Playing Deadpool With Ryan Reynolds!


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  • Lolbyte
    Lolbyte 32 minutes ago

    Ryan Reynolds is like Captain America in this situation

  • xx TheVenomousMango xx
    xx TheVenomousMango xx 51 minute ago

    Great way to ask your new bestfriend Ryan renolds about the guy who who is full Metal about his but

  • Gianna Brier
    Gianna Brier Hour ago

    this is amazing :)

  • Brion macdonald
    Brion macdonald 5 hours ago

    I want to see a video without any dislikes!

  • Dakota Tucker
    Dakota Tucker 6 hours ago

    What The fuck

  • Chelsie Protz
    Chelsie Protz 12 hours ago

    Oh seán😂❤️

  • Nick Aday
    Nick Aday 13 hours ago

    Show him da jse voice deadpool video

  • Isabella Soto
    Isabella Soto 14 hours ago

    Omg I am a huge fan of deadpool all my family will watch it all together and laugh I love the movie

  • Metro carlos
    Metro carlos 14 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds

  • Christopher Sloan
    Christopher Sloan 14 hours ago

    I fucking love Deadpool

  • Smashbro 64
    Smashbro 64 15 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds is awesome

  • Jackie The Savage
    Jackie The Savage 16 hours ago +1

    ryan reynolds: its a family film
    *shows clips in the movie that doesnt look like a family friendly scene*

  • Princess Zichi
    Princess Zichi 16 hours ago

    Jack was probably fangirling so hard when Ryan touched his knee

  • Dominic Anstatt
    Dominic Anstatt 17 hours ago

    Pretty convincing stunt double!😂😂

  • Samuel Edwards
    Samuel Edwards 19 hours ago

    Awesome :)

  • Aiyana Buchanan
    Aiyana Buchanan 22 hours ago

    My heart can't take this. I love it too much it hurts... I love him so much.

  • cody roy
    cody roy 22 hours ago

    What if Deadpool cut off his dock and fucked himself with it

  • Dammeddragon 619

    Is it just me but is Jacksepticeye playing with Ryan on USclip. If this comment puts your mind in the gutters then give it a like

  • Dalton Spurlock
    Dalton Spurlock Day ago

    Omfg he is so funny❤

  • Iris Bosch
    Iris Bosch Day ago

    This is precious

  • Tug Cypher
    Tug Cypher Day ago

    I love Jimmy Buffett smooth reference there Sean

  • Colm Murray
    Colm Murray Day ago

    What game is he playing and is it on Xbox

  • Sislover1124126
    Sislover1124126 Day ago +1

    Welp, you can tell Jack was trying so hard to keep his cool🤣

  • Tara Croskery
    Tara Croskery Day ago

    Two Gods,
    One Video,
    One Legendary Experience.

  • William Foss
    William Foss Day ago

    Dream come true!

  • handmade gamer
    handmade gamer Day ago

    Ryan renolds you might not see this but if you do, you should let jacksepticeye have a cameo in Deadpool 3.mabye even in a shot with Stan lee

  • blaze 46
    blaze 46 2 days ago

    Also sean you are super calm and if you could tell e how you do it

  • blaze 46
    blaze 46 2 days ago

    Will deadpool fight thanos

  • Jake Castle
    Jake Castle 2 days ago

    It's because jack is a boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dabber king
    dabber king 2 days ago

    You look rlly different

  • Cameron Steven
    Cameron Steven 2 days ago

    This is actually amazing 😂

  • Gucci gavin Gucci
    Gucci gavin Gucci 2 days ago

    Omg I'm a big fan of dead pool aka Ryan Reynolds

  • Isaac Mian
    Isaac Mian 2 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds and Dan Reynolds brothers?

  • NightWolf12
    NightWolf12 2 days ago

    Hey Séan at Lear U got your dream to meet him

  • blackear danny
    blackear danny 2 days ago

    It was painfull to watch. worst than Conan play rocket league

  • Alek Hailey
    Alek Hailey 2 days ago

    At some parts got sad

  • nxmb tbh
    nxmb tbh 2 days ago

    Are you gonna interview Chris Pratt

  • NitroNinja 94
    NitroNinja 94 2 days ago

    Deadpool 2 is my favorite movie and Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor. This was awesome to watch and would be amazing to meet Ryan Reynolds in real life.

  • strange_boy_ 2007
    strange_boy_ 2007 2 days ago

    The new movie is dope

  • Shaun Cole
    Shaun Cole 2 days ago

    The sexiness in the thumbnail alone almost made me question my sexuality

  • Ryoko Okami
    Ryoko Okami 2 days ago

    That is cool

  • FoNziE cat
    FoNziE cat 2 days ago

    How much u wanna bet sean/jack will not like this comment

  • Rachael Zirbel
    Rachael Zirbel 2 days ago

    How did you get his number

  • stitchgalaxy wolf
    stitchgalaxy wolf 2 days ago

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww i love this so fucking mcuh

  • christian Rodriguez
    christian Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Wow!!!!! That's my favorite acter

  • Sharon Beasley
    Sharon Beasley 3 days ago

    Your channel is awesome I like your channel jacksepticeye even meaning the character of Deadpool

  • WolfScars Gamer
    WolfScars Gamer 3 days ago

    He called him sean how nice.

  • SavageWolf 47
    SavageWolf 47 3 days ago +1

    I literrally have all the shit at maximum in this game, try me.

  • Sophia Ingli
    Sophia Ingli 3 days ago


  • Serena Creighton
    Serena Creighton 3 days ago

    Ireland VS Canada

  • Hatsune Miku
    Hatsune Miku 3 days ago

    Your lucky

  • Tana Cat
    Tana Cat 4 days ago

    Extra background music
    click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click

  • GamerGo 1
    GamerGo 1 4 days ago +1

    Imagine playing a game with Ryan, Chris, and Jack all at the same time

  • Kailene Shaver
    Kailene Shaver 4 days ago +1

    Hey I love ur videos I love deadpool but I have only two problems with is one squids r more adaptable than humans and two Deadpool’s suit does regenerate and I still like this video and all it’s really nice

  • ronnie comia
    ronnie comia 4 days ago


  • beth neeley
    beth neeley 4 days ago

    I just now realized that he wears glasses

  • InklingBoy 273
    InklingBoy 273 4 days ago

    Hey Deadpool

  • Jaden Bridges
    Jaden Bridges 4 days ago

    Fucking love Ryan Reynolds

  • Teddy Beaumont
    Teddy Beaumont 5 days ago

    Count how many times Ryan said ya or yeah!!😁

  • Ayrial Akira
    Ayrial Akira 5 days ago

    Omg, that must of been so awesome playing Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds! Late to watching this but it was so cool, glad I finally got to.

  • WhatNow858
    WhatNow858 5 days ago

    Great job-well done. Ryan seems like a very cool guy.

  • Muffin Tea0971
    Muffin Tea0971 5 days ago


    Holy bejesus.

  • Emperor Hawk
    Emperor Hawk 5 days ago

    Any one else jealous

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 days ago

    WOOOOW I am so jealous!! Huge fan of both of you! This was a real treat!! The Deadpool game is awesome as well.

  • Arthur Lawshe
    Arthur Lawshe 5 days ago

    Now you need to play Jurassic world evolution with Chris Pratt.

  • Gavin Ferran
    Gavin Ferran 6 days ago

    I like the part where Deadpool got torn in half and a bunch of people including Kable(if that's how you spell his name)come to his house and he does something.( I'm not going to say what he does, because I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't watched the movie)

  • KaBoomStock
    KaBoomStock 6 days ago

    Great Interview!

  • Tristan Stupalski
    Tristan Stupalski 6 days ago

    #$% $#

  • Ayden the King
    Ayden the King 6 days ago

    One of the most inspiring videos ever

  • EliteGaming
    EliteGaming 6 days ago


  • Neon
    Neon 6 days ago

    Next to Ryan Reynolds jack looks like a sexy stick

  • TW vids
    TW vids 6 days ago

    Nolan North? Where is Nolan South? 😀

  • Kalib Uribe
    Kalib Uribe 6 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds has one BIG ass forehead

  • Ravioli118
    Ravioli118 6 days ago

    Imagine Sean playing Detroit: Become Human with Bryan Dechart

  • Fuyutsuki Itsuki
    Fuyutsuki Itsuki 6 days ago +2

    *Dead pool playing as deadpool playing deadpool*

  • Might Be A Hanzo Main
    Might Be A Hanzo Main 6 days ago +3

    *Ryan touches Jack's leg*
    *Jack inside his head*


  • Brett Stackus
    Brett Stackus 6 days ago

    you should have asked him to play green lantern

  • Ngahuia McIvor
    Ngahuia McIvor 6 days ago

    I just laughed so much when Jack said
    Jack: *Speaking of Asses*
    Me: *laughing my ass off*

  • the mustache ninja
    the mustache ninja 6 days ago

    Deadpool and Jack the fool
    The dynamic duo

  • Shelley Jackson
    Shelley Jackson 6 days ago

    Wait where were they? I know they were in England but what building! Looks like Buckingham palace (I should know trust me)

  • Irishman 23
    Irishman 23 6 days ago

    What happened to the old intro

  • Logjam225
    Logjam225 6 days ago

    That was insane!!! You’re so lucky to meet him!! ❤️❤️💚💚💚😫😫😱😱😱😱

  • Shaunawannabeacat Forever


  • Ally Quenneville
    Ally Quenneville 7 days ago

    "Speaking of asses" *Ryan enters ptsd war flash back*

  • Patricia J
    Patricia J 7 days ago

    People: Marvel Infinity War is the best crossover in history
    Jack: Hold my beer

  • Callumpy
    Callumpy 7 days ago

    In the first movie when his wrists get broken was hilarious

  • Umbreon Gaming
    Umbreon Gaming 7 days ago

    Deadpool hasnt played Deadpool well I’ve seen everything

  • Luke Riley
    Luke Riley 7 days ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • V for Vvwendeta
    V for Vvwendeta 7 days ago

    Love it

  • Jakeb Gardner
    Jakeb Gardner 7 days ago

    You know it straight from funny at the start and then everybody got serious

  • Plagued Gamers
    Plagued Gamers 8 days ago


  • EnderBossGaming _YT
    EnderBossGaming _YT 8 days ago

    Congratulations, you are friends with my idol! Fuck you, im triggered!

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 8 days ago

    Ryan had not played a thing ! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 8 days ago

    I would do that stunts without any problem !

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 8 days ago

    My favorite game Deadpool !

  • Deadly Science
    Deadly Science 8 days ago

    Nice Jack

  • caitlin clifford
    caitlin clifford 8 days ago

    this was cute

  • Carrie Becker
    Carrie Becker 8 days ago

    I love you movie it is so great