People Guess Who's a Virgin from a Group of Strangers | Lineup | Cut


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  • Spider woman
    Spider woman 15 minutes ago

    It’s alright if nobodies dicks been in you or your dick hasn’t been in anyone’s vagina.. like...

  • Lavinia
    Lavinia 5 hours ago

    how are yall thirsting after the guy w the long hair he sounds like he has the personality of a brick

  • Lillymai Blatch
    Lillymai Blatch 8 hours ago

    Wait hold on a sec, just cuz someone got a hickey don't mean that they been fucking about, I had a hickey not long ago from an ex but I'm still a virgin cuz I'm 12 🤣🤣🤣

  • Satan
    Satan 9 hours ago

    No one talking about the guitar player guy with the long brown hair? Just his smile has me flustered! I want his snapchat fr 😂😍

  • Ani Avd
    Ani Avd 9 hours ago +1

    The big guy looks like a new species of cockroaches

  • Ivan Sanchez
    Ivan Sanchez 10 hours ago

    Isn't the girl in purple from MTV catfish? One of the episodes

  • JoinAnamoly
    JoinAnamoly 11 hours ago

    This mf is 52 or 62? And also does it even matter wtf how old Jesus lord help us down here no help that man 😂

  • Coool Boy103
    Coool Boy103 11 hours ago

    5:00 killed me im ded

  • Purson Thinge
    Purson Thinge 11 hours ago

    Omg I relate to the little bit of the pan guy I got to see, so awkward and nice looking, I kinda want\need his insta now 😂

  • yung sav
    yung sav 12 hours ago

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooo cringe

  • fiionafoley
    fiionafoley 14 hours ago

    "have u been injured orrr"

  • Subliminal Subs
    Subliminal Subs 15 hours ago

    that great feeling when you guessed them all right

  • Kaya Bullard
    Kaya Bullard 18 hours ago


  • Everyone is Everything
    Everyone is Everything 18 hours ago

    Her : “Talk dirty to me.”
    Him : “Girl...”
    Her : “No.”

  • Hannah Person
    Hannah Person 20 hours ago +1

    *Wanna fuck me?*

    *yeah watchu doing tonight*

    *Well she’s def not a virgin*

  • TeamChaps
    TeamChaps 23 hours ago +1

    8:57 the 52yr old virgin dude checking the lady wiggling her Ass....Bouy he's in Love

  • Jebastia Akiva
    Jebastia Akiva Day ago

    Whoa I got em all right

  • Katt Elizabeth
    Katt Elizabeth Day ago

    The teacher saying sorry to the woman with the disability. Um....sorry for what....? “I’m sorry for your injury” would have been less offensive. People need to stop saying sorry or feeling bad for people w disabilities! I love these videos though. Such open minded ppl they find :)

  • Skye h
    Skye h Day ago


  • Olivia Larrison
    Olivia Larrison Day ago

    ok but that pansexual guy and the guy with long hair were 😍😍😍🥰🥰

  • Grapey Grace’s
    Grapey Grace’s Day ago +1

    Omggggg I love Murphy lol

  • Autumn Bay
    Autumn Bay Day ago

    As an asexual, watching this video was a very weird experience for me

  • Jasmine Jazz
    Jasmine Jazz Day ago

    RAYNE!!! She's AWESOME! Great personality, great sense of humor, awesome energy and vibes!!! Muaah!!!

  • Lay G
    Lay G Day ago

    Eww how embarrassing he said with no hesitation he masturbates a lot so off putting for women his like 22 yrs old not even a teen. He defo a virgin!!!

  • Mia Senpai
    Mia Senpai Day ago

    The man with the long hair is so cute

  • Grace Ghoul
    Grace Ghoul Day ago

    The long hair guy is hot af omg


    “You might need a big dick in your life” thanks for the prescription, doc

  • Abby Peacock
    Abby Peacock Day ago

    I wish I could be apart of the team lol

  • Θανάσης Καρέζος

    after that video the guy with the long hair probably got laid

  • Gaming with Juice
    Gaming with Juice 2 days ago

    5:58 roll over 😂😂

  • Annikah Cuellar
    Annikah Cuellar 2 days ago


  • Trytoxania
    Trytoxania 2 days ago

    Shit I would’ve looked just like musicstoner over there if I had let my hair grow more and he looks good as fuck I fucked up

  • Wake Alise
    Wake Alise 2 days ago

    *sees the pan guy*
    *sees the young blonde girl*

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    How is sexy Jesus a virgin? God dang

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    That virgin 50 year old probably can bend space time to his will at this point.

  • Allie Medeiros
    Allie Medeiros 2 days ago

    "Yo ass... Is a fuckin' weirdo" 😂

  • Anna aka Pizza Girl
    Anna aka Pizza Girl 3 days ago

    I freaking love the guy who's pansexual. He's ADORABLE

  • 4-11-6 _
    4-11-6 _ 3 days ago

    the guy with the long hair is hot tho

  • MoMo
    MoMo 3 days ago +1

    *You’re a virgin sweetie?*
    tHaTs BeAuTiFuL
    8:15 🤯😂

    Anyone watching this in 2019????

  • 3JAY
    3JAY 3 days ago

    I hope I bump into the 3rd guy, have a few drinks and burn down a fatass j
    yoooo nvm fuck that we're getting laid

  • Katelyn Henson
    Katelyn Henson 3 days ago

    "Up against the stove...when it's not on"😂😂😂love that clarification sis👏👏

  • Ivan Perez
    Ivan Perez 3 days ago

    Black guy in the purple the best he funny everytime he here

  • Erin Dittmer
    Erin Dittmer 3 days ago

    That 2nd boy in the line up #pansexual

    Yes I liked my own comment cus no one else would

  • BallisticBee Central

    We need a furry one
    "Guess who is a Furry?

  • assala mansouri
    assala mansouri 4 days ago

    Just stoped by 8:24 that man is a lying ass man 😂😂😂 he CANNOOOOT BE 52 he’s atleast 65 i can bet in that

  • Elin Wolfram
    Elin Wolfram 4 days ago

    i knew the second blonde girl was not a virgin cauase she was super cute and sweet which is why i assumed she was the girl that had a highschool sweetheart and one like prom night lost it

  • EdgyFluff
    EdgyFluff 5 days ago

    Honestly the guy in the purple shirt has a sexy voice lmao

  • Manda Money
    Manda Money 5 days ago

    Just ask if they have kids or not 😂

  • Um Yeah
    Um Yeah 5 days ago

    1:30 me too bro. Anyone else?

  • yellowbreadtrucks
    yellowbreadtrucks 5 days ago


  • RaZr Leader
    RaZr Leader 5 days ago

    That ex spanish teacher is a dream and a half

  • c1rcu1tn3rd
    c1rcu1tn3rd 5 days ago

    I've heard multiple times from different friends tell me they think I'm either a virgin, gay or both. I dunno what to think about this.

  • I'mcalled B
    I'mcalled B 5 days ago

    Mr jack sparrow in the flannel is a handsome mf 👀👀

  • Alberto Ruiz
    Alberto Ruiz 5 days ago

    Write this down producers, I'm about to make you a million dollars: make a whole series of Murphy going on blind dates. Boom! Instant hit.

  • Joseph Joseph
    Joseph Joseph 5 days ago

    I guessed correct all of em

  • mood
    mood 5 days ago

    Whats that long haird guys name or @ ?

  • Jonathan Roy-Thibault

    Pansexual... sex with a pan? I'm sorry I really dk

  • Mary Watkins
    Mary Watkins 6 days ago

    Virgin is a very broad term. There's lots of grey area between virgin and laid. Just sayin'.

  • Nathalia De Souza
    Nathalia De Souza 6 days ago

    “Is that a proposition?”
    “Uhhh... i don’t.. dibble dab with the peen...”

  • efcpl
    efcpl 6 days ago

    I would say nr 5 is the virgin. She looks like a virgin.

    • efcpl
      efcpl 6 days ago

      Fuck was wrong! That nice lady was not a virgin!? God is not pleased.

  • Madeline M
    Madeline M 6 days ago


  • Mariela R.
    Mariela R. 6 days ago +1

    That intro

  • sunflower 21
    sunflower 21 7 days ago

    the one who looks like jesus, didn't smile anytime

  • Nellyda Ruiz
    Nellyda Ruiz 7 days ago

    Ahhh it’s that guy from State Farm !!!!! 😂😂

  • NovA YouTube Sucks
    NovA YouTube Sucks 7 days ago

    The last guy is the guy from those yt videos that like pyrocinical

  • Sam just loves Gerard Way

    Long haired guy can GET IT

  • None None
    None None 8 days ago

    Wow he’s 52 and still a virgin that’s so sad 🤧

  • Ajax
    Ajax 8 days ago

    Your so sweet not crushed by the world
    I’m a virgin and I’m crushed by the world

  • Neon Mind
    Neon Mind 8 days ago +1

    "Will you please talk dirty to me?"
    "Roll over"

  • Aria Veena
    Aria Veena 8 days ago

    Murphy looks like a pedo not even lying

  • Judas Joga
    Judas Joga 9 days ago

    what a creepy old man

  • Nibava Ting
    Nibava Ting 9 days ago

    He said “rollover” just like trump would😭😭😭

  • adin baker
    adin baker 10 days ago

    Dude comes out of no were "I'm pansexual" me automatically thinks he's a virgin

  • XII
    XII 10 days ago

    I was right every time.

  • Jesi M
    Jesi M 10 days ago

    "your ass, is a fuckin weirdo" HAHAHAHAHA

  • Iloveme123
    Iloveme123 11 days ago

    That thick black girl....I'll do her 😏

  • Brandi Lee
    Brandi Lee 11 days ago

    I wish that lady would stop telling people to talk dirty to her. It’s uncomfortable just to watch.

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 11 days ago

    "do you like big dicks?" lmaoooo she went straight to the point, she's not joking around

  • Jake Fosmire
    Jake Fosmire 11 days ago

    Ok, that dude is not 52 though right? I'm not trying to be mean, but that isn't what 50 looks like. I'm guessing closer to 70

  • Zak Mo
    Zak Mo 11 days ago

    Aye that old nigga lived 80 years without fucking sum 😦

  • Mayrissa Montelongo
    Mayrissa Montelongo 12 days ago

    @1:56 his hair my god 🤩

  • quick tea
    quick tea 12 days ago


  • RubiMercuri
    RubiMercuri 12 days ago

    24 still virgin and not by choice 😒

  • Sapphire Smith
    Sapphire Smith 12 days ago

    The black woman 😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Harris
    Jessica Harris 13 days ago

    You look like a sales man mf trying to sale me something 😂😂😂😂

  • Vinnie Free
    Vinnie Free 14 days ago +2

    "Let's do it, talk dirty to me."

  • Aaron Hugman
    Aaron Hugman 14 days ago

    Someone should tell that soft spoken dude with the purple shirt that every time I see him I just go "my doooood"

  • Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD

    cuteness does not equal innocence.

  • Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD

    years ago, I had a reading and the psychic said I was a virgin... BOY was she wrong. 😂😂😂😂
    p. s. I'm binge watching these

  • Pavlina Liskova
    Pavlina Liskova 14 days ago

    Am I just too old for this kind of entertainment, 'cause I really don't think is funny to ask stranger if she/he likes big cock...

  • yeeyee sis
    yeeyee sis 14 days ago

    johnny depp is older than him i’m-

  • Flurz 29
    Flurz 29 14 days ago

    The person who said they’re a pansexual is a virgin. You can’t fuck pans

  • Smith Dylan
    Smith Dylan 14 days ago

    Grandpa Murphy

  • Some_random _rabbit
    Some_random _rabbit 14 days ago

    Wow y'all really on Some shit

  • Dilan Eades
    Dilan Eades 14 days ago

    all people care about is big size stupid

  • LifeWithMe CalebK
    LifeWithMe CalebK 14 days ago

    When he said this and that
    I thought he said crystal meth

  • yadiraextrada_
    yadiraextrada_ 14 days ago

    i want to be apart of one of these videos sooo bad ! lol

  • lydia hardy
    lydia hardy 14 days ago

    The Spanish teacher is just like Hanna Marin’s mom from pretty little liars

  • Biker Squad
    Biker Squad 14 days ago

    5:15-5:16 like a mothafucka

  • meredith castro
    meredith castro 15 days ago

    no one would talk dirty and do it well while in front of a bunch of random people in a weird atmosphere and be all smooth XD