Why We’re All So Depressed - The Jim Jefferies Show

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • For Mental Illness Awareness Week, Jim highlights the many reasons why it’s so difficult to properly address the mental health crisis in America.
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Comments • 517

  • Klinkenstecker22
    Klinkenstecker22 2 hours ago

    Well, since my near death experience I am less depressed! I just don't care anymore :)

  • Curtis Kennedy
    Curtis Kennedy 18 days ago

    Probably cuz were locked in a totalitarian country without communism.

  • kitty dollsXo
    kitty dollsXo 24 days ago +1

    I lose my appetite when I'm down, it's like I lost enjoyment in eating , sometimes I stop eating completely for a week or 2 which makes me feel even more like shit , causes me to loose a ton of weight because food suddenly food is too damn boring to finish !. Like say my favorite food is a burger and as I'm sitting there taking bites , I realize wow , this is actually complete ass and boring why did I even eat this before , then regret it because now I have an upset stomach and can't focus on my work. I only eat to simply survive at this point.

  • matt prior
    matt prior Month ago

    So , eventually USA prisons are now to some degree have become mental illness cure center !
    At last tax dollars are being utilized in a weird way but ...... its working somehow , I guess !

  • Gabby Hyman
    Gabby Hyman Month ago +1

    One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small,
    And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all.
    --Grace Slick

  • Marc Van
    Marc Van Month ago

    I get depressed because all the shit I want requires shit I don’t want to do.

  • Colby Parry
    Colby Parry Month ago

    We should take .25% from a bunch of departments for mental health

  • That's no moon
    That's no moon Month ago +1

    Only being UNCOMFORTABLE AND CHALLENGED GETS YOU OUT OF DEPRESSION trust me. I've had it my whole life keyword had* people could have everything they want and be bored with it in a year. We as humans are born to be hunters gatherers, breeders, living of the land, struggling and athletics! Get outta bed it's not going to be fun, I ran 2 miles going thru heroin withdrawals (which helps alot btw) it wasn't fun but that push and motivation to be uncomfortable has made me FINALLY COMPLETE

  • Janete S
    Janete S Month ago

    P e r f e c t #loveJim and yes im. C r a z y 🤪

  • I pee on you
    I pee on you Month ago +1

    The Africa jokes. People who haven't been to any African countries. Or Perhaps, Africa is just a country.

  • Sjorben
    Sjorben Month ago

    having goals is actually one of the things that helps against depression. Staying away from social media helps as well.

  • chavezchavo
    chavezchavo Month ago

    Yes. Life sucks. Finally. Why are there people constantly trying to convince others that life in general is great? Just accept it. Life sucks. It's not depressing if you're survival mode or you're a millionaire.

  • Madmat
    Madmat Month ago +1

    Money doesnt buy happyness, it IS happyness. Jack dohnagy

  • kickn-aDead-cat
    kickn-aDead-cat Month ago

    True story. I saw a guy on TV who threw a brick through a storefront glass window to get arrested because he had cancer and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. Once he was in prison he was treated for free. So Jim is actually right.....

  • kickn-aDead-cat
    kickn-aDead-cat Month ago

    Online it’s the mentally ill helping the mentally Ill. That’s like asking the mentally ill patient instead of the doctor for advice.

  • Mairead Ford
    Mairead Ford Month ago

    Admitting you are depressed is the first step...to losing your autonomy. I've been in a mental hospital and now everything I do and say is dismissed as the actions or reactions of a crazy person. All I learned was to keep it all inside or risk being locked up again.

  • Bob 357
    Bob 357 Month ago

    NASA blows a lot of dough that could be better used elsewhere...try that one.

  • Mungo_12 Zim
    Mungo_12 Zim Month ago

    I love the joke about Africa though..😂

  • Candle Jenner
    Candle Jenner Month ago

    Good points but I don’t think it’s helpful to shame people who post about their depression online. Reality stars commit suicide regularly and often have underlying issues before they go on a reality TV show which are then exacerbated. Also when public figures speak openly about mental health it help draw attention and destigmatize. There are huge differences between depression caused by situations/society/life in general and serious mental illnesses that have biological causes but they all fall under the same umbrella of mental health and they all deserve appropriate treatment and understanding from others.

  • Trends Inspiration
    Trends Inspiration Month ago

    Love your Rolex..

  • Matt The fakeDragon

    YOU'RE SO BRAVE ❤️❤️🤗

  • Veronica Christopher
    Veronica Christopher Month ago +1

    Easy way to start-
    30 hour work weeks, more time to smell the roses and more positive messages on media instead of negative ones. With more free time and more smelling the roses I believe people will actually take time to greet and connect with their fellow man instead of scroll on their phones to avoid them because most are toxic now. Mental health is so important. It's the root of everything else.

  • Veronica Christopher
    Veronica Christopher Month ago +3

    Ignorance is bliss.
    I swear comedians are the woke ones

  • Nora Adams-Mangan
    Nora Adams-Mangan Month ago

    You da best, Jim... you da best.usclip.net/video/yzqcBhhE-Q4/video.html

  • abartons2
    abartons2 Month ago

    “Sell cocaine to a pigeon” 😆🤣😂

  • TOPIX from the TROPIX

    I'm not depressed at all, I retired to Thailand and young women chase ME, cops ignore geezers on motorcycles, we don't do winter, healthcare is rated better than the USA by the WHO, the beaches and mountains are great, everything is SOOOO cheap, and MSM doesn't feed me propaganda 24/7. Our ancestors were smart enough to leave their countries of birth, unfortunately the place they went has turned into a freak-show.

  • Rachel Bastida
    Rachel Bastida Month ago

    You have to address the pay for the community mental health professionals. Part of the issue is the lack of these agencies ability to keep a full functioning staff. People come and go like a revolving door. Which means extra time and money spent not giving care to the community.

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas Month ago

    Life sucks then you...

  • birhan2006
    birhan2006 Month ago

    Sugar is the biggest depressant

  • SEM
    SEM Month ago

    Stop being a liberal you will cure your depression

  • freez1ngsapper
    freez1ngsapper Month ago +6

    “You have the right to pursue happiness, not achieve it.” - Dilbert Comic

  • M VS
    M VS Month ago

    This show makes me depressed.

  • Scott Pine
    Scott Pine Month ago

    Follow up on third world country jokes: the UN has designated the US as a 3rd world country. The irony.

  • Scott Pine
    Scott Pine Month ago

    Capitalism cough cough

  • Wanderer Nomad
    Wanderer Nomad Month ago

    I like Jefferies the most and I have seen them all. Oliver comes a close second

  • Hirnlego999
    Hirnlego999 Month ago

    This could be why you're depressed or anxious | Johann Hari (Ted Talk)

  • Ricardo Silva
    Ricardo Silva Month ago


  • 5%LowBattery
    5%LowBattery Month ago

    Life F’n Sucks 👏

  • Putri I
    Putri I Month ago

    2:16-2:36 Did I just watch Jim having a mental breakdown for 20 secs?

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln Month ago

    2:57 Einstein did not help invent the atomic bomb. the only thing he did was write a letter to FDR saying that Germany was developing one and that the US needs to build it before they do. Einstein was not allowed anywhere near the Manhattan project and no one involved was allowed to speak to him because he was super liberal and the US government thought he was a communist. Julius Robert Oppenheimer, a different jewish scientist, ran the manhattan project. it was he who figured out how to make it work.

  • Ásgeir Loftsson
    Ásgeir Loftsson Month ago

    Aussies are behind

  • Doug Grinbergs
    Doug Grinbergs Month ago

    Serious mental health crisis in White House (:-( 25th Amendment!

  • N O
    N O Month ago

    Holy shit I live in Cook County oh fuck no

  • shineon4us
    shineon4us Month ago

    WHERE YOU LOOK IS WHERE YOU GO. So many are so easily distracted. GET A GRIP ON IT.
    Ego/mind is only a tool for Soul. Soul is Master. Learn to Soul travel by training your attention span. Chant Huu daily. This is not about religion. ECKANKAR.COM
    When people realize how valuable, how useful, how powerful one's attention is ....you would certainly work to achieve a stronger longer attention span on a higher level of consciousness.
    There are 5 levels of consciousness in all humans growing toward the light and sound, in this order. The Physical level or plane, the Astral level, the Causal plane, the mental plane the Etheric plane, and above all is the Soul Plane.
    WE are soul from the light and sound ,here and now. You don't have to die to know Soul. It is your creative force, when you dream, when you solve problems.
    This is about freeing yourself from the clutches of the mental world, by getting above the noise by becoming aware of yourself as Soul and soul traveling.
    Ego/mind is so noisy and distracting to our tiny attention span, because it wants to be the master. Ego/mind is an important, but very limited tool for Soul. Soul is Master.
    Learn to build and sustain your attention with a daily exercise of a Huuu chant while focusing up and feeling love of the light and sound. It is in everyone because WE ARE ALL SOUL. It is your creative force, when you dream, when you solve problems. Eckankar.com
    Very young children and animals Soul travel all the time. They dwell on the Etheric plane of instincts and intuition, higher stronger then the mental plane.
    Yes it is really that simple ...But accepting it,,,is not. Because maybe that noisey distracting ego says this is trying to take something from you.
    NOPE, Religion has an important part of keeping peace and order in this world. Being with people that make us feel good about ourselves is love, and how we build our happiness hormone, serotonin levels.
    Soul is that piece of God in everything that makes us look/grow up with every aaw ha moment when you go from knowing something, to suddenly becoming aware of it.
    And that is when Soul evolves a bit more up through millions of lives, in the food chain order, to become one with the light and sound. Find your peace now.

  • Greg S
    Greg S Month ago +2

    Life sucks..... Get over it.
    -Greg 2019

  • Jennifer Bates
    Jennifer Bates Month ago +2

    I grew up really poor, which as a adult is awesome, I have really good coping strategies. I understand how to deal with problems, instead of breaking down. I also don't have any social media

  • Diane the Invisible

    Let us remember Greyhound Therapy. Pres Regan gave the mentally ill a single, one way ticket to wherever, and don`t come back! Problemm solved. It makes me puke to hear these Repubs tout mental health treatment as a solution to the problm they caused. Hurl!
    And remember, Reggan says ketsup IS a vegetable. Hypocrite repuckbicans! Hurl!

  • Talan Stevenson
    Talan Stevenson Month ago

    Just wrote a paper off of this clip thanks jim

  • Patricia Handa
    Patricia Handa Month ago

    Ire ad somewhere that gifted people are more likely to be depressed than those of average intelligence. Makes sense, we think too much. I can't help thinking too much! That's kind of the definition of intelligence...

  • kosmaslemo
    kosmaslemo Month ago

    unpopular opinion: why the fuck does everybody want to change social media, because they hurt their lil feelings, and not to change their retarded feelings towards these media, towards A FUCKING APP?
    Its not real life, unless you make it yours.

  • lmTheDudeMan
    lmTheDudeMan Month ago

    Thus spoke Jim Jeffries 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • chicken scratch
    chicken scratch Month ago

    fuck everyone booooooooo fuuuuuuucken whooooo

  • John Chrysostom
    John Chrysostom Month ago

    Jim Jeffries is a Mentally ill leftist, I hope he gets his ass sued off. Swatting people in the USA is a Felony Jim & that's what you did. FELON

    • Regis Glass
      Regis Glass Month ago

      Apologies but jim has never swatted anyone. Could it be you are mistaken?

  • Informent
    Informent Month ago

    the einstein joke got me hard.... ;´-)

  • Bradley Frank
    Bradley Frank Month ago

    If you pretend to be a banker committing fraud you will only be slapped on the wrist and told to go home.

  • Hollie Knoll
    Hollie Knoll Month ago +13

    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

    Jiddu Krishnamurti

    • James Lee
      James Lee 25 days ago

      He also kinda fucked with his followers in a way when he grew up and said "follow noone", so both the ones who left or stayed were not following his advice by following his advice. A clever paradoxical grin.
      Troll level: Bhudda (to cease sufferimg you must end desire but then you are desiring to cease suffering)

    • M VS
      M VS Month ago

      I wish more people knew of Krishnamurti.

  • i cant splel
    i cant splel Month ago

    Does it mean if I’m happy I’m stupid? Right I gotta remember to be more depressed so people don’t think I’m an idiot.

  • Jeremy W. Norwood
    Jeremy W. Norwood Month ago

    First World problems... Actual clinical depression is actually quite a rare disease, being bored with your life however, that's basically solely a first world issue.
    I don't really care if that is offensive to anyone's sensibilities, truth is truth... Grow up and Deal with reality.

  • Throm The Bear
    Throm The Bear Month ago

    Jim is a cunty little faggot.

  • VitalyMack
    VitalyMack Month ago +12

    It's because we don't have holidays vacation and our jobs are meaningless.

    • VitalyMack
      VitalyMack Month ago

      @That's no moon we are the most overworked people on the planet... you don't think that uncomfortable?

    • That's no moon
      That's no moon Month ago

      It's bc we are not challenged, go run go do something UNCOMFORTABLE and ull find relief

    • VitalyMack
      VitalyMack Month ago

      @Ethan Schwartz Do you know that during the time of slavery the slaves didn't need to be chained and whipped? The slaves believed that the white owners where their rightful masters. Same holds true for all sorts of oppressed people around the world.

      Why do you think that garbage collecting can't be meaningful to the person doing his job? It is a very important job.

    • Ethan Schwartz
      Ethan Schwartz Month ago

      @VitalyMack I didn't say work *can't* be meaningful. It can, and it's great when that happens. But it's not realistic for the vast majority of people. For that reason, basing your self-worth and identity on your work is a recipe for disaster. People grow up with this idea of "follow your passion," and then when they wind up stuck in a "regular" job to pay the bills they become depressed, they feel worthless, they feel like they are wasting their life. That's not to say "regular" jobs don't matter. They do. Your local waste collector probably didn't have a childhood dream of being a waste collector. It's not a glamorous job. It's hard word, and dirty. Is it important? Hell yeah it's important. Is it personally meaningful? Maybe, maybe not.
      I am not a religious person, but I believe "spiritual health" is a thing. Aside from assisting with this, religion is also another source of community.

    • VitalyMack
      VitalyMack Month ago

      @Ethan Schwartz its interesting that you dont know what meaningful work means. If you are an adult that makes it even more interesting.
      But no, jobs have not always been meaningless. Modern humans have been around for 200,000 years and the division of labour under industrialization has been around for 150 years.
      I also find it interesting that you equate religion with meaningfulness. Like how is it meaningful to grovel at the feet of an invisible master....?