• Published on Jun 16, 2019
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  • Athria Playz
    Athria Playz 34 minutes ago +1


  • Tavari Thorpe
    Tavari Thorpe 8 hours ago +1

    I don’t know what to choose I LOVE BOTH #ameera #jena!!!!!

  • Tavari Thorpe
    Tavari Thorpe 8 hours ago +1

    # part 2

  • life with jayla
    life with jayla 10 hours ago


  • Janis Gibson
    Janis Gibson 14 hours ago +1

    I like Jeddah's slime

  • we play outside all the time Karabin

    Well I'm watching this video I'm also playing with slime

  • Scarlet And Roblox And Me Of Couse

    #part 2!!!!!!!!

    CRINGE KING2875 23 hours ago


  • Honming Woo
    Honming Woo Day ago

    Jean is so annoying

  • Elizabeth OTten
    Elizabeth OTten Day ago

    Jedda it won’t turn pink becouse it’s clear if you get white it will be pink

  • Jacie Ellis
    Jacie Ellis Day ago

    I love your videos❤️

  • Selihom Philmon
    Selihom Philmon Day ago

    #part two

  • Shalana Clarke
    Shalana Clarke Day ago +1

    Can you do a video of playing hide and seek at night
    That would be so cool

  • Shalana Clarke
    Shalana Clarke Day ago

    Hi ameerah I love your video and sometimes your mom can stop cheating

  • Alya Sara
    Alya Sara Day ago

    where is the part twooooo

  • Lemonade
    Lemonade 2 days ago +2

    Hejsisjdbkwkdjjsjs I'm frustrated bcz JEDDAH CHEATED!!!!🙄 🙄 I JUST HATE WHEN SOMEONE CHEAT!!!😂😂 sorry I'm weird

  • Maya Rivera
    Maya Rivera 2 days ago

    Hey Amerah what's your slimeatory name mines Cute_Wolfy ¡¡¡¡Love you ❤️💋!!!!

  • Jasmine's life !
    Jasmine's life ! 2 days ago

    #part 2

  • Rhea mae Luna
    Rhea mae Luna 2 days ago

    Subscribe to ameerah

  • abigail trinidad
    abigail trinidad 2 days ago

    like me to jenna so menny slime and big like jeyant

  • Kulthum Ahmed
    Kulthum Ahmed 3 days ago

    Thats my slietory

  • Marianna Martinez
    Marianna Martinez 3 days ago

    í dσnt líkє hσw чσur mσm íѕ ѕσ ѕєlfєѕh

  • Bin Bloke
    Bin Bloke 3 days ago +2

    Who else love ammerah

  • Reyes Bartolome
    Reyes Bartolome 3 days ago


  • Kelvin Kwok
    Kelvin Kwok 3 days ago

    Jaddahhhh go diee

  • xianah Balt
    xianah Balt 3 days ago

    It's just okay ameerah it says last stop adding ingredients but the glue is an ingredient for the slime.

  • Mira Safranka
    Mira Safranka 3 days ago

    #parttwo !!!

  • Madison Clark
    Madison Clark 4 days ago

    #part 2

  • Taria Simei
    Taria Simei 4 days ago

    #part 2!!!

  • MGpringels Badibanga

    If I was in this challenge then I would start with over activateing the slime a lot so when I add a lot of shaving cream it wouldn't fall apart

  • Kenzie Rudicil
    Kenzie Rudicil 4 days ago

    Hey i love the slimestory its the best u guys are funny and smart u love all of u

  • Jessica Hernandez
    Jessica Hernandez 4 days ago

    Finally Jeddah won without cheating

  • Tracey Hopa
    Tracey Hopa 5 days ago +1

    So this is litarally how much money she wastes but no a fence Ameerah it's not u you're cool!!!

  • Naoko
    Naoko 5 days ago

    #part two

  • leilani arts
    leilani arts 5 days ago


  • Blue Girl
    Blue Girl 5 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Heards are too!
    But its from me?
    Roses are red!
    Heards are too!
    Give a Heard!
    But why is blue??

    • alyssa hunte
      alyssa hunte 3 days ago

      Sorry I really am but I does not sound good

  • ahmad alharbi
    ahmad alharbi 5 days ago

    Never mind he's saved😥

  • ahmad alharbi
    ahmad alharbi 5 days ago


  • Kathleen Hennessy
    Kathleen Hennessy 5 days ago

    I remember when slimeatory 500 was yet to come bc she kept putting slimeatory 499.97

  • Manjeet Kaur
    Manjeet Kaur 5 days ago

    i added you all in slimeatory

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer 6 days ago

    Keshup and Mutherd

  • The Best Persoon yeee

    Ameerah can see the comments so she knows if someone said that

  • Najelis Martinez
    Najelis Martinez 6 days ago


  • Maya Hanbali
    Maya Hanbali 6 days ago +2

    who went to the comment to see if jeddah cheated lol

  • Luis Maldonado
    Luis Maldonado 6 days ago

    Ummm they made a mistake its not the first one to finsh its the last one to finish

  • Do not eat- SNOW- Gacha


  • Amber Lily
    Amber Lily 6 days ago +1

    Hi I’ve got the Slimeatory app how do I add you

  • Alexis Negron
    Alexis Negron 6 days ago

    I don’t think she lost because it’s the last to stop adding ingredients

  • Lily Coleman
    Lily Coleman 6 days ago

    Love thus vid

  • Carrington Sprouse
    Carrington Sprouse 6 days ago

    I really want slime my last bottle melted and I couldn't fix it

  • Shasmecka Campos
    Shasmecka Campos 6 days ago


  • Sep Doungchanvatey
    Sep Doungchanvatey 6 days ago

    Can you play last to add a thing win

  • Aaliyah Ulanimo
    Aaliyah Ulanimo 7 days ago

    Add me my username is Aaliyah

  • Maddie Corb
    Maddie Corb 7 days ago

    It's been a month so... HURRY UP PLS

  • laylaplayzzroblox **

    Tip: maybe turn down the brightness at some points of the video cause it’s bright and glaring

  • angelicgold pup
    angelicgold pup 7 days ago

    Amira Amira show you please read this first the mother just just now why I hate cheaters cheater cheater pumpkin eater has liar liar pants on fire

    • angelicgold pup
      angelicgold pup 7 days ago

      Girl...add more glue than da mum if the mum read this... I HATE YOU NEVER DO A CHALLENGE AGAIN U DUMB MOTHER. Not to the mom now,amera add a gold slime & HIDE UR GLITTER AND STUFF

  • shaynell munn
    shaynell munn 7 days ago

    I em a fan of your videos and I learnt how to make slime from your videos and can you make this in you videos a were you do last to stop poing clay in your slime

  • angelicgold pup
    angelicgold pup 7 days ago +2

    I'm a offended that it's not on the App Store and I feel like you're being racist against android >:€

    • Chanthou Ing
      Chanthou Ing 5 days ago

      Be patient

    • angelicgold pup
      angelicgold pup 5 days ago

      @Blair Thomas I FEEL OFFENDED

    • Blair Thomas
      Blair Thomas 5 days ago

      angelicgold pup there working on it you’ll regret saying that when it comes on androids

  • Neal Sahi - Churchville PS (1436)

    Guys did u see there slimes were touching before they said it

  • Mikeala Sy
    Mikeala Sy 7 days ago

    Who’s older Ammire or paul

  • Gabriela Cruz
    Gabriela Cruz 7 days ago

    # part two

  • Elena de Lorenzo Gracia

    This is how many times Jeddah did the hand movement

  • Tie dye gymnast33
    Tie dye gymnast33 7 days ago

    This is how much ameerah cares about mr.bannannah blob

  • Jenina Guevarra
    Jenina Guevarra 8 days ago

    Omg 😱 😱 😱

  • miriam nunez
    miriam nunez 8 days ago +1

    Jettah you brag to much

  • Neckton 1.72 Alonso
    Neckton 1.72 Alonso 8 days ago

    I love mister banana blop

  • Nokise Filipo
    Nokise Filipo 8 days ago +1

    how many times did jeddah say I'm almost done with my 12345 bottle ameerah

  • Emily M
    Emily M 8 days ago +1

    I dont like her mom

  • ItsMini Cookie
    ItsMini Cookie 8 days ago

    It says ingredients glue is a ingredient....

  • TheCoRgI_pOtAtO
    TheCoRgI_pOtAtO 8 days ago

    Benji and Jey jey
    👁 👁. 👁 👁
    🍌 👄 🍓 👄

  • Denis Mejer
    Denis Mejer 8 days ago

    They added so much shaving cream, it even looks like shaving cream

  • Megan o Vids
    Megan o Vids 8 days ago +1

    I love you guys so much 😘

  • universalvideo
    universalvideo 8 days ago +1

    This is how many points jede or ameerah

  • Chejuana Owens
    Chejuana Owens 8 days ago +1

    Team amery

  • lian thang
    lian thang 8 days ago


  • lian thang
    lian thang 8 days ago +1


  • Olive Gamboa
    Olive Gamboa 9 days ago

    how to download a slimeatory? i want to play it

  • Golden Flutter
    Golden Flutter 9 days ago +1

    Just Ameerah won!!

  • Mily Hernández
    Mily Hernández 9 days ago

    #part 2

  • Emma Gutierrez
    Emma Gutierrez 9 days ago +1

    # part 2 and 3

  • Purple kitty ninja 2010

    Sad thing is there where so many ads
    Also ps:can you stop being mean to echother plz
    Also also:can the slimes date now XD

  • Jemima Heath
    Jemima Heath 9 days ago

    Please do an iceberg with these slimes and show us at the beginning of one of the videos

  • Hey I’m LIANA
    Hey I’m LIANA 9 days ago +1

    Each like is how much times she says yeah right

  • Hey I’m LIANA
    Hey I’m LIANA 9 days ago +1

    On my slime shop it’s called Liana

  • Vanessa Milhomme
    Vanessa Milhomme 10 days ago

    #Part two

  • george sookhoo
    george sookhoo 10 days ago

    You should make a giant iceberg slime

  • Russell Terry
    Russell Terry 10 days ago

    Her mom is really annoying

  • Elizabeth Boop
    Elizabeth Boop 10 days ago


  • Jade Hitchen
    Jade Hitchen 10 days ago

    I like ameerahs slime

  • Glenda Carden
    Glenda Carden 10 days ago

    #team ameerah

  • Blessing M
    Blessing M 10 days ago

    we want part2

  • Teresa Reza
    Teresa Reza 10 days ago

    I would say Jeddah won

  • Divina Gracia
    Divina Gracia 10 days ago +8

    People when touching shaving cream whenever they make slime
    It's honesty

  • Letus React
    Letus React 10 days ago +1

    Ameerah lots real early cause she stopped adding shaving cream first but she didnt lose at the end she lots at the start 😂😂

  • GGIRL Yeet GJ
    GGIRL Yeet GJ 10 days ago

    I wish I was at the Slimeatory cool vid

  • UNICORN dream
    UNICORN dream 10 days ago

    I cant get that game

  • Elyana Matulessya
    Elyana Matulessya 10 days ago


  • Carrie Murphy
    Carrie Murphy 11 days ago

    is your mom an anime or is she your mom

  • Winson Tam
    Winson Tam 11 days ago

    This is how many times Jeddah said “pretty cool or super cool”