Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


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  • Rhys Causon
    Rhys Causon 2 hours ago

    Never played Deadpool so you skip passed the tutorial... dude! Why?!

  • Jeffery the demon
    Jeffery the demon 2 hours ago

    IM SORRY JACK BUT OMG I CAN SEE THE fanfiction now jack x Ryan or jack x dead pool thos are going to be some wet joicey messed up story's like guys come on Ik every one wants this so some one please start wrighting

  • CloudTSLS
    CloudTSLS 2 hours ago +1

    Funny how jack is promoting deadpool even though his viewers primarily consists of 4-12 year old kids that are not even allowed to watch the movie

  • Pipe Gamer
    Pipe Gamer 2 hours ago


  • Dan Is a man
    Dan Is a man 2 hours ago

    Like if you’re Irish

  • long ass chin
    long ass chin 3 hours ago

    boii was cringing the whole time that i couldn't make it to the second minute

  • PrincessGrell16
    PrincessGrell16 3 hours ago

    Just saw DP2 and LOVED IT!!!! I cried twice!

  • Mary Price
    Mary Price 3 hours ago

    Oh my gosh no fare I wanna play deadpool with ryan renalds

  • Sayori
    Sayori 3 hours ago

    "I don't have a cool send off "
    Jack in mind:oh yes
    Jack:OH NO

  • dirty dirtneck
    dirty dirtneck 3 hours ago

    the person who plays deadpool never played deadpool

  • Lucas Cervini
    Lucas Cervini 3 hours ago

    Its funny that the ads I got were just trailers of deadpool 2

  • Layne Craig
    Layne Craig 4 hours ago


  • Laughing Coyote
    Laughing Coyote 4 hours ago

    A lot more deep talks and less jokes than I would have expected.
    Still, always great seeing Ryan.

  • Gemma Turner
    Gemma Turner 4 hours ago

    Deadpool playing dealpool is the funniest thing ever irl he the best at playing deadpool and in games he sucks

  • Kaworu Nagisa
    Kaworu Nagisa 4 hours ago

    That's a real handshake.

  • The great googly moogly

    Oh god Ryan Reynolds I would give anything to meet him,ANYTHING.

  • Jaiden Morse
    Jaiden Morse 4 hours ago

    Hmmmm... So Jack and Ryan are buddies and talk about butts and play video games. That's nice

  • PositiveSarcasm
    PositiveSarcasm 4 hours ago


  • The Life Of An Amature beatboxer

    Who else likes The Hitmans Bodyguard

  • Aqealise Aquamarine
    Aqealise Aquamarine 5 hours ago


  • Bre E
    Bre E 5 hours ago

    I love Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool💜🏃

  • Emily Spearman
    Emily Spearman 5 hours ago

    i dont have a cool send off! -reaches for pants-

  • Christian Brown
    Christian Brown 5 hours ago


  • Rath Issac Pace
    Rath Issac Pace 5 hours ago

    Nolan north should voice reynolds voices

  • ThePoisonousSpider
    ThePoisonousSpider 5 hours ago

    I really feel like dead pool should be in fortnite it just suits it a lot

  • G
    G 5 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds seems like such an awesome dude!!

  • TheMMBroz
    TheMMBroz 5 hours ago

    the guy in blade trinity

  • Antony Loretz
    Antony Loretz 5 hours ago

    No fuckn way!

  • Risto J
    Risto J 5 hours ago

    You are here in a SONY London?

  • Jacob f
    Jacob f 5 hours ago

    Deadpools playin with himself😂

  • Avion Epps
    Avion Epps 5 hours ago

    Jack and Ryan need to do more collaborations in the future. Maybe even see Jack in a DP movie.

  • Auden The Ice Dragon
    Auden The Ice Dragon 5 hours ago

    I just saw Deadpool 2 in theaters and it was *HILARIOUS!!!*

  • Lily Carpenter
    Lily Carpenter 6 hours ago


  • Cameron4anime
    Cameron4anime 6 hours ago +1


  • Caitlyn Caccamise
    Caitlyn Caccamise 6 hours ago

    This is something I didn't know I needed 💕💕

  • Camille Villanueva
    Camille Villanueva 6 hours ago

    This made me subscribe

  • Gord Gilchrist
    Gord Gilchrist 6 hours ago +1

    Oh my god!?

  • Smokey McJoint
    Smokey McJoint 6 hours ago +1

    Oh fuck this shit, this fucking bitch and his fanbase of 12 year old adhd kids don't deserve this shit.

    • adam
      adam 5 hours ago

      thats the target audience of dead pool.

  • ChaoticXRIOT
    ChaoticXRIOT 6 hours ago

    They look like a gay couple

  • Daayum
    Daayum 6 hours ago

    I came here after a text popped up on Pewds phone while he was recording a game for his channel! It said you were doing some Deadpool stuff! Lol.

  • BloodSlayA
    BloodSlayA 6 hours ago

    Dislike for the disrespect to high Hackman he’s a great wolverine

  • Geesh
    Geesh 7 hours ago +1

    What's up cock suckers??!

  • Bastian Salen
    Bastian Salen 7 hours ago

    This was a little cringy sorry Jack

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 7 hours ago +1

    I don’t know who Deadpool is but it looks cool when you play it

  • Nimue
    Nimue 7 hours ago

    I love ryan so much. Id turn gay for him in a heartbeat

  • Monkeybandit2
    Monkeybandit2 7 hours ago


  • Joel Helgerson
    Joel Helgerson 7 hours ago


  • Tricky Niky
    Tricky Niky 7 hours ago +1

    Just saw Deadpool 2 tonight was amazing!!

  • Taylor Gaming
    Taylor Gaming 7 hours ago

    What about killing baby hitler

  • Obelisk
    Obelisk 7 hours ago

    Man, that stunt actor was great. Are you sure that it wasn't Ryan Reynolds' long-lost twin brother?

  • Chelsea Kindred
    Chelsea Kindred 7 hours ago

    I respect the shit out of you Jack , if that had been me I would have been FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FUNCTION, ALL BRAIN FUNCTIONS WOULD HAVE SHUT DOWN. Which is probably how I will be if I ever meet you so watch out.

  • Catman3000
    Catman3000 8 hours ago

    I'm watching this with a deadpool shirt and my parents are watching deadpool and i'm watching jack play deadpool with deadpool my dream has come true. Nice job Jack :)

  • AndrewTheDankMeme
    AndrewTheDankMeme 8 hours ago

    They’re both so sassy to each other.

  • CaptainNightmare
    CaptainNightmare 8 hours ago


  • Zane
    Zane 8 hours ago

    wow... this was good "never heard of him" xD

  • Shannon Norwood
    Shannon Norwood 8 hours ago


  • Kole Greenwood
    Kole Greenwood 8 hours ago

    They need to make a Deadpool game with Ryan Reynolds

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 8 hours ago

    How many times was this video interrupted with deadpool 2 ads??

  • MrC00l1912 Gamer
    MrC00l1912 Gamer 8 hours ago

    I'm so happy for you! I was smiling so much with you two also amazing message guys! Thank you again Jack

  • Smock Do
    Smock Do 8 hours ago

    Jack had no care to let it all out on him, and Ryan (like most) is not so awkward

  • Breyer Fever
    Breyer Fever 8 hours ago

    My 2 favorite people in one video my life is complete!

  • to stupid for a Name
    to stupid for a Name 9 hours ago

    Hes amazing at playing deadpool but only ok at playing deadpool.

  • Vengeance League
    Vengeance League 9 hours ago

    It's dead pool playing dead pool

  • Статус-Дота.2

    Ryan Reynolds! looks like he has boring with you !

  • Ashton Hoddyhale
    Ashton Hoddyhale 9 hours ago

    Your Hanna die in five minutes Mr zanponie guy

  • Bema Osei-Kwabena
    Bema Osei-Kwabena 9 hours ago

    Jack is too awesome, he gets to meet all the biggest stars. I wish I was as famous as him.

  • Ashton Hoddyhale
    Ashton Hoddyhale 9 hours ago

    This shots gonna have nuts in it

  • Kasumi Katsuko
    Kasumi Katsuko 9 hours ago

    I completely love how Jack/Sean kept his cool even though you could tell he wanted to fan-boy and he was so modest about his job and everything. This is why I love him so much, keep doing the wonderful things you do Jack/Sean.

  • Emeeko 6
    Emeeko 6 9 hours ago

    I love this so much!

  • Danpuggle
    Danpuggle 9 hours ago

    Jack you deserved 46m subscribers and I was glad you playing as deadpool!😊

  • Grim Virus
    Grim Virus 9 hours ago

    you guys are just so great

  • Angelo Garcia
    Angelo Garcia 9 hours ago

    poor motherfucker

  • Danpuggle
    Danpuggle 9 hours ago

    Jack message pewds
    Pewds playing pubg in toilet:dammit jack!!!!

  • sarge 233
    sarge 233 9 hours ago

    Funny I got a dead pool 2 and on this video.

  • Paffallin
    Paffallin 9 hours ago +1

    Your so lucky jack I love Ryan reynolds/deadpool

  • Alexander Chon
    Alexander Chon 9 hours ago

    Holy shit! How you pulled this off is amazing!

  • Kanna
    Kanna 9 hours ago +1

    holy crap you're lucky

  • SScDaruma-07e
    SScDaruma-07e 9 hours ago

    good interview jack

  • Pedro Chaga
    Pedro Chaga 10 hours ago

    Used to be so f****** cool now he's just💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Vicstarr_the_crazy_geeky_fangirl Gale

    Love this! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Dady Herp
    Dady Herp 10 hours ago

    deadpool playing as deadpool playing game deadpool :'

  • Larkin Skully
    Larkin Skully 10 hours ago

    *Best interview ever* 🖤

  • MerpDaDerp 360
    MerpDaDerp 360 10 hours ago


  • James Wells
    James Wells 10 hours ago

    why does jack look like an app developer

  • Grimm Inc.
    Grimm Inc. 10 hours ago

    omg my two fav people in the same room

  • LolGaming YT
    LolGaming YT 10 hours ago

    Funny thing is that I got an ad for deadpool 2 on this video

  • Logano
    Logano 10 hours ago

    Omg I have not watched jack for a whole two 3 years and now he looks so different. This is a trip.

  • Kayla Karnage
    Kayla Karnage 10 hours ago

    Yuppedity (:

  • MrKoryMisun
    MrKoryMisun 10 hours ago

    Two of the most inspirational human beings in one video, how awesome!

  • David Quinta
    David Quinta 10 hours ago


  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 10 hours ago

    I keep getting Deadpool 2 ads for this video

  • Productionmark
    Productionmark 10 hours ago

    Good marketing gimmick 😁

  • Regan Wheeler
    Regan Wheeler 10 hours ago

    Why did Jack sound so american at the beginning????XD

  • Destanie Lamon
    Destanie Lamon 11 hours ago

    The fourth wall breaking is SO fitting for deadpool and the actor who plays him.

  • BigEv #1
    BigEv #1 11 hours ago

    Jesus Christ you look like my art teacher

  • DeFAuLT UseR
    DeFAuLT UseR 11 hours ago

    dead pool and jack were pretty much my idle since i was a kid and this really is perfect for me and most people on youtube because of how funny they are and making situations that look bad feel good with humor and jokes. thats the appeal the way that they think

  • xxRibit Frog
    xxRibit Frog 11 hours ago

    Should of Named it playing Deadpool with Deadpool

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 11 hours ago

    I really want to hear this Disney joke.

  • coyote fang
    coyote fang 11 hours ago

    YOU PLAYED DEADPOOL WITH RYAN Reynolds!!! that blows everything Pewd's has ever done! Hope you equal 20 million soon

  • ViviuS
    ViviuS 11 hours ago

    They're at Sony, and they're playing on an Xbox.