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  • Published on Mar 29, 2018
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Comments • 128

  • ThePinkNeko
    ThePinkNeko 5 months ago

    Instead of possessed dolly do Cookie Monster

  • Qowosieie Cmdkewkwk
    Qowosieie Cmdkewkwk 5 months ago

    Iโ€™m mr meeseeks look at mee

  • Big Oof
    Big Oof 7 months ago

    9:06 woah that knife lmao

  • Rohan Dunn
    Rohan Dunn 7 months ago


  • Lily Nes
    Lily Nes 9 months ago

    You canโ€™t see gouhts in cameras

  • pogatitos
    pogatitos 10 months ago

    When I saw the thumbnail:
    *I'M Mr. mEsEeks, LoOk aT mE*

  • Copy & Paste
    Copy & Paste 11 months ago

    You definitely hear at night from mr meseeks at night is LOOK AT ME

  • Amethyst Gamer
    Amethyst Gamer Year ago

    Goodluck Sapphire For Your Wedding!

  • Marthena Atenia
    Marthena Atenia Year ago

    You laugh is amazing

  • Marthena Atenia
    Marthena Atenia Year ago +1

    Are you a Filipino

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young Year ago


  • Audreann Martin
    Audreann Martin Year ago

    Did anyone a else notice the guy in the background lol. 8:25-9:10?

  • Summer Cross
    Summer Cross Year ago

    When i was about 7 years old I had an American girl doll that my sister got me and it felt like it was watching me then one day I got my dad to put it in his safe but about a month later i woke up and it was sitting on my bed watching me so i have it away to my little cousin and her mother had to burn it because they say it would throw gladd bowls in the kitchen and after that nothing happened

  • Sarah Strouse
    Sarah Strouse Year ago


  • Vicky Mc
    Vicky Mc Year ago

    A padded mouse mat can really help reduce nerve pinching. :-)

  • Sleeping murphy
    Sleeping murphy Year ago

    Do his story:
    A little girl found a doll that was about her height the little girl got attached to it quickly the doll had black hair and unusual one day the little girl was left at home and the mom went out for the dad it was awhile but then when they walked in the doll replaced the girls head with hers the girl was dead with a dolls head now the doll/girl killed the parents and was never found.......
    Hope you do this one i found it a long time ago and can't find the original post hope ya like the story

  • Barney The Dino
    Barney The Dino Year ago


  • Darlene Dorsey
    Darlene Dorsey Year ago +1

    Something scary

  • shayla price
    shayla price Year ago


  • Angie Harrizon
    Angie Harrizon Year ago

    I love your videos and I watch them every day.

  • Matthew Young
    Matthew Young Year ago


  • Laura Gribben
    Laura Gribben Year ago

    I see a lovebite on her neck

  • LaZy. B.
    LaZy. B. Year ago

    sorry cant watch this one
    the keyboard is driving me nuts

  • Flamatic studios
    Flamatic studios Year ago +3

    i think sapphire should talk about the mandala effect its creepy

  • HawaiianFlower
    HawaiianFlower Year ago

    So basically I have a haunted trike in my basement. My friends and I were playing marco polo in the basement. Then I heard something move. It was the trike, I asked my friends why they were moving. They said they weren't and came over to me. The trike moved again and we all ran upstairs. I tried to turn off the lights because I was last, but then the trike moved over to me and ringed it's bell two times. Thats when I ran upstairs. Me and my friends are stupid so we got a ghost tracker app on our phones. Then we went back downstairs. We saw a girl, she was covered in blood. It was disgusting, you could even smell rotting flesh. We ran upstairs tripping and screaming. My parents asked what was wrong. We told them what happened. They told us the story of Helen. She was a girl that my parents adopted that they never told me about. Helen was playing outside when my Dad pulled out of the garage. All he heard was crack, crack, AHHH!

  • thefancy ghost
    thefancy ghost Year ago

    me too o.o

  • Josephine St-Onge


  • Devil Donut
    Devil Donut Year ago

    Happy Easter ๐Ÿฃ

  • EmilyWhy
    EmilyWhy Year ago

    I missed it!


  • Autumn B
    Autumn B Year ago

    100th comment

  • Kiara Thompson
    Kiara Thompson Year ago

    You should do a part three the stories get better

  • Childish Defaultino69

    Rick and Morty wow

  • im akward
    im akward Year ago

    The likes there at 666

  • Amber Gibson
    Amber Gibson Year ago +1

    I want a relationship like yours!! Y'all are so cute

  • Glamour_ Butterfly

    Please reply to my dm on instagram

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Year ago +1

    You should buy grimmโ€™s complete fairy tales to tell creepy stories ( the brothers Grimm)

  • Splatoon 2 Vrain
    Splatoon 2 Vrain Year ago


  • Karina Hammer
    Karina Hammer Year ago

    I had American Girl doll too. I got one cuz they had a class for them.

  • Ria A.
    Ria A. Year ago

    Rick and Morty๐Ÿ˜šโคโค

  • Creative Musical 8 Box

    As an idiot I missed it again

  • Sk8er Gurl
    Sk8er Gurl Year ago

    Whats that sound?

  • My Dreams
    My Dreams Year ago


  • JB ZeroT
    JB ZeroT Year ago


  • Lulufighter 2007
    Lulufighter 2007 Year ago


  • Meg Gilman
    Meg Gilman Year ago +25

    8:28 look at the door lol

  • Meg Gilman
    Meg Gilman Year ago +1

    Saphire your amazing!

  • Autumn Rose
    Autumn Rose Year ago

    Happy birthday

  • miriam ramirez
    miriam ramirez Year ago

    From twinkle star I found out the ending it was the dog made her leave

  • Girl Gamer
    Girl Gamer Year ago

    It's not
    Possessed it's just a Meeseeks doll from rick and morty

  • Loli-Dino-Senpai
    Loli-Dino-Senpai Year ago

    Loce your hat โ™ก (@โ€ขยฐโ€ข@)

  • Gaming-WITH-Jay
    Gaming-WITH-Jay Year ago +13

    Saphirre:if your not watching Rick and Morty what are you doing with your life?
    Me:watching you

  • Honk
    Honk Year ago +4

    The question is: *who* placed the creepy doll of the 1ยบ story in front of the window if in the other two photos she wasn't there?

    • Irene Who?
      Irene Who? 29 days ago

      Maybe it was people who tried scaring those who dared idk

  • zasha kelly
    zasha kelly Year ago


  • August Shine
    August Shine Year ago

    i have hold up my hand has a hand print on if f no i have creepy porcelain dolls ABOVE MY BED

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez Year ago

    Hey Sapphire! In response to that second story's ending, when the author mentioned that in the end "she" achieved her goal, the "she" was referring to the girl's mother who would try to get her friends to leave. You know, since they ended up moving. I'm not sure why she mentioned the dog, maybe that was the protective spirit she would feel(?)

  • Omega Canada
    Omega Canada Year ago


  • Malcolm Athey
    Malcolm Athey Year ago

    The doll was stopping the girl from hurting her

  • icynia i
    icynia i Year ago

    Awwwwwww it was 7 hours ago but i was asleep bc its only 8:00 where i live (aka England) and i have to go to school waaaaaaaa

  • Fredbear 2000
    Fredbear 2000 Year ago +1

    Thatโ€™s a rick and Morty plushie. Itโ€™s not a doll but whatever I still like it. I love your channel!!!!!! One of the reasons why is because you tell scary stories and I like scary stuff. It would make my day if you could subscribe and pin my comment. See ya

  • Malcolm Athey
    Malcolm Athey Year ago


  • Haley Elizabeth Georgia Burns

    That doll looks like me when I wake up Iโ€™m not even joking

  • Undead Rose_
    Undead Rose_ Year ago

    Can u plz do a creepy animation story about Anneliese Michel

  • Megan Oโ€™Brien
    Megan Oโ€™Brien Year ago +14

    The doll in the thumbnail is ME everyday

  • Flutter Rose
    Flutter Rose Year ago


  • Hassan rehman
    Hassan rehman Year ago

    I missed it again

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M Year ago

    We have the same wrist brace on the same wrist, lol

  • sans girl
    sans girl Year ago

    me to

  • Sara Paez
    Sara Paez Year ago

    I'm mr messeaks

  • Iris Cruz
    Iris Cruz Year ago

    I was late (Tโ€ขT)

  • SpookyPasta
    SpookyPasta Year ago +1

    you guys are so bad at live videos.. your something scary videos are good... you say um and oh way to much....well your nice to look at..

    • icynia i
      icynia i Year ago

      Well leave as u may then if you dont like it XD

    • SpookyPasta
      SpookyPasta Year ago

      plus you never gave the riddle.. you suk...God your so hot tho...

  • blushhies
    blushhies Year ago +1


    edit: xP

  • Ember Fitch
    Ember Fitch Year ago


  • XxEcho_DreamerxX 01

    Omg I had the same tipe of girl doll

  • baby girl
    baby girl Year ago


  • Jessica Mendez
    Jessica Mendez Year ago

    your dog is cute

  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson Year ago


  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson Year ago +1

    I have no money

  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson Year ago +1

    I have no money

  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson Year ago

    I'm notification sqaud

  • Jackson Jackson
    Jackson Jackson Year ago

    Hi omg

  • Marissa Daily
    Marissa Daily Year ago

    Aw Lola is so adorable

  • XxEcho_DreamerxX 01


  • Raven The Murderer

    Can u do "clockwork: your time is up" something scary? It's a really good story

  • Ely
    Ely Year ago

    Haha the doge's so cute

  • Violette
    Violette Year ago +15

    i was too late!

  • Dark moon
    Dark moon Year ago

    the chat is dang fast

  • Dark moon
    Dark moon Year ago

    hello i love this chanell this is my fave one ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Syd Bak
    Syd Bak Year ago

    The doll story around 14:00 at the end I think it is talking about the doll spun its head around to try to make the girls friend leave

  • Kiara Martinez
    Kiara Martinez Year ago


  • Ya boi Big chungus


  • Syd Bak
    Syd Bak Year ago

    Ha ha Elliotwith the knife behind her lol

  • Midori ._.
    Midori ._. Year ago

    I think the doll in the riddle was possessed

  • Midori ._.
    Midori ._. Year ago

    I used to have a doll I called Annie (because of what happened) back to the story the nite I got her when I went to bed I laid her down face down and flat because I have a paranoia around dolls and she had huge eyes and they were a little creepy but when I woke up she was sitting it's her legs crossed hands folded on her lap and she was looking straight at me I noticed that her hair was growing she had very short hair and one piece was longer than the others and every nite I would cut her hair only to see it had grown back now the doll is normal

  • AndromedaMidnight Galaxy

    Day 1: I place a blanket over my doll, Day 2: Blanket has been moved off the doll, it wasn't my parents or me and I have no siblings.

  • Whisper Montoya
    Whisper Montoya Year ago

    ._. ยท.ยท -_-

  • Monika Lover17
    Monika Lover17 Year ago


  • Amaratusu Gaming
    Amaratusu Gaming Year ago

    Tbh i love scary doll stories. Like if you agree! c;

  • Haleigh sharpe
    Haleigh sharpe Year ago

    My mom gave me a porcelain doll that looked like me and one that looked like my sister,my great grandma sent me one and it sat on a little swing it was my grandmas when she was little I got creeped out by them so I put them in my closet but when I moved I never found them and no one remembers them