Film Theory: The CORRUPTION of Superman

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
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    Superman, a hero of integrity and good morals. Right? WRONG! You see, good guy Clark Kent is working for a corrupt corporation. The Daily Planet. They want us to think they are a great news source, but I don't trust it! Theorists, today we are going to find out if Superman and his coworkers have been feeding us LIES!
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Comments • 7 057

  • Nguyen Tri Dung
    Nguyen Tri Dung 2 days ago

    wait the minute perry white is black......ironic

  • Mike Hypes
    Mike Hypes 6 days ago

    All your fictional "heros" i dont think thanos is a hero

  • Danyal Ahmed
    Danyal Ahmed 7 days ago

    Morpheus before he became woke from the matrix

  • PurpleColonel
    PurpleColonel 10 days ago

    At least Spidey just takes pictures...

  • PurpleColonel
    PurpleColonel 10 days ago

    I highly doubt those ethics codes were anything like that in the 70s...

  • sarah parma
    sarah parma 11 days ago

    batman does what needs to be done unlike the police😎😜

  • Dis Boy Doe
    Dis Boy Doe 13 days ago

    Well its not really a theory, it just straight up facts xD

  • Brock Conway
    Brock Conway 13 days ago +1

    daily planet needs no laws

  • Patrick Milewski
    Patrick Milewski 27 days ago

    Well, what about eddy brock.

  • Ya local Carlton Guy
    Ya local Carlton Guy 28 days ago

    0:01 Probably at the local gas station bathroom

  • Saberian Dream
    Saberian Dream Month ago

    Superman changes in the TARDIS.

  • Curtis LeBlanc
    Curtis LeBlanc Month ago

    It's funny that literally half of those rogues could easily escape a standard prison cell (a room with bars for one wall, a shoddy bunk-bed, and out-in-the-open toilet)

  • Random Perao
    Random Perao Month ago

    2:15 isn't he in antman and the wasp???

  • DeathGodRiku
    DeathGodRiku Month ago

    What about the Daily Planet from the DCAU?

  • none KFN
    none KFN Month ago +2

    wow the philippines media violated all of this...
    too much democracy

  • ilovewolfie3 Wolfies

    I thought you meant Kelly Clarkson

  • colbert hunter
    colbert hunter Month ago

    Superman who should know all of America's dirt while lieing making themselves look like saints, doesn't just make his own new continent if he wanted to in the Pacific ocean and start his own country is heyond me.

  • kash smith
    kash smith Month ago

    Honestly though, if lying about his identity is Superman's big lapse of morality, he's probably still the most ethical journalist around.

  • Tara Lambert
    Tara Lambert Month ago

    Skill share is everywhere

  • Gabriel martinez
    Gabriel martinez 2 months ago

    Fake news

  • Corbenik Gaming
    Corbenik Gaming 2 months ago

    Cough Cough Cough (CNN) Cough Cough (New York Times) Cough Cough

  • Bruwer van Vrede
    Bruwer van Vrede 2 months ago

    CNN, MSNBC, FOX....... all of them are the same, just different ideologies

  • thejake11 hernandez
    thejake11 hernandez 2 months ago

    Catco magazine is the best obvi

  • David Monreal
    David Monreal 2 months ago +1

    oh yeah i watched all the old spider-man movies

  • David Monreal
    David Monreal 2 months ago +1

    make a batman film theory

  • Joseph Burkhart
    Joseph Burkhart 2 months ago


  • BigMattDeakin
    BigMattDeakin 2 months ago

    If J Jonah Jameson revealed peter no more pictures of spider man

    • Nick Kladky
      Nick Kladky 2 months ago

      I thought it had to with that Jonah hates Spiderman, but he actually does like Peter.

  • Meerkat M-H
    Meerkat M-H 2 months ago

    Like the intro!

  • johnny alanis
    johnny alanis 2 months ago

    Did anyone not notice he said,” enter the spiderverse”

  • Rebecca McNealey
    Rebecca McNealey 2 months ago

    As I was watching this I remembered... I need to catch up on the news...

  • Aza Smith
    Aza Smith 2 months ago

    Where is the Society of Professional Journalists on Fox and Friends?

  • Noah Rumnit
    Noah Rumnit 2 months ago

    Fl voor ever

  • sean lintermoot
    sean lintermoot 2 months ago +1

    This is just another way marvel is better than DC

  • Squall Leonheart
    Squall Leonheart 2 months ago

    Excellent and entertaining video as always Mat Pat!

  • mackenzie tetlow
    mackenzie tetlow 2 months ago

    There are phone booths near my house

  • Filoteoaz09 ds
    Filoteoaz09 ds 2 months ago


  • Nick Cullen
    Nick Cullen 2 months ago +1

    I feel like the life at the Daily Planet on Lois&Clarke tv series was a little bit better. I can recall Perry instilling the need to confirm stories and protect sources. BUT, Superman is still guilty of using the newspaper for his personal gains/conflict of interests

  • JoNatHan K
    JoNatHan K 2 months ago

    Made on a Day that makes me older.

  • Nikoslav
    Nikoslav 2 months ago

    Imagine seriously believing that news outlets follow that meme list of rules lmao

  • Bad Listener
    Bad Listener 3 months ago +1

    Oh my god! Thank you for the Skillshare sooo much! It has *really* helped me and my psychology courses! (This is what my reaction would be *if* my parents would let me use their credit card. I don't have one yet and I don't know which card I should get)

  • FaeLock12
    FaeLock12 3 months ago

    Sounds a lot like gaming journalism nowadays

  • Muntaj Gill
    Muntaj Gill 3 months ago +39

    Matpat: you know what would have made him a better reporter, or sponsor for the day...
    Me: skillshare?
    Matpat: skillshare!
    (No I’m not making this up btw)

    • Hannah Meredith
      Hannah Meredith 6 days ago

      Muntaj Gill same lol

    • Muntaj Gill
      Muntaj Gill 18 days ago

      Jonathan Stiles USclip brings up our most unexpected tendencies

      Glad do know you are part of the ralsei fan club too

    • Jonathan Stiles
      Jonathan Stiles 18 days ago

      Me: When you like and reply to someone’s comment literally just because of their profile picture

      I honestly didn’t expect that from myself. I have never done that before. WTF

  • Spiritcat208
    Spiritcat208 3 months ago +1

    I like Batman better than Superman and all the other DC characters.

  • You
    You 3 months ago +2

    Superman hides in a dumpster its a fact

  • Priyanka Patel
    Priyanka Patel 3 months ago

    Craziest part of this video is the amount you spend on popcorn at the cinemas. That's some posh cinema popcorn!

  • Sparky Dood
    Sparky Dood 3 months ago

    Batman is only beating up criminals, probably better with Perry’s strategy reporting in that example.

  • 1stLt Rob Miller
    1stLt Rob Miller 3 months ago

    Sounds like that code of ethics has gone by the wayside in todays reporting.

  • Running Man Studios
    Running Man Studios 3 months ago

    So basically we traded ethics in journalism for fake news like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC NEWS, Huffington Post, The Young Turks, InfoWars, Buzzfeed, and shit like that. Good to Fucking know integrity and truth mean nothing anymore

  • neolithiumproduction
    neolithiumproduction 3 months ago

    Yeah....journalism is no longer like that anymore. They break all the rules and guidelines shown in this video nowadays.

  • Ami Draws
    Ami Draws 3 months ago

    You know who else doesn’t follow ANY of the rules?

    Just look at PewDiePie and his “Mistake” they ruined all of USclip and does have a agenda against him

    • Ami Draws
      Ami Draws 3 months ago

      Anime Zensur yeah, something’s telling me they aren’t repeatable new sources.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmMmMmMmMm

    • Anime Zensur
      Anime Zensur 3 months ago

      or CNN or Fox news or almost any mainstream media

  • BoiDiePie HD
    BoiDiePie HD 3 months ago

    I don't care what they say but batman v superman was and still is a masterpiece.

  • Potato4TheWin
    Potato4TheWin 3 months ago

    When I was in sixth grade we had to take a journalism class and we spent half the school year learning the code of ethics. This theory is reminding me of that class

  • DavidAngelo Mojar
    DavidAngelo Mojar 3 months ago

    13:23- Says heroes and puts Thanos

  • The Joker 159
    The Joker 159 3 months ago

    I wish CNN did that

  • faubebbe
    faubebbe 3 months ago

    i just developed a lot of respect to spiderman's boss

  • Stripedgillette
    Stripedgillette 3 months ago

    He said he wanted to be there so that no one would look twice at going to dangerous places.

  • Henry Campanis
    Henry Campanis 4 months ago

    Idk I think he can fight for truth without telling the truth himself. He’s falling on the sword to protect the idea it represents. But hey that’s just a theory, A PHILOSOPHICAL THEORY.

  • Andrea Burke
    Andrea Burke 4 months ago

    MatPat: thank you so much for so prominently featuring Chris Reeve. A couple of years ago, after seeing a TV spot that briefly featured Chris, my then 62 yr old mother said the following:"You know, I have always loved comics and superheroes, but when I left the theater after seeing Christopher Reeve in that costume, I left believing there could be a Superman."
    Comic books. They're genetic. ❤

  • Rashamel Johnson
    Rashamel Johnson 4 months ago

    Were killing 1970’s perry white I like Tyler perry

  • Tim
    Tim 4 months ago

    Superman is literally Joseph Stalin

  • Bam tem
    Bam tem 4 months ago

    #superJJJ , get it rolling theorists!!

  • Nerd Alert
    Nerd Alert 4 months ago

    He probably wears his costume underneath his clothing.

  • Rcgghyf Mdjdnud
    Rcgghyf Mdjdnud 4 months ago

    I watched spider verse one of them is a anime spider man

  • ronald calderon
    ronald calderon 4 months ago

    I wonder what j jonah jameson would think of superman?

  • Will Jeffery
    Will Jeffery 4 months ago

    Rip terminator theory

  • wheybig297
    wheybig297 4 months ago

    Is it me or does this sound like every news source today.

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 4 months ago

    7:48 what about E.T. !?

  • jeffmurnahan
    jeffmurnahan 4 months ago

    Superman would work for CNN in the real world

  • David Oyeyemi
    David Oyeyemi 4 months ago

    I feel like the only guy that loved BvS 😢

  • Ian Hernandez
    Ian Hernandez 4 months ago


  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith 4 months ago

    Actually, if Superman wanted the job to benefit him being Superman then acting as a responsible reporter actually could make him a much more interesting character. What most writers often miss when writing Superman is looking for a physical weakness when in reality an emotional one could be just as effective. He’s still a man who feels emotions and has to bear the weight of their actions. Take the classic Greek gods for example. Despite all their power they’re short sighted, temperamental, impulsive, idealistic and paranoid, and these are the qualities that often lead to their downfall. Having Superman see firsthand how great of an effect those with much less power than him can have but still trying to stay true to his morals would be an interesting conflict.

  • 25Boden T
    25Boden T 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does mat Pat always favor marvel and only criticizes dc

  • Jonathan J.
    Jonathan J. 4 months ago +1

    Every journalist outlet breaks those rules worldwide. Fox News is the master of it.

  • david macko
    david macko 4 months ago

    Holy shit how many of these rules are followed by our news outlets

  • Jcr1g
    Jcr1g 5 months ago

    Why does every alien race speak gibberish or English?

  • BaconBlake
    BaconBlake 5 months ago

    Why doesn't matpat make a journalist video on reeta skeeter

  • Normalis Persona
    Normalis Persona 5 months ago

    J.J. Jameson deserves his own movie.

  • Pyren & Velvyn
    Pyren & Velvyn 5 months ago

    But The Bat be better

  • Roland Deschain
    Roland Deschain 5 months ago

    Yeah Triple J is a legend

  • three of jays
    three of jays 5 months ago

    That intro was a bit gay because he is a guy talking about another guy dick

  • bakkman
    bakkman 5 months ago

    I didn't read a lot Superman comics that deals with Clark being a journalist, but in those who do, in the beginning of the mew 52, there are a lot of interesting issues. They deal with Infotainment, reach and ethics and with the way Clark stands up for the little guy, which is why he became a journalist.

  • Kau Soon
    Kau Soon 5 months ago

    Pretty much all news outlets nowadays broke at least 1 or 2 rules . And Vox probably broke all of them

  • Alexis Bardgett
    Alexis Bardgett 5 months ago


  • benbelap
    benbelap 5 months ago


  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 5 months ago

    i cant believe superman would lie like that

  • Andromeda Planet
    Andromeda Planet 5 months ago +2

    Tell me what video is above your comment section
    For me it's a salad fingers theory

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando 5 months ago

    If you think about it jjj is a real hero.

  • Ballistika Games
    Ballistika Games 5 months ago

    I'mma comment this on every video now cause I wanna see this theory
    I'd love to see a theory on how damaging destroido corp actually was on crystal cove and it's surroundings. Watch episode 12 of Scooby Doo mystery incorporated and trust me you'll be asking the same cause Jesus its unreal

  • Winter Sky
    Winter Sky 5 months ago

    Nobody cares about Clark Kent takin' on the Batman

  • Arham Playz
    Arham Playz 5 months ago

    I am subbing to everyone who subs me

  • Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow 5 months ago

    The Daily Planet is a propagandist tabloid, which represents the modern media perfectly.

  • Cap'n caviar
    Cap'n caviar 5 months ago +1

    Wait is this an injustice theory? If so I'm excited
    Edit: while not a theory about how superman became a space Nazi, this was good too

  • Dzintra
    Dzintra 5 months ago

    He is but an americunt terrorist

  • Caroline Bjørnstad
    Caroline Bjørnstad 5 months ago

    Will the lands in green be directly affected by this article?

  • Susan Susan
    Susan Susan 5 months ago

    Spider-Man Vs Ash from evil dead!

  • Para Site
    Para Site 5 months ago

    NEXT TIME ON SUPERHERO FILM THOERIES HOW DEADLY IS KING PEN’S HAND SMASH (spider man: into the spider verse) it’s just an ide

  • JollySquidLips
    JollySquidLips 5 months ago

    Ware is your fortnite theories

  • ThatLittleKitten
    ThatLittleKitten 5 months ago

    I wish these rules on journalism still applied today.

  • hantra17
    hantra17 5 months ago

    12:38 Sorry I'm an outsider, but to change the truth for your own benefit, it has always been the American way.😆
    Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed after Japan wanted to surrender.🍄

  • Melonseed Media Arts
    Melonseed Media Arts 5 months ago

    Tell that to JJ who continues to degrade Spider-man despite being saved multiple times by him. Where is the ethics there?