Marvel Superpowers Ranked From Worst To Best

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Ranking the MCU superpowers from lamest to sickest
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    Over the long history of the MCU, we’ve seen tons of characters exhibit superpowers which are nothing short of breathtaking, but we have to admit there’ve also been some powers so weak they barely qualify as superhuman. Today, we’re going to be ranking the powers of some of your favorite superheroes from worst to best. While we may be envious of Groot’s amazing ability to regenerate, there are some of his powers which are less than impressive. For mere mortals, folks like Iron Man, Hawkeye, Doctor Strange and Black Widow have some pretty incredible powers.
    We know there are tons of people and powers to choose from in the MCU and these are just a few of them. Who do you think has the most power in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and who has the least? Share your picks with us in the comments section and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from CBR.
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Comments • 8 173

  • CBR
    CBR  6 months ago +1967

    Which superpower would you rank #1 ?

  • Bhargava Pillalamarri
    Bhargava Pillalamarri 3 hours ago

    the obviously obvious. Dr. Strange

  • Daijonn Lassiter
    Daijonn Lassiter 5 hours ago

    War machine ????

  • Franz Isaryk
    Franz Isaryk 6 hours ago

    I do not agree with the oden one that is awful come on we are talking about oden the father of Thor the most powerful force out there...I stopped watching at oden to write this so idk who comes up next but so what he goes into odensleep when he’s drained it’s not like he does after every battle he may every 500 yrs give or take who knows but I disagree sorry

  • UltraVenomLiam
    UltraVenomLiam 6 hours ago

    I agree with Loki XD

  • UltraVenomLiam
    UltraVenomLiam 6 hours ago

    I’d say Spider-Man ISN’T in 22 or 23.

  • Nicolas Mayo
    Nicolas Mayo 13 hours ago

    cbr: spiderman's spidey sense has been under used
    Far From Home: I'm about to end this man's career

  • UnOriginal Nick
    UnOriginal Nick 15 hours ago

    I just hate these insane MCU fans, and I mean insane. Stop fighting over which character is stronger

  • rishabh ranjan
    rishabh ranjan 18 hours ago

    1.Thor and Scarlet Witch
    2.Dr. Strange
    3.Captain Marvel
    4.Iron Man
    And WTF is Star Lord on #9?
    This list taken out by CBR is just a f**king piece of SHIT!

  • Emil Harboe
    Emil Harboe 21 hour ago


  • Jyodir Marine
    Jyodir Marine 21 hour ago

    hey man, who told you that scarlet witch is the worst in the MCU. She is powerful.

  • Gonçalo Viena
    Gonçalo Viena Day ago

    Batman superpower is n1. He's rich af

  • Leon Mrkaljevic
    Leon Mrkaljevic Day ago

    You've shown us black Panther speed that is nothing for quicksilver's speed that's not even here

  • Ahmed ELEraky
    Ahmed ELEraky Day ago

    In comics thanos is stronger than any superhero even captain marvel and wanda and he can easily kill them even with out infinity gauntlet but in mcu thanos was very week as wanda,vision,thor and captain marvel was stronger than thanos when he didn't use the stones only thor could beat with stones

  • Ahmed ELEraky
    Ahmed ELEraky Day ago

    For me strongest comics characters in marvel
    1- One obove all
    2- Living tribunal
    4- Eternity
    5- Thanos (infinity gauntlet)
    6- Odin
    7- Hercules
    8- Skaar (son of bruce banner)
    9- Beyonder
    10- Kronos
    11- Pheonix Force
    12- Thanos
    13- Fulcrum
    14- Adam Warlock
    15- Silver surfer

  • Ahmed ELEraky
    Ahmed ELEraky Day ago +1

    For me strongest comics superheros in marvel
    1- Captain marvel or Silver surfer
    2- Vision
    6- Iron man
    7- Spiderman
    8- Cap
    9- Black panther
    10- Antman

  • Ahmed ELEraky
    Ahmed ELEraky Day ago

    For me strongest mcu superheros
    1- Wanda
    2- Vision
    3- Cap marvel
    4- thor
    5- Iron man
    6- Hulk
    7- Cap
    8- Ant man
    9- Black panther
    10- Spiderman

  • Super Brothers
    Super Brothers Day ago +1

    I think Scarlet witch is more powerfull than Black widow

  • 96 Faded
    96 Faded 2 days ago

    pfffft thor in 7th you sure?

  • Fresh Avocado
    Fresh Avocado 2 days ago +2

    Scarlet witch is the strongest and coolest one, hands down.

  • Frej Aagaard
    Frej Aagaard 2 days ago

    Dude you forgot the one above all (it’s Stan lee)

  • Ryuu Warrior
    Ryuu Warrior 3 days ago

    Super hero- has super powers.
    CBR- he is great at living.
    Super hero- am I a joke to u!?!?

  • Jane Landicho
    Jane Landicho 3 days ago

    Why captain marvel was in 17 she was powerful and scarlet witch she can destroy one of marvel character

  • Allizon Martinez
    Allizon Martinez 3 days ago +2

    This guy is wrong scarlet witch and spider man Thor should have got higher

  • Ryan Lowry
    Ryan Lowry 3 days ago

    Captain America he has a strong intellect, he can think things out before they happen. And he’s a darn good artist

  • WhiteShadowForce
    WhiteShadowForce 4 days ago

    Wow this list is bad

  • invincible monty
    invincible monty 4 days ago

    why the heck is spider-man and groot the worst

  • Zulema Esparza
    Zulema Esparza 4 days ago

    Pinky/spider sense

  • kasper Hørning
    kasper Hørning 4 days ago

    But deadpool

  • Dgk Ilovehaters
    Dgk Ilovehaters 5 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks valkyrie is hot?

  • Marcel Halat
    Marcel Halat 5 days ago

    everything with that list is wrong and hipocretical. first u say we can't put him higher bcs they didn'ty show a good use of spidey sense yet, but then u put a stupid cat that didn't do anything yet waaaay higer

    VINITHA PREM 5 days ago +1

    Captain Marvel
    Doctor Strange
    Scarlett witch
    Black panther

  • Dean Mo
    Dean Mo 5 days ago

    Wolverine coz it can't die""!

  • FGW
    FGW 5 days ago

    Thor is the natural choice of number 1. He controls thunder, he just nearly discovered 1% of his power, he only needs to believe in himself. He can control nature (because his mom was mother nature) and he is damn invincible.

  • M I G H T Y _ G A M E R

    ▪️Thor with storm breaker and odin force
    ▪️Captain marvel
    ▪️Scarlett witch
    ▪️ Doctor strange with time stone
    ▪️ Ironman
    ▪️Captain america
    ▪️Black panther
    ▪️Winter soldier
    ▪️Black widow
    ▪️Star lord
    ▪️war machine
    ▪️Clint Barton

  • Reed Gaming
    Reed Gaming 6 days ago

    10:50 what was that cbr

  • Habibur Rahman
    Habibur Rahman 6 days ago


  • Vector _
    Vector _ 6 days ago +4

    Y’all are gonna put some respect on my mans Loki in the comment section

  • Aj the trex
    Aj the trex 6 days ago

    Far from home spider sense

  • conner Bowen
    conner Bowen 6 days ago

    First of all Captain America can defeat ant man, second of all Thor is able to defeat Loki

  • Zeyad Mohamed
    Zeyad Mohamed 7 days ago +1

    Are you high, why spider man so far down

  • mxdeshxxn
    mxdeshxxn 7 days ago

    this channel is so garbage every video is so stupid like just stop please

  • GodBaldur
    GodBaldur 7 days ago

    1. Doctor Strange
    2. Scarlet witch
    3. Thor
    4. Hulk
    5. Loki

  • HI My name is Paul heyman

    Cbr know nothing about marvel

  • Kenzie Liem
    Kenzie Liem 7 days ago

    Groot is amazing tho

  • Guifeng Liao
    Guifeng Liao 7 days ago

    Tony and hulk DIDNT disappear in the snap

  • Laughing Latios
    Laughing Latios 8 days ago

    Ha. A CAT beat Gomora.

  • Rosalba Filizola
    Rosalba Filizola 8 days ago

    You guys say the raccoon builds in the ordinary but you put Tony stark is raked higher

  • Rosalba Filizola
    Rosalba Filizola 8 days ago

    This is so wrong

  • Jade Serlie
    Jade Serlie 8 days ago

    this makes no sense why is hawkeye above black widow when in avengers natasha beat him

  • ST Carish playz 36
    ST Carish playz 36 8 days ago


  • Sai Prasanna
    Sai Prasanna 8 days ago

    What the fuckk is this guy crazy spider man should be in 4

  • Almarie Van der merwe

    Julle ma se poes

  • Almarie Van der merwe

    Poes julle praat kak

  • abdullah Pirzada
    abdullah Pirzada 8 days ago

    Worst list ever !!!!!!

  • Evander Pacamarra
    Evander Pacamarra 8 days ago

    me: god of stupidness

  • Rick Dang
    Rick Dang 8 days ago +1

    Ant man stronger then Captain America!
    I don't believe it.

  • Jesse Jones
    Jesse Jones 9 days ago

    What if Hawkeye has yondus arrow

  • Francesco Cedroni
    Francesco Cedroni 9 days ago

    i stopped watching after i saw scarlet witch at #20

  • Mike Cronhamn
    Mike Cronhamn 9 days ago

    ME 😱