Ubisoft Club: Your In-Game Stats in Rainbow Six Siege | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    Ubisoft Club: Your In-Game Stats in Rainbow Six Siege | Ubisoft [NA]
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Comments • 95

  • Dib Spicer
    Dib Spicer 25 days ago

    When are we going to get the operator thing where it shows your two top played ops or most played ops

    MONISH V J 27 days ago

    why this season no free weekend?

  • Mahmoud083
    Mahmoud083 28 days ago

    0:01 Wait that's illegal🤔🤔

  • Killer Ky28
    Killer Ky28 Month ago

    Did i just see ash acog in the beginning?

  • TTV PrimaryBarrel78

    Fix the dam shield glitch plz I hate fucking cheaters man play the game fair

  • Ye Boi
    Ye Boi Month ago

    For the first time i see this video, i accidentally see that ash had an acog on r4-c 😂😂😂

    THATGUY-ZESTER Month ago

    damn those are bad stats

  • kili villa
    kili villa Month ago

    please we need you to fix the game, especially the sound and the glitch that is showing up, listen to the community that still enjoys playing this game, please ...

  • 3lite Ficker
    3lite Ficker Month ago

    Fix your Game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AsianWaffles Waffles

    How about you fix your game.

  • Aleksi Aleksiev
    Aleksi Aleksiev Month ago

    Fix your game first bugisoft😂😂

  • Isaac Ly
    Isaac Ly Month ago +1

    Fix your damm game R6 every rank game I play people abuse the shield glitch on defender, it's so damn annoying idk why you cant fix this

  • Mist_Unit AKA Dut Phoenix

    Report for cheats pls?

  • Keizo Andhika
    Keizo Andhika Month ago

    0:01 wait, that's illegal

  • Mitch232001
    Mitch232001 Month ago

    Clearly fake ash had an acog on her r4c

  • Skrrt Skrrt
    Skrrt Skrrt Month ago

    Okay but why does Ash’s old gun have an acog. They really did me like that

  • TaZe Enigma
    TaZe Enigma Month ago

    When are the next attackers and defenders coming out? Isnt it called Operation Burning Skies

  • The Fakebatallion
    The Fakebatallion Month ago +1

    Are you going to do anything about the clash glitch that's costing players rank in your rainbow six siege

    • MinneIceCube
      MinneIceCube 26 days ago

      The Fakebatallion read the latest notes. They banned clash from play, and disabled claymores, deployable shields and the like.

    SNOw EXPRESs Month ago

    Please fix game clash and iq its literally unstoppable but theres like 10 more ops with op glitches

    • Matt R6s
      Matt R6s Month ago

      They are already working on it.

  • Wraith 5
    Wraith 5 Month ago

    Will we be seeing anything for For Honor anytime soon?

  • Onii-Chan.M
    Onii-Chan.M Month ago

    ubisoft please go to hell with your games i stop playing your games -_

  • CoLD Tobacco
    CoLD Tobacco Month ago

    When can I play on the B.U. again. I know people say it's a one sided map but still it's a damn good map. It separates the men from the boys. It's tough on attackers but you can get in there if you play it smart. So please bring back the University map.

  • nose
    nose Month ago +1

    Arreglen los Glitch de escudos

  • Masoncakes
    Masoncakes Month ago


  • Nick
    Nick Month ago +2

    0:01 Ash ACOG..?

  • Zaolistic
    Zaolistic Month ago


  • Idk What to put here.

    My Sam never gave me the charm....

  • Badger_is_pro 123
    Badger_is_pro 123 Month ago

    Are they going to fix the clash shield glitch anytime soon or do we have to wait until next season because it’s really putting me off siege considering it’s so easy and everyone in ranked does it and there’s no way to beat it effectively

  • Edward Zamudio
    Edward Zamudio Month ago +6

    "Fantastic game Strategies with Clash"
    1. Do the Glitch

  • Dettol
    Dettol Month ago

    Fix the game
    Be a good servent ubi

  • Caleb Thomas
    Caleb Thomas Month ago

    Please fix the clash glitch

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong Month ago

    R6 stats tracker

  • Nick Blake
    Nick Blake Month ago +3

    Remove mouse and keyboard support on console

    • Nick Blake
      Nick Blake Month ago

      @Carl Swaygan thats rough..

    • Carl Swaygan
      Carl Swaygan Month ago +2

      I assume you are talking about the console version even though the game is vastly more popular on PC. It's not supported by the game itself on console, Mouse and Keyboard users are emulating controller input with device. The console can't tell the difference because it's receiving regular controller inputs.

  • anthony GameingYT
    anthony GameingYT Month ago

    I've been waiting

  • Nick Blake
    Nick Blake Month ago +3

    Fix lean spamming and crouch spamming please

  • Nick Blake
    Nick Blake Month ago +7

    Fix the sound please. Sound lag is so bad with the fast operators. They can run/creep up on you dont hear it till ur dead

  • Yousef Ahmed
    Yousef Ahmed Month ago +4

    Please fix the terro hunter and camper trophy

    • Turdfighter 76
      Turdfighter 76 Month ago +1

      Technically you're being the one hunted because you're a terrorist so no
      Oll korrect?

  • Dung Pie
    Dung Pie Month ago +1

    so when will you actually add in-game content besides cosmetics to the game?
    I don't care for operator spamm, just give some new content we can enjoy like some co-op missions vs AI or something that doesn't go away after a week....

  • Yassir Rossel
    Yassir Rossel Month ago +1

    I don't play the game everyday. I have a life.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    this is awesome

  • Un Known
    Un Known Month ago

    Sam is high AF!!!

  • I-InSan3 WaR-I
    I-InSan3 WaR-I Month ago

    Ok but fix your game ubi pls

  • Musty Chicken
    Musty Chicken Month ago +9

    Can you guys please bring back all the main themes and let us choose what we want for out menu music 😃

    • Paul Koller
      Paul Koller Month ago

      Never thought about that, but like it

  • krazy Gamer
    krazy Gamer Month ago +1

    Fix shield glitch

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    oh is Sam out of Beta yet?

  • Alala Olala
    Alala Olala Month ago +5

    FIX your game OPERATION HEALTH 2.0 please

  • MajorDirt
    MajorDirt Month ago +6

    Compare your in-game glitches with other games out for 4 years* fixed it for you Ubi.

  • rj 5115
    rj 5115 Month ago +3

    Instead of releasing these videos why don’t u guys fix rainbow six siege instead there’s glitches again a shield one there’s also a clash glitch like come on who do u guys have working for u that u can’t get everything right already it’s been four years of siege now and still having glitches silly glitches.

    • Matt R6s
      Matt R6s Month ago

      They are already working on it. The people who make these videos are not the people who fix glitches.

  • DasHausAnubis
    DasHausAnubis Month ago +31

    Ubi pls fix the Jäger, Tachanka, Maestro,Clash, IQ and the Lion glitch

    • Dib Spicer
      Dib Spicer 25 days ago

      Did you just sat tachanka this is heresy

    • Matt R6s
      Matt R6s Month ago

      They already know about it.

    • Dettol
      Dettol Month ago +1

      Damn bugisoft is messed up

    • Nick Blake
      Nick Blake Month ago +1

      Jager glitch?

    • Nick Blake
      Nick Blake Month ago +1

      Nerf all op operators

  • エルサElseStand
    エルサElseStand Month ago +42


  • DreThaBeast -
    DreThaBeast - Month ago

    Wish i had friends to play this with

    • Dettol
      Dettol Month ago

      Why EU only?

    • nerdnation
      nerdnation Month ago

      You can definitely play with me bud

  • Lazar Beam
    Lazar Beam Month ago

    Plz add African services

  • Onyx Gaming Com.
    Onyx Gaming Com. Month ago

    So little views

  • Zhaneto Games
    Zhaneto Games Month ago

    Fix ur gamw ubi wtf and for honor too u killing the games

  • OkeyThisIsEpic
    OkeyThisIsEpic Month ago +16

    I cant play if the servers are not working. ;(

  • Luke_Foxy
    Luke_Foxy Month ago +1

    Sorry. But Sam is just lagging on my phone.

  • Robin
    Robin Month ago

    The editor(s) did a great job on this video, too bad their work is not as known (the views are low)

    • Zack_Moneys
      Zack_Moneys Month ago

      Maybe cuz the video came out 12 minutes ago

  • OMG ITS Blimat
    OMG ITS Blimat Month ago +2

    UBI pls stop glich

  • BaSiC Leccy
    BaSiC Leccy Month ago

    First one

  • MaskSo James
    MaskSo James Month ago