* OMG these two.

  • Bunny Tsukino
    Bunny Tsukino Month ago

    It’s going in ur ass

  • Juice
    Juice Month ago

    0:50 they both knew and I'm fucking crying

  • Dudley Diddles
    Dudley Diddles Month ago

    Dan: Ok, cool
    Google: Hey! How can I help?

  • xxPap3rclipxx
    xxPap3rclipxx Month ago +1

    "KEEP IT HIGH OFF A DOODY" is one of my favorite Arinism ever.

  • felix F
    felix F Month ago

    i need more of this game asap

  • BassClefEly
    BassClefEly Month ago

    I had to pause this video and take a breathe because I was laughing way too hard.

  • Kenny Zeman
    Kenny Zeman Month ago

    oh fuck the 5 minute mark area when dan starts with "lets try another one" surely almost killed me. i wasnt sure how much funnier it could get when i had previously shot ramen out of my nose (ow) earlier in this. hoo i dont know if my body can even handle watching the rest.

  • Jaycub Hunt
    Jaycub Hunt Month ago

    I hate and love that all Arin has to do with his cute dumb dad face is wiggle them lips and I burst into laughter.

  • SerialDust
    SerialDust Month ago

    Don't you hate when your doosh gets shoofed

  • Kajdren
    Kajdren Month ago

    Can we please get a compilation of them saying the same thing at the same time

  • gandamu
    gandamu Month ago

    This is where you die.

  • Zodiac Galileo Klondike

    Dan's shirt said trans rights.

  • I.J.B.P
    I.J.B.P Month ago +1

    "Don't eat too much candy... ...don't eat too much latte"
    "Keep it high off of doodie"
    "This is where you die"

  • Aleks253
    Aleks253 Month ago

    this video is fucking great

  • Zach Walz
    Zach Walz Month ago

    “Vegans are very bold eaters.”

    That gets me every time.

  • 044332B
    044332B Month ago

    the fact that they time that has bro joke without thinking makes me so happy

  • Jeffums
    Jeffums Month ago


    * I B I N G E D T H E J E W *

  • Reuben Taylor
    Reuben Taylor Month ago

    Is it just me or does dan remind you of Garth from Wayne’s world

  • Charlee Byrd
    Charlee Byrd Month ago

    The baby fell asleep this morning

  • Connor Granger
    Connor Granger Month ago

    5:41 captions

  • business shark
    business shark Month ago


  • Mochi's Game Hut
    Mochi's Game Hut Month ago

    During learn to krochet one, dan was answering everything arin was saying but the headphones were on. They can hear. I have the game the headphones suck.

  • Mochi's Game Hut
    Mochi's Game Hut Month ago

    Arin wasn't even trying

  • Gigi Balogh
    Gigi Balogh Month ago

    hi Dan and Eric I am new to the city

  • Mary Udomah
    Mary Udomah Month ago

    “The teacher drew a square.”
    *”T H I S I S W H E R E Y O U D I E”*

  • Killerthrillzmar
    Killerthrillzmar 2 months ago +1

    Mother:Hay, the baby fell asleep this morning
    (Arin runs in)

  • Derpy OxO
    Derpy OxO 2 months ago +16

    Dan: “the baby fell asleep this morning”
    Arin: *”T H E B A B Y F U C K E D S O M E T H I N G”*

  • Sisi Animates
    Sisi Animates 2 months ago

    Arin: the teacher drew a square
    Dan: this is where you die
    Everyone in the office : ...