We Travel To Kenya To Learn About The First Woman In History

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • We traveled to Kenya to learn about the oldest traceable mother of modern humans!
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    Leicester Sees The Reinterment Of The Remains Of King Richard III
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    Dr. Emma Mbua, research scientist, shows
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    Richard III
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    Nairobi National Museum
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  • Elisabeth idek
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    It's so beautiful there ❤

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    Reynal Nair Day ago

    Funniest moment ever at 12:53! 🤣🤣🤣

  • grfin
    grfin Day ago

    How do we know that L0 existed if we don't have any info about her descendants to prove it? Very interesting vlog btw, loved it!

  • Michonne Katana
    Michonne Katana 3 days ago

    I am African American and I would love to visit the mother land Africa

  • Emily Presley
    Emily Presley 3 days ago

    All of the women in ladylike are such beautiful and talented people

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    Pratiksha Shetty 6 days ago

    So...Ross was actually a Doctor 😋😂

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    MCR lover 7 days ago

    4:54 very funny, Jen. Very funny.....

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 7 days ago

    Wow they are so cool 😊. Kenya looks very pretty

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    Demona Demona 8 days ago

    I'm a Black American. But this still makes me very excited! :O

  • E A
    E A 8 days ago

    Next time go to Tanzania

  • Em Stone
    Em Stone 9 days ago

    By the way, y’all are my favorite USclip channel and I admire y’all soo much. I hope I grow up to have friends like all of y’all are

  • Em Stone
    Em Stone 9 days ago

    How do you get into the working at Buzzfeed?

  • ShreeyA GomataM
    ShreeyA GomataM 9 days ago

    To answer the question of the mitochondrial DNA, the only thing used from the sperm is the DNA and some other small things and everything else is kicked out by the egg. I'm no biologist but am taking AP Bio and this is what i've learned so I could be wrong.

  • Jad Belahcen
    Jad Belahcen 10 days ago

    Crocodile is seriously so good . It s looks like fish but it kind of taste like chicken 🐓 ! PS ; I’m a reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy picky eater
    I recommend everyone to try 😁😁

  • Jesus Paraiso
    Jesus Paraiso 11 days ago +1

    31:22omg there's a person in the cave

  • vikali tukos
    vikali tukos 11 days ago +1

    Kenya is fun esp Nakuru small town and cheap love from sweden

  • #KadenceNicole
    #KadenceNicole 12 days ago

    Do you wanna pay $85 For something???
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  • TacticusPrime
    TacticusPrime 13 days ago

    I think it's important to be clear that "African" isn't really an identity. Even less than "European" is an identity. There's much much less connecting a Fulani and a Twa, for example, than even a Portuguese and a Russian. If your ancestors came from the Yoruba, for example, you can't travel to freaking Mozambique, or wherever, and claim you are discovering your roots. That's even more ridiculous than an Irish-American traveling to Bulgaria or something.

  • Alykhan Hajee
    Alykhan Hajee 13 days ago +1

    This is amazing! So proud and truly proud to be Kenyan.

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    Kenya orozco 14 days ago

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    Teresia Wachira 23 days ago

    Best educative video ever. Thanks fro choosing Kenya my motherland.

  • Heylola2
    Heylola2 24 days ago

    thankyou so much for including non-women who give birth that's so amazing it means so much to me and people like me

    EMILIA TREVINO 24 days ago

    I love Dino

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    We have a similar restaurant here in New Mexico it's called Tacanos and they serve different types of meats and salads

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    Gori VP 26 days ago

    Biology? I learned that in 6th grade science!

  • Sunshine Circle
    Sunshine Circle 27 days ago

    I can’t believe you came to my country and am knowing about it now!..I love you guys❤️

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    Devin: over here is kristen boppin around
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    Live in Uganda 🇺🇬. Haven't been to Kenya though. These animals are lovely and mesmerizing each time you see them. And you see them a lot being African and East African. These kind of things make us Africans out here smile. 😘. Love you Ladylike.

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    Thank you Ladies for doing this video I am fascinated by all of this !! This is mind boggling information, love it !!👍👍

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    I feel so proud.from Kenya with lots and lots of love.

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    I think this is one of my fav videos I have watched so far! It was educational and emotional! I learned a great deal and would love to have my DNA done. I literally cried at the part with the orphaned elephants; I have always loved them since I was a little girl and it hurts my hurt to know they had such a harsh start and to see what is done to them as a species but it also made me glad to see there are some who are taking care of them and trying to preserve them! Great job ladies!

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  • abigail mongare
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    I am so glad you guys enjoyed the Kenyan experience, and I hope you come back! I love being in Kenya when I can, because to say the least, it is gorgeous and exceptional! I am sad to leave again but travel is good for you. :) I am curious to know if you guys experienced culture shock. Cuz I know I do everytime I am somewhere new. hehe
    ProudlyKenyan girl.

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