CNN: Are asian students smarter?


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  • Aaryhan Saiyan
    Aaryhan Saiyan 8 hours ago

    Remind me wat Russell said beat Ur children's MF 😂😂😂

  • Kemneth Gaiter
    Kemneth Gaiter 4 days ago

    Prove that you are smarter: A right triangle equals negative one. How is this possible?

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma 6 days ago

    Caucasian people are good looking and blacks have good physique .so girls dream about them .also they are preferred employees by employers due to their looks.but Asians though not that good looking but concentrate on education hence beats whites and blacks in career. But if blacks and whites start enjoying life less and do more study they can beat these Asians easily

  • XtraCanadian
    XtraCanadian 6 days ago

    Yes they are

  • raven scott
    raven scott 6 days ago

    thank god I am white and oriental , we speak 4 languages at home . My son will have a great future.

  • Curt Christensen
    Curt Christensen 8 days ago

    It's called conservative values. That's what makes them smarter

  • Tasya Nabila
    Tasya Nabila 9 days ago

    My school start at 7:15 am sharp, we go home at 4:05 pm, and got extra lessons after school until 8:10 pm, then doing homeworks, group projects at lunch break or at night, sleep at most 5 hours, I will say that smarter comes with greater effort.

  • Kao Saechao
    Kao Saechao 13 days ago

    Color has nothing to do with it. Nigerians are very intellectual but African Americans are less than likely....

  • Rationalist Society
    Rationalist Society 14 days ago

    Newton, Einstein, Feynman, Hawking, Curie, Nother. All asians!! 😁

  • BlckCloud73
    BlckCloud73 15 days ago

    If Asians aren't smarter, then why do we have to score 230 points higher than African Americans on the S.A.T. to get into certain colleges?

    • ᄆ ᄆ
      ᄆ ᄆ 14 days ago

      We are not smarter we just work harder

  • Eric Swenson
    Eric Swenson 20 days ago

    asians are way smarter:

  • Cheese Cheese
    Cheese Cheese 21 day ago

    Lol I don’t study I still get A’s

  • Edward Lomaseng
    Edward Lomaseng 22 days ago

    We r Asian not B sian C sian D sian or F sian.

  • Neil Mj
    Neil Mj 25 days ago

    Its soo racist..A racist video..Asians work harder and they achieve more..No need to demoralise them.They are doing well..let them be appreciated rather than all this trash white negetivity .This video is more about protecting nd defending white supremacy rather

  • marcius marciukas
    marcius marciukas 25 days ago

    "are asians naturally more intelligent ?" Good question? I think the correct answer is ... Casual american's are braindead stupid :)

  • marcius marciukas
    marcius marciukas 25 days ago

    Asian parents are way better parents raising their kids, no comparison to a traditional american parents. Prophere upbringing produces great results as we speak :)

  • Rupal Totale
    Rupal Totale 26 days ago

    I don't think Asians are naturally smarter than other races but I definitely believe that they are much more hardworking than other races in general (thanks to our culture).

  • kimberly huang
    kimberly huang 27 days ago

    Clicked on this 11 year old video for whatever reason and recognized my school (MSJ) lmao
    We're not naturally more intelligent, it's an enormous cultural pressure within the school to get high scores. You're literally worthless in MSJ if you aren't considered "smart."

  • braindead loser
    braindead loser 29 days ago +1

    Gifted Asian in western society will be seen as a hard working drone that lacks creativity. Equally gifted Caucasian will be seen as brilliant/talented, Gods gift to the world. Quite simply whites are pathetically insecure and need to come up with a million ways to cope and downplay the achievements of Asians!

  • anti sakai sakai club

    If they are live in 2016 they are get bullied and suicidal

  • Vaibhav Singh Parihar

    How many white students suicide because of studies.....

  • Akshay Seth
    Akshay Seth Month ago

    Pplease visit India and simply "TALK" to Indian students over here, lol, they are just patheitc, they are a disgrace to humanity, lord, they are so dumb, in future u would call a dumb person an indian, they have crossed all limit of stupidity and bein pathetic! Its horrible. India is definitalry not the future

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee Month ago

    Playing the drums, what a rebel

  • Electro_Yellow
    Electro_Yellow Month ago


  • Darren Deane
    Darren Deane Month ago

    The IQ of China is like a 79. Through immigration we get the brain drain. And the Chinese government deports their soldier's to spy on steal American intelligence and secrets.

  • Nimar Singh
    Nimar Singh Month ago

    No we are just hardworking

  • Rabid Farmer
    Rabid Farmer Month ago

    Asian kids smarter? that is so racist! LOL

  • Commonlogicguy
    Commonlogicguy Month ago

    I bet their football team sucks.

    • kimberly huang
      kimberly huang 27 days ago

      from msj, we don't have a football team. it was disbanded a couple years ago LMAO

  • Hem Par
    Hem Par Month ago +1

    Why am i getting recommended to this video which is 11 years old

  • Ztech
    Ztech Month ago

    The real gift is in how much intuition a person can build. A lot of Asians and Jews seem to build intuition in higher fields well. They are essentially very creative and can generate distant associations. After that analysis becomes a factor.

  • Saikat Adhikari
    Saikat Adhikari Month ago

    I am from INDIA once I got A ,my uncles and maternal and paternal aunt called me that ...I am not living the family name's a strict 98 % or above my biggest competitors were my brothers ,it's like in the genes you have to score ...and studying is much better than working ...I miss my college and school days

    • Inas Médecine
      Inas Médecine 22 days ago

      So you actually study , out of competition ??

  • Alai Konyak Wangnao

    There are many fucked up Asians too

  • jiwarshaw
    jiwarshaw Month ago


  • Oradixie Galloway
    Oradixie Galloway Month ago

    White folks always worries about other nationalities business.

  • Ram Hope
    Ram Hope Month ago

    Sid Sriram is now famous tamil singer.... sriram songs

  • ProDoucher
    ProDoucher Month ago

    As an Asian, I'd say, whites got the looks, Asians got the brain, Blacks got the body. So... I guess white wins.

  • Accidental Apathy
    Accidental Apathy Month ago

    gosh, these people are just perpetuating the stereotype

  • RK831
    RK831 Month ago +2

    We are smarter because we study harder. Our parents drive us--or I submit, force us-- to study our asses off. Asian parents are competing with one other through the achievements of their children. It seems forceful or even oppressive, dare say liberals, but in the long term we enjoy better lives because we have better success. I live in California and enjoy a six-figure income thanks to my forceful parents. On a larger scale, Japan, China and Korea all prospered through rigorous education.

  • Pradip Gupta
    Pradip Gupta Month ago

    It is very wrong and improper to include Indians and other Asians in the same group.

  • Cary Chung
    Cary Chung Month ago

    Purely Asian parent will drop kick their kids’ ass if you get A-. Either you do business or get a MBA or above to achieve American Dreams

  • Clorox Bleach Is my juice

    No its just American students are dumber

  • T S
    T S Month ago

    Beat them all harder

  • Nirab Roy
    Nirab Roy Month ago

    15+6=21 😎

  • I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room

    the last 6 year spelling bee NO WHITE supremacy there ,where is the smart jew ?

  • Phil NH
    Phil NH Month ago +1

    This is insane. Give me 10 random kids of each rsce and have them compete academically.... I'm putting money on the Asian team. Sight unseen.

    LOUIS ERCILLA Month ago

    here in the ph, when you are in the elementray school you need to learn at least 2 languages and 1 dialect. English for the math science and english, Filipino for the other subjects like arts, culture and history and the regional dialect as a medium of instruction for other subjects.

  • vince33x
    vince33x Month ago

    Hazel Markus - a PHONY, Left-Wing Jew - says: "That's not on the table..." when it comes to having the conversation about Asians + High IQ. Why not? She's in the Academy and she's not curious??? If she's not curious, she shouldn't be at Stanford!

  • Paul Commodore
    Paul Commodore Month ago +2

    CNN: are black students dumber?

  • Lee Francis
    Lee Francis Month ago

    No asian aren't any smarter, but they do work at School alot more.

  • Critical Black Race Hippo

    definitely. that is why Harvard has to disguise their blatantly racist admissions policy under the name of "diversity" in order to balance the racial make-up of their campus and keep Asians out.

  • gsrini
    gsrini Month ago

    Sid sriram featuring in this video is now a famous playback singer in South Indian movies for 3-4 yrs now.

  • the realG
    the realG Month ago

    Lets be real here the IQ tests dont cover all aspects of intelligence . Asians aren't smarter than any race . No race is smarter than any race. Education has to do with hardwork . Asians work very hard especially in subjects like maths and physics. However i dont really see them doing so well in other subjects

  • Jackie Paper
    Jackie Paper Month ago

    asians just have a superior academic culture in AMERICA

    • Jackie Paper
      Jackie Paper Month ago

      there are a lot of stupid asians in ASIA

  • zirr chen
    zirr chen Month ago


  • Lakshmi Lucy Saravanamuttu


  • prashanth kumar
    prashanth kumar Month ago +2

    Lol..never thought I'd see Sid Shriram in an obscure video by CNN.. btw for those of you who don't know him, he is a very successful musician and singer now.

  • MoVieFaN world
    MoVieFaN world Month ago

    For white education is just to survive and do and it reflects in what they do after college,for asians its more a matter of pride and satisfaction to have grades.some from the older generation traits counts too,the white as a hunter vs the asian as a obedient doer (dutiful as well as loyal like in a kingdom)

  • Matias
    Matias Month ago +1

    If there were really fair system in USA probably 60% of students of best universities would be Asians and rest of others mostly Jews and Whites.

  • Jim Gilligan
    Jim Gilligan Month ago

    Shut up. Of course it is genetic.

  • May Shin
    May Shin Month ago

    anyone is smarter than americans it doesnt have to be asian

  • Mauricio Martinez
    Mauricio Martinez Month ago

    Asians are not smarter than any other race, but more dedicated and committed to study.

  • MAY N
    MAY N 2 months ago

    I agree! Coz we work hard and afraid of our mama and papa! Hahaha!

  • David Rath
    David Rath 2 months ago

    Are Asian(Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc) students smarter? Is the pope a Catholic?

  • Ta Au
    Ta Au 2 months ago

    They r not,, they just can read can't do sports and think socializing is wasting of time..

  • noname
    noname 2 months ago

    Just to give you few examples. I could be wrong.
    White @ B is (great job son)
    Black and Hispanic @ C or D ( my son passed, wow)
    Asian @ A ( Why didn’t you get A+)
    Moral of the story, Asian parents have a higher expectation. It’s not that Asians are more smarter. It’s the education system and culture promote and push them to go higher.

  • shmeet
    shmeet 2 months ago +1

    __________They asked the wrong question and THEY KNOW THEY DID! It's not about intelligence and whether Asian-Americans are genetically and biologically smarter than everyone else. That's not the reason for their incredibly high rate of success. The reason is (and these reporters know this) because they work their asses off. They're playing the classic cookie-cutter role that is the American dream! ANYONE can do it! It's all about hard work. Of course the elephant in the room is that Asian-Americans completely obliterate the very concept of there being an oppressive, racist patriarchy who's mission is to keep non-white minorities from reaching success!! "Systemic Racism" gets nuked too! The only ones who are really racists today are those who need racism to exist, so they project it onto society and their peers. Then they can point at everyone except themselves and claim to be a victim just by the very existence of other ppl around them! Candice Owens, like her or hater her, is exactly right. She's got the truth. Kanye West is right about this too.
    Asian-Americans never even consider the possibility of living off of the government. They're too busy working on homework to be thinking about such things. Everyone else is just lazy. Our failures are our own fault in the vast majority of cases.

    DJ YANONG 2 months ago

    We (Asian) kick ass

  • curtpy
    curtpy 2 months ago

    I’m Asian. I started learning advanced Calculus when I was 16 years old. My parents think math in high school is too easy and my mother asked my teacher to allow me do my math questions in the class.
    It’s not about IQ or race. You can do math easily, If your parents are like Asian parents. On the other side, you probably are going to have a miserable childhood.

  • sebastian Smith
    sebastian Smith 2 months ago

    These are east asians. Aka chop stick asians. I dont see any afghans or indians. Not all asians are chinese.

  • smilsmff
    smilsmff 2 months ago

    There are Test Takers and Then there is real life situations

  • Bjólan Tanní
    Bjólan Tanní 2 months ago

    Western students always challenge teacher.
    Asian: Listen, write down and get good mark. Don't give a shit that if teacher is right wrong.

  • sushil mehta
    sushil mehta 2 months ago

    fuck you cnn mother fucker you show wrong map of india

  • raghunathraghunath
    raghunathraghunath 2 months ago

    Sid Sriram is now a famous singer in India. ....amazing....

  • Shana Tinnin
    Shana Tinnin 2 months ago

    We have some scrappy teachers and schools in the US. Need to catch up.

  • Sridhar Kaushik
    Sridhar Kaushik 2 months ago

    Asians won't innovate much. They do not challenge the sterotypes, norms etc. Whites do. That is why almost all Nobel laureates are whites.

  • Sridhar Kaushik
    Sridhar Kaushik 2 months ago +2

    US of A provides a level playing field where only hard work and dedication matters. That is where Asians score. Asians in general (and Chinese and Indians in particular) have strong family values and parents emphasis a great deal on education and hard work.

  • Sridhar Kaushik
    Sridhar Kaushik 2 months ago

    Asian here means Chinese. I don't see too many Indian origin students in that class!
    And yes, Chinese are smarter than average white Americans, Indians, Blacks you name it!

  • Vot bout u
    Vot bout u 2 months ago +1

    Last time we asian being dumb Found our country was colonized.

  • Alexandru Manta
    Alexandru Manta 2 months ago

    Yes they are

  • JJ Massie
    JJ Massie 2 months ago

    Stanford woman is afraid to tell the truth

  • Lovely Boy
    Lovely Boy 2 months ago

    Why does Asian always have to mean Chinese people?

  • john vu
    john vu 2 months ago

    There must be something in the Mung Beans.

  • cahaps
    cahaps 2 months ago

    Yes they are big head big brain lol

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan 2 months ago

    they Study Hard, and get Ahead! and they are not Distracted by outside Bullshit, if they do Badly it reflek's on the Family!

  • Richard Teh
    Richard Teh 2 months ago

    We have cane all over our house and now we are able to give what our parent want thanks to them we don't need food stamps or sleep under the bridge and supermarket parking lots

  • K!gb B.
    K!gb B. 2 months ago +2

    Locals tends to be lazy in work or school, while foreigner work and study harder bcoz they need to double their attention focusing to their host culture.its not bcoz their asian or white.thats what i observe while working in 4 different countries.once a student i bumped and he spilled hes coffee in his shirt.blames me that it will not happen if i didnt go to their country working....i found him very SMART😧😧😧😧

    BARBATUS 89 2 months ago
    Why IQ is ironically RETARDED.

  • Pepper cane
    Pepper cane 2 months ago

    Guess I'm a minority. I'm fuckin dumb as shit.

  • Peter-john De Jong
    Peter-john De Jong 2 months ago

    It is a matter of discipline first and foremost.

  • anti sakai sakai club
    anti sakai sakai club 2 months ago

    Ithink indian is mullato race but why they have a brain like chinese people

  • Indera Atma W.
    Indera Atma W. 2 months ago

    the answer is easy. cuz asian knows that math is about counting money

  • Ted Chyn
    Ted Chyn 2 months ago

    Asia works harder. Black practice every day on basket court and they become dominant in NBA. Things get easier and better when one practice more. Learning is not an enjoyment nor it is entertainment and it an acquired tool to achieve in life where ignorant is not something to be flaunted or proud for.

  • Mi Scenes
    Mi Scenes 2 months ago

    Asian's brutilize their children. They are forced to study for hours after school. They are forced to take classes on Saturday. They are beaten if they don't do well. In Asian society the saying is "The more you beat your child, the more you love him." The harder you beat your child, the more you love him". Thats a quote from the president of the Asian/American society. American's are good parents that love their children. We don't beat them.

  • achatterjee14
    achatterjee14 2 months ago +1

    Basically it all about priorities. Asians know when to study.. When to play.. When to date. Americans realize this late.

  • Daniel Jun
    Daniel Jun 2 months ago

    Are we smarter? Probably not. Do we study our butts off because of fear of our tiger moms? You’re goddamn right.

  • athenstar10
    athenstar10 2 months ago

    Asians tend to be smarter because we were taught to appreciate learning, discipline and hardwork from the start, bringing pride to the family is what comes after and pressure comes last. American parents tend to let their kids do whatever they want so most of their kids don't enjoy learning.

  • athenstar10
    athenstar10 2 months ago

    You didn't even include the Philippines?! Filipinos are 2nd to Chinese when it comes to Asian migrants. Who even had the idea that we're not part of Asia is seriously twisted.

  • BlackAsteroid
    BlackAsteroid 2 months ago

    Asian students are often under pressure by parents to perform better. Asians spend hours and hours studying outside of school

  • k odu
    k odu 2 months ago +2

    If they were smarter then they would invent everything and we know they copy more than they invent. I have not seen many Asian names among noble prize winners. I attended a university with Asians in Germany and all they do is read and read.

  • Arnold Teras
    Arnold Teras 2 months ago +1

    Personally, I kind of believe that EVERY race and ethnicity has its different strengths and weaknesses. Like, some people are just better at math and science, others are more creative and imaginative. Out of many, we are one! :