Painting my Self-Portrait with Nail Polish (Bob Ross can bite me)

  • Published on Oct 6, 2018
  • We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents (:
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    ♥ An artist does not focus on the shade names but rather the shade focuses on the artist
    ON MY HANDS, as painted during a power outage:
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    ♥ 20 NAIL ART HACKS:
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    ♥ Best peel-off base coat?:
    ♥ Best black polish?:
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Comments • 16 731

  • Zoe Weeks
    Zoe Weeks 4 hours ago

    Remember when this was a nail tutorial channel?

  • Regan Penn
    Regan Penn 4 hours ago

    “i look like a Pschygnknea legend”

  • Lost Vikings
    Lost Vikings 4 hours ago

    Fuck you whore you can blow Bob Ross die slow.

  • nohemi valenzuela
    nohemi valenzuela 4 hours ago


  • Katherine Ayala
    Katherine Ayala 5 hours ago

    You made Ben put a *banana in his ear* and didn’t quote “Charlie the Unicorn 2” ?!!! A USclip CLASSIC

  • Ashonti Pena-Maldonado

    How about bob Ross painting on your nails?

  • Kaylin Crabtree
    Kaylin Crabtree 7 hours ago

    girl and her makeup skills looking so fly

  • Angela Genel
    Angela Genel 7 hours ago

    Tell me why these actually look good to me

  • Music Freak06
    Music Freak06 7 hours ago

    I was on an artist block for a while now, but after watching this video, I'm actually considering trying to make an artwork with nail polish!

  • Evelyn Montenegro
    Evelyn Montenegro 8 hours ago

    Is it my imagination or did Cristine just throw a "Charlie The Unicorn" reference with the "banana in your ear"? I love you soooooo much!

  • Cassandra Dabling
    Cassandra Dabling 8 hours ago

    The world doesn't deserve you Cristine. ❤️😂

  • Abby
    Abby 9 hours ago

    Simply Sock is my favorite

  • holycherryy sc
    holycherryy sc 9 hours ago

    Is no one going to talk about his shirt "Please don't call me daddy." Uh,,,

  • Comet Mahina
    Comet Mahina 9 hours ago

    Do Zach’s nails from the try guys! He’s a new homosexual and needs guidance from a pro!

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson 9 hours ago

    Ben: Hello, Banna? I need the nail polish president on the phone.
    Christene: Im here!

  • Emily Navarrete
    Emily Navarrete 10 hours ago

    I have a cat too! Her name is honey and she’s a little baby. Because you call menchis hair a menchi-hair I call honeys hair a honey-hair XD

    ITSJUSTMEBOO 10 hours ago

    Simply sock all the way

  • Unipup127 AGSM Studios
    Unipup127 AGSM Studios 10 hours ago +1

    I’m getting my first holo done on Tuesday
    the right of passage

  • Genesis Vazquez
    Genesis Vazquez 11 hours ago

    Ima be honest...I think she should do her own nail polish kit😂❤️

  • Wolfie Cute
    Wolfie Cute 11 hours ago


  • Madelyn
    Madelyn 11 hours ago

    Living for Ben’s JK Rowling shade

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover 11 hours ago

    Holo queen,hell o beyyeyyyyyyyyyeyyyyyyynnnn,Zello menchie,mello zyler sooooo wish I could see you some time byeeee remember holo,hell o,zello mench,mello zy

  • Lauren Pritchard
    Lauren Pritchard 11 hours ago


  • Taylor M.
    Taylor M. 11 hours ago

    Bob Ross is QuAkInG

    CEEGII .M 12 hours ago

    The crazy thing is, I actually think it looks like Ben.

  • molly entrekin
    molly entrekin 13 hours ago

    simply sock

  • Shister aNtOnIo
    Shister aNtOnIo 13 hours ago +1

    Ben: I look like a _skinny legend_
    Me: I'm living for it

  • cg.vlogs955
    cg.vlogs955 13 hours ago

    We need Kristen to do a draw my life with nail polish??🤦🏽‍♀️😂xx

  • Princess Chelsea
    Princess Chelsea 13 hours ago

    ben definitely is a skinny legend

  • Holo Lover
    Holo Lover 13 hours ago

    Simply sock

  • Jessica Nicole
    Jessica Nicole 13 hours ago


    RIGBY 13 hours ago

    i loved the portrait an u make a t shirt or a hoodie with it

  • Mithila Mithi
    Mithila Mithi 14 hours ago

    I really like How Ben's picture turned out. gd job christine 😍

  • Alicia Spierings
    Alicia Spierings 14 hours ago

    The end painting actually looks good lol

  • Lisa Medellin
    Lisa Medellin 14 hours ago

    I like how a impeach trump ad came on before this video. I'll move to Canada now

  • Ashleigh Christian
    Ashleigh Christian 15 hours ago

    Colour matching her cat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • A living meme Sasilia
    A living meme Sasilia 15 hours ago

    Simply sock is my favorite

  • Deepthi Sharma
    Deepthi Sharma 15 hours ago

    Okay but like the things she painted were actually beautiful

  • Nidhi Dabhi
    Nidhi Dabhi 15 hours ago

    Where is zyler??

  • Blue Waffles
    Blue Waffles 15 hours ago


  • It's me Coci
    It's me Coci 16 hours ago

    Girl you’re FREAKING good at painting

  • Alica Manhen
    Alica Manhen 16 hours ago


  • Angela Gribbon
    Angela Gribbon 16 hours ago

    Is nobody going to talk about Ben's shirt...I feel so called out LMAO

  • \\Unicorn Playz// MSP
    \\Unicorn Playz// MSP 16 hours ago

    Simply Sock

  • \\Unicorn Playz// MSP
    \\Unicorn Playz// MSP 16 hours ago

    i hope you keep those paintings because if you don't, that was a lot of wasted holo.

  • Anne Seewald
    Anne Seewald 17 hours ago

    I love all of them ♥♥♥♥

  • HowlingWolf64
    HowlingWolf64 17 hours ago

    'My technique is-' 'garbage'

  • K J
    K J 17 hours ago

    My favorite is beyyyn he is bae

  • Renee Curry
    Renee Curry 17 hours ago

    You should do holo eye contacts 😀😱

  • unicorn power 101
    unicorn power 101 17 hours ago

    I am independent but ben gets the tea

  • Current_Mood
    Current_Mood 18 hours ago +1

    *BoB rOsS wHo?*

  • Stephanie Ardinger
    Stephanie Ardinger 18 hours ago

    I actually love this. Lol

  • RC N
    RC N 18 hours ago +1

    1:26 I thought you said you wanted to get your creative juices flowing. _that's _*_green_*_ nail polish what are you doing. _*_GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOUR_*

  • eidassadie
    eidassadie 18 hours ago


    NO_FEELINGS 19 hours ago

    Damn she good at art

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven 19 hours ago

    I like Simpltal help after that coffiny Sock the best but you need mental help after that coffin last night

  • amarieea Tate
    amarieea Tate 20 hours ago

    Bob Ross is quakeing

  • emo_monster_xoxo
    emo_monster_xoxo 20 hours ago

    13:16 why does Ben still look like a tree 😂😂

  • Ayla Werman
    Ayla Werman 21 hour ago

    The cat was honestly the type of art that no one really likes and it isn't that good But it sells for thousands of dollars

  • BeautifulBlue Diamonds

    At 2:39 your right but you need a man to get you tea

  • 꾹
     22 hours ago

    its actually not thet bad???? its kinda cute lol

  • Pugs 4 life
    Pugs 4 life 22 hours ago

    Simple sock

  • maycen myers
    maycen myers 22 hours ago

    0:28 no tea, no shade, only truth. Also #mood

  • J Holo
    J Holo 22 hours ago

    I think my fav is the last one/the self-portrait. Except the cat's face. The other ones are not bad. Lol.

  • Inna Francisco
    Inna Francisco 23 hours ago

    I don't know if I should subscribe or not

  • Alta Meow
    Alta Meow 23 hours ago

    When I was picking my opinions in school I was going to get a 9 on art (good) but my mum didn't want me to do computer sience and pick art instead. To get back at her I didn't choice art or computer sience :^) my art teacher was sad but she wasn't even a art teacher and she was mean to my friends
    >:() and she favourites me over the class, why? Why? Because I was one of the only ones doing art. I just wanted to tell you this :) about how far I'll go to get back at someone ;^) but do the worry I still got hood options 👌

  • Soph Marie
    Soph Marie 23 hours ago

    wait in the what do u think is that cristine

  • Chez Pig
    Chez Pig 23 hours ago

    Menchies British?

  • Chez Pig
    Chez Pig 23 hours ago

    I was about to say she should of dressed up as bob Ross then I read the rest of the title

  • Alix Blackburn
    Alix Blackburn Day ago

    Simply sock

  • Marina Sapiano
    Marina Sapiano Day ago

    Why were these surprisingly good?

  • Crazy Crew
    Crazy Crew Day ago


  • SKY Love
    SKY Love Day ago

    That was actually good :3 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    **looks at Ben’s arm** never mind... . but the rest is OK I guess.... .

  • Kia katt
    Kia katt Day ago

    You should try out Anna Sui nail polish so you can try be a nail channel again

  • Cady Al Dubouni
    Cady Al Dubouni Day ago +1

    I love Cristine so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💅💅💅💅💅💅💅and BEYNN ofcourse 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 like if you guys agree! ☺️☺️

  • Tegan Ellis
    Tegan Ellis Day ago

    Yes the shade to Jacob sartorious yassssss queen yasssss

  • Riely Combs
    Riely Combs Day ago

    Simply sock is mi favorite

  • Arya Dorringdü
    Arya Dorringdü Day ago

    9:57 “Of emotionless emotion... if you know what I mean” Yes Christine I do.

  • Reed Alexandra
    Reed Alexandra Day ago

    I think we should go on strike because of Ben’s shirt. I’m triggered.

  • mishcalle
    mishcalle Day ago

    I’ve just stumbled across you on the internet and now I have literally spent hours watching your videos.
    I love that you can laugh at yourself and I respect your love for cats. It’s great to see people like you on the internet. Keep being you :) also I wish I had amazing nails like you.

  • StageNamE Taco
    StageNamE Taco Day ago

    I skipped the intro (like I do to every other video) and then I thought wait her intro is so satisfying and beautifull to watch! Rewinds back to the beginning 😂😂

  • Nyssa Raye
    Nyssa Raye Day ago +1

    Can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Cristine is actually a great artist? Because wow.

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear Day ago

    You as a sock is my favorite!!!!! You should do more art on your channel!!!! (Maybe) you could make a channel that’s simply artlogical (just an idea)

  • Family Of Four
    Family Of Four Day ago

    I really loved your self portrait😂

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D Day ago

    It looked good at first, at an angle.

  • Yvette Nicole
    Yvette Nicole Day ago

    I put off watching this video because I was genuinely upset that you insulted Bob Ross.

  • Bella Grace
    Bella Grace Day ago

    "paint me like one of your f*** boys"😂

  • gamer bird duck
    gamer bird duck Day ago

    I am acctuly british so LOL

  • Qt Girls
    Qt Girls Day ago

    Hey I was thinking one day while watching one of your videos(there were ads) I thought what if you paint you nail back ward so taco and then nail polish and so on so fourth in till your done then you put a peal of base coat u did it and it stayed on for a while so I suggest you put a base coat and then do it

  • AarMau _PugLover
    AarMau _PugLover Day ago +1

    She looks like a granny

    • AarMau _PugLover
      AarMau _PugLover Day ago

      Not to be mean but its true Love you Christine 👌👍

  • gatcha studio kitty gurl

    Gurlll my face is shit btw I liked all of da paintings except for da cat one

  • Madison Henderson

    "i'm going to stick to smaller canvases" ..... 1 week later ..... "Painting a coffin!!!"

  • Cagla Taco
    Cagla Taco Day ago

    Omg I just read Medium is the Message by McLuhan! Crazy coincidence u said it!

  • Coby Smith
    Coby Smith Day ago +1

    What do I think where is ziler

  • Classic J
    Classic J Day ago

    Bob Ross is the best. Stop

  • Choco_Chip_Playz
    Choco_Chip_Playz Day ago +1

    When she said “hello” in the intro it sounded like: Well, holo everybody

  • maryn henriksen
    maryn henriksen Day ago

    Watch out Robin Clonts, Cristine's coming for your hoodie persona

  • Payton Townsend
    Payton Townsend Day ago

    Simply sock has to be my fav