P.J. Tucker Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • Complex
    Complex  5 months ago +35

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  • Jepoyski Bengco
    Jepoyski Bengco 3 days ago

    PJ Tucker seeking max contract after this...

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 7 days ago

    this dude buying $2000 shoes alongside $35 shoes

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 7 days ago

    whole sole came off holy shit. Nike needs to stop making their shit in sweatshops

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 7 days ago

    lol his diamond chain keeps hitting the mic

  • Joshua slosser
    Joshua slosser 7 days ago

    Ik this is totally unrelated but you should get Jason Belmonte on the show. The number 1 bowler in the world. See what's he's feeling what he's not . . . Lol

  • Javontae Garrett
    Javontae Garrett 9 days ago

    Cp3 really came in a week later with 50k on his feet and y’all worried abt him spending 16k fuck is cp3 investing in

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo 12 days ago

    Damn, he almost broke the record

  • Yannick Madou
    Yannick Madou 13 days ago

    Make sense these are sneakers 👟 that he will wear during games!! Gotta take care of your bread and butter! Shoes are for an NBA player what books are for a college student 👨‍🎓

    LAMLAM 14 days ago

    peep peep peeep peeeeep peeeep peeeep peeeep

  • Heavy Rollers7stSP
    Heavy Rollers7stSP 15 days ago

    $16,899 2nd best....

  • Shifty Dre
    Shifty Dre 16 days ago +1

    He really dragged it with the amount of shoes he just bought.16k on shoes??? I get it, I'm a sneaker head too but a lot of these so called sneaker heads be buying shoes just to buy them and then end up barely even wearing half of them.

  • J Incredible
    J Incredible 18 days ago

    Wow now that's a lot OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fluffy Pockets
    Fluffy Pockets 19 days ago

    funny thing is the $944 sounded like change. .

  • Stricc
    Stricc 20 days ago

    see here's the problem, he's like wear 'em, it doesn't matter if you play in them and mess them up... but do you really wanna go to school or go out everyday with some crusty, dusty, creased ass shoes? he can buy new ones whenever he wants tho so ....

  • Adhy Nugroho
    Adhy Nugroho 20 days ago

    The NBA will now allow free choice of shoes in game (the shoes don't have to be in team colors). P.J. Tucker has something else to think about before he goes on court. :D

  • Chocolate Thunder
    Chocolate Thunder 20 days ago

    NBA > Rap

  • armin38822
    armin38822 20 days ago

    I love it that a guy can walk into a store and buy all these shoes and not even feel it. He really earned his money. He really worked hard for his contract. He wasn't always the guy who was getting minutes and I'm pretty sure he was out of the league for a while. But came back,worked hard and specially last year showed what's he worth with the Rockets.

    MXDVX 20 days ago +1

    PJ "Truck"Tucker

  • Hero Zombie
    Hero Zombie 20 days ago

    Them pants hella tight my G...

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long 20 days ago

    Damn Joe tall

  • demontrey lewis
    demontrey lewis 20 days ago

    6:58 instrumental?

  • Anton McDonald
    Anton McDonald 20 days ago

    They changed the rule players could wear any shoe or color way they want

  • wabenzy *
    wabenzy * 20 days ago

    when did maino start hooping ??

  • Dominique Taito
    Dominique Taito 21 day ago

    Don't get me wrong. I rock my shoes, but PJ forgets that when you're broke, you have to take care of your $200 shoes. We can't just replace them whenever we want dawg.

  • Dominique Taito
    Dominique Taito 21 day ago

    He don't have to get fined now.

  • Liberta' Liberta'
    Liberta' Liberta' 21 day ago

    great video...really funny as well ahahah

  • Dion Lee
    Dion Lee 21 day ago

    16K on some shoes..

  • Ingagi
    Ingagi 21 day ago

    This guy needs his own shoes

  • Zacharias Thomasson
    Zacharias Thomasson 21 day ago

    He bought Vans, really?

  • Robert Groves
    Robert Groves 21 day ago +6

    He finna be killing this year , nba passed the new sneaker rule

  • BrooklynRabbi
    BrooklynRabbi 21 day ago

    Man, I know he's dealing with a different type money, so shoes are nothing, but it's still crazy that he'll play in those college PE's.

  • Jowa Horn
    Jowa Horn 21 day ago

    No More Fine... Let's go


    Now he can play all his shoes since the NBA changed the sneaker rule.👍🏾

  • idkman09
    idkman09 21 day ago

    Stupid as fuck..

  • martineli312
    martineli312 21 day ago

    Nnnooooo, u just bought a carolla with no tires.....yo! u hiring😕

  • Liza Smith
    Liza Smith 21 day ago +4

    Can’t wait to see what he’ll be wearing on the court with the sneaker rule loosened.

  • Jonathan Gaines
    Jonathan Gaines 21 day ago

    The real hero is that cheap Chinese and Bangladeshi labor! Modern slavery..., but just continue to ignore that

  • Fireworld
    Fireworld 21 day ago

    What a waste of money. Some people will never evolve.

  • Nate Daugherty
    Nate Daugherty 21 day ago

    I could afford like 4 of those pairs......

  • That 1 Highlight
    That 1 Highlight 21 day ago +3

    Ion think PJ is getting fined...

    • That 1 Highlight
      That 1 Highlight 21 day ago

      Robert Groves I literally just said that.

    • Robert Groves
      Robert Groves 21 day ago

      That 1 Highlight he's not it's a new sneaker rule

  • King Judo
    King Judo 21 day ago

    I need a black card my nigga

  • The Corndog Hero
    The Corndog Hero 21 day ago

    Waste of money, dislike

  • tyreseshantetyre
    tyreseshantetyre 21 day ago +29

    Rule change now you wont be getting in no trouble now no fines no fines wear whatever you want now😎!!!!!NBA rule change😁

    • Kam 22
      Kam 22 21 day ago +2

      i came after hearing that lol

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas 21 day ago

    I am now a fan

  • D Prime
    D Prime 21 day ago

    I feel like he was low key regretting that shit 😂😂😂

  • Glanced
    Glanced 21 day ago

    16k what the fuck I'm struggling to send money to my family in Nigeria

  • Glanced
    Glanced 21 day ago

    He knew CP since thier was kids

  • Flavio Lopez
    Flavio Lopez 21 day ago +48

    Bro he going crazy this year. He rocking everything under the sun

    • Ben Whelan
      Ben Whelan 18 days ago

      i wish it was under the sun, we miss him in phoenix :(

    • 3rdworldgwaming
      3rdworldgwaming 19 days ago +1

      I know my man....especially with the new sneaker rule Adam Silver put this year....he goin insane

    PG 13PACERNATION 23 days ago

    damn PJ Tucker got good taste as well haha they were mostly fire

  • Darrell Bell
    Darrell Bell 23 days ago

    PJ ass look like he play a shooter in every west coast hood movie !

  • tippfff
    tippfff 24 days ago

    dont know about that pants..

  • King ElvisFreshley
    King ElvisFreshley 24 days ago

    yo what if his card declined?

  • User
    User 24 days ago

    that cashier is fire

  • insane_ss_gamer
    insane_ss_gamer 27 days ago

    When you have money you can do whatever you want with it because it's your money. I just think to myself, damn I could buy food, pay off my truck, put some on my mortgage, Bill's Bill's Bill's lol. Hats off to you though because I know it was a grind to get to where you are now. I'm lucky some years if I even buy myself a pair of shoes a year lol I usually buy just for my kids and wife because I'm ok with just one pair lol

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 27 days ago +1

    you think you're good for the day my nigga I think your good for all year

  • Jesús Alejandro Cruz Tlatelpa

    Is this what Americans call, n-word​ rich?

  • Steve DeSantis
    Steve DeSantis 28 days ago

    Undisputed heavyweight sneaker champ of the world.

  • Bhowan 9596
    Bhowan 9596 Month ago

    PJ Tucker is a crazyyy mannn, first he was online shopping at the store, then he spend normal people college tuition on all the shoes and he goes down as one of the biggest spender on complex sneaker shopping. WOW

  • Michael Bargs
    Michael Bargs Month ago

    He got ripped off

  • Vincent Christian Fernandez

    That cashier is fckin beautiful

  • Sean Eubanks
    Sean Eubanks Month ago

    Dayum, PJ ballin fr. Shit.

    YÜNG SPJENKINS Month ago

    That animation for them 16s was wild asl💀💀

  • Percival Mercado
    Percival Mercado Month ago

    “It was like DAMMM WHY i SPEND THAT MUCH!!!! He definitely need a refund hahaha!!!!

  • Jake BOI
    Jake BOI Month ago

    Got money to spend might as well spend it. Crazy thing is it's only like a nickel to guys like him.

  • Gareth KLotz
    Gareth KLotz Month ago

    I think he needs bigger pants

  • Moe White
    Moe White Month ago

    he got some Jordan's micheal jordan ain't got

  • Drew Lee
    Drew Lee Month ago

    "Hopefully he's gonna buy some sneakers" buys $20000 worth of sneakers

  • FLAallDay81Trey
    FLAallDay81Trey Month ago

    I'm just trying to see the card information

  • Ny Nicholson
    Ny Nicholson Month ago

    $16,000 let that sink in

  • Brayden Morin
    Brayden Morin Month ago

    He got 2 air max 98s?

  • j.r
    j.r Month ago

    Yo he beat neymar record of buying shoes maybe

  • vipul bhardwaj
    vipul bhardwaj Month ago

    Mayweather Jr can break NJR's record

  • vipul bhardwaj
    vipul bhardwaj Month ago +2

    Neymar spent more than him and everybody knows footballers earn far more than NBA players

    • Alonso Garcia
      Alonso Garcia 24 days ago +2

      Mmmm depend on what teams, NBA is the richest league in the world, players earn on average 8 million! Football is different , RM pays 8 million but other small teams as Eibar/Rayo/Betis cannot pay even a million 😂😂 (well , every team in Spain has

  • DSM Dano
    DSM Dano Month ago

    What a beast lol

  • Nicholas Gonzalez
    Nicholas Gonzalez Month ago

    Joe La Puma dresses like an idiot

  • BrooklYN
    BrooklYN Month ago

    That cashier lady looked good 😍😍😍

  • Tsmitty Smith
    Tsmitty Smith Month ago

    Most money I've seen spent on here

  • Raghav Verma
    Raghav Verma Month ago

    shoppin with king james

  • lil pug
    lil pug Month ago +1

    I personally am not a sneaker collector and don't know a know about them, but why does he have Yeezys if he is a basketball player? Can somebody educate me please

  • Samuel Millan
    Samuel Millan Month ago

    My mans spends almost $17,000 on shoes. Legend.

  • Will W
    Will W Month ago

    He bought the pair of UNC PE’s that our players got suspended for 🤦‍♂️

  • zakialda sarvi
    zakialda sarvi Month ago

    why kobe 6 so expensive?

  • Louis Ramos
    Louis Ramos Month ago

    Chris Paul sick 😭

  • Alain Tabaniag
    Alain Tabaniag Month ago

    3:28 are those Eminem's?

  • Zone 6 Judo
    Zone 6 Judo Month ago

    He jus went crazy in dat bih..😂 16 bands.....and btw dat cashier bad af lol

  • Fritz Victory
    Fritz Victory Month ago

    And he owns a black card 😬

  • Maceman4
    Maceman4 Month ago

    almost beat neymar’s 18’000

  • Kenneth LaVeau
    Kenneth LaVeau Month ago

    Let’s see lil skies

  • The Benmode
    The Benmode Month ago +1

    Who’s here after watching loveliveserve

  • Egg21
    Egg21 Month ago

    Was waiting for him to be like “......shit I already got all dis”

  • Felix x
    Felix x Month ago +1

    Some of theese shoes are over priced and can get WAY less expensive versions thats are still real, talken about the AJ9 retro

  • Aquarius Minded
    Aquarius Minded Month ago

    Looks like YG

  • Eric Ward
    Eric Ward 2 months ago

    I just seen this nigga in Vegas @ the rick ross pool party lol

  • oneloveonebeing
    oneloveonebeing 2 months ago

    my son dropped the BAG , bout to go work on some defense drills

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor 2 months ago

    What kind of j’s are those in the background with the picture of mike dunking in them?

  • Carol Prantner
    Carol Prantner 2 months ago

    This nigga just spent 16k on kickz 😂

  • Ferry Ansony
    Ferry Ansony 2 months ago

    Man i fell in love with that Jordan × Levi's. It's literally my dream to own one.

  • Dezmen Segundo
    Dezmen Segundo 2 months ago

    easy money baby!!!

  • John Michael McAwesome
    John Michael McAwesome 2 months ago +1

    $17,000 bruuh you could go on a worldwide vacation smh