First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Jay gets an exclusive first drive of the highly anticipated 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Executive Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter.
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    First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 8 210

  • Neon
    Neon 40 minutes ago

    51:54 dude taking a pic with his phone in the van lol

  • SuperSlowCamaro1
    SuperSlowCamaro1 Hour ago

    54:12 - Jay Leno calls the 500 mile power reduction during break in feature, a pre production issue for 4th time and the engineer just gives up and crosses his arms.

  • Robert Glenn San Socie

    Jay you missed by 5 pounds......still one of the sharpest minds around. Drive on Bro!

  • Bruno Rehder
    Bruno Rehder 3 hours ago +1

    Fist corvette I see I actually like. Good job.

  • 1VaDude
    1VaDude 6 hours ago

    Love the side and front of the C8............but the rear? Looks way too much like a Camaro.

  • Doc Moe
    Doc Moe 7 hours ago

    Still not a Corvette though... At least Porsche gave them a different name.

  • Joseph Archer
    Joseph Archer 8 hours ago

    Nice car. Ugly color. I also really liked the previous Ray. I hope many were made. Also I wonder if those side scoops reduce too much interior comfort.

  • Lance Slaughter
    Lance Slaughter 8 hours ago

    Monster hit for GM!

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba 10 hours ago

    Cars don’t look like aircraft

  • bobisrighturwrong
    bobisrighturwrong 14 hours ago

    I love leno. I love this new vette more than the first time I fell in love with them when I was about 8 years old and a c2 drove down my street. Maybe I love this one more due to the frustration of loving them for 50 years, never being able to afford one and now possibly being in a place where I can soon.

  • Xoala
    Xoala 15 hours ago

    what a great engineer, he seems really social and he knows everything about the car.

  • asmith001
    asmith001 15 hours ago

    Very cool car, but could they have picked a worse color? I think not.

  • Ander Ander
    Ander Ander 19 hours ago

    Jay is quality....... He is still proud of America and doesn't virtue signal.

  • B T
    B T 19 hours ago

    How many will you sell in Australia - depends what you price it as. If its keenly priced I could easily see you sell 1000+ in the first year, if you price it at 150K+ then maybe not as many. Holden couldn't even sell 500 Camaros and they were 92K. Ford sold thousands of Mustangs and they were 60-65k.

  • cowmoo007
    cowmoo007 19 hours ago

    Rich people make me sick to my stomach....however at least they won't have eternal life because their riches is their God and they can't have the real YHWH (God)

  • pinut187
    pinut187 21 hour ago

    Corvette's impressive $59,995 starting price is only good for the first year, and unless it goes up by $20,000, Chevrolet will continue to lose money on low-trim cars, a senior GM source told

  • Gabriel Flores
    Gabriel Flores 23 hours ago

    You lose the engine

  • Mel and Adam's adventures

    That nose lift is a crazy good idea, just wish we could afford one of these babies.

  • Eric Schnidrig
    Eric Schnidrig Day ago

    It looks like a Pink Cockroach and the resale value is gong to be crap... Unless You Never Drive it. That retractable top is garbage, 4 ECMS for that alone and the weather stripping cost is Huge! My C5 has 6 ECM's alone... I'd rather have my '72 C3 Stingray... at least it didn't look like a dinosaur. Thanks Jay

  • Navi Blue
    Navi Blue Day ago

    I've never thought that a seatbelt could be beautiful. Until today. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Is body color matching seatbelts a thing on all Corvettes?

  • Nebula dust
    Nebula dust Day ago

    Hey jay this is very thorough and awesome💥

  • Varinder Singh
    Varinder Singh Day ago

    Oh 60k is nothing. I hope people pay proper income tax!

  • A.s.C
    A.s.C Day ago

    Now … that's a sexy car …

  • Allen Thayer
    Allen Thayer Day ago

    JAY!! P-38 Mustang??? P-51 Mustang, P-38 Lightning

  • BLonely Turpen33

    Jay is a very annoying person to converse with.....

  • yabbadabba1975
    yabbadabba1975 Day ago

    Don't let any more GM VP's drive them.

  • Torp
    Torp Day ago

    with the tail lights its the best Camaro Ever made with round tail lights Its a super car

  • Jeff Logan
    Jeff Logan Day ago

    That's Real Progress !!!

  • Knife Ken
    Knife Ken Day ago

    My God, all the buttons............I don't like the interior, I'm mixed on the exterior.
    Is the toaster in there too??? Press a button, the cup drops down and the coffee dribbles into it. We'll see how the people like it by the sales numbers.

  • imserious2187
    imserious2187 Day ago

    I’m not feeling this car

    REBORN MINDS Day ago

    Heavy Chevy

  • Syed Affendy
    Syed Affendy Day ago

    This C8 would go as high as $300k in malaysia and we would still buy it cause its a steal compared to owning a Ferrari!

  • C H
    C H Day ago

    for the first time ever.. i think ill prefer a dodge.

  • robert clark
    robert clark Day ago


  • kksome10
    kksome10 Day ago

    How do you service or even look at the engine in this thing? At least In coupe engine is visible

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th Day ago

    This is sad, Chevrolet just moved out from my country's market, then there's zero chance this will be sold here, especially when there will be right hand drive version in Australia.

  • 1stAirwave
    1stAirwave Day ago

    Amazing job! That moving top is just awesome beautiful ATTAINABLE car!
    C O R V E T T E


    They just raised the bast price again by another $10k

  • Sihar Tobing
    Sihar Tobing 2 days ago

    Good Spec Auto Car Explaination Sir : CORVETTE STINGRAY JZ 51' 2020 - CORVETTE CZ'51 2020' Spec Explaination MV : Bigolive Show By - Jay Leno' 🌠, ...... Cheerio.🌠☁🚐☁🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.

  • Herve Jacques
    Herve Jacques 2 days ago

    Does Jay really have a Fiat 500 in his garage?

  • Moe Badderman
    Moe Badderman 2 days ago

    @ 3:25 "ultimately Physics"

  • Amaru Shadique
    Amaru Shadique 2 days ago

    Doesn't appeal to me.

  • Friggin Harlock
    Friggin Harlock 2 days ago

    P-38 Mustang....excusable. thanks for the tour and commentary!

  • Leigh Metzler
    Leigh Metzler 2 days ago

    Saw the new Corvette at SF Auto Show. She’s beautiful! I considered the Corvette when I bought my Jaguar F-Type. They wouldn’t let me drive one at Redwood City Chevrolet. No idea why I wasn’t considered a Corvette candidate. I was wearing a $10,000 ring on my finger.
    Excited that the Corvette is so accessible, assuming they let people test drive their cars.

  • Baohua Sun
    Baohua Sun 2 days ago

    Please add a manual option!!

  • heatseeka14
    heatseeka14 2 days ago

    37:24 - sounds like one of my pick up lines

  • Alfredo Fuentes
    Alfredo Fuentes 2 days ago

    This vet sucks balls

  • Paul MacGregor
    Paul MacGregor 2 days ago

    I really want one!

  • texas normal
    texas normal 2 days ago

    Chevy + complicated = extended warranty.


    I was never an American sports car liker but I quite like this... (I'm 35 and from Ireland)

  • james keenan
    james keenan 2 days ago

    Did he say when “WE”won WW11 that’s the insult to the Brits and all other nations involved

  • Junie C
    Junie C 2 days ago

    Step 1. Go to Google
    Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage
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  • Konoa Wheeler
    Konoa Wheeler 2 days ago

    Yes indeed, they made the corvette UGLIER than you've imagined !
    Looks like something an 8th grader designed in study hall.....
    Come one Chevrolet, you can do better than THIS !

  • Awesome Painting Company

    So they not making front engine anymore?

  • David Naran
    David Naran 2 days ago

    he got best ride in his garage that badass sir

  • LensMaestro
    LensMaestro 2 days ago

    Automatics are boring that's too bad.

  • Alvaro Guzman Telles

    I'm glad they brought back the Fiero.

  • Alf Red
    Alf Red 2 days ago

    I hope we can see this and the Ford GT race against each other in the same class, would be cool.

  • nick e
    nick e 2 days ago

    That retracting rooftop actually looks pretty dam simple compared to the mercedes SL's.

  • angelisone
    angelisone 2 days ago

    All these years, Corvette simple CAN NOT do 32mpg in city with regular unleaded gas.
    My basic Yugo can outperformed this Corvette in the winter.