CNN: Are asian students smarter?

  • Published on May 19, 2007
  • Aired Anderson Cooper show 5-16-07 8pm PST
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  • Jonn Izzik
    Jonn Izzik 13 hours ago

    America is now a parochial , navel-staring-self-adoring, anti-social anti-arts & culture - also, anti-cosmopolitan nation.
    Instead, it is now managed by a pro-gun, pro-killing-devices in a cultural-mix overloaded with religious-fantasies and soft-dogma,- resulting in ; America to now be a back-wards country.

  • DON SuRi
    DON SuRi Day ago

    Sid sriram is that him southindia sensation singer right now

  • Shilpi Rawat
    Shilpi Rawat 2 days ago

    Any Indian???

  • MATH Genius
    MATH Genius 4 days ago

    Any Indians? 🇮🇳😊❤
    People these days think Asians= Chinese, Koreans & Japanese, & forget that Indians are also Asians 😑.

  • u tube
    u tube 4 days ago

    Sid Sriram is a singer now in India.

  • Wyatt Waters
    Wyatt Waters 6 days ago

    We feel more of an obligation to satisfy and match the hard work that our team immigrant parents had to do to be accepted into America.

  • Insider619
    Insider619 6 days ago

    White privilege. Asians just work harder knowing they have no entitlements and must earn everything.

  • MJC
    MJC 8 days ago

    So white privledge is fake. Thanks CNN.

  • J N
    J N 8 days ago

    Hazel is either ignorant or intellectually honest here. And the principal is misinformed.

  • rob revlin
    rob revlin 10 days ago

    Yeah ..crazy rich talented asian

  • Michael Petty
    Michael Petty 10 days ago

    Remember when you was in school. 50 years ago. And you were cool. Right.
    Well remember the nerds ?
    Ok cool guy. Who’s running the country now ?
    And what are you doing now cool guy ?

  • Michael Petty
    Michael Petty 10 days ago

    Duh 🙄 of course Asians get better grades.
    They are not smarter. They just work harder.
    Why ? There parents duh 🙄
    I don’t believe it’s to respect there parents so much. I believe the kids or the parents understand the value of an education.
    Especially in America.
    A good education leads to a good job. And a good job leads to money 💰
    Money 💰 is everything in these foreign countries. EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!

  • తులసి రామ్ బద్దూరి

    FYI The kid in the beginning of this is the renowned south Indian movie playback singer Sid Sriram

  • Harry Podtwin
    Harry Podtwin 11 days ago

    Allen Rodesia said : "NO but they work hard and they are very ambitious"...
    Who? The Pakistanis? Of course they are very ambitious with their timers on their remotely controlled Bombs... Just ask Osama...

  • Allen Rodesia
    Allen Rodesia 12 days ago

    NO but they work hard and they are very ambitious.

  • tube1848
    tube1848 12 days ago +1

    Motivation is the key of success.

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen 13 days ago

    CNN the minority station
    is asking if Asians are smart
    Pakistanis are NOT
    but orientals are ???

  • Soahum Bagchi
    Soahum Bagchi 13 days ago
    the guy in the video.

  • Florentino Acosta
    Florentino Acosta 13 days ago

    I am a Filipino and I lived in America for 37 years until I retired in 2014. The answer is yes and no. Not all Asians are smarter or dumber than anybody else. No one was born a genius except Einstein perhaps. Anything can be learned and knowledge is acquired thru reading, talking, writing, studying, listening, and hard work etc.. I hate math and anything with numbers but I love other subjects like English, History, Philosophy, Medicine, Agriculture and just anything I can get hold on to. When I was 55 years old I decided to go back to school to learn a new skill. Most of my classmates were young and all kinds of ethnicity. And because of my experienced I would say I was a little ahead than most of my younger classmates. The point is if you want to achieve anything you just have to put your mind into it and it doesn't matter who you are. But of course in the Philippine society there is a big emphasis on education. The Philippines is a poor country and education is very much given priority and importance especially among poor families. Giving education to their children is the only way out from poverty.

  • Harry Podtwin
    Harry Podtwin 13 days ago

    I may be Asian (NOT Chinese - God forbid), but am proud to say that I doubled my test scores in only one year - I went from 0/100 to 1/100... Wait... My multiplication may be wrong here... But, but if Zero is one of the many in the numerical palette of the Chinese and Western numerical world, then the little Zero should be able to multiply into a higher value like all numbers... Correct?
    Plus, I graduated with a healthy D-, to make sure that the rest of the English alphabet was available to other colleagues... i.e. So as to be a "team-player"...

  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy 13 days ago

    The women's world chess champion is Chinese.
    There has never been an African-American female chess master.
    I used to think that everyone was equal. I no longer believe that.

  • 骑士黑暗
    骑士黑暗 13 days ago

    Yes. Fuck niggrs

  • Nina Li
    Nina Li 13 days ago


  • Lo La
    Lo La 13 days ago

    ASIAN ? Very bad name. You have Indian and Pakistanis who are biologically Caucasian. The Chinese, Koreans etc, who are biologically Mongoloid. Fundamentally two very different races within the human species who have appreciable genetic differences.. What a useless category for any objective generalisations. Further within Caucasians there might possibly be a division of potential intelligence between western and Eastern Caucasians.

    The American Indians (If you can find any who are not mixed) are Mongoloid and related more to Chinese peoples. Are these people equally as clever ? Chinese peoples adopted by Caucasian Americans , how do they perform academically ??

  • Adyant Manchanda
    Adyant Manchanda 14 days ago

    We Asians get beat up for not getting a A

  • jb411000
    jb411000 14 days ago

    More discipline, dedication and resources = better results. No one can deny this. Culture is the mold.

  • Voranart Sirisubsoontorn

    No we are not but we must work much harder to compete and only smartness without heart and soul is dangerous than useful.

  • Yu Chen
    Yu Chen 14 days ago

    It is because it is CNN.

  • Sana Chan
    Sana Chan 14 days ago

    It’s not because we are Asians, it’s mostly because we work really hard for our parents, since our parents wants us to have a better life then them. The key is to have a good mindset, and work hard!!

  • Sandy Hernandez
    Sandy Hernandez 15 days ago

    On behavior & maybe math & science

  • scotty77
    scotty77 15 days ago

    Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and ethnic Jews have the highest scores on IQ tests on average. While that doesn't make them the most talented at everything, obviously it's going to give them an advantage in educational pursuits. Society will probably accept this at a far slower rate than we did that African Americans, on average, have superior physical abilities.

  • Alla Soiko
    Alla Soiko 15 days ago

    I am white and i am state winner of nj my published writer six un languages arabic chinese english french russian spanish

    • Chris Kochinsky
      Chris Kochinsky 12 days ago

      What? And... are you sure about whatever it is that you tried to write?

  • Tomato Sydney
    Tomato Sydney 15 days ago

    smarter? o course. . . we did not get brainwash by Hallay of democrate Party in US. US students are brainwash by their Govnment of Democrate. We can see in election time that some american students cry coz Hallary lost. So funny. We, Asin got strong minded than US students as we dont cry who lose or win in election. No readon for cry as that was fair election in US. most of Americans people dont like Hallary as resulted was showed. So Hallary out. That is it. Why cry for? psyco students who do not understand that what is going on in their own country. I feel doubt abt US education under democrate regimes. I from Asia whovknow what is goung on in American. We can see also US media are doing wrong way to abuse americans people. Americans are very smart at their election. Go Trump

  • Ruiz Rz,enato
    Ruiz Rz,enato 15 days ago

    Key word here: standardized tests.
    I've seen many Asians struggle with more creative tasks such as essay writing or foreign language. Oh, and Chinese students are notorious cheaters.

  • Liz Loria
    Liz Loria 15 days ago +2

    Work ethic culture focus discipline priorities respect for school/teachers .
    Hats off to asians.

  • iDokoMedia
    iDokoMedia 16 days ago

    Nigerians are smarter

  • Boe Dillard
    Boe Dillard 16 days ago

    I don't think they are - I do think their parents parent so they'll succeed. American parents want to be the kids favorite parent to make the ex spouse angry. Because we all know once they turn to teens that will work out well.

  • john jr. - Lt. Col. Al F. Simmons

    They must be. Cause jared taylor say they are, so why not 😈

  • San Arturo
    San Arturo 16 days ago

    no we're just more obedient

  • San Arturo
    San Arturo 16 days ago

    I am Asian I would say that 99% of Asians including my friends are dumber than me in IQ. I'm serious. they don't impress me or surprise me at all. they're just like any other people you know. they learn to be obedient. they go to school. get good grades. get a job and talk about popular trend or the same thing that everyone else is talking about then I forget about them.

  • Abhishek Pandey
    Abhishek Pandey 16 days ago +5

    It is not due to Asian are genetically superior or more intelligent but its due to hard work and perseverance nothing else

  • anand krishnan
    anand krishnan 17 days ago


  • Zer Lv
    Zer Lv 17 days ago +5

    It's always amusing watching people trying to explain away the obvious.

  • Franck Yan
    Franck Yan 17 days ago

    Yes, they are smarter than us that's why we use them to do our cheap labour, consume most of our carbon emissions during the process & convince them to learn our language & come over here for more cheap labour 👈👈😑

  • LaMar McNeil
    LaMar McNeil 17 days ago

    There's no genetic reason and explanation that Indians would be genetically more intelligent than Europeans (in fact, even racialists have argued the opposite) yet Indians perform academically better than Whites in the U.S., so clearly the explanation is *cultural* not racial.

  • Cuộc sống gia đình ở Mỹ Vui chơi, giải trí

    The answer is NO!! We not naturally intelligent. We work 100X harder than others. We teach our kids very early like prealgebra and the periodic table when they 7 to 9 they have to memorize, but the most important thing we teach them is life values and help out others. The kids repay to us with good grades to show understand how we prepare them and help them out. Most of the Asian kids go for Medical cause where most people need help.

  • S C
    S C 17 days ago

    Pakistani men have bigger penis إن شاء الله,

  • Lex Cam
    Lex Cam 17 days ago

    Ok geniuses I still await the CURE for the common cold, virus eradication , cancer cure, heart disease and all the MENTAL HEALTH and EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS and also answers to the BIG QUESTIONS, like why are we here.

  • jowiG
    jowiG 18 days ago +6

    I can be white or brown. Doesn't matter. My grades will not determine my future. My positive attitude and good character will!

  • Erick Tippett
    Erick Tippett 18 days ago

    All this phony assed talk about other groups surpassing the 'americans'. When Sir Bertrand Russel came to this country over a hundred years ago his first observation was that the american
    'educational' system did not teach its masses the skill of critical thinking. He should have added the skills of concentration, thought control, emotional control (mass shooting abound here
    often not in the ghetto!). Marva Collins took children from crack neighborhoods, gleaned books from trash bins, and produced grade school students who with ease could comprehend high
    school level class work! Bruce Lipton (AND I as a former teacher and student of languages can confirm) correctly asserts that the average child can be taught and learn at least three different
    languages at once before they are seven years old and without accent until after age 13!). The United States should be the most advanced culture on all levels in the world yet it scores low
    in reading, math, and science among the so called democracies (a term missing in the constitution of this country along with a hell of a lot history we weren't taught!). According to several
    projections the United States will fall behind China and India by 2050! At the root of this hypocrisy is a CRIMINAL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM........SEE WHAT JOHN TAYLOR GATTO HAS TO SAY


  • Suri Shetty
    Suri Shetty 18 days ago

    Asian students are told from a young age what education does for them. Both of my Grandfather's are graduates , my Dad is an engineer and all of us 4 kids are graduates and our children have surpassed and become post graduates.
    Disappointed with CNN for NOT showing Kashmir as a part of India. Shame on you.

  • Chris Corbett
    Chris Corbett 18 days ago

    I have subbed for tens years. Asians are the smartest and work hardest.
    Blacks are the dumbest and laziest. Whites are in the middle.
    Hispanics are below-average. But the two extremes are Asians and
    Blacks. Asians are super-human, and blacks are dumb as caveman. I
    call it like it is. Boys are worse off than girls, but with Asians,
    that isn't true. My fear is black boys. They cannot read, write, or do
    even the addition/subtraction table. They don't even try. It is the
    liberal agenda to keep people dumb--that way they can control them, and
    they will stay dependent and Democrat. Lastly, when it comes to
    geniuses, only males achieve that of all races.

  • Chris Corbett
    Chris Corbett 18 days ago

    I have subbed for tens years. Asians are the smartest and work hardest.
    Blacks are the dumbest and laziest. Whites are in the middle.
    Hispanics are below-average. But the two extremes are Asians and
    Blacks. Asians are super-human, and blacks are dumb as caveman. I
    call it like it is. Boys are worse off than girls, but with Asians,
    that isn't true. My fear is black boys. They cannot read, write, or do
    even the addition/subtraction table. They don't even try. It is the
    liberal agenda to keep people dumb--that way they can control them, and
    they will stay dependent and Democrat. Lastly, when it comes to
    geniuses, only males achieve that of all races.

  • 문제인문제인
    문제인문제인 19 days ago +2

    It always depends on the attitudes, not the races. When losers are sleeping and playing for funs, winners are working and studying for their goals.

    • Liz Loria
      Liz Loria 15 days ago

      They are focused 24/7.

  • dhouse609
    dhouse609 19 days ago

    Yes/no Asians are smarter because of how Asian parents raise their children. Just how Jews seem to be more successful with money. Sorry to say this, but liberal propaganda and liberal education system teaches American children that it is the obligation of the people who are successful to pay for their spoiled asses.

  • Iwan Blaugrana
    Iwan Blaugrana 19 days ago +1

    Beauty : white
    Brain : Asia
    Philosophy : middle East
    Penis : black
    We need the combinations...

  • tatonga03
    tatonga03 19 days ago +1

    There is more to the broad success of Asians in STEM fields and academics that can be simply attributed to environment or culture/work ethic. The answer to the age old question of what is more important - nature vs nurture, the answer is you need both to truly succeed. For anyone that has studied engineering, math or other science disciplines, there is a level of intelligence and analytical brain power that is required to understand or master the subject in the same way that many of us will never possess the talent needed be a professional athlete no matter how hard we work. To say otherwise would be doing a disservice to the amazing athletes in the NBA, NFL, Premier League, NHL or MLB. Most of us will never be a competent physicist no matter how hard we try. Maybe they should stop interviewing sociologists, psychologists, educators or politicians who don't want to confront their own prejudices or have the slightest clue about how difficult STEM disciplines are.

  • insights009
    insights009 20 days ago

    Asian students work harder and longer hours

  • Jin Mai
    Jin Mai 21 day ago

    Asian are not smarter, but they work harder.

  • jimmy jew
    jimmy jew 21 day ago +1

    Three elephants in the room : Intelligence, Intelligence, Intelligence. The greatest American myth is that “all men are created equal.” The most intelligent races are those that created the earliest civilizations. It takes intelligence to create a civilization.

  • caligula minus
    caligula minus 21 day ago

    One thing I know for sure is you can get into Stanford by bribing the college. Money opens doors.

  • Master Dribbling
    Master Dribbling 22 days ago

    Putting efforts to achieve something with ambitions is an incredible talent. Not everyone can do it

  • Cindy Lam
    Cindy Lam 22 days ago

    You just can't say it out loud because it will be politically incorrect.
    But genetically Asian IQ comes first, then white, then black.
    But the black has the strongest body so they are good in sport, combat, actors. It's fair.

    • Viking Rollo
      Viking Rollo 16 days ago

      Cindy Lam but then why are the whites in charge if you are genetically superior? And you forgot the beauty standard by which Asians are last so yeah not fair I guess..

    INDOFIZ 22 days ago +1

    A. Your life is Safe
    B. Warning
    C. Mom kick your ass
    D. Die

  • a9udn9u
    a9udn9u 22 days ago

    Work hard is the key.

  • Sam W
    Sam W 22 days ago +1

    When whites outperform others, media (whites) will praise these kids to be talented, smart and intelligence. But when asians outperform whites, they will criticise them to cheat, abuse system through drilling, were forced by parents, live a miserable lives, etc.

    • Viking Rollo
      Viking Rollo 16 days ago

      Sam W true but that is how it is! Race and appearance is the standard to many so being white is always a plus..

  • Sam W
    Sam W 22 days ago +16

    Myth 1: "They drill for test. They abuse the system!" Fact: "While others go out for beers and fun, Asian American study hard. They believe in no pain no gain." Myth 2: "Their parents force them, they live a miserable life." Fact: "Their parents support them all the time. Parents would forsake vacation and pension just to help their kids better prepared for uni. Most, if not all, show heart of gratitude to their parents when they grow up." Myth 3: "They just memorise it. They never learn anything." Fact: "Asian like to analyse and devise the best way to learn and ace grade. It is foolish to believe in a person who obtained A grade without any understanding."

    • MATH Genius
      MATH Genius 4 days ago

      Idk much about the Chinese, but I guess those myths have come from India's 11th-12th graders who do exactly those things to crack JEE or other competitive exams. Ofc they don't cheat or abuse the system.

    • Argh D
      Argh D 11 days ago

      Asians in this context, refers to Indians and Chinese, both their culture is study to obtain degree to come out of hardship, but both lack innovation, u take any European countries, the students r high scorer but still lead in innovation, In US itself, whites r highly innovative ,and lastly if Indians had that caliber they could have built their country like US, and not depend on jobs or H1Visas.

  • TheTinminator
    TheTinminator 22 days ago

    Any race can be smart, Asian in America have a bit more pressure from their parents etc.. I remember when I went to my white friend house their parent were so nice and not as strict as my parents were.

  • Solf J. Kimblee
    Solf J. Kimblee 22 days ago

    obiouly no

    they just try harder

  • mercy bernal
    mercy bernal 22 days ago

    Our parent thought as study hard And that's the only wealth I can give you and no one can stole from you.

  • Ryan VanGelder
    Ryan VanGelder 22 days ago

    Um.....if you were all smart you would look up the most educated country in the world in terms of % of the population with at least a diploma. And it's Canada. I think it was about 50% of the population have at least a diploma level of education. 👍

  • BoracayADMIRER
    BoracayADMIRER 23 days ago +1

    We are more committed because
    A. Good education has a high standing among us.
    B. Our parents constantly tell us to strive hard.
    C. We work even harder because we appreciate and know the blessing to have the opportunity to live or study in the US. or Europe.

    • Ryan VanGelder
      Ryan VanGelder 22 days ago

      I heard a lot of Asian parents say that B=bad, lol, don't complain, just do your best.

    • Ryan VanGelder
      Ryan VanGelder 22 days ago

      My parents tell me to strive hard too, not only Asian's. I studied about 4-5 weeks before my maths exam nearly every day for an 1hr-2hr, and I only improved by 5-10%. I wanted to improve my mark by 15-20%. But I'm at Uni now and got a distinction for economics and a credit for accounting.

  • Aleem Pervez
    Aleem Pervez 23 days ago

    US entered into its anti-climax phase whereas the Asiatic are striving for their regeneration. In 1948 there was abject poverty in US, the parents were selling their children but now US is a rich and prosperous country. US in a disguised way has just entered into its decaying phase.

    THEDUCKTAPE14 23 days ago

    Any updates on Sid sriram

  • Hari R
    Hari R 23 days ago

    How come Indians have the highest percapita income in most countries they migrate too?

    • Viking Rollo
      Viking Rollo 16 days ago

      Hari R because they concentrate in industries with high paying jobs like IT, doctors, etc.. where the average salary is six figures plus..

  • Graphic Asia
    Graphic Asia 23 days ago

    Umm yes they are

  • Andrzej Zie
    Andrzej Zie 24 days ago

    They did get all vaccinations and not so much junk food.

  • AnilRazdan
    AnilRazdan 24 days ago

    Ofcourse they are smarter. There is another reason. They don't go to schools and colleges to find boyfriends and girlfriends, or TEMPORARY LIFE PARTNERS !!! They go there to study, to make their lives better.

    • Ryan VanGelder
      Ryan VanGelder 22 days ago

      Don't generalise white people please. I had one gf in yr 7 then didn't have one until first year of Uni. So about 5.5yrs.

  • Wang Guan
    Wang Guan 24 days ago +3

    no Asian experts/commentators interviewed. Opinions are all from white or Hispanic talking heads. Such a biased and tilted report. I guess at least some poor-performing folks in school can find solace in this kind of self-deceiving "investigation"

  • Karlo Fernandez
    Karlo Fernandez 24 days ago

    Sid sriram?????😂

  • 天朝虎神營頭等撲虎

    When I was in high school, we looked up to our Jewish classmates in particular the German Jewish classmates as our role model of good students. I admired that they were brought up in a culture similar to ours (honor family and respect tradition), yet at the same time parents encouraged them to challenge the meaning of rules and laws that are written down. East Asians and South Asians don't have this spirit of challenging authority.

  • Saajith Saajith
    Saajith Saajith 25 days ago

    Being genuine indian i hv obection the way talk is that y u saying asian american ????? I never hear that u people saying european american????? Yyy. Genuine american in usa red indians or indigenus. And u put them in jungle very pity. Except indigunes rest of all migrent into north america/south america/latin america. So if u want call asian american then u must say european amerocan too. By the way in school white students less bkos ur coyos living style. If u obey christain way of life then u can save white christains in whole american continatle

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago

    It's the American way. We punish students who actually give a shit and value their education and reward those students AND so-called parents who scream racism and allow their children to fail. I dare anyone to go into a public high school in America and tell me otherwise. Libtards will ultimately doomed this country.

  • ng kah weng
    ng kah weng 25 days ago

    Asian students are not smart people. They just merely had a bigger hard disk rather than a faster processor. They had a very good memory but very poor when comes to critical judgement. It is due to the way of Asians growing up which stress on continuous practice to perfection other than teaching them to think on various ways to implement the job task . I as an Asian does not prefer this way of living .

  • Victor Chew
    Victor Chew 25 days ago

    Been to a village in China, they were having a celebration in a household. Unaware what was the occasion I was invited. Later I realised it was their daughter who was admitted into a university to continue her studies. Proud peasant parents of that village.

  • gaipui kamei
    gaipui kamei 25 days ago +1

    Question:- Is asian students smarter?Answer:- No, our parents told us to study and we do it.

    JEK OFFICIAL 26 days ago

    Well im a Asian. I only do good because, I need to show the marks to my parents.
    If I do t get good grade, my momma beat my ass.

  • David Lee
    David Lee 26 days ago

    Don't worry, Asians aren't smarter than the Whites. It's just that they went there to study and need to succeed so they have to put in more efforts. That doesnt count as being smart.

  • eddemian
    eddemian 26 days ago

    The same bull shit that we have been fed for generations. Orientals are generally 10 to 15% higher IQ than Europeans. And I mean Chinese , Japaneese, koreans. Not Samoans, Papuans, etc.

  • liahma123
    liahma123 26 days ago +3

    indian student are arrogant
    you don't see east asian students such as japanese, korean and chinese students speak arrogantly about their achievement

  • artsynova
    artsynova 27 days ago

    I don't think they are smarter than the rest of the world, but they are more focus, the reason being that they do not focus in politics, in getting FREE STUFF, and they lack the tremendous envy that dominates today's students; no entitlement because they never had anything. They do not go for socialism because they lived communism and they taught their children to focus in progress which is the only way to better yourself. Don't we have something to learn?

  • Huawei Coffee
    Huawei Coffee 27 days ago

    CNN interview Huawei CEO internal transcripts , but can not find it on CNN , why ?

  • kl. johnny
    kl. johnny 27 days ago

    Asian students r MORE serious; focussed; disciplined; to do well or better in their studies!

  • Iyeth Taclas
    Iyeth Taclas 29 days ago

    Specially Chinese and Indians are smart kids

  • Jesusa Garde
    Jesusa Garde 29 days ago

    It is not Asian or immigrants mentality. We just love our parents and since we are minor children, the only thing we can make our parents happy is to do good in school.

  • Angkorian Boy
    Angkorian Boy 29 days ago

    Asian American students put extra effort and investment in education. What else is better than getting good grades and searching for a better job?

  • TheCJStriker1
    TheCJStriker1 Month ago

    Definitely no. But, they are most hardworking students compared to white in general. With Asians education is kind of religion?

  • CK Chong
    CK Chong Month ago +1

    I'm an overseas Chinese and my son is studying in an American college. He literally out scored all his white classmates in all semesters examinations. The statistic speaks for itself.

  • Tamera Wong
    Tamera Wong Month ago +10

    Honoring my family. That was it for me.

  • Unity&Diversity
    Unity&Diversity Month ago