• Published on Feb 17, 2018
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  • Salisha Lisa Mayday
    Salisha Lisa Mayday 4 months ago


  • Ariel Davis
    Ariel Davis 4 months ago

    Have you ever thought about putting lucy and daisy in the same enclosure or just letting them swim together

  • Leah Malmgren
    Leah Malmgren 4 months ago

    I would swim.with daisy because she isn't as bitty as lucy

  • littlesabe
    littlesabe 5 months ago

    How many times are you going to drag poor Daisy into the water, laughing as she tries again and again to escape, before you get the hint? You did the same thing to her in that person's pool. It's so distressing to watch.

  • I can't help falling in love with TØP and Lana

    Um hey so i found a snake in my garden it was still a baby and it seems venomous but idk what kind of snake it is. I cant find any information about the snake anywhere on the internet. It scales is very pretty. Its body is green n has a very weird pattern and its head is cyan. Help

  • DK Smith
    DK Smith 6 months ago

    Looks like you found what makes Lucy a happy snake 😍

  • Melissa Vines
    Melissa Vines 7 months ago

    Swim with Daisy absolutely, with Lucy ummmm probably not.

  • Caitlyn Crouch
    Caitlyn Crouch 8 months ago

    She pooped in the water

  • Ami Haley
    Ami Haley 9 months ago

    I would love to get into the water with a reticulate python to see what it is like.

  • stevenm367
    stevenm367 10 months ago

    lol the floater was touching your chin ewww

  • Liana Burless
    Liana Burless Year ago

    That is so awesome. I would love to be able to do that if im ever able to get a snake like that or even be around one.

  • MadLion54 A
    MadLion54 A Year ago

    Wow. Just watched this one. Seeing Lucy so settled & placid & serene was awesome. What a sweetheart she can be. I think she loved it.
    Daisy looked so pretty in the water & seemed to really enjoy her pool time .

  • Laraine Kearns
    Laraine Kearns Year ago

    Also great VID

  • Laraine Kearns
    Laraine Kearns Year ago

    Lucy was in shed in the water and you could see some skin of hers in the water😅! And that is the calmest I've ever ever seen Lucy

  • Jason Edwards
    Jason Edwards Year ago


  • Le Thuy
    Le Thuy Year ago


  • ivy aranas
    ivy aranas Year ago

    Is that snake poop floating unduder his chin on 6:30?

    • ivy aranas
      ivy aranas Year ago

      It has been for quite some time before he realized it??😂

  • The Paragon Effect

    I just found this channel and have been binge watching all day. I'm reminded of when I was younger and used to want a snake, maybe I'll have to research them again

  • Jeve Mech
    Jeve Mech Year ago

    It was all on ur face n stuff too bruhh

  • Jorja Stueber
    Jorja Stueber Year ago

    I really want to swim with your snakes

  • Jorja Stueber
    Jorja Stueber Year ago

    Daisy is so pretty

  • Laura Mills
    Laura Mills Year ago

    I absolutely loved this video! I did not stop smiling throughout! I personally would love to be in the pond with the big snakes!

  • klance
    klance Year ago

    Yes I whud

  • Jeffrey Hills
    Jeffrey Hills Year ago


  • EviE Ê
    EviE Ê Year ago

    I would love to get in the water with 20 foot retics

  • EviE Ê
    EviE Ê Year ago

    I have a ball python and i want more

  • Kenia Hernandez
    Kenia Hernandez Year ago

    i think your an awesome dude especially with what you do i wish i could come visit

  • screamstress7
    screamstress7 Year ago

    It never fails that when we get one of our reptiles into the water for a soak they typically take a big ole poop lol. It’s just super relaxing for some of em’... On a serious note be careful having that hover board in your home, my friend of 30 years newly built house caught fire this past year burning the entire upstairs and half the downstairs up pretty good due to their hover board that wasn’t even plugged in/charging at the time. Luckily all the kids who were home alone at the time got out just in time quickly calling 911 then their parents but sadly they couldn’t get all their animals out... :( There was around 13 kids in the house at the time having a play date while the parents went out to dinner (the older teens babysitting the younger of the children) everyone was upstairs in the play area and the hover board in the entranceway near one stairwell causing them not to see it until the flames had spread, it could have been devastating. Would hate to ever have this happen to anyone else again but unfortunately her home hasn’t been the first or the last over the years to catch fire due to these either! The issue is said to be within the lithium ion batteries hopefully they’ve made changes but who knows...

  • robroy2610
    robroy2610 Year ago

    You want to see somebody actually swimming in a pool with a snake check out Kamp Kenan, he has a few 'swimming with' videos

  • FreddyG
    FreddyG Year ago

    I knew the floaters were coming when I saw the bubbles at 6:07 😂🤣😂

  • seam colman
    seam colman Year ago

    Well....one thing about myself would be that I'm doing 8th grade math in 6th grade :)

  • HawkTear
    HawkTear Year ago

    I would love to swim with a big snake :) I like soaking my ballpythons but that looked so awesome!

  • Ashley Ray
    Ashley Ray Year ago

    Eric had me laughing out loud!

  • ollivanders life
    ollivanders life Year ago

    Dude u have fish in ur pound that's awesome

  • Sofia Louise
    Sofia Louise Year ago

    I freaking want a ball python

  • Keri Jensen
    Keri Jensen Year ago

    I love snakes and dogs so much am 8 yres oad i wesh i could meet you and your anmls i live in California and how led is lusey i love you so much my name is kaiya

  • Jaiden Johnston
    Jaiden Johnston Year ago

    I would

  • Brooke. Jones.
    Brooke. Jones. Year ago

    Omg this made my day. I’m currently trying to get a Ball python because I have never owned a snake.. been doing a lot of research on them but came across your channel and now I can not wait till I’m more experienced so I can have some snakes like you have 😌

  • Cola_is cool
    Cola_is cool Year ago

    I would be kinda scared too but it would be so fun

  • Shannon Bailey
    Shannon Bailey Year ago

    Daisy is cool

  • Shannon Bailey
    Shannon Bailey Year ago

    I meant snakes are my favorite animal

  • Shannon Bailey
    Shannon Bailey Year ago

    Snakes on my favorite animal

  • Shannon Bailey
    Shannon Bailey Year ago +1

    Plz make a video in your andaconda

  • Daven Blais
    Daven Blais Year ago

    Im real scared of snakes but i feel like i could actually handle one woth someone like you around some of your videos actually makes me want to buy a snake !!

  • BKelly Photography

    Awesome Vid Brian !!!!

  • hannahtherebel 1998

    Starting around 6:37 you can see a piece Lucy's poop floating against Bryan , in my mind I was saying if he didn't notice before , just wait til he re-watches this 😅

  • Lesslie Johnson
    Lesslie Johnson Year ago

    You found her ZEN.

  • KT Nation
    KT Nation Year ago

    I would love to swim with the snakes!!!!!!!! I am really good at singing!

  • Lori Shinabarger
    Lori Shinabarger Year ago

    I would love to swim with the Gigantic Retics.

  • Harry Morales
    Harry Morales Year ago

    They look sooooo happy!!!!

  • Joao Pinho
    Joao Pinho Year ago

    Ohh man i love your videos, hoping one day i'll fulfill the dream of hanging out with those beautifull reptiles. Best regards from Portugal !

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark Year ago

    Brian I would hold any snake there is

  • Wisconsin custom angleing

    Make sure you don’t let the haters get you down you need to think......think about the people that are not going to be mean to you the peeps like me and the peeps who make the best comments to make you happy 😃

  • Captain Wolf
    Captain Wolf Year ago

    I would love to swim with Daisey in the water

  • toni Boni
    toni Boni Year ago +1

    Hi Brian, this looked so cool ! Lucy seems to be much more chill, when there's water around haha
    I was wondering though : weren't you worried that you or the pythons might hurt the fish ?
    Do bowser or RJ ever eat the fish ?
    no criticism intended, I'm just curious :)

  • Crystal Eason
    Crystal Eason Year ago

    I do it with my burmn

  • Corrie Nye
    Corrie Nye Year ago

    You all need go get crested geckos up on the site

    SLOTMANIAC Year ago

    is it safe to have dogs and snakes in the same house? im buying a snake off craigslist today

  • Katy Taylor
    Katy Taylor Year ago

    Watching your videos is slowly getting me over my fear of snakes!. My husband and Daughter like them. But I am terrified of them. Slowly but surly I think I’m getting over it!. Thank you!.

  • XVitalzzx
    XVitalzzx Year ago

    What breed is daisy I don’t remember plz help

  • bianca kaehler
    bianca kaehler Year ago

    are you selling any baby Banana Ball Pythons? If you do how much are you selling them for.

  • Kara Mitchell
    Kara Mitchell Year ago

    Im a horse rider! :D i have a horse named Ruby and two miniature horses named cowboy and feather!!

  • karbear26
    karbear26 Year ago

    I’m glad they loved the water so much looked like you had a blast!

  • Coleman Friend
    Coleman Friend Year ago

    How can I order on of your snakes

  • shay beaner
    shay beaner Year ago

    I would love to swim with big pythons!

  • Matej Focko
    Matej Focko Year ago

    anacondas are semiaquatic too :P but i think you'll have to wait :D

  • Amanda Holmes
    Amanda Holmes Year ago

    I love snakes can I have one

  • Teddy Roberts
    Teddy Roberts Year ago

    You have the most beautiful retics.

  • bacon gaming
    bacon gaming Year ago

    It would be amazing to swim around with a 20ft snake

  • this is the finale channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    snakes are the best wish I had a big python

  • Ducing Maligalig
    Ducing Maligalig Year ago

    I am so freaked out seeing those snakes

  • 808Fee
    808Fee Year ago

    6:07 did she fart? 😂

  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    Great vlog! Seeing Daisy and Lucy was amazing, thanks so much for sharing that with us!! Hope you have a great week

  • Wolven Brothers 652

    yes im a girl but a like snakes

  • Emerson Konkle
    Emerson Konkle Year ago +1

    my mom is a snake fanitick she whould love to come