DID I JUST KILL HIM!? | Papers, Please (Revisited) Part 4

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Did I just commit a heckin bad in Papers, Please?!
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  • Armando Hernandez- Cruz
    Armando Hernandez- Cruz 40 minutes ago

    the guy that wanted to be denied had his birthday that same day :)

  • ScribbleScrabble 10

    Jack make more vids like these I love papers please!

  • nothing 2108
    nothing 2108 2 days ago


  • jjkookllbtw
    jjkookllbtw 2 days ago

    A few for me is 3 things and a couple is 2

  • Decendum
    Decendum 3 days ago

    I jack Irish,but god he reminds me of handsome jack from borderlands 2

  • Brain Damage
    Brain Damage 4 days ago +1

    Is it normal that the menu screen is flashing all the time...

    • Dogs Yee
      Dogs Yee 3 days ago

      same for me I thought it was just my computer

  • Brain Damage
    Brain Damage 4 days ago

    Could be more sometimes

  • Tony Pringles
    Tony Pringles 4 days ago

    You know you could have just...denied the diplomat? You didn't have to have a discrepancy...why find a discrepancy? If you know something's wrong then just deny then

  • Arttu Mahlakaarto
    Arttu Mahlakaarto 4 days ago

    why does the settings screen keep flashing randomly

  • jjjosie
    jjjosie 4 days ago

    “good vision you don’t even have any eyes” i cracked up at that way more than i should have lmao

  • Jason Lance
    Jason Lance 5 days ago

    Jack: Where's your papers?
    Poor person: Oh, sorry. Here they are.

  • Kazen Ortiz
    Kazen Ortiz 5 days ago

    If u don't know the greens from that cartoon you won't get it
    Blue Mr potato man is the cursed potato man

  • Charlie Rees
    Charlie Rees 5 days ago

    Is jack the only one that still thinks dabbing is cool

  • blue guy
    blue guy 5 days ago

    I only clicked on because of the bate face. I know seán wouldve been laughing.

  • scrubmaster17 spiderman1

    Why the fuck is the pause screen flashing every 3 seconds. It's going to give people fucking seizures.
    Excuse my vulgarity

  • Nicole Nixon
    Nicole Nixon 6 days ago

    Literally smacked my forehead when Jack missed the fact that Shingleton was spelled without an i XD

  • skully317
    skully317 6 days ago

    44:40 was Shae piersovska

    I am 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% I spelt it wrong

  • MineWit
    MineWit 6 days ago

    Me on a train: **gives passport**
    Border control: what is ur name
    Me: Witek (polish name)
    Looks at passport
    says Witold

  • Alex UnderBass
    Alex UnderBass 6 days ago +2

    This flashing screen is very annoying

  • Bumblybeesknees
    Bumblybeesknees 7 days ago

    "I need to pick up a couple of things" could be "I need to get some things but I don't know exactly how many but it is at least two"

  • Killer Koala
    Killer Koala 7 days ago

    *12:10* when i say a couple i mean 2 and when i say a few i mean 3 or more

  • Zackattack entertainment

    You should revisit Turmoil/ I really liked that series and i think it would be cool to see you do it again

  • Idex Ratit
    Idex Ratit 7 days ago


  • Clyde Wingfield
    Clyde Wingfield 8 days ago

    McDonald's employees think that a couple means 14 so....


  • MxShorty
    MxShorty 8 days ago

    “Thanks bro! Brofist!”
    *walks away*
    “He brofisted me before he walked away you couldn’t see it because it was all pixelated...”

  • xxPlushiDoggyGamesxx

    *glory to artotzka*

  • B.A.M Studios
    B.A.M Studios 8 days ago


  • King boo666 Gamer
    King boo666 Gamer 8 days ago

    You are hot like fire
    Object of desire
    Rap my heart in wire

    Please approve my visa!

  • Arne-lukas Otterlei
    Arne-lukas Otterlei 8 days ago

    How do you install papers please?

  • XdMrPinaplz
    XdMrPinaplz 9 days ago

    I’ve never played the game, but I think I’d be good, and that’s because I watched you play a few years ago

  • barbara
    barbara 9 days ago

    that megaphone said daddy's boy at 30:42

  • Jayden N.L.
    Jayden N.L. 9 days ago

    You shot the bike so it blew up. And he deserved it. He shot and killed the officer.

  • dogger nation
    dogger nation 9 days ago

    The guards : *storm* *trooper* *aim* *ON*

  • Jorja Waterhouse
    Jorja Waterhouse 9 days ago


  • Rosie Spyker
    Rosie Spyker 9 days ago

    If you like this game but It gets long turn the playback speed to 1.5x

  • lorylai nicholls
    lorylai nicholls 10 days ago

    I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Kitty05
    Kitty05 10 days ago

    You don't understand how much the fingerprint thing hurts me, he never takes the one they give back to you... I want to vomit

  • Mike Shafer
    Mike Shafer 10 days ago +1


    Jack: That name sounds fake.
    Me: That's the whole damn game

  • Riyan gaming
    Riyan gaming 10 days ago

    He got shot, nooo litle potatoman you're always my favorite

  • HaLLo WeeN
    HaLLo WeeN 10 days ago

    42:33 i had to pause to LOL bcause you just acted it out so perfectly, Jack! 😂😂😂

  • TheDBZtler
    TheDBZtler 10 days ago

    The constant flickering to the menu, is hurting my eyes.

  • Wolfe03
    Wolfe03 10 days ago

    How did I never process the fact you can turn on nudity in the pause menu i- 😂😂

  • Natalie Mei
    Natalie Mei 10 days ago +1

    17:05-17:07 CINDY!?!??!

  • QuackerNuggets
    QuackerNuggets 10 days ago


  • Kori Kasai
    Kori Kasai 10 days ago

    A couple of things to me means like two - four

  • Daniel Domeisen
    Daniel Domeisen 10 days ago

    Hiya Jack, Loved the First play through.

    The Media seems to be annoyed at you and reminded me how much i love this game!


  • tiffany thompson
    tiffany thompson 10 days ago +1

    Try me b*tch Jacksepiceye 2019 Please like so Jack can see I love his videos

  • Dragan Ivanović
    Dragan Ivanović 10 days ago

    I am not nativ spicker, so i don't differentiate between cupple and few in English, but in Serbian language, yes we use "par" for cupple and I do think of 2 or multiple of 2 when someone use it.

  • 666xb
    666xb 11 days ago

    Pause at 49:19

  • Morgan Young
    Morgan Young 11 days ago

    A couple is 3-5. At least more than two.

  • I Forgot
    I Forgot 11 days ago

    Two things

  • love Mandrew forever
    love Mandrew forever 12 days ago

    I'm not sure if someone else said this before me but the one guy that has 2 names that Jack was confused on, if you look closely his first name is spelt differently. One is spelt "Carter" and the other is spelt "Cartar". So pretty much one letter difference

  • Mason Moore
    Mason Moore 12 days ago +1

    In last series

  • Mason Moore
    Mason Moore 12 days ago +1

    You did not adopt the neice

  • Taryn Deyo
    Taryn Deyo 12 days ago

    Was I the only one who noticed the red guy in the line at 19:27

  • Alpaca Girl
    Alpaca Girl 12 days ago

    i always watch these game plays but i always lose 3rd day

  • Amy Sharpe
    Amy Sharpe 12 days ago

    A couple: just two I'd say.. but in Arstotska?

  • Marino Z
    Marino Z 12 days ago

    29:05 officer says: MARŠ VAN !!!

  • noobcake /ttv.berrymedly

    i like how jack is slowly losing his voice masssles :( he cant even say IN THE NEXT VIDEO he sounds like me trying to talk to girls

  • AstroParty 76
    AstroParty 76 12 days ago

    Yes 2

  • dogger nation
    dogger nation 12 days ago +1

    No one
    Literally no one
    Jack : DETAIN!!

  • Nikorasu
    Nikorasu 13 days ago

    Weird noise 12:46

  • Ninjafish Sun
    Ninjafish Sun 13 days ago +1

    is it only me that keep seeing the pause screen glitching in and out

  • Splorp Me
    Splorp Me 13 days ago

    It’s always two boi
    Couple =2

  • Voiid
    Voiid 13 days ago

    19:12 why is that one guy at the top peft corner red?... monkaW
    Edit. K nvm

  • SailorMorgy28
    SailorMorgy28 13 days ago

    Jack: How do I get the reason for that?
    Reason is literally in the rules........I’m pulling my hair out

  • Calixte Quirouette
    Calixte Quirouette 14 days ago

    When you detained potato man you made him wanted because they found the drugs

  • Jailbait Billie
    Jailbait Billie 14 days ago

    39:49 *"And the award for the biggest rage in all history goes to...JACKSEPTICEYE FOR HIS AMAZING "ErGg"*

  • The Green Viper
    The Green Viper 14 days ago

    39:46 Jack.exe has stopped working.

  • CryptoClaws
    CryptoClaws 14 days ago

    oh i hope that wasnt the man in red. HE WAS FREAKING BLACK YOU RETARD JESUS

    EMILY ANN THOMPSON 14 days ago

    29:54 my face when someone farts in the same room i'm in.

  • General Kawasaki
    General Kawasaki 14 days ago

    his own mistake saved him... again... on the same part... cause i know he wouldve detained shae if he got the chance... like i did...

  • dan paget
    dan paget 14 days ago


  • ᴄʜɪᴄᴀɢᴏ ᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ

    Ello random bootiful person scrolling through the comments ;-; 👋

  • mjjyjby7
    mjjyjby7 15 days ago

    holy shit, one of my friends name is exactly one of the people, and you let her through!!!!

  • Almogozi
    Almogozi 15 days ago

    9:06 Thank you bro, Brofist

  • Fatguy
    Fatguy 15 days ago

    A 'Couple' to me is just a few it means 2 or more but not more than 10 or anything bigger than 8.

  • Autumn Grace
    Autumn Grace 15 days ago

    The love note was suppose to be given to the person who actually said that they're feeling unhappy or something like that. But i guess that's fine, Jack.

  • Caitlyn Main
    Caitlyn Main 15 days ago

    what is with the title card every 5ish seconds??

  • Saoirse M21
    Saoirse M21 15 days ago +2

    Omg jacks face when Jorji is on the wanted criminals 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead 💀😂

    THEDRAGONIS Coming 16 days ago

    19:22 I see that assassin! Watch out next playthrough Jack, if you play this again!

  • wyatt's army
    wyatt's army 16 days ago

    2879 ANYONE?

  • Achmad Rizky Rino Saputra

    is it my screen or the video, i keep seeing flicker

  • Jurassic Predator
    Jurassic Predator 16 days ago

    Booooo booooooo glory to arastoska

  • Sushi Sushi
    Sushi Sushi 16 days ago

    Why do laugh so hard every time he says
    fAAAAAAAAG OUuud AAH MY LINE!!!!!!!!

  • disastrous brooklynite

    34:32 the world's saddest dab

  • Samantha Karayanis
    Samantha Karayanis 16 days ago

    Actually I have my name longer than the girl she has 16 and I have 17 HAHA

  • Lou Stoker
    Lou Stoker 17 days ago

    Jack: what's that? Your passport is a day out of date? D-D-D-D-D-D-DETAINED
    Also Jack: *accepting wanted criminals* GLORY GREATEST MOTHER PROUD

  • OGREFail
    OGREFail 17 days ago

    this is your date of birth, sex, are you a criminal?

  • doihavethesauce? !
    doihavethesauce? ! 17 days ago

    You dab once more I kill you

  • an irish ladd 04
    an irish ladd 04 17 days ago

    it time to go to work

  • Ieva Mis
    Ieva Mis 17 days ago +1

    You live in Europe? If yes in what kuntri?

  • Elias Van Drisse
    Elias Van Drisse 17 days ago +1

    Mr. Potato Man, you were always my favorite...

  • matt sam
    matt sam 17 days ago

    Jack : gets something right and screams from happiness
    Karma: am gonna end this mans whole career

  • Alexander Powers-Witowski


  • Aweasomi❤️
    Aweasomi❤️ 17 days ago

    k pedo es el 8chogameplays xdd

  • Bleach
    Bleach 17 days ago

    39:03 place holder

  • MagnesiumLiteCosplays
    MagnesiumLiteCosplays 17 days ago

    Jack: *detains Jorji*
    Inspector: “Sorry, Jorji.”

  • MagnesiumLiteCosplays
    MagnesiumLiteCosplays 17 days ago

    **Jack looks at camera**
    “Try me bitch.”
    Me: *W H E E Z E*

  • Erin
    Erin 18 days ago +4

    Anyone else seeing the “Pause” screen flickering and flashing up every few seconds? Or is it just my device???