Match Outfit to Person | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
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    Match Outfit to Person | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 8 252

  • Aadya Khatavkar
    Aadya Khatavkar Hour ago

    The runway music is soo gooood. Can anyone tell me which one it is?

  • Rainyblue Hamsters
    Rainyblue Hamsters 7 hours ago

    Disgusting episode

  • Maddie Lippy
    Maddie Lippy 12 hours ago

    Damn no bigger people....? Its 2019 folks

    • Alex Dukes
      Alex Dukes 10 hours ago

      having one "bigger" person would be a dead give away for their clothes.. and if that wasn't enough they wouldn't have been able to fit in the other people's clothes.

  • George Dib
    George Dib 13 hours ago

    i need a part 2

  • Tahsin Alam
    Tahsin Alam 17 hours ago

    Just imagine his feelings if the black dude just picked the best suit in his closet.

  • Southernbelle24
    Southernbelle24 Day ago

    I love the black skirt and shirt girl with the ties outfit

  • Kim Don
    Kim Don Day ago

    im the one that wears hoodies in the all year round. I want to start cross dressing but i am at such a young age where i cant do that quite yet until i have more support in my life.

  • Carolus Imperat
    Carolus Imperat Day ago

    Why the men wearing dresses tho?

  • Marie Jauregui
    Marie Jauregui 2 days ago

    Richard 😍😍😍👅👅👅😜

  • Addyson Caten
    Addyson Caten 2 days ago

    Okay for real. I love this. A couple times I’m like ok why is they so mean? And others in like dang they got that right

  • XxRoseWitchxX
    XxRoseWitchxX 2 days ago

    4:58 it reminded me of Jason Dean. (Heathers)

  • ViVous One
    ViVous One 2 days ago

    the people at the center have no sense of fashion. I kept thinking of someone different from the person they chose. They should've been basing it on the measurements and height of the outfit but they're going by if it looks good on the subject

  • Khalooli Su
    Khalooli Su 2 days ago

    1:40 yo anyone feeling the vibes with those two..they can be an amazing couple.

  • the darkknight
    the darkknight 2 days ago

    Why is nearly everyone on this channel gay

  • sera
    sera 3 days ago

    Wild guess b4 I end the video and see all the answers:
    White dude - jesus robe
    Asian chick - flashy outfit
    Gay dude - the romper
    Black girl - the onepiece
    The Asian with the haircut - the black outfit
    Indian(?) dude - the suit
    White girl - the plaid atrocity
    Black dude - the striped shirt

  • Vrbaski
    Vrbaski 3 days ago

    You guys even got a Kassem G knock-off character on your channel! LMAO

  • marleinxs
    marleinxs 3 days ago

    I need a second video with this concept. Loved this!

  • SmellsOkay
    SmellsOkay 4 days ago

    The thicc Thighed girl.. So attractive

  • Chris C
    Chris C 5 days ago +1

    The more I watch this the more I realise the term "Strangers" is very loosely used. It's the same people in every video.

  • Gabriel Gamble
    Gabriel Gamble 5 days ago

    The comic guy Is so me

  • stylinson -
    stylinson - 6 days ago +1

    wow, the third guy surprised me because that outfit doesnt suit him so much for me. in any case, he is so pretty and all the others outfits looked very good on him.

  • Alpar Stan
    Alpar Stan 6 days ago

    Why is everybody gay? Maybe expect the black guy... But... Wtf??!!

  • Anthony Guerrero
    Anthony Guerrero 6 days ago

    That dude was trying so hard to be a nerd 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nj Na
    Nj Na 6 days ago

    Girl with short hair got an amazing body

  • lady veruca grimes
    lady veruca grimes 7 days ago


  • Manisha Padarat
    Manisha Padarat 7 days ago +1

    The Indian guy is so annoying and boring. Please don't bring him back.

  • Bryan Masis
    Bryan Masis 7 days ago

    That mid eastern looking dude looks like a young version of the not mad hulk (the doctor)

  • Goku Jorge
    Goku Jorge 7 days ago

    All I need Is my led Zeppelin shirt and skinny jeans

  • Alden Nguyen
    Alden Nguyen 8 days ago

    7:36 look on the right

  • The Waaagh! Productions

    all of them except for the black guy looked so bad!

  • Elleanoir Diaries
    Elleanoir Diaries 9 days ago

    That one guy looked a bit like Tom Ellis tho o:

  • elizkrit643 SCS
    elizkrit643 SCS 9 days ago +1

    The second person from the far left side looked good in everything

  • You think i'm funny?
    You think i'm funny? 10 days ago

    this channel is so fucking gay

  • chloe nicole
    chloe nicole 10 days ago

    that black girl (i’m assuming she’s black) literally looked good in everything. everyone looked good tbh

  • Vitra Wijaya
    Vitra Wijaya 11 days ago

    The beard guy matched was good

  • Saphire Sargent
    Saphire Sargent 11 days ago

    I got so many of then right I love it

  • sophie macfadyen
    sophie macfadyen 11 days ago

    I need the goth's instagram handle she is so gorgeous

  • Adi Kusdarwanto
    Adi Kusdarwanto 11 days ago

    7:03 the black woman is the most fit on it

  • Jin is mine
    Jin is mine 12 days ago

    9:34 it wasn't "unnie"? 😂

  • Nicolás Zambrano G.
    Nicolás Zambrano G. 12 days ago

    3:39 wow...... just wow..... I'm in love. That's how Nutella would look like if Nutella was a person.

  • Layan
    Layan 12 days ago

    He mentioned Wolverine and Daredevil. I'm hooked

  • Natalia
    Natalia 12 days ago

    this black guy is charming as fuck

  • Jayla Thornton
    Jayla Thornton 13 days ago

    3:39 let’s take a minute and appreciate her eyes

  • Ruddy Pullas
    Ruddy Pullas 13 days ago

    the girl with the dark skin but with I think green eyes? just WOW she is gorgeous, and also the girl with the short hair!! both so stunning

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas 13 days ago

    What is Gonzalo Higuain doing?

  • anya !
    anya ! 14 days ago

    ok but the guy in the top left corner at 2:19 is absolutely gorgeous

  • Shortiee Boo
    Shortiee Boo 14 days ago

    When she said go 😂😂✋✋

  • Dana Neil
    Dana Neil 15 days ago +10

    Am I the only one who really liked the green suit??

  • dark southpaw
    dark southpaw 15 days ago

    that guesser in the pink was so gorgeous goddamn she was a literal 11/10

  • Rachel Miller
    Rachel Miller 15 days ago

    *Your favorite Kenyan uncle*

  • Liv Estelle
    Liv Estelle 17 days ago

    This is my favourite line up video ever

  • Boo Bang
    Boo Bang 18 days ago

    The green suite looks like Ed Nigma’s

  • Sid Pad
    Sid Pad 18 days ago

    "Clark Kent if he was just a little bit less white" HAHAHA

  • BioHazrd
    BioHazrd 18 days ago

    Why is everyone so queer

  • Isabelle Price
    Isabelle Price 18 days ago +1

    This will probably get taken down 😂

  • Alexander Dieye
    Alexander Dieye 18 days ago +1

    The guy in the yellow jacket pisses me off

  • S W
    S W 20 days ago

    The woman guessing with the dark skin long hair and bright colored eyes is so damn gorgeous, like my god

  • NIX 0108
    NIX 0108 20 days ago

    they all look gorgeuos !!

  • Aadya Khatavkar
    Aadya Khatavkar 20 days ago

    Seriously tho that guy who looks like Bradley Cooper looks good in everything

  • Aadya Khatavkar
    Aadya Khatavkar 21 day ago

    Okay but that runway music though 🎶

  • Mukbanged
    Mukbanged 21 day ago

    The nerd needs to get out of the house

  • James W Boone
    James W Boone 21 day ago

    3rd guy from right looks hot in and out of clothes😂

  • jessica esparza
    jessica esparza 21 day ago

    that girl in the pink jumpsuit is so freaking pretty 🤩😩

  • E M
    E M 21 day ago

    The black guy and his green suit ugh IM WEAKKKKKKK

  • Sam Chavan
    Sam Chavan 22 days ago

    0:10 her laugh reminded me of Bellatrix 😂😂😂😂

  • Emily Dennison
    Emily Dennison 22 days ago +1

    I'd be so triggered if someone put on my clothes. 🤷🤦

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 23 days ago

    The Black guy kept looking at his pants after she said he had creases😂😂

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 23 days ago

    1:45 That Outift alone is probably 300$

  • blake duffy
    blake duffy 23 days ago


  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 23 days ago

    I know homeboy ain’t talking about lookin cheap ....

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz 23 days ago

    Asian cutie in white top and green romper gave me life (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 23 days ago +1

    0:45 omfg I’m crying🤣🤣🤣😂

    KNIGHT MASTER 24 days ago

    0:30 I’m sorry but is this guy The Indian Bruce Banner? And why did he mention Clark Kent, Lex Luther, Daredevil, and Wolverine in the same video?

  • Subscriber Subscriber
    Subscriber Subscriber 24 days ago

    9:47 is my favorite outfit

  • iliana h
    iliana h 25 days ago

    9:27 oh my god cuteness overload

  • Alexqw88
    Alexqw88 25 days ago

    Richard is my fav

  • jmsolano0516
    jmsolano0516 25 days ago

    That black girl who is judging what the ppl should wear is like...super attractive

  • nicesemmoneygt
    nicesemmoneygt 25 days ago

    The streets of Asia, Asian girl doesn't know here history

  • LaFleur
    LaFleur 25 days ago

    I guessed most things right yaaayy

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton 26 days ago +1

    The gay guy was just there to troll

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton 26 days ago +4

    How does everyone fit the same clothes?

  • 1616 ichrak
    1616 ichrak 26 days ago

    😂😂😂 trop drôles

  • F Yuzakki
    F Yuzakki 26 days ago

    Those people are beautiful 😁

  • FuchIt -
    FuchIt - 26 days ago

    "I don't know what the fuck this is" my reaction to literally everything

  • Yareli Montes
    Yareli Montes 27 days ago

    yyyyaaaassss ssuuupppeerrmmmaaannn!!!!

  • ur mom is gay
    ur mom is gay 27 days ago

    In case you couldn't tell, the guys with the yellow jacket likes superheroes!!!!!

  • Hannah Crank
    Hannah Crank 27 days ago

    Everyone in this video looked so good 😭

  • Roper™
    Roper™ 27 days ago


  • Yosua Nabara
    Yosua Nabara 27 days ago

    I think u should've definitely get the yellow shirt girl, and the nigerian uncle right...
    But i'm really surprised with the 3rd person from left

  • Matilde Moniz
    Matilde Moniz 27 days ago

    1:22 she seems like a real model

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 28 days ago

    0:45...ok then

  • Zehra Hatice
    Zehra Hatice 28 days ago

    I thought she ment 1.50 omfg

  • Praise Ojo
    Praise Ojo 28 days ago

    the mixed girl more on the dark side seemed like she only knew 1 place where blacks/africans evolved from which is weird bc as a black person I thought you'd be able to know the places where ur color evolved from but thats my opinion don't bother arguing bc u may not agree with what I'm saying bc we all have different opinions

  • Caitlin Handshoe
    Caitlin Handshoe 29 days ago

    Why is everyone in this video so beautiful

  • shauna estes
    shauna estes 29 days ago

    The dude with the slippers actually looks good in everything 😍🤣

  • snow tokki
    snow tokki 29 days ago

    I really like the Korean? womans style. Also her haircut is so nice

  • Ethan Quick
    Ethan Quick 29 days ago +2

    This ain't your house lol I died from laughter😂😂😂

  • Olivia Stanic
    Olivia Stanic 29 days ago

    ok but are we not talking about "eonni"??? like I've been spellin' it "unnie" this whooole time. oops?

  • Christiana {Tia} Shumpert

    Clark Kent if he was a little less white 😂

  • Katy Stanford
    Katy Stanford Month ago

    they are all beautiful people!