Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! (New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Peachette / Bowsette)


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  • Nickolaus Cantor
    Nickolaus Cantor 9 days ago +15915

    Waluigi doesn't need the super crown! He is already perfect!

  • william
    william 20 hours ago

    Wait is the bob hoskin nicie cannon?

  • Cailie Isidro
    Cailie Isidro 20 hours ago +1

    I didn't expect Peach was like this the whole entire time, thanks The Game Theorists for telling me all this interesting information

  • spookay crafter
    spookay crafter 21 hour ago

    game gets released and the final boss is peach her self...

  • Just a Lobster
    Just a Lobster 21 hour ago

    Bitch lasagna

  • spookay crafter
    spookay crafter 21 hour ago


  • Aidan Sullivan
    Aidan Sullivan 21 hour ago +1

    Can you stop using theory? Most of these are hypothesises.

  • Humberto Gal'lino
    Humberto Gal'lino 21 hour ago

    ok, but what about baby peach

  • MrSmallChannel
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  • Aaron Jackson
    Aaron Jackson 21 hour ago

    I’m so glad I missed that whole bowsette thing.

  • Adell Bentulan
    Adell Bentulan 21 hour ago

    Now that there's Peachette,Bowser is gonna kidnap her like Peach.🍄

  • Glacey studio
    Glacey studio 22 hours ago

    I watch too many of your videos so your theme song is stuck in my head

  • Karun Sagar
    Karun Sagar 22 hours ago

    except that the toads in the game act more like humans than bees and hence the assumption they'd become animalistic is pretty baseless.

  • Madison Nichols
    Madison Nichols 22 hours ago

    Matpat always making me think my phone is broken

  • Nathaniel VanSant
    Nathaniel VanSant 22 hours ago

    Game labis coming back I think, the end of the glitch intro had a beaker with the 4 circle peice things around it

  • jose moreno
    jose moreno 22 hours ago

    mat pat you should look at world of super mario odyssey really close you can find the earth continets exept
    south america

  • Beast Bro
    Beast Bro 22 hours ago

    What if Peachette was Princess Peach's kid

  • Danroy Eliminating
    Danroy Eliminating 22 hours ago

    Scp theory?

  • Kay praetor
    Kay praetor 22 hours ago

    WTF is your problem with this annoying soundtracks over the entire episode? We are still able to hear you, can you make them a bit louder?

  • Ammon Horton
    Ammon Horton 23 hours ago +1

    Pick one

    Theory on ark survival story
    Mega man vs samus

  • LemonKatze
    LemonKatze 23 hours ago

    That intro was cursed

  • Harris Bartlett
    Harris Bartlett 23 hours ago

    What about baby peach?

  • Parker Williams
    Parker Williams 23 hours ago

    The whole bee thing is a huge stretch and the fact that the only evidence was fungal/animal relatives could mean literally any animal instead of bees.
    They’re Literally thousands of different animal pact behaviors. I’m not buying the bee concept.

  • Lizet Hernandez
    Lizet Hernandez 23 hours ago

    So true

  • Uzi Verdugo cruz
    Uzi Verdugo cruz 23 hours ago

    Are you also evil dirtbag with a chainsaw

  • bearbear candy cane
    bearbear candy cane 23 hours ago +1

    OMG WTF WHO CARES guess who I am saying this to

  • Digit Smith
    Digit Smith 23 hours ago

    Yaassss queen peach. We stan a queen.

  • James J
    James J 23 hours ago

    My face when people realise that Bowser *_already has_* a crown! He is what happens when a koopa troopa gets one! Duh...

  • sydney ezekiel
    sydney ezekiel Day ago

    This could either possibly be darker ecause of the fact it is Halloween or possibly we are beginning to see darker sides of our beloved Matpat

  • Irma Angeles
    Irma Angeles Day ago

    Peach please stay!!!!!😢😢😢😢😭

  • Polar -chan
    Polar -chan Day ago

    Lol Nintendo theories 65

  • rTiger
    rTiger Day ago

    So... could it be that princess toadstool was killed and replaced by princess peach, given this new reveal? Likewise, it is now entirely possible peach has been murdered and replaced time and again.

  • Frostfall780
    Frostfall780 Day ago

    Peach will probably just leave then that other thing will take her place

  • Ore collecter
    Ore collecter Day ago

    Want Dont Forget that in Yoshi's Island Ds, It IS show. Baby peach as a baby human and not a mushroom. Not only that bit could there be a posibility that she was adopted or sent to the wrong universe or world. Who knows?

    • Ore collecter
      Ore collecter Day ago

      Remember that baby Mario and Liugi were from the Nintendo world by storks. Then again, Nintendo states that Mario and Luigi are Italian Plumers. In Mario World Cartoon show there is a episode where they go back in time and see there mom in the real world. While Yoshi's Island shows them being dropped off at a mushroom cottage. Doesn't that sound weird. After all Baby Mario and Luigi are supposed to be the past Mario and Luigi.

  • David No last name given

    Hey this is a cute... "This is one of the darkest moments in Mario history" WUT????
    Also WTH was this episode

  • SkiSki
    SkiSki Day ago

    What if MatPat put on the Super Crown. BOOM.

  • Julie Almond
    Julie Almond Day ago +1

    What if Mario or Luigi eat the super crown??

  • Richard Lionheart

    How interesting the changes done to the into. Nice numbers when paused just in the right place. If you miss it the numbers will be missed.
    Hmm. the hexadecimal converts to july 15 1993 interesting crypt date. I wonder what this suggests. Hmm. Keep watching.

  • Bowsette
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  • Julie Almond
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  • Ava Animated
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  • Fluttersans
    Fluttersans Day ago

    Ok so I know I’m late but if Mario is peaches “love interest” then what would happen to him when the new peach were to take over or would she be a twin and just not get captured and Mario would never know but then if the peach never gets kidnaped we would never need Mario

  • OrangePanda
    OrangePanda Day ago

    But remember how princesses bubblegum was an evolved piece of bubblegum. Why not the same for princess peach

  • Zedric Palma
    Zedric Palma Day ago

    At least she could just be the queen of angel mushrooms

  • kyrotenkaithescarred

    Nintendo does not care about making an actual story. They just keep regurgitating out the same IPs and games over and over again. They do plenty of shady business practices like micro-transactions hidden as DLC (Amibo and buyable characters and skins.) For some reason though they never get called out on it like EA does. At least Breath of the Wild was good though right?
    I have no idea why that video triggered me into this.

  • Jason Boyer
    Jason Boyer Day ago

    hey matpat can you tell me about this ben 10 ds game i have i tried to look it up on google there was nothing so can you help me? it's called Ben 10 Anlien Force D3Publisher of America, Inc. can you help me get to learn more about this game?

  • gaming light gamer

    No waluia must never have a super cown

  • Brady Rhodes
    Brady Rhodes Day ago

    Bowsette is is Breath of the Wild

  • Ryankub
    Ryankub Day ago

    I hope this time he does a video once the intro theory is solved. that way us dumb children can understand. like if you agree so tath matpat can see.

  • Brianna Rivenes
    Brianna Rivenes Day ago

    what about Daisy

  • crabby boi
    crabby boi Day ago

    *super crown shown* matpat: let's game of thrones this mother trucker

  • Wolk
    Wolk Day ago

    finally a battle royale that caught my interest

  • squirrlymel1987
    squirrlymel1987 Day ago

    Toadette -> Princess Peach/Toadstool -> Peachette

  • Loves Honeyy
    Loves Honeyy Day ago

    No it's did I blue your mind puns 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ğamer_Jëlly-ÆFriends GameÆ-Furrycat

    Do you have a 🍆🍯🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  • chessofdeath
    chessofdeath Day ago

    or you know, the reason why peach is in another castle is that the toad(ette) took off the crown to change back to normal, via being a body double to the actual peach. and who knows, maybe peach is locked in her own castle being sick or dying, but sent out a bunch of toadettes with super crowns to "live as peach" and then when they come back, they fill her in on all stuff happening / happened, or she eats them shrooms and gains all the memories they had experienced.

  • SilverSwen
    SilverSwen Day ago

    Matpat, what happened to your new vid?

  • Raphael Rodriguez

    “Nintendo lore we totally planned it”

  • Archibald Claus
    Archibald Claus Day ago

    Not to criticize but could there be a King. Need are polygamists so no Kings but peach's dad was a King so...

  • JESUS :
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  • MainMain Jones
    MainMain Jones Day ago

    This is dark

  • Destroyer of games Gamer

    What happened about the fnaf board game thing

  • mini sheep
    mini sheep Day ago

    The Thing you're talking about is a powerup, if toadette took damage she would "devolve" again

  • Alex Alonso
    Alex Alonso Day ago +1

    Stream sucked

  • Kaleb is cool
    Kaleb is cool Day ago

    I watched your where will you hide video on the zombie apocalypse and I did the calculations and I found out south ####### is the second best place to save yourself but its low timing of 7-10 days but it’s enough to prepare so I guess that’s good to know since I did your research steps and only missed one of which

  • Fnaf Fangirl
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  • Tammy Magny
    Tammy Magny Day ago

    Wait shut up that's James

  • mystical nightmare

    I dont think nintendo is gonna add death tho....right i mean like undertale did but these are like 3 year olds ._.

  • Schnips
    Schnips Day ago +1

    Am I the only one wondering what happened to the Petscop Video? Just wondering...

    DFKAS Day ago +1

    marsette luisette warisette

    DFKAS Day ago +1

    the theorist game

  • Hayden Lambert
    Hayden Lambert Day ago

    I found this one hard to believe

  • tails miles prower

    Waluigis ugly

  • Teresa Ngo
    Teresa Ngo Day ago +1

    Yeah peach keeps getting “kidnapped” by bowser. Doesn’t she sound weird when ever she’s taken away? Who is the mother of the bowser kids??? Why is she always found in a cage with bowser nearby. In a dungeon. Peach is getting some in a bdsm dungeon with bowser

  • Mary nekowanza
    Mary nekowanza Day ago

    Weird screetches

  • OneBonsai739880
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  • Kent Starliner
    Kent Starliner Day ago

    Very well thought out👍
    I hope it doesn't happen though, lol.

  • Teresa Ngo
    Teresa Ngo Day ago

    What’s with the high frequency noises at the beginning

  • Imagine typhoon
    Imagine typhoon Day ago

    Makes perfect sense

  • enzo delfino
    enzo delfino Day ago

    They added the sprinkler to fortnite

  • Stanle Larcia
    Stanle Larcia Day ago

    OMG! I just realized that the thumbnail was peachette holding peach's head, I thought peach is holding her decapitated head which is so weird

  • Greenwing 393
    Greenwing 393 Day ago

    The intro for this vid. XD

  • DGneoseeker1
    DGneoseeker1 Day ago

    I thought the direction you were going to take this would be that there was once a Princess "Peach" but she was taken out by Toadette in a slave rebellion and the Princess "Toadstool" we've always known throughout the entire series before the name "Peach" was introduced was in fact Toadette, therefore making the more recent games into prequels.
    I mean what kind of name would Peach Toadstool be? Are they truly the same person?

    Disclaimer: Not actually pushing this theory since apparently she was always called Peach in Japan.

  • Splashy Playz
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  • DGneoseeker1
    DGneoseeker1 Day ago

    Are you sure you want to link fungi to insects?
    You want Cordyceps zombies?
    Because that's how you get Cordyceps zombies.

  • YaBoiAkira
    YaBoiAkira Day ago

    Olli is the major avidence

  • Mellythibs
    Mellythibs Day ago

    so if Peach is Rosaline's mother, would that make her part her part mushroom?

  • Sinister Pixel
    Sinister Pixel Day ago

    But... We've seen Baby Peach. We've seen Peach without her crown. And the super crown looks nothing like Peach's crown

  • Bmunky
    Bmunky Day ago

    When I was introduced to bowsette and everyone posting about that, I realized that I never knew half the internet was gay

  • Spicy Noodles313

    Did they ever do a Detroit Become Human theory? :,)

  • Lillian Bobo
    Lillian Bobo Day ago

    Hi, I know that this is late but I wanted to ask. At one point could you do a Theory on Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead) from Boku No Hero Academia? Mainly on, If his quirk is "Eraser" and it only erases other people's quirks, then what about his scarf? What is it? And why does he have it if it is not his Quirk? Again. Sorry for the late comment. Just wanted to ask. Also, I love your videos! I am a big fan though I can't buy merch and I am not really on much. Heh, either way, if you even just read this comment I'll be happy. Thanks for being awesome!

  • RY/VRA B8master
    RY/VRA B8master Day ago

    If Every single “peach” queen looks exactly alike...
    Then why is our Peaches mother nothing alike?

  • aiden jhon
    aiden jhon Day ago

    isn't that theory a bit ( how do I say it ) DARK, you think.

  • DiscordNight
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  • ducktailtragedy
    ducktailtragedy Day ago

    So this ringing noise in the background, I'm not sure if that's a creative choice or just a whoopsie? but it's honestly kinda, literally headache inducing. I had to watch muted with subtitles.

  • Azucena Perez
    Azucena Perez Day ago

    Is Bill Cipher related to the Illuminati

  • Angel Cedeno
    Angel Cedeno Day ago

    Ok the whole murder thing at the end lost me. It feels like you believe toads work exactly one to one to bees.

  • Yogurt Spoon
    Yogurt Spoon Day ago

    5:28 NANI?!