• Published on Jun 26, 2018
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Comments • 4 984

  • Sofija Todorovic
    Sofija Todorovic 4 hours ago

    I am so disappointed in you.Drinking milk while eating savoury food.Shame on you

  • Louise Rohde
    Louise Rohde 5 hours ago

    And that’s how we destroy our world by consuming without thinking twice. Applause 👏🏻 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I
    I 6 hours ago +2

    1 like = 1 cough

  • Arttu Leskinen
    Arttu Leskinen 15 hours ago

    I found your channel from jesse pynnönen's channel

  • Cole Handin
    Cole Handin Day ago

    i guess cough means good

  • Gregory King
    Gregory King Day ago

    You were supposed to bike one hour for every 1000 calories dude that's why you couldn't do it 😉

  • Judy Herman
    Judy Herman Day ago

    If it were only realistic to eat that way, and keep my weight off. I'm not sure how he did it without getting sick. My hats off to him

  • Revizionn
    Revizionn Day ago

    I could Barely eat 400 Calories in a day. This is just... *MY DREAM*

  • nova xx
    nova xx 2 days ago +1

    R u healthy?

  • nova xx
    nova xx 2 days ago +1

    He eats nastier than Veronica fucking Wang

  • nova xx
    nova xx 2 days ago +2

    Watching this makes me lose all my appetite

  • nova xx
    nova xx 2 days ago +1

    Jesus fucking christ I can't even finish one pizza

  • Rico Protze
    Rico Protze 2 days ago

    It's this normal? 😂 😂

  • Matilde Simoes
    Matilde Simoes 2 days ago

    Those 120k are calorias for 2 MONTHS!!!

  • Frans Bouwer
    Frans Bouwer 2 days ago +1

    He almost died because of that penaut butter, lol haha

  • Carlie Hughes
    Carlie Hughes 2 days ago

    I just did the math, and he would have gained 33 pounds of fat doing this. Holy shit..

  • b1rdkeeper S
    b1rdkeeper S 3 days ago

    This is like End Times level gluttony.

  • KaioshinxKenshin
    KaioshinxKenshin 3 days ago +1


  • Arafat Ahmed
    Arafat Ahmed 3 days ago


  • Bryna Periman
    Bryna Periman 4 days ago

    1,250 calories an HOUR !!! For both of you😳

  • Sayren Nani
    Sayren Nani 4 days ago

    Looks like a casual day of eating for Goku

  • gabriella francesca
    gabriella francesca 4 days ago

    Can you like stop fucking coughing thanks

  • iiicacti_cat
    iiicacti_cat 4 days ago +1

    me on my diets cheat day

  • su _
    su _ 5 days ago

    Oh my gosh it's more than what I eat in 3 months

  • Doga Can
    Doga Can 5 days ago

    Donuts, burgers, ice-cream and chocolate are always the fix items in such calorie challenges. Try something new guys..

    If this is a fake video, probably you purged all those shit afterwards as you already consumed too much liquid but still able to eat :)

  • moondoan
    moondoan 5 days ago

    Now looking at those girls struggling on the 10,000 kcal challenge, when they could eat just 7 big bars of chocolate, makes me laugh at them.

  • warmaxxx
    warmaxxx 6 days ago

    u got good taste in music

  • Tiffany Castle
    Tiffany Castle 6 days ago +1

    I love Wal-Mart shirts. That where I get all of my T-shirt’s.

  • Cheyenne Van Dyke
    Cheyenne Van Dyke 7 days ago

    The gallon of whole milk, lawddd !! I feel like just the sight of milk makes my stomach jump. With the pizzas, this man has a stomach of steel! I sniff dairy and I’m running for the bathroom.

  • 방탄 사랑해Mel멜
    방탄 사랑해Mel멜 7 days ago +4

    Me after dieting for 3 hours..

  • George Peters
    George Peters 7 days ago

    You have the best girlfriend

  • Sarah
    Sarah 7 days ago +1

    I eat 120.000 calories in about 60 days 😂

  • kookies
    kookies 7 days ago

    This is a waste of food. You only require 2.400-2.600 calories in one day. People are dying of hunger and you’re just eating food your body doesn’t need. How about you donate all the food you eat 😔

  • square power
    square power 7 days ago +3

    How can the stomach contain all that food? I don't get it

  • Shelbi Herman
    Shelbi Herman 7 days ago +15

    Did he....did he just eat 48 donuts and a jar of peanut butter....in 30 mins

  • Chuckie Peoples
    Chuckie Peoples 8 days ago

    Talentless content. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Show this bullshit at a third world orphanage and to homeless on the street. Dirtbags.

  • Azariah Escalante
    Azariah Escalante 8 days ago

    I wonder how he felt after all this?

  • brisa barba rodriguez

    Why does he cough so much? Don't get it

  • dnsoulx
    dnsoulx 8 days ago

    i physically gagging right now

  • dnsoulx
    dnsoulx 8 days ago

    im happy these videos exist so i can watch them when i want sugary nasty fat foods

  • whiteydoe_ J
    whiteydoe_ J 9 days ago

    Watching this on a diet and it is just motivating me more because my will power is strong. I will get the body I'm happy with or die trying. Peace out

  • Sun Roriz
    Sun Roriz 10 days ago

    please dont ever do something like this again, im genuinely concerned ahsksj oh my god. don’t do something just because your subs asked you to, if you feel terrible about it and it’s just a bad, uncomfortable, unhealthy and even dangerous experience, DONT DO IT. take care of yourself ☹️
    edit: i know you’re an adult and probably did this because you felt like it and you accepted the probable consequences but i just felt really bad by watching you eat all of this because i wouldnt want anybody to pass out or get hospitalized because of excessive eating or bad eating habits ( which is probably not your case, but used to be mine ) so basically what im trying to say is .. dont put your health or well being at risk for challenges or really anything. be nice to urself

    • Sebastian LaMagra
      Sebastian LaMagra 9 days ago

      Bro watch the whole video jesus...he faked it on purpose this shits almost a year old lol..

  • Sun Roriz
    Sun Roriz 10 days ago

    can somebody tell me if he is okay?? can somebody plea-

  • Radshack
    Radshack 10 days ago

    meanwhile in ethopia

  • Kayra Alvarez
    Kayra Alvarez 10 days ago

    “I give up!”
    “No what the hell ima make it presentable for YOUUUU”

  • R Laborero
    R Laborero 10 days ago

    Ok but is it just me or did he only eat 3 of the 4 pizzas? Like, it totally doesn't take away from ALL the other stuff he did eat... but where's the vegetable pizza yo?

  • Sergio Esparza
    Sergio Esparza 10 days ago +25

    Idk why he thinks he needs to include every single cough. Great video but watching him cough is cringy lol

  • kiwi penguin
    kiwi penguin 10 days ago

    You should've drenched the pizza in Ranch

    • alexis arianne
      alexis arianne 4 days ago +1

      kiwi penguin you been watching my man Erik? #rancherize

  • Eat A Boner Pill
    Eat A Boner Pill 11 days ago


    NXE DEMON 11 days ago +25

    When you find out the world is going to end in 3 days

  • elektronac !!!
    elektronac !!! 11 days ago

    well i can tell u he is trowing food out cuz he is speeding the video.and simple minded ppl like u belived its true,feels bad :D

  • DaOn Lee
    DaOn Lee 11 days ago

    단 거만 먹기 힘들 땐 짠 걸 드세요. 자고로 단짠단짠의 굴레에 빠지게 되면 칼로리 채우는 것이 즐거워질 거예요.:)

  • lorena
    lorena 11 days ago +1


  • Marijan Corluka
    Marijan Corluka 11 days ago

    Release the tape pinworm Nate!

  • Reed Ginn
    Reed Ginn 11 days ago

    He is rude to his girl😡😡😡

  • Juancfs
    Juancfs 11 days ago

    you are definitely high as a mofucka

  • Dyanne David
    Dyanne David 11 days ago

    I just gained 3 kg by watching this lol

  • Chloe Stear
    Chloe Stear 12 days ago

    “wE hAvE OnLy ThRee MoRE PizZas”

  • Raquel Richards
    Raquel Richards 12 days ago

    Ok but the gf is amazing helping with all this

  • Limbofish
    Limbofish 12 days ago

    i could feed a lot of homeless people with those calories. But this is 'merica fuck yeah!

  • EinFreundOderNicht
    EinFreundOderNicht 12 days ago

    Only 18 more days until my cheat day!!! Watching binge eating videos is the only thing that keeps me going so THANK-YOU ! !

  • Amish Vora
    Amish Vora 12 days ago

    how big was your poops

  • Easymoneysniper
    Easymoneysniper 12 days ago

    This is not humanly possible

  • Serena June
    Serena June 12 days ago

    The stranger things music at the end

  • Julia Trindade
    Julia Trindade 13 days ago

    hes so funny HAHAHAHA

  • Victoria Martinez
    Victoria Martinez 13 days ago +13

    It’s crazy how he can eat more than 10k calories in less than an hour, but it takes most UScliprs 24hrs, and most of them can’t even finish it💀

  • Samira Mozaffarzadeh
    Samira Mozaffarzadeh 13 days ago

    Sweet things go well with tea

  • angie btw
    angie btw 13 days ago

    i thought this was my cheat day

  • maverickd3030
    maverickd3030 13 days ago

    Stop coughing wtf lol

  • Thug Thanos
    Thug Thanos 13 days ago

    He's having minor allergic reactions to peanut butter

  • 7ERK__
    7ERK__ 13 days ago

    I feel more bad for the toilet than the girl ngl.

  • Jacob Thurston
    Jacob Thurston 14 days ago

    Anyone else worried about when it comes out?? 🤣

  • hadley brickman
    hadley brickman 14 days ago

    Just watching this makes me never want to eat again. Oh my goodness it’s so weird

  • Harrison Berg
    Harrison Berg 14 days ago

    why he cough so much😭😭😭

  • Sammie Merucci
    Sammie Merucci 14 days ago

    props for doing this sick!! ur a beasstt

  • Sammie Merucci
    Sammie Merucci 14 days ago +2

    the way you kept coughing😩😂 so funny kept me watching

  • Yunus emre
    Yunus emre 14 days ago

    wie geht das??? wie kann mann soviel essen??

  • Durva warik
    Durva warik 14 days ago +2


    ok I have no words to describe this guy😂😂

  • Jo Hannes
    Jo Hannes 14 days ago

    Just found out this video was faked... great 👍🏼

  • Farah Hany
    Farah Hany 14 days ago

    ok Nate I gotta say you're one of my favorite USclip eaters and you make USclip so much better. I love you're vids and you're such a great human 💖💖💖

  • Erica Faye Umali Saron

    Kaaduwa nmn to kumain 😥

  • Erica Faye Umali Saron

    Kaaduwa nmn to kumain 😥

  • Miss Mocha
    Miss Mocha 14 days ago

    The ending made me so mad

  • Jaytionary
    Jaytionary 14 days ago

    The coughing pissed me off so much

  • Naomi Maldonado
    Naomi Maldonado 15 days ago

    This is a fat kids dream

  • Inaayah Islam
    Inaayah Islam 15 days ago

    Why does he gag every time he takes a bite 😂😂😂

  • Saffron Audrey
    Saffron Audrey 15 days ago +1

    I could not do that I think those four pizza boxes could last me 3 days

  • Monalisa Monalisa
    Monalisa Monalisa 16 days ago

    Next Challenge..... Why Not Try HOW MANY CALORIES YOU CAN BURN IN 24 HOURS!

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 16 days ago

    I wish best for young couples so check out ovm vlog toward future prosperity.

  • Ben Day
    Ben Day 16 days ago

    Why do you cough so much lol

  • 07jamal786
    07jamal786 16 days ago +1

    Just watched the brownie part now laughing out loud this is 110%

  • 07jamal786
    07jamal786 16 days ago

    The doughnuts and peanut butter part is soo fake edits on every bite you took plus you apparently ate all them doughnuts and peanut butter but your teeth are clean by drink a little be of water don’t clean it like that

  • Sidra Khan
    Sidra Khan 17 days ago +1

    In my personal opinion these challenges should be about enjoying the food you crave
    Not dying while eating
    Dudes cough was literally very annoying

  • Emma S
    Emma S 17 days ago +7

    I gained 20 pounds from just watching this 😂

  • Meow Now
    Meow Now 17 days ago

    How was the video fake???

  • TheDjo19
    TheDjo19 17 days ago

    pineapple pizza with milk??? hell naw , you lost

  • mystic dragon
    mystic dragon 18 days ago +8

    I am impressed bro you took down that peanut butter like a pro

  • Jo Hannes
    Jo Hannes 18 days ago

    Does he take Insulin?

  • yes no
    yes no 18 days ago

    Ppl on crack be like

  • Sierra J
    Sierra J 18 days ago

    wish i could eat this much