Siblings Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  • Published on May 27, 2019
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    Siblings Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut
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Comments • 1 748

  • Luca Ortolani
    Luca Ortolani 4 hours ago

    That hair flip

  • Madison Anderson
    Madison Anderson 18 hours ago

    I'd save both of them by saving neither of them. Mom would cry and become an alcoholic/drug addict probably and Dad wouldn't know how to live without Mom, literally-- he'd probably buy new underwear instead of doing laundry--and he'd become more of an ass than he is already. And I mean, they get to die together so

  • K Kuromi
    K Kuromi Day ago +1

    the girl with the tattoos is gorgeous

  • Stacy Ranger
    Stacy Ranger 2 days ago

    Those two brothers u can see the one on the left,have unresolved issue with the parents

  • rloach067
    rloach067 2 days ago +1

    dude the girl with the tattoos looks amazing!! i love neck tattoos i hope to get some one day and look half as good as her!

  • Raphael Bouttelet
    Raphael Bouttelet 2 days ago +2

    Man.. the tattooed girl is so incredibly beautiful

  • Dinis Correia
    Dinis Correia 3 days ago

    Why are 50% of the guys in this channel gay?

  • Andrea Guida
    Andrea Guida 3 days ago +1

    Tattoos girl is so cute!

  • O B
    O B 3 days ago

    *Push came to shove

  • Kenneth Evans
    Kenneth Evans 4 days ago

    The chick in the wheelchair is sitting there looking all kinds of hot with her tattoos and nice rack

  • Saleh abdullah
    Saleh abdullah 5 days ago

    Why is the tattoo girl rolling around in a chair?

  • Saleh abdullah
    Saleh abdullah 5 days ago

    Push came to shove*

  • Big Facts
    Big Facts 5 days ago

    "i Got beat like a SLAVE" you dont know how a slave was beat so never say that stupid dumb shit again.

  • David Saunders
    David Saunders 6 days ago

    The Indian sister is so hot

  • WhereIs ThisGoing
    WhereIs ThisGoing 6 days ago +2

    Ok I never thought I could date someone in a wheelchair as dickish as it sounds but she's definitely an exception

  • Jr. Dominguez
    Jr. Dominguez 6 days ago

    The black girl was tweakin

  • Noah Taube
    Noah Taube 6 days ago

    I so wish i had a sibling though. Its lonely being the only child. I would love the fuck out of a brother or sis

  • Noah Taube
    Noah Taube 6 days ago

    The question where they asked what was something they did that left a physical or emotional scar got me tearing up when the girl with the tats was telling her answer😭

  • tmacalitious 1551
    tmacalitious 1551 6 days ago +1

    The paraplegic girl is a cutie

  • luis720lm
    luis720lm 6 days ago +1

    Tough pill to swallow when you realize you played the same role as tattoed girl's brother. That was just sad af and legit made me tear up.

  • Shonen Time
    Shonen Time 6 days ago +2

    The girl in the wheelchair looks like an even hotter version of Billie Eilish

  • Unknown Bhu
    Unknown Bhu 7 days ago

    Lost my brother. I miss this.

  • J Thompson
    J Thompson 7 days ago +1

    Ok so the "Thumbnail girl" (sorry I don't know her name) covered in tattoos is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! If I could get on this I would swoon if I could talk to her truth or drink lets GOO!!!!! what can I say the artist in me loves a heavily tattooed moded woman

  • tempohs
    tempohs 7 days ago +1

    the tattooed girl was cute

  • Erotic Tomato
    Erotic Tomato 7 days ago +6

    damn, you can _really_ tell that older brother was a shield and punching bag before his bro came along

  • Kieran Thomas
    Kieran Thomas 7 days ago +1

    They should put the persons social media so i can find who the hell the girl with the tattoos is 😍

  • András Pakuts
    András Pakuts 8 days ago

    one of the brothers (the bald one) was wearing a fucking Ensync shirt.

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 8 days ago +2

    Chick in the wheelchair is HOT! :o

  • Monica Hill
    Monica Hill 8 days ago

  • Call of Duty
    Call of Duty 8 days ago +4

    The girl with the tattoos is fkn beautiful!

  • Xx_Sloppy-_ -Trap_xX

    when tf did pulse have siblings

  • just _houle
    just _houle 8 days ago +1

    Okay but the girl inna wheel chair is cute af

  • Kaleb Morrow
    Kaleb Morrow 9 days ago +1

    The girl in the wheelchair is beautiful af

  • ExQuid_
    ExQuid_ 9 days ago +1

    The girl with the tattoos is hot as fuu...

  • Dadrian
    Dadrian 10 days ago +2

    Does anybody have the girl with the tattoos @? She’s so pretty🤤❤️

  • xana irigoien
    xana irigoien 10 days ago

    Bro I relate to the brothers so much like me and my sister get treated so differently and the way the one with the glasses described his childhood is exactly like mine and everything the younger one says is stuff my little sister says.

  • Breakthrough Vegan
    Breakthrough Vegan 10 days ago +2

    The black woman and the woman in the wheelchair are past beautiful.

  • Maddi Morant
    Maddi Morant 10 days ago

    Are the African American sister and brother twins because the boy said when we graduated you got the car🤔🤔🤔

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 11 days ago

    Mr. Slave from South Park datchu?? 3:03 / 4:08

  • Duc Tran
    Duc Tran 12 days ago

    I like how they barely took any shots in this one

  • Artinis
    Artinis 12 days ago +1

    Nice turtle neck... was it $75

  • Crockett Rocket
    Crockett Rocket 12 days ago

    Its easy if I had a choice to save my mom or dad. Mom my dad left me boysss😁😁😂😂😭😭

  • Jannah Kinne
    Jannah Kinne 12 days ago

    I think this is the episode with the least amount of drinking lol #siblinglove

  • JustPassingBy
    JustPassingBy 12 days ago

    College professors and student truth or dare would be wild af, but I don't think professors want to be at risk of getting fired.

  • DoneWithAmy
    DoneWithAmy 13 days ago

    I felt the “I’m a hate fuck baby”

  • DoneWithAmy
    DoneWithAmy 13 days ago

    Sis got 1 brow

  • Kowalski A.
    Kowalski A. 14 days ago +1

    That veggie hot tho. 10/10 would boink

  • Every day Life with me

    ReMEmEBEr WHen I waNTed ThE ReMoTe FrOM yOu!!!

    Death ☠️😂💀💀

  • Mel
    Mel 15 days ago

    Glass door 🅱roke

  • Nemesis Projeckt
    Nemesis Projeckt 15 days ago

    Why is that one brother dress like Fenton from That 70’s Show?

  • PetWoodwardo
    PetWoodwardo 15 days ago

    Gay guy with the black turtle neck is deadass white Kanye

  • Shayna Kalassay
    Shayna Kalassay 18 days ago

    That N Sync 2000 tour shirt says it all

  • prize fighter inferno
    prize fighter inferno 19 days ago

    Crippled tat girl is fucking cute thoughhh 😍

  • Trillz
    Trillz 19 days ago

    That brown skin girl attitude is disgusting

  • tobias Bergqvist
    tobias Bergqvist 19 days ago +1

    I wanna date the chick in the wheelchair

  • Kaycee Botte
    Kaycee Botte 20 days ago

    I relate to the guy in the glasses, got my ass whooped daily growing up

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith 20 days ago

    Lol walked in she gotta wheel chair

  • NuR
    NuR 20 days ago

    05:16 What she’s saying is true; my brother moved back with us after studying and living with mine grandma. I was so exited because I was always mad at our parents for sending him away and he hugged and smiled to everyone but me. We are still not cool since I cant forgive him for blaming me that he got send away to have an better education. Actually I couldnt love anyone after that because I created a defence system

  • Lauria Wright
    Lauria Wright 21 day ago

    I am getting this game, All I will have to figure out is who will be my drinking buddies with this game

  • Sabrina Long
    Sabrina Long 21 day ago

    5:17 this was so sad to me dude

  • Ella Ribnicky
    Ella Ribnicky 21 day ago

    You could tell that the guy in glasses had a ruff child hood and his brother got treated a lot better but his brother is trying to be optimistic when his brother got beaten

  • Ella Ribnicky
    Ella Ribnicky 21 day ago

    You could tell that the guy in glasses had a ruff child hood and his brother got treated a lot better but his brother is trying to be optimistic when his brother got beaten

  • Brix X
    Brix X 21 day ago

    I love how you play "A little night music" always in the background^^

  • Natasha Evans
    Natasha Evans 22 days ago

    I wish I had a sibling bond!!!

  • Theresa Artner
    Theresa Artner 23 days ago

    I would have saved one and my sibling saves the other

    xSTRIKEGENTLYx 24 days ago +1

    Didn’t realize I have a thing for tattooed paraplegics until now...

  • Marissa & Layla
    Marissa & Layla 24 days ago +1

    The girl with tattoos is so cute. Like I love her!! She needs to be on more cut videos

  • Philip Huynh
    Philip Huynh 25 days ago +1

    I like all girls
    I’m gay

  • Make Me Famous Subscribe

    3:09 I believe this guy when he says their parents liked him more. The sister seems like someone who would start drama over anything and everything... and she thinks she is always right even when she is wrong and people like that are extremely hard to deal with lol

  • wtf isthisallowed
    wtf isthisallowed 25 days ago

    man I wanna do this with my siblings but I don’t drink

  • grant hollingsworth
    grant hollingsworth 26 days ago

    I don't like how they misuse the word beat but it's whatever

  • Naomi Meisels
    Naomi Meisels 26 days ago

    You should do like guess who are siblings

  • Toast
    Toast 27 days ago +1

    I would literally drain my bank account for a chance to go on a date with the girl with all the tattoos, liike god damn.

  • KreaTiefpunkt
    KreaTiefpunkt 27 days ago +1

    The girl in the wheelchair has gorgeous eyes

  • Steph Anglim Lagones
    Steph Anglim Lagones 27 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for the older brother, and his little brother was downplaying all his abuse, it's freaking sad and just damn man that made me tear up. Life is unfair like he did nothing wrong except being born and was abused his whole childhood and the other was brought up like a spoilt brat.

  • Trinity Black
    Trinity Black 27 days ago +1

    Why are none of talk talking about the story the beautiful tattooed girl told??? That shit was heartbreaking

    LE MATT 27 days ago

    Holy fuckin hot she's HOT!

    OSVALDO LIE 27 days ago

    2:12 she is the mistaake

  • JadeXSlayer
    JadeXSlayer 28 days ago

    Man, I'm actually disgusted by how butt hurt these people are. All of them are a bunch of bitches, you got beat... SO!? Mf, that ain't anything new. Kids do stupid shit that can only be fixed with a decent ass beating. I'm fuckin adopted and ain't not stranger to getting my ass beat.

  • MrJuspel
    MrJuspel 28 days ago +1

    The tattooed one looks gorgeous and pretty much like Billie Eilish

  • robert smith
    robert smith 28 days ago

    Nobody notice that the one black brother has man weave

  • Rubiolo 101
    Rubiolo 101 28 days ago

    the fact that there's always a gay person in each video for diversity annoys me just because of that fact lmao

  • Softy
    Softy 28 days ago +1

    i so would love to date the chick with the tattoo omg shes hawt

  • Erika oscarson
    Erika oscarson 28 days ago

    Everyone was so shocked when he got 75 per month. And I get 50 per week. I never thought that was alot. I take so much for granted

  • LC
    LC 28 days ago +1

    The girl with the tattoos is so prettyyyyyy

  • Panda Crusade
    Panda Crusade 29 days ago

    Those brothers were uncomfortable to watch tbh

    NOFLEK-S Month ago

    "i walked in" 0:53

  • Moz
    Moz Month ago +1

    Emily has some similarities with Billie Eilish 😳😳

  • Jacque Griff
    Jacque Griff Month ago

    I wish we could apply to sibling videos!! My brothers and I would probably be both hilarious and also the worst LOL

  • xculvertacresx
    xculvertacresx Month ago

    the brothers, the younger one annoyes me so bad, he constantly made the older one feel out of place for having a different mindset about their family, i woul beat that bitch up idc

  • Lar Family
    Lar Family Month ago +1

    Who is the spoiled sibling 🙋🏻‍♀️

    JUSTINTIME_TFYB Month ago +1

    Ohh mammmaass😏the women in the wheel chair shheeeeeshh atractive asf😏😏💯

  • Dank memzy
    Dank memzy Month ago

    1:04 yep you WALKED in

  • Zoe Peterson
    Zoe Peterson Month ago

    yall should do a twins truth or drink 👀

  • Ramon Cruz
    Ramon Cruz Month ago +1

    0:52 she is absolutely beautiful wow.

  • Infernate
    Infernate Month ago +1

    This shit really had me rooooooooolllllllling. At the beginning I said "Okay Lakeesha" And of course her name is lakeesha

  • Angel XD
    Angel XD Month ago +1

    “Do you wanna see more of each other?”
    Sister: (straight faced) no

  • Hannah Black
    Hannah Black Month ago


  • Otis Reading
    Otis Reading Month ago

    most of these people suck and r annoying

  • Rafael Neto
    Rafael Neto Month ago