Ray J's Wife Is Furious!

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • The nominations for the 62nd Grammy Awards were announced and Lizzo led the nominees with eight nods including Record of the Year.
    Then, Ray J's wife Princess Love has accused him of leaving her stranded in Las Vegas at 8 months pregnant.
    Princess slammed Ray J in his Instagram comments, but shortly deleted the post.
    Plus, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star, Vicki Gunvalson says she won’t return if she’s a "friend" next season on RHOC.
    And, ‘Harriet’ screenwriter says studio executive wanted Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman claiming “no one is going to know the difference.”
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  • Empress Ayana
    Empress Ayana 3 hours ago

    Their daughter is tooo Adorable😌🥰😊😍 she is just Precious....

  • J -
    J - 13 hours ago

    This women is so top heavy and oddly shaped. She can tip over easily

  • She-Ra Princess of Power

    I've never seen an episone of GOT, but I know exactly which Brandy song she was talking about. :)

  • ZeeZee OnTop
    ZeeZee OnTop Day ago

    Princess knows who she married and we all know she isn’t leaving him

  • leanna walker
    leanna walker Day ago

    Wendy, you tried that outfit w them shoes

  • Ann Richards
    Ann Richards 2 days ago

    Ray j...a case of deliverance!hmmmmmmm!!!!

  • Patricia George
    Patricia George 2 days ago


  • Jazmin Rodriguez
    Jazmin Rodriguez 2 days ago +1

    Love that dress Wendy ❤️😍😍

  • Dannielle Renee
    Dannielle Renee 3 days ago

    And those wigs, she looks like Jacko!!!

  • Deyshreona Lynch
    Deyshreona Lynch 3 days ago

    And the fact that he have her a prenup that entitles her to a hefty amount of money, I would have left✌🏾

  • Deyshreona Lynch
    Deyshreona Lynch 3 days ago

    I think everyone forgot that princess was the one that tried to push him in, and when he pushed her off of him, she went into the pool. And also, if you have actually followed their relationship, she constantly takes off and leaves him stranded like the time he took her to ride those stupid scooters, or just recently when he came to the reveal shoot in the wrong clothes. But now that he has returned the favor, everyone wants to call him out. I'm not saying in anyway that what he did was right cause it was far from it, that woman is carrying his child. But at the same time, she can't be childish and do that to him and not expect the same in return. That's what's wrong with allot of females, especially the ones that like to hit😒

  • Njikam Jamila
    Njikam Jamila 3 days ago

    Ray J is brandy's brother ? Well I didn't know. Ray J has a bad attitude honestly . he won't have anything serious to say on the DEC.3rd.

  • Njikam Jamila
    Njikam Jamila 3 days ago

    Ray J is brandy's brother ? Well I didn't know. Ray J has a bad attitude honestly . he won't have anything serious to say on the DEC.3rd.

  • Karma Moore
    Karma Moore 3 days ago

    How you work for wendy and your teeth yellow 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • sparkle hughes
    sparkle hughes 3 days ago

    Ugliest dress.

  • Andrea Brooks
    Andrea Brooks 3 days ago

    9:09 what a b!tch!!! 😂😂😂

  • Soda Pop Top
    Soda Pop Top 3 days ago +1

    Ray J is a non factor. If it wasn't for his sister, I wouldn't know who he is!!!

  • Magno Gelin
    Magno Gelin 3 days ago

    Crazy Wedy asked "well what did she do" smdh there is no excuse for leaving ur 8 month pregnant wife and child like that idc what t.f she could have done sleep on the couch t.f. Why am I even surprised she even asked that, the same women who accepted she husband to cheat on her for over a decade and only finally left cuz he had a child on her hmm that's a damn shame!

  • phyllis dawkins
    phyllis dawkins 4 days ago

    maybe because she's a pickmesha ray j's wife is

  • Masy tt
    Masy tt 4 days ago +1

    You don't leave a pregnant woman
    You don't leave a woman with a toddler
    You most definitely don't leave a pregnant woman with a toddler

  • Gugu Gumbi
    Gugu Gumbi 4 days ago

    It doesn't matter what Princess did 😏

  • Lola Cole
    Lola Cole 4 days ago

    RayJ is so childish

  • Uwontregretit101
    Uwontregretit101 4 days ago

    Well the average female do alot on there on

  • Uwontregretit101
    Uwontregretit101 4 days ago +1

    I know she wears wigs.but this looks like a wig if i didnt know it was a wig.

  • N L
    N L 4 days ago +1

    You black people are fine with black people playing white character in the Little Mermaid but mad at white people playing a black character???

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly 4 days ago

    I am glad princess love got pushed in the pool because she is very aggressive and rude.

  • keesha1232
    keesha1232 4 days ago

    Everybody knows Ray J isn’t marrying material and the push in the pool should have made her run the other way not have two kids!

  • Tolu Osinowo
    Tolu Osinowo 4 days ago

    Wendy!! There’s nothing! Absolutely nothing the wive could’ve done that will justify him leaving her stranded in another state with a baby and an 8th month pregnancy. Stop the ducking ignorance!

  • Tolu Osinowo
    Tolu Osinowo 4 days ago +1

    Ok... Wendy’s hair stylist and fashion side need to be fired immediately. She’s looking like a drag lady grandma

  • Self Love Journey
    Self Love Journey 5 days ago

    Princess was the other woman. He was originally with someone else. Posted pictures of the girls dirty laundry and then RayJ dumped out her things in front of her friends. No pity. You reap what you sow

  • TT Hill
    TT Hill 5 days ago

    She need to stop with the lifts and botox Ugh

  • Nia Whittley
    Nia Whittley 5 days ago

    Damn Wendy, I know your damn Back hurt with them titties. Standing for her looks painful!

  • justin time
    justin time 6 days ago +1

    Wendy, just say it you only like black people music... no need to pick on kids now

  • sumkindalady
    sumkindalady 6 days ago

    Ray J Tea at 4:55

  • Asand dy
    Asand dy 6 days ago

    Did you not see Princess trying to hit him before she landed in the pool. These two should have never married in the first place

  • Pam M
    Pam M 6 days ago

    Seriously Wendy, Why Are You Asking Where His Mom Is? He's A Grown Man. I Don't Condone What Ray J Did & Understand Not Wanting To Travel Alone, But She's A Grown Woman Who Needs To Learn How To Be Independent & Stop Thinking She's Gotta Have Someone To Help Her With Her Child While She's Pregnant. And WTF Is With The Human Trafficking Comment? Is She Gonna Be Paranoid, Living A Sheltered Life, Thinking She Needs Body Gaurds Just To Exist? Just Because Bad Things Can & Do Happen, It Doesn't Mean That They're Gonna Happen To You. 🤦🏽

  • Sheleen Baynes
    Sheleen Baynes 7 days ago

    Goes to show anybody winning Grammys these days

  • Nadiyah Woods
    Nadiyah Woods 7 days ago

    The song with Brandy and Daniel Ceaser is actually beautiful. I love it and it plays all the time on Apple Music R&B radio. Maybe try a little research before you go spewing negativity. #miserableoldlady

  • perezsmithinstienjon
    perezsmithinstienjon 7 days ago +1

    That push in the pool was sooooflyyyyy!!! Greatest moment in Reality TV to date. I wanna see it again. Actually, gonna look for it now. See ya’ Wendy. Can only take you in itsy bitzy teeny tiny minute AF doses.

  • M M
    M M 7 days ago

    My 2mth old in her sleep:💨💨
    Me: shrugs and continue to watch Wendy

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago +1

    That's some directors, you could watch a show and not have nudity scene.

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago

    That shows he didn't care. She was Moses, freeing the slave, going to battle.

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago

    So they were going to black face her. That would be a disgrace to Mrs. Tubman and black African American race and the movie was excellent

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago +1

    I'm sure they're disrespecting her on show coming back part time she should have pulled a Lisa Vanderpump.

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago

    Who is Daniel Ceasar? I'll have to look up.

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago +1

    She never should have gone being eight months pregnant and with a young baby knowing you are due to have a baby.

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago

    He did not push her she was charging at him and he pushed her out ther way from hitting him and the pool just so happened to be to the left of her and she fell in she should not have charged him. Any case she married him and she knew what man she had he is an Entertainer and the life he lived

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago

    See Wendy and staff didn't fact-check before they start on Ray J Ray J had another side to the story and I believe Ray J. His mom tried to warn him.

  • NC Old-Soul
    NC Old-Soul 7 days ago

    I know Billy because of my 9 and 10 tr old listen to pop. Lizzo seems to be popular. Some songs I did not know were Lizzo that I liked, she is more pop so of course she is going to have nominations. Nas I only know the one song but I like Billy Ray Cyrus.

  • Kathryn Terry
    Kathryn Terry 7 days ago

    It's just one person's word that he "heard" someone said that they could have Julia Roberts play Harriet Tubman. There's no proof it actually happened. And if it did, there's also no context to the conversation... Was it a joke? 1993 was The Pelican Brief era Julia Roberts... I just don't think anyone could honestly have been THAT stupid to seriously have made that suggestion. 🤦🤦🤷

  • Kathryn Terry
    Kathryn Terry 7 days ago

    That outfit looks so comfy 😍

  • Lily Corve
    Lily Corve 7 days ago

    Wendy said demotation lol is that even a word I thought it was demotion

  • nkululeko moloi
    nkululeko moloi 7 days ago


  • Sylvia Banks
    Sylvia Banks 7 days ago

    She has NEVER been happy being with him. Idk why she married him. She just wanted to be MARRIED and have a baby like a lot of women. They just say I DO because someone proposed, they don't consider the work and sacrifice that goes into a MARRIAGE!

  • MegaMakeup *
    MegaMakeup * 8 days ago +1

    Wendy got a lot of room to talk about someones hubby!!!! BooBoo, get a hold of ya own man!!!!🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Chrissy Tills
    Chrissy Tills 8 days ago

    erm planes are a public space so you have to take consideration of others, imagine if everyone had that same attitude, playing there music or watch other shows and films that are not for everyones eye's. no one wold ever fly looool

  • Auset Ausar
    Auset Ausar 8 days ago

    Princess, remember you were laughing at Teirras pain? #DamnSun Karma never forgets😥

  • tori Tori
    tori Tori 8 days ago

    LL cool j never ages

  • Serena W
    Serena W 8 days ago +1

    All that and she still with him

  • G.C. Anté
    G.C. Anté 8 days ago

    Wendy’s out of touch