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Tokyo / Japanese Lofi HipHop Mix

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
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    👁 Art by YUUMEI
    edit :
    00:00 genamusic - Sad samurai
    02:34 runaway - bamboo
    04:58 Enoshy - solitude
    06:56 GRILLABEATS - Xiuxi
    10:08 crow is dead go and follow - Guren
    12:42 levox - Eternal
    14:56 immark - Too Far
    17:00 HB Tokyo - Waiting
    18:09 prodbytobi - Bamboo Forest
    19:52 T s u n a m i i - Just Imagine
    23:33 Irene Chan - Yugen
    26:22 es Coast™ - Return Of The Samurai
    crow is dead go and follow
    HB Tokyo
    T s u n a m i i
    Irene Chan
    es Coast™
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Comments • 603

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  4 months ago +536

    Immerse yourself in asian music ♡
    00:00 genamusic - Sad samurai
    02:34 runaway - bamboo
    04:58 Enoshy - solitude
    06:56 GRILLABEATS - Xiuxi
    10:08 crow is dead go and follow - Guren
    12:42 levox - Eternal
    14:56 immark - Too Far
    17:00 HB Tokyo - Waiting
    18:09 prodbytobi - Bamboo Forest
    19:52 T s u n a m i i - Just Imagine
    23:33 Irene Chan - Yugen
    26:22 es Coast™ - Return Of The Samurai

    • lapotb negra
      lapotb negra 9 days ago

      you must listen Free Flow Flava

    • Zahir Uddin
      Zahir Uddin Month ago

      @黑貓 The third one is also a sample of Naruto. It's called "Konoha Peace"

    • Nigelle Noire
      Nigelle Noire Month ago

      The first song is a remix of Chen yue trail of the angel

      THE SKINNY CAT ON THE MAT 2 months ago

      Do you have Philippine music

    • Miles Bissay
      Miles Bissay 2 months ago

      Hi all what the last track name please @59:00

  • novo Mobley
    novo Mobley 11 hours ago

    This is Chinese.

  • Alannis Marques
    Alannis Marques Day ago +1


  • Annamaria Gyuricza
    Annamaria Gyuricza 3 days ago

    Simply thank you for your work!!! So beautiful and soothing! ❤️ the calmness it gives me is just overwhelming!

  • Adam Hyatt
    Adam Hyatt 4 days ago

    2:50 is it Inyunasha or Naruto?

  • [Nexus_Crew
    [Nexus_Crew 7 days ago


  • Husam Medzhid
    Husam Medzhid 9 days ago

    شكرا جزيلا
    ما اروع هذه المقطوعه الموسيقيه
    دخلت الى اعماق الروح
    شكرا مرى اخرا
    حسام .

  • lil moon light
    lil moon light 10 days ago

    The first one remind me of kung fu panda

  • kyoto YINGZI
    kyoto YINGZI 10 days ago

    excelente!! me relaje y termine aun mas rápido mi proyecto escolar

  • BombKing_x
    BombKing_x 11 days ago

    The first one is actually a Chinese woman playing the flute, but this is a remixed version.

  • adi kotlovski
    adi kotlovski 11 days ago +3

    The second one reminded me of inuyasha, the first anime i ever finished watching❤ i miss those days...💔

  • pipimiko Chan
    pipimiko Chan 11 days ago

    The bamboo flute at the beginning is a Chinese Melody tho..?

  • Sakura Hitomi
    Sakura Hitomi 11 days ago

    The hot and cold list

  • Nautiliam
    Nautiliam 12 days ago

    God I love this outfit! Especially the mask 😍

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 13 days ago +1

    did anyone else spot a reindeer in the right with a black mask among these cats and foxes?

    • Liz C
      Liz C 10 days ago +1

      Umer Khan Don’t forget the two hares as well.

  • Angel Stoykov
    Angel Stoykov 14 days ago +1

    This music touches my soul

  • Naomi Thomson
    Naomi Thomson 15 days ago +1

    this sounds really good

  • 4K NHH
    4K NHH 16 days ago

    hey bro this is china music not janpanese

  • Katharina Bitsch
    Katharina Bitsch 18 days ago

    Отличная расслабляющая и успокаивающая музыка.

  • Study With Me
    Study With Me 19 days ago

    Its so fine

  • Elijah Tobin
    Elijah Tobin 19 days ago

    Do not in any way compare this with fortnite or I will come to your house and force your own arms down your throat

  • HUNG Benjamín
    HUNG Benjamín 19 days ago


  • Dharmesh Mistry
    Dharmesh Mistry 21 day ago

    There’s something mildly creepy about seeing all those blankly smiling masks, as cool as it looks.

  • maryjane
    maryjane 22 days ago +6

    feel like i miss a home i never had

    Thanks for the upload!!!

  • Silkwall
    Silkwall 22 days ago

    большое спасибо) Продолжайте) желаю творческих успехов)

  • Grimsikk
    Grimsikk 22 days ago

    This is the best music channel on USclip

  • Smol Six
    Smol Six 23 days ago

    Where can I find this wallpaper ?

  • Masha B
    Masha B 23 days ago

    Pretty sure that "runaway" track is Affections Touching Across Time from Inuyasha...

  • Michael Rinkle
    Michael Rinkle 24 days ago

    WTF is up with the 1st track bruh?! Who made that stupid beat?

  • beshj
    beshj 25 days ago


  • Tücsy Brassói
    Tücsy Brassói 26 days ago

    love this so muchxxx

  • Wibu Sableng
    Wibu Sableng 28 days ago

    want go to japan ?
    listen this song before

  • Ajn Subb
    Ajn Subb 28 days ago

    Those percussions sound horrible.

  • Ackerman 19401
    Ackerman 19401 28 days ago

    weeb at 3 a.m. be like

  • Młody Piti
    Młody Piti 29 days ago

    Firee 🔥
    Very good 💡💫

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 29 days ago +7

    I swear 14:56 reminds me so much of Inuyasha and Kagome's theme song or the song Fate and Love from Inuyasha. I don't know which one but it gives me mad Inuyasha vibes I love it

    • THICC_ 6_Rick
      THICC_ 6_Rick 5 days ago

      the second one is straight from inuyasha the creator just changed the beat

  • Scare League
    Scare League Month ago +1

    music can change a persons heart
    music can alter a mood
    music can save a life
    respect to everyone and dont give up on anything cuz destiny maybe tricky but always seems to work out in the end peace to all my people in the comments there is always someone watching over you even if you may not believe in them or it duces ✌👊

  • Tim Oh
    Tim Oh Month ago

    aku - Final Blow should be part of this list

  • Wicked Worm
    Wicked Worm Month ago

    start sounds a little oriental no?

  • a Bored Otaku
    a Bored Otaku Month ago +1

    For those who are wondering who the artist is, it’s yuumeiart on instagram

  • taihou 64
    taihou 64 Month ago +1

    oh droz

  • xx_dragonslay581 .
    xx_dragonslay581 . Month ago

    Ambu black ops

  • Нами -
    Нами - Month ago

    What's the video or what in beginning? That black dragon.

  • Hello Biscuit
    Hello Biscuit Month ago

    All of this music makes me feel like a beautiful and delicate lady

  • Sabrina T
    Sabrina T Month ago

    omg when I was younger, i used to listen the first music (normal version, obviously) It's a nostalgic relax

  • OrderSaint Productions

    This is straight up asian gangster with traditional style ! DAMN YOU MY OG BRO!

  • OrderSaint Productions

    THIS IS SO LIT!!!!!!!

  • Nacy Embry
    Nacy Embry Month ago

    10:09 NOOOOO!!!! NOT UNCLE QROW!!!

  • BlackBamboo Smith
    BlackBamboo Smith Month ago

    Wow! I'm glad I found this!

  • Esais World
    Esais World Month ago

    This remind me of Naruto vibes and I LOVE IT

  • Михаил Лукин

    That the Venetian masquerade, that the Japanese - equally scary.

  • Arianna Loddo
    Arianna Loddo Month ago

    32:20 is this an Inuyasha OST?

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago

    29:35 someone knows the name?

  • Naty Velez
    Naty Velez Month ago

    dem naruto soundtracks hit deep

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    I think LoFi Hiphop is a drug or something that makes people sound really god damned deep with whatever they say in the comments

  • Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon

    What sample is that first song? I know that flute melody but i cant pin point it.... anyone?

  • Flávia Oliveira
    Flávia Oliveira Month ago

    I want the arrtttt, where can I fnd it?

  • Vincent Merino
    Vincent Merino Month ago +1

    Man this is like that time I went to the Chicago Cubs game, man. I was hitting home runs all over the park, feeling the freedom of each sing of the bat. Oak wood liking rubber. Then my dad took the bat away from me like he took my dreams
    The truth is, there are no dreams but only image of a mind ran rapid.

  • Avery Lau
    Avery Lau Month ago +1

    i am loving this so much?? thank you so much uwu

    MASASHI Month ago

    Mask name?

  • TheKingArchon
    TheKingArchon Month ago

    If anyone is interested the flute from the first song is from "Trail of the Angels" Which I believe is a classical Chinese song :)

  • Bloody Claw
    Bloody Claw Month ago

    What is the meaning of this image?

  • AssassinsCAT
    AssassinsCAT Month ago

    The first one is kinda off beat?!

  • Seren Ryuu
    Seren Ryuu Month ago

    literally the only reason i clicked was because I saw yuumei's drawing, and i was not disappointed in a content :)
    but I was also very pleased to see that proper crediting was done in the description as it should always be

  • Xcellex __
    Xcellex __ Month ago

    Drift is that you?! 😂

  • Hazelnut ice cream
    Hazelnut ice cream Month ago

    And this drawing is so amazing btw.

  • Hazelnut ice cream
    Hazelnut ice cream Month ago

    I kinda hear Inuyasha and Naruto music here 👀 love it tho

  • Sora
    Sora Month ago +1

    Credit the artist of the painting you coward - It's Yuumei!

  • Prettío
    Prettío Month ago

    The ups and downs of the volume as the base plays totally kill it for me

  • Kiernan Rosendahl
    Kiernan Rosendahl Month ago

    I like, but i think itd be a lil better if the hiphop beats were a lil quieter to make it more of a background to the Japanese music, but thats just a personal opinion if you could do that id love to hear it

  • Dingrong Yang
    Dingrong Yang Month ago +1

    it's a nice track, but..........can you distinguish "Chinese" and "Japanese" music ??

  • Filgaia
    Filgaia Month ago +6

    Chinese would be more appropriate than "Japanese", 80% of the tracks sounds chinese (cause they are !)
    However, good tracklist !

  • Kinjou Okumura-Ten
    Kinjou Okumura-Ten Month ago

    This is intensely melancholy and beautiful and I mean that in the best possible way.

  • Top Bike
    Top Bike Month ago

    hey dude, could you turn that image into a moving wallpaper?

  • ๑・Cheezika・๑
    ๑・Cheezika・๑ Month ago +5

    Who else thought of "The Lord and the Beans" from Veggietales at the beginning?..
    Just me?..

    Okay, I'll just like my own comment..

  • Trasla!
    Trasla! Month ago

    God bless you! Thanks for the vibes, is a beautiful compilation

  • Pedro Leone
    Pedro Leone Month ago

    Wtf is that first beat man '-'

  • Ardin Catish
    Ardin Catish Month ago

    Can someone explain to me why so many music mixes just repeat themselves but change the background to black and white??

  • Not Enough
    Not Enough Month ago

    where can i download it?

  • Julie
    Julie Month ago

    The melody of the first song (sad samurai by genamusic) is actually from a chinese song called trail of the angels.

  • Weltraum Katze
    Weltraum Katze Month ago

    Dreamy you deserved really 1.000.000 SUBS! ❤

    BTW: thank you for all the beautiful mixes ❤

  • K11
    K11 2 months ago +1

    Naruto OST as 5:00 T - T Memories | Screw that somany Naruto OST samples I'm crying. I don't deserve to be attacked this way while oing particle physics at 4am!?!?!?

    • enoshy
      enoshy Month ago +1

      sorry for making you cry :c

  • Diana Maria Rodriguez Baldazo

    que sad me puse al escuchar unas de naruto

  • Ice_Trader_Gang
    Ice_Trader_Gang 2 months ago

    this is chill because when i'm working this will keep me focused so thank you and you are doing awesome one more thing keep making more

    HAN STARKILLER 2 months ago

    The year in 2043
    Japan is at it prime chart of almost having the most decreasing population ever recorded in history
    2077: it seems that the Japanese race is being fixed

  • Chim Chim Panda
    Chim Chim Panda 2 months ago

    Oh no.... sad Naruto music😭

  • Chim Chim Panda
    Chim Chim Panda 2 months ago +1

    Solitude sounds like a Naruto song

  • Mogro Leiva
    Mogro Leiva 2 months ago

    Really owesome dude!!

  • Gnagztuh
    Gnagztuh 2 months ago

    how long does it take to draw these?

  • Sillik1
    Sillik1 2 months ago

    15:00 was definitely Chinese lmao

  • eve Never
    eve Never 2 months ago +46

    When u hear Chinese conversation 14:58 in a Japanese HipHop Mix

    • Mew Twaila
      Mew Twaila Month ago

      @crow_nah 😂😂😂

    • crow_nah
      crow_nah Month ago +7

      really do be like dat sometimes

  • Sleepy Sloth
    Sleepy Sloth 2 months ago +1

    10:08 OMG you can't even imagine how long I've been looking for this track! Thank you so much!

  • Mietta Kerper
    Mietta Kerper 2 months ago +3

    *_jesus, i did my maths homework in 7 minutes while listening to this, and i somehow i feel like i want to do more of these equations..? this music is godly, thank you!_*

  • Psyper S
    Psyper S 2 months ago

    #2-> OGPPCuYgWwLqQnw

  • sr. games
    sr. games 2 months ago

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yung kitty
    yung kitty 2 months ago +1

    wow, wanted to study to this
    endedup thinking of my life, past, future drifting into hours of day dreaming
    deserves a sub

  • 《Bee 》
    《Bee 》 2 months ago

    Very soothing, relaxing and calming! I am learning Japanese and listen to this when I am practising!

    Arigatou gozaimashita!!

  • Samuel F
    Samuel F 2 months ago

    yes perfect, never seen

  • DaoJunior Liu
    DaoJunior Liu 2 months ago

    Name of song 33:23 ??

  • D. Hermsen
    D. Hermsen 2 months ago

    bro this is far the best one out there !