Fortnite Presents: High Stakes

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Suit up… the High Stakes event has begun! Play the new Getaway LTM, complete challenges to unlock free cosmetic rewards and bling out your squad with new store offerings.
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  • x x avi dj x
    x x avi dj x Day ago

    Like dit als het 2019 is voor jouw

  • Igor Sarvas
    Igor Sarvas 2 days ago

    Fix your game reamuve traps they sucks

  • Majed Althabti
    Majed Althabti 2 days ago

    دركالو هذا افضل ماب فايت من تصميمي

  • Majed Althabti
    Majed Althabti 2 days ago

    دركالو هذا افضل ماب فايت من تصميمي 8554 5256 1934

  • Caleb Ennis
    Caleb Ennis 4 days ago

    only go wild cards can like

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 5 days ago

    I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaly want that skin, plz epic bring it back

  • Logan Blaserxxx
    Logan Blaserxxx 6 days ago +1

    Only people can like this that Double Pumping should be Back!!!!!!

  • Summit striker
    Summit striker 9 days ago

    GTA in a nutshell

  • UnraisedChunk
    UnraisedChunk 20 days ago +5

    Hands down one of the best fortnite trailers 🙌

  • Arda Eroğlu
    Arda Eroğlu 20 days ago +2

    its best

  • Fwipples
    Fwipples 24 days ago

    Million Bucks by TP4Y

  • Fortnite Foreva
    Fortnite Foreva 24 days ago

    For some reason when I think of the wild card skin I feel more sneaky and smart.

  • Sloth Guardian
    Sloth Guardian 24 days ago

    I Liked Cause This Is A Very Nice Trailer👌

  • TCagent Chrisp
    TCagent Chrisp 26 days ago

    Season 8 anyone

  • huicho - Brawl Stars
    huicho - Brawl Stars 26 days ago

    The best game mode and returned for 4 days in S8 thanks

  • Jack'sLife
    Jack'sLife 28 days ago

    this is probably my favorite gamemode and trailer

  • SFC: Irish boys
    SFC: Irish boys 28 days ago


  • Birdie Gamer
    Birdie Gamer 28 days ago

    I absolutely love the part when ace killed the wild cards

  • Firehoden
    Firehoden 28 days ago

    I love the music

  • Champion
    Champion 28 days ago

    This is when this game was actually fun

  • FNAF boy
    FNAF boy 29 days ago


  • Aziz Fadhel
    Aziz Fadhel 29 days ago

    I would love to see this be a permanent mode

  • Julian Begay
    Julian Begay Month ago

    To epic: dear epic please for people who’ve exclusively got all the stages of the jewel gets the actual one from the getaway LTM.
    Like if u agree 👍

  • Officials Galaxy Gaming

    I like the old high stakes trailer more than the new one. The old one is longer, the new one is shorter

    STALKER BIG Month ago +1


  • caroline hall
    caroline hall Month ago

    Coming back baby💎♣️♦️♥️

  • The Great Dalek Exterminator

    0:21 In the real game, it does not feel like the grappler has this range..

  • Cyrus Bestos
    Cyrus Bestos Month ago

    Best LTM in Fortnite

  • Jaelyn  Horde
    Jaelyn Horde Month ago

    I love how ace is the one who defeated the card deck (their squad name)

  • Manuel Rivera
    Manuel Rivera Month ago +1

    Wich is the name.of the song?

    • Fwipples
      Fwipples 28 days ago +1

      Manuel Rivera it is Million Bucks by tp4y

  • Maricel Jimenez
    Maricel Jimenez Month ago

    Only og crowbar people can like this
    (You need to get crowbar first time it came out to like)

  • commander donut
    commander donut Month ago

    Thanks epic

  • Jdogg Gaming
    Jdogg Gaming Month ago


  • Micah Bell
    Micah Bell Month ago +1

    Song is called Million Bucks for those wanting to listen to the full version

  • DJ Trizzod
    DJ Trizzod Month ago

    Best fortnut trailer

  • Can we get past PewDiePie

    I love that everything in here is vaulted and almost every location has been changed

  • GDZ_TheFatGodzilla
    GDZ_TheFatGodzilla Month ago +2

    Who’s watching when it’s back in the game

  • K Udd
    K Udd Month ago

    Bring thanos back please epic

    • K Udd
      K Udd 22 days ago

      Put thanos in creative please

  • Isi V
    Isi V Month ago

    Nice 😂😎👌

    ANGELOBETA Month ago

    Now THIS is an LTM, a new experience on the fortnite island for a limited time

  • User 1
    User 1 Month ago

    Best Fortnite trailer.

  • Sans the meme
    Sans the meme Month ago

    When the game mode returns for just a week welp I am done with epic

  • Abbie Goodfellow
    Abbie Goodfellow Month ago


  • Diego Debartolo
    Diego Debartolo Month ago

    0:31 I'm so glad I pranked them for Me to win

  • Tina Nett Nett
    Tina Nett Nett Month ago

    Thats good

  • Goldi Studios x blade
    Goldi Studios x blade Month ago +1

    Who is on season 8 when the hight stakes returned

  • Alex & Ben Gaming
    Alex & Ben Gaming Month ago

    Storm troopers confirmed

  • Tonnaer Benny
    Tonnaer Benny Month ago

    BLT of the year

  • TylersaurusRex
    TylersaurusRex Month ago +4

    0:22, No structure damage?

  • imko ok
    imko ok Month ago

    It has more views and likes then the original creators of the theme! WTF?

  • YouAreRetarb
    YouAreRetarb Month ago


  • JollyWaffl3
    JollyWaffl3 Month ago

    Who else is here after it returned

  • Apples are awesome
    Apples are awesome Month ago

    Best game mode ever

  • buddy hutchinson
    buddy hutchinson Month ago

    Anybody else searched for an hour just to find this song

  • Octo Boy
    Octo Boy Month ago


  • Jesse Gutierrez
    Jesse Gutierrez Month ago +1

    This game mode legit just gives me bot Xbox players like damn feels bad

  • Yousef Mohammad
    Yousef Mohammad Month ago +2


  • buddy hutchinson
    buddy hutchinson Month ago +1

    Like if ya og

  • [YT] Pabstar47
    [YT] Pabstar47 Month ago

    They’re back for season 8!

  • Unit Broken
    Unit Broken Month ago


  • Jeff Carter
    Jeff Carter Month ago

    I remember when this first came out

  • J. Oden
    J. Oden Month ago +2

    Man the next GTA looks awesome.

  • Andrew Ruzanski
    Andrew Ruzanski Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Idk
    Idk Month ago

    Can I have vbucks please

  • grandayyy
    grandayyy Month ago +1

    The wild card was the only "rare" skin I had

  • Yerzzii
    Yerzzii Month ago

    At least I got the ace skin

  • DronyBoi
    DronyBoi Month ago +1

    damn the event came out when i started playing was fun and now its a little bit nostalgic

  • Shark Leaks
    Shark Leaks Month ago

    It’s back baby

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man Month ago +1

    Hearts: Sniper
    Cloves: Brains
    Aces: Brawn
    Diamonds: Demolitions

  • EightBitDeluxe
    EightBitDeluxe Month ago

    Bring back the Guided Missile
    Bring back the shockwave grenade
    Bring back the Grappler
    Vault the Heavy Sniper

    TBC_PANDZ Month ago +1


  • ziggy stardust
    ziggy stardust Month ago +1


  • Jacknation
    Jacknation Month ago +3

    Payday 3 looks sick

  • CARV_Toxicz !
    CARV_Toxicz ! Month ago +4

    Best ltm ever.

  • lucia bodnárová pikošová

    i like getway

  • DjFmae
    DjFmae Month ago +2

    Look they reuploaded

  • StillSenaii
    StillSenaii Month ago +1

    tp4y million bucks is the backgrounhd song

  • azcardinals 1228
    azcardinals 1228 Month ago +3

    Who is here When getaway Ltm came back???

  • ツKiro
    ツKiro Month ago +1

    Season 10 here

  • xd sp8der8ytes
    xd sp8der8ytes Month ago +2

    Fortnite Should Present: OG styles for buyers who got the Wildcard and free crowbar when it FIRST came out!

  • Dat One Squib
    Dat One Squib Month ago

    They broke the vault thats how they got those vaulted weapons XD

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia Month ago

    Literally everyone in my class thinks this event is bad

  • Super Skull
    Super Skull Month ago

    Ayyyy it’s back

  • oh hi
    oh hi Month ago


  • Vielka Calderon
    Vielka Calderon Month ago

    I completed all challenges

  • All mighty oh Yeah yeah

    Aye it’s back in my recommend just when the game mode came back to fortnite

  • Broso56 Gaming
    Broso56 Gaming Month ago


  • Peach Plush
    Peach Plush Month ago +3

    I love this version of wild card
    Which is your favorite? Reply

  • Sausscery
    Sausscery Month ago

    Who else returned to this video to watch the full trailer because Fortnite was too lazy to make a new one?

  • Rodrick Jefferson
    Rodrick Jefferson Month ago

    Who can agree this event was better than Thanos event

  • GamerKev56
    GamerKev56 Month ago

    Happy That High Stakes Are Back. I had the crowbar and the wildcard When it was Season 5

  • Lukitas 28
    Lukitas 28 Month ago

    My fave wild card is spades one its so cute

  • bickerin
    bickerin Month ago

    You should re-release the ace skin

  • Spritish Channel
    Spritish Channel Month ago +1


  • RonTheBird
    RonTheBird Month ago +3

    Can we least get the Guilded Missile added to Creative?

  • 12euyt fortnite #égomito1234


  • CourageuxMois 173
    CourageuxMois 173 Month ago +1

    saisan 8 ???

  • Nightmare Lunde
    Nightmare Lunde Month ago

    Epic why you bring wild card back now people think I just bought it when I bought it in season 5

  • Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul

    Return to

  • TheMilkCat TMC
    TheMilkCat TMC Month ago +2

    Let's make this trailer how it would look in real action.
    They all got sniped from the ttv's
    *first wildcard*
    Would be dead because no protective building to block any snipes and the enemy would have bould already a half castle
    *second Wildcard*
    His car with that mate would be destroyed in the air and atleast someone would jump outta the car to build them citys
    *third Wildcard*
    The enemys would just build their base and be safe from het rocket.
    *fourth Wildcard*
    The enemy team would've just wait until he grappled and the destroy him
    *last scene*
    The C 4 would be to obvious and the Wildcards would probably just leave.