DID I JUST KILL HIM!? | Papers, Please (Revisited) Part 4

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Did I just commit a heckin bad in Papers, Please?!
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  • The awesome Bab
    The awesome Bab 2 days ago

    35:20 they do this because theres not enough jobs i think, a smart choice but a risky one considering it can destroy the country

  • Reyquiem
    Reyquiem 3 days ago

    Does he ever learn how fingerprinting works? My guess is no.
    But regardless, this is a lot of fun to watch. :)
    Also, quick note: I think the rule that lets you deny diplomats that aren't authorized to enter Arstotzka is on the page describing the diplomatic envoy papers. It is pretty hard to find at first.

    TH3 L4ST 0PENING 4 days ago

    I like sandvich

  • Katherine Carrera
    Katherine Carrera 4 days ago

    Eliza Hamilton?
    I'm a geek what can I say

  • diesel boi
    diesel boi 5 days ago

    p l a y p e t s c o p n o w p l e a s e

    FOXXLOVER21 10 days ago +1

    You need to finish

  • Abigail Chubb
    Abigail Chubb 10 days ago


  • Unknown Death
    Unknown Death 10 days ago

    Ima just do this to annoy
    Wow still reading
    22222222IF2222222222222222222222222222222222222PEWDIEPIE3222222222222222222IS22222222222222222222222222222AWSOME222322233233332222222222222222222232223222222222222222222222222222222333There is a secret in here

  • Batella
    Batella 10 days ago

    Terrorists: break in checkpoint
    Guards: alright, imma head out

  • chappercheese
    chappercheese 10 days ago

    7:09 is where crazy shit starts and he eventually kills him

  • H2O [Glass of water]
    H2O [Glass of water] 11 days ago

    Title card is getting worse and worse

  • Hania Akhtar
    Hania Akhtar 11 days ago

    obtain a detain'

  • lengthy lennord
    lengthy lennord 12 days ago

    32:32 tall pewds?

  • Riley Borntreger
    Riley Borntreger 13 days ago

    *sad dab detainment*

  • MrVanRover
    MrVanRover 13 days ago

    32:43 that is definitely Felix the comment from Sean makes me sure

  • MrBenji0923
    MrBenji0923 14 days ago

    ho ever thogth that jack was heavy from tf2

  • Mark Chan
    Mark Chan 15 days ago

    Don’t say Wong meaning wrong that actually racist

  • Pure Insanity
    Pure Insanity 15 days ago

    39:50 ahh yes chubacka

  • NenadKing Films
    NenadKing Films 16 days ago

    Teacher:Says something funny
    The entire class: 4:40

  • crazy kill
    crazy kill 17 days ago

    0o0 boldi she gave you a shinny quter!!!

  • M. Tyler Ryan
    M. Tyler Ryan 17 days ago

    Nooo wheres the ending???

    • M. Tyler Ryan
      M. Tyler Ryan 17 days ago

      Edit: Episode 5 is NOT on your playlist Jack!/to whom it may concern
      :) Glory greatest!

  • Howe's life?
    Howe's life? 19 days ago

    Few=3 or more

  • salamyjeff1
    salamyjeff1 20 days ago

    Is it weird that Jack can sometimes sound like Gru from Dispiciple Me

  • Dean Winchesterlover

    I can dig Elvis

  • Alex Asimionesei
    Alex Asimionesei 21 day ago

    Did. You. Kill. Jorjiiii Costava!

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 22 days ago

    His face when he gets the citation at 39:45 Is so funny

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 23 days ago +1

    Jack: Visiting
    Also Jack: Mustache
    *Visiting Mustache*

  • Ayden Heagy
    Ayden Heagy 24 days ago

    I named my cyclops jorji after little potato man in subnautica

  • KajnathGacha Vids
    KajnathGacha Vids 24 days ago


  • William Mathis
    William Mathis 25 days ago

    The pause menu flashes constantly

  • oh hey
    oh hey 26 days ago

    hey Jack, here's some advice for your lets play and to answer some questions

    1. for diplomatic envoys that aren't allowed in artzotska: in your rule book go to :documents" than the " diplomatic authorizations" it'll say there that they need to have access to artzotska so select that and the box with the countries in it on their form.

    2. when you get someone with a political asylum paper or someone with discrepant height to check it you have check their fingerprint records (the blue one) against the one they give you (the white one) to see if its right.

    3. you can bring up your metal wall thing with the lever at the top right hand corner of the box where you see the people. so back when the inspector came and docked your pay you could've opened it and stopped that lol

    i love your lets plays and im sorry if my grammer isn't good im not good at english! i hope this helps and have an awesome day!!

    edit: just specified some things :)

  • erica
    erica 28 days ago


  • Kelsyzxxx1289346 G-C
    Kelsyzxxx1289346 G-C 28 days ago


  • RPG Tour Guide
    RPG Tour Guide Month ago

    Jack - “How long are you staying?”
    (Paperwork says 1 month)
    Glory Greatest Hopeful - “2 weeks, 12 days, 46 hours, 103 minutes and 1,020 seconds... approximately.”

  • SCARZ Devil
    SCARZ Devil Month ago

    Epilepsy warning every second of the vid

  • mY dAbS mAkE PeOpLe cRiNg


  • Conner Howell
    Conner Howell Month ago

    The title said that jack shot him but he didn’t in the episode: (

  • bnut
    bnut Month ago +2

    face cam: moves
    me: *oh shi-*

  • Aydon Flagel
    Aydon Flagel Month ago

    On 17:06 did he use cindys voice for kindergarten

  • LoafGaming TV
    LoafGaming TV Month ago

    I have a question,if we all die,then what’s the point of living In the first place and,what age will we be when we enter heaven or hell?

  • Lucas Callaway
    Lucas Callaway Month ago

    A couple is 2 when I think about it ,, like when people are in a relationship they can be called a couple so ye it’s 2

  • TatsCatsandBats
    TatsCatsandBats Month ago

    "One" is one. "A couple" is 2 (like a romantic couple usually has two people in it). "A few" is 3 (few has 3 letters). "A handful" is 5 (five fingers on hand). "A few couples" is three groups of two, or 6 total. That's how it was taught to me.
    And no, I don't want an argument from anybody about how polyamorous relationships exist. I know about poly people. Usually, when there is a "married couple" it's two people.

  • Ace2677 5
    Ace2677 5 Month ago

    Get the fuck out my line or else the Gard will hit you with back gun

  • S.A.S. Guy
    S.A.S. Guy Month ago

    If you wont detain potato he might help you to escape from arstotzka

  • JaeSang (Jason) Baek

    The best moment: "You want to end up like last guy? You want hit in head with gun back ?

  • VayWolf Prime
    VayWolf Prime Month ago

    39:50 39:51 Me When I Hate Being Small

  • JRedBoss
    JRedBoss Month ago +1

    39:43 is so funny

  • Ansley Baskin
    Ansley Baskin Month ago


  • Elizabeth Cain
    Elizabeth Cain Month ago

    I just wish I could view the last part

  • DizzyLoudNerka
    DizzyLoudNerka Month ago

    Anybody else notice that one of the people was called Lucas Moura?

  • Gamer Gurls
    Gamer Gurls Month ago

    At 3:07 did anyone else see a little flash

  • The Iron Cross
    The Iron Cross Month ago +1

    When are you going to finish this?

    • Elizabeth Cain
      Elizabeth Cain Month ago

      He did finish this there is a part 5 but can only be viewed in certain countries

  • Brig itte
    Brig itte Month ago

    where’s part 5?

  • Natapie123
    Natapie123 Month ago

    The final episode is blocked in the US :(

  • jordan eagle
    jordan eagle Month ago

    Where's the 5th part

  • Kelin Rojas
    Kelin Rojas Month ago

    Me: *looks at name*
    Also me: Wait that name is from a soccer player, WHAAAAT!

  • Amerika 85
    Amerika 85 Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that the 5th and final part was blocked due to copyright claims? Or am I late to the party? I just wanted to watch people getting detained, but noOoOoOOo

  • EBD02 EmreBd0
    EBD02 EmreBd0 Month ago

    24:57 rip potato man

  • Hannah Swets
    Hannah Swets Month ago

    Low key it says the last video in the series is copyrighted