Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
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    Nintendo has given the world something... magical. The Super Crown. While the internet explodes with Bowsette memes, we are going to focus on the REAL result of this new item - Peachette. Toadette has gotten a magical girl transformation and Peach better WATCH OUT! Except maybe not for the reasons you think...
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  • Nickolaus Cantor
    Nickolaus Cantor 7 months ago +21394

    Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!

    • jroj assengard
      jroj assengard 12 days ago

      Wallette, enough said

    • Mega Magikarp
      Mega Magikarp 16 days ago

      +Zachary He doesn't even have a game dedicated to him. You could not come up with a moveset if you tried.

    • Aiden Jenkins
      Aiden Jenkins 27 days ago

      Nickolaus Cantor stahp it

    • Hitox hi
      Hitox hi Month ago


  • Heetas Toe
    Heetas Toe Day ago

    The thumbnail changed

  • Re-re
    Re-re Day ago

    why is the thumbnail changed pls reply matpat

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper 2 days ago

    I thought of this too.

  • PaperLuigi99
    PaperLuigi99 2 days ago

    But what about Toad's deadly secret. These two contradict each other. Which one is it? Toad's deadly secret theory was originally true until the universe reset in Galaxy and now this is the new reality.

  • Kelvin Carl
    Kelvin Carl 2 days ago +1

    What if peach wears the crown???

  • Prince Peach
    Prince Peach 2 days ago

    This actually doesn't make any sense. Peach is human. How? Here:
    -Has blue eyes, toadette
    has grey. Toads only have black/grey eyes
    -We see her without her crown in many,many games. From simple (official) art work of her crown off to her attack in smash bros where she literally takes it off her head and uses it as a weapon.
    -We see her as a child and her past in some games as well. Even if they gave her the super crown when she was born we still do see her without it in her early adulthood.
    -Her toad looking mom and dad in the booklet have been confirmed by Nintendo to be not cannon.
    -Grandma from super Mario RPG isn't really her grandma, in the original Japanese version she is actually a nanny or a stewart (like toadsworth) and was changed to "grandma" for western audiences. Meaning no blood relation.
    -She isn't wearing one of those magic hats like yoshi did in the Ds remake of super Mario 64. How? Well when yoshi took damage the hat would fly off and he reversed back to his original self. When we see peach get hit, nothing happens.
    -when other toads grab it, the crown turns into coins.
    -When peach sees toadette as peachette from her window she looks shocked and confused. If she actually was a toad we wouldn't have got such confused reaction from her.
    I know people are just theorizing but there's people going around saying its a fact so I felt the need to bring this up since no one else was.

  • Kawika The Big Kahuna

    Matpat why you no like peach

  • Wdasizchez 123
    Wdasizchez 123 3 days ago


  • Nemesis Glassheart
    Nemesis Glassheart 3 days ago

    That would make sense with Rosalina's theory

  • Saile Elias
    Saile Elias 5 days ago

    New! Super street fighter 2 turbo deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, Now with Mario DLC

  • Cole Bowser
    Cole Bowser 6 days ago

    I know what the secret intro message with the mystery language says
    it took me like an hour to figure this out so yeah plz appreciate it

  • Sweet Smiggles
    Sweet Smiggles 6 days ago +1

    But wait... What happens when Peach uses a Super Crown?

  • DroxyDraws CykoEdits

    if she has a grandma with brown(ish) spots, does that mean Toadsworth is her grandfather?

  • Bucket Head - Gamez And Morez!

    I don’t think children would look at inappropriate things (cause I know children sometimes do watch these...”

  • blackshadow64675
    blackshadow64675 7 days ago

    i found matpat's big, bug-eyed version of his face

  • blackshadow64675
    blackshadow64675 7 days ago

    does any body know the code

  • Lan_rs
    Lan_rs 9 days ago

    Today's intro made me want to drop myself. ;-;

  • Tenacious P
    Tenacious P 10 days ago

    The thumbnail changed

  • ThatShadowFox
    ThatShadowFox 10 days ago

    Why’d ya change the thumbnail, I thought this was a new vid

  • Bertie Fabian
    Bertie Fabian 10 days ago

    But there’s a baby peach...

  • Maja Sutova
    Maja Sutova 11 days ago

    the russian letters on the eye test...

  • Aria Jarvis
    Aria Jarvis 12 days ago

    Well, this explains how Rosalina's mother died...

  • jroj assengard
    jroj assengard 12 days ago


  • Abigail Gamboa
    Abigail Gamboa 12 days ago

    What if peach was taken in by the king a queen as a baby human. So she never had the mushroom cap or was super short, this is why we see her as a human baby many times, But the “bees” in this case recognize her as the queen bee and make clones to resemble a human and not a mushroom?? Just a really late theory cause I’m binge-watching.

  • Patrick Hilton
    Patrick Hilton 13 days ago +1

    I searched ‘game theory’ and saw that he changed the thumbnail. :I

  • Nightmare Slayer
    Nightmare Slayer 13 days ago

    No your truly wrong Mr. theory boosette is the best choice

  • besco gamer236
    besco gamer236 13 days ago

    Is it me or did the thumbnail chage?

  • Eliteduo castor
    Eliteduo castor 14 days ago

    Toad will say DAAAAAMN

  • Liam Curtis
    Liam Curtis 14 days ago

    Are Mario and Luigi toads?

  • Cyber chaos
    Cyber chaos 15 days ago

    Hello vivo y91 are you broken

  • ZachDoesThis
    ZachDoesThis 16 days ago

    Was the old thumbnail too gory?

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 16 days ago

    What was the beginning

  • Nancy Esposito
    Nancy Esposito 16 days ago

    1:52 MatPat “ waluigiette “ me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Abi the fallen human
    Abi the fallen human 16 days ago

    When did you change the thumbnail?

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name 17 days ago


  • TheDiamondBoy
    TheDiamondBoy 17 days ago

    I thought I clicked on A Doki Doki vid with that intro XD

  • Jayden :333
    Jayden :333 17 days ago


  • Tiny Birds
    Tiny Birds 18 days ago

    oh cool

  • no I'm dirty dan
    no I'm dirty dan 18 days ago

    intro.exe has stopped working

  • Michaela Neumann
    Michaela Neumann 18 days ago

    I know, I'm only rewatching it, but could it be, that's why Peach is dead in Super Mario Galaxy and, because at that time Peach already lost the battle over the kingdom, Rosalina only has this place in between space and time, apart from the kingdom, to live at?

  • William Alger 3rd
    William Alger 3rd 18 days ago +3

    Story time! So I had this video playing on the background of my phone whilst I was looking at Waluigi photos for an art project (tactical waluigi or post apocalyptic waluigi) and when Matt brought up bowsette I stopped and thought what would waluigette would look like.. well a few seconds later, Matt beat me to it 😂

  • aidens adventures
    aidens adventures 19 days ago

    New peach welp get Bowser

  • YuriFan #1
    YuriFan #1 19 days ago

    How dare you insult Bowsette the Peachified *HUMANIZED* version of Bowser?!

  • FreshKingSize
    FreshKingSize 19 days ago

    You want to say i jerked off a lot times to a Mushroom? Mmmmh.

  • Amy Fain
    Amy Fain 19 days ago

    I think she’s adopted,considering her parents never evolved to her form

  • Night Wing
    Night Wing 20 days ago


  • danielle dela cruz
    danielle dela cruz 21 day ago

    Wait... peach + toadette = peachette
    Doesn’t that mean that if bowser got a super crown is should be called “peachser”?

  • Avocado Animations
    Avocado Animations 22 days ago

    Wait daily bumps Ollie *I RECOGNIZE THAT HAIR ANYWHERE*

  • The Science Boi
    The Science Boi 22 days ago

    Mom come pick me up im scared

  • ESP Aspie
    ESP Aspie 22 days ago

    Did they change the thumbnail or am I losin it a bit

  • Andrei Rad
    Andrei Rad 23 days ago

    MatPat:She îs not "Princess Peach" she is "Queen peach"
    Also MatPat: *calls her princess peach.*

  • Sarah Jangard
    Sarah Jangard 23 days ago

    You should know that queens breed with drone

  • K Doodles
    K Doodles 24 days ago

    ok ok ok... but what happens when PEACH put on crown?

  • Julia Coffey
    Julia Coffey 24 days ago +1

    As much as this makes sense, this way dark for a kid's game.....

    • Meegakarla 1512
      Meegakarla 1512 23 days ago

      Well in that case it’s way to dark to be real life but that is real life.

  • Coolpanda111
    Coolpanda111 26 days ago

    Hmmm how do you explain Baby Rossalina

  • Jose's Creations
    Jose's Creations 26 days ago +3

    But what if Peach is adopted?! Never thought of that did you. Also maybe that's why peach is ''human''

  • Jack Bojan
    Jack Bojan 26 days ago

    How does peachette get the powers of toadstool? She isn't the original, so do the powers just transfer and she frees the toads, or are the toads just stuck as more bricks for Mario to destroy?

  • Alyssa Crowe
    Alyssa Crowe 27 days ago

    I had to make sure my fan wasn't broken at the beginning

  • Liam Reid
    Liam Reid 27 days ago

    If peachet is gonna kill peach then does that just help back up the theory that peach is rosalina mother?😮

  • Musical Mystery Man
    Musical Mystery Man 27 days ago

    We need Warioette, Yoshiette, but Marioette would just be those female mario fan arts

  • Springdude 11
    Springdude 11 27 days ago +1

    I remember this having a different thumbnail.

  • DJ Lucy Snowy Wolf
    DJ Lucy Snowy Wolf 27 days ago

    I went to a gaming convention and a girl was dressed up as bowsette

  • Elliott Massey
    Elliott Massey 28 days ago

    0:36 Yep

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia 28 days ago

    Also this is kinda scary after like, 9 minutes.IT GETS WORSE! T_T

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia 28 days ago

    I'm getting The Matrix flashbacks.

  • a crappy channel
    a crappy channel 28 days ago

    0:54 mario jumps on link equals koopa she'll XD

    KEWL THEO 29 days ago

    Todette to peach but baby peaxh is a thing

  • Alijah Roman
    Alijah Roman 29 days ago

    To Nintendo
    You add Toadette in NSMBU Deluxe.
    When she collects the Super Crown, She becomes Peachette. But there's something wrong.
    Peach and Peachette are exactly the same.
    Peach = Peachette
    That is a LIE
    You lied to us Nintendo!
    Why did you do that?
    Why did you add something that are exactly the same?
    Why did you lie to us Nintendo?
    Please remove the Super Crown and Peachette!
    I want them gone forever!
    So please do it Nintendo

  • Paula Hunter
    Paula Hunter 29 days ago

    I got the evidence that'll destroy his theory 1 Word Baby Peach just saying

  • TaNgO X
    TaNgO X 29 days ago +2

    Wait... why did you change the bloody dead peach thumbnail?...
    Oh wait a minute...

  • Jplayz Alvz
    Jplayz Alvz 29 days ago


  • Alexander Overholser
    Alexander Overholser 29 days ago +1

    But mat you missed something, in Mario Cart 8 deluxe baby peach is a character, which means that princess peach is not a toad

  • Caramel Bear
    Caramel Bear Month ago +1

    oh hey he changed the thumbnail

  • Timothy Dunaway
    Timothy Dunaway Month ago

    Doesn't baby peach throw a wrench in this theory


    Google translate?=broken

  • Max Movie Studios
    Max Movie Studios Month ago

    But... we've already seen a BABY PEACH in Mariokart and other party-based games.

  • It's Just Me Aidan!!

    Or they were all human before and the "Toad Virus" turned everyone into toads. The Super Crown only acts as a vaccine and cure. When a toad puts it on, they become human. Maybe they just made more Super Crowns after some research and now can use them freely throughout the game but everyone is so used to being toads they just don't wanna use it. It's a stretch but I think in my mind it makes more sense.

  • It's Just Me Aidan!!

    *puts on super crown
    dId YoU jUsT aSsUmE mY gEnDeR

  • Nube Gamer
    Nube Gamer Month ago +4

    Is it me, or did they changed the thumbnail?

  • Techkid04
    Techkid04 Month ago +1

    Am I crazy or did the thumbnail change like 3 times?


    Matt, stop doing drugs and recording

  • OctoFlower YT
    OctoFlower YT Month ago

    Waluigi already perfect

  • OctoFlower YT
    OctoFlower YT Month ago

    0:22 EXCUSE ME IM TEN .-.

  • mr. arty pants
    mr. arty pants Month ago

    Wait you thought that was dark? Have you even watched your own theories

    NIMAI NALLURI Month ago

    In the original manual, it stated that the bricks in the game were spells cast by Bowser. I think it meant that Toadstool(Peach) could only free them from their state

  • SoupsSB
    SoupsSB Month ago

    Can't this explain the whole "Peach is dead" thing from your Mario galaxy theory? Like what if rosalinas mom died and the peach we know is just another toad who filled her place? Maybe without Mario's knowledge too

  • MrLex.
    MrLex. Month ago

    Thia js scary

  • Constance Carlsen
    Constance Carlsen Month ago

    I hate to hold it

  • Foxise The Fox
    Foxise The Fox Month ago

    If a red toad touched a super crown wouldn’t it make Bowette

  • Yui Chan
    Yui Chan Month ago


    your beeing ridiculous

  • Dylan McCormackYT
    Dylan McCormackYT Month ago

    Wait won't bowser help peachette get the thone and Mario help peach stay with the throne
    I'm just saying

  • Dylan McCormackYT
    Dylan McCormackYT Month ago

    What about Toadsworth

  • [SS] Mebo
    [SS] Mebo Month ago

    And then red could be pauline

  • Zacatron Gaming
    Zacatron Gaming Month ago

    new super mario bros u deluxe as a title would make square enix proud as well as disney for how long some kingdom hearts game`s titles are.

  • papermariobee
    papermariobee Month ago

    Ok the thumbnail changed

  • c toups
    c toups Month ago

    *Buzz buzz*

    CRIPTICAL Month ago

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  • Oropain ,
    Oropain , Month ago

    I learned from this don't piss off peach

  • Quazz HD
    Quazz HD Month ago +2

    great way to scare us
    and with no explanation