Why Are You Always Tired?


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  • Sauce Gaming
    Sauce Gaming 55 minutes ago

    I fell asleep during the video

  • dylan
    dylan 6 hours ago

    Go vegan 💚

  • Ren Isaac
    Ren Isaac Day ago

    Because I'm depressed

  • Penny B.
    Penny B. Day ago

    Drinking wine actually helps me sleep better. When I dream I feel more exhausted but dont dream after a glass of wine 🤔

  • Farookh Matawi
    Farookh Matawi Day ago

    i'mm an A.D.N.S kinda guy
    No Sleep

  • Farookh Matawi
    Farookh Matawi Day ago

    we've all been asking this same question

  • Manuzki
    Manuzki Day ago

    #1 Stop watching this video at 3am

  • David Ackley
    David Ackley Day ago

    20 min naps?! Yea that’s feasible!

  • Is a bell
    Is a bell Day ago

    My fatigue is mainly around that tom but the walking does actually help

  • KENZY Okoye
    KENZY Okoye Day ago

    Who else got tired watching this?

  • dUdIES MAniAC
    dUdIES MAniAC Day ago

    You spelled anemia wrong

  • Mouse P
    Mouse P Day ago

    there are 3 Chinese subs in this video. One of them is hilarious. LOL

  • William White
    William White 3 days ago

    Cuz shit boring, man

  • Kaila Teodoro
    Kaila Teodoro 3 days ago +1

    Im always tired because i always have to go to work

  • Yudistira Liem
    Yudistira Liem 4 days ago

    It seems like tribal people has no problem being night owl. Maybe we are just sensitive to light

  • a k
    a k 4 days ago +1

    So what if you eat clean, get 8 hrs of sleep, get tired at night, get enough iron, dont have a mental health disorder, are a proper weight, don't use screens in the bedroom, dont consume more than a cup of coffee, and are surrounded by great people, but youre still so tired?

  • 4everVegeta
    4everVegeta 4 days ago

    Watching this video late night and still wondering why

  • Milaa
    Milaa 4 days ago

    Me watching this at 11am. Already answers the question

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 4 days ago

    I am not always tired. I have energy to spare and have a hard time sleeping.

  • lipige li
    lipige li 4 days ago

    once you passed 30 , you would feel tired

  • raynard chew
    raynard chew 6 days ago

    Ultimate solution:

  • DankSir MemesAlot
    DankSir MemesAlot 6 days ago

    Before watching video: I'm Iron and Zinc Deficient and I have Coeliac.
    After watching video: I have plenty of water everyday, I exercise frequently and I take 1 Iron and Zinc tablet daily, yet I still feel tired all time. Why?

  • Oyinloluwa Akintunde

    You say "see your physician " like it's the cure for depression. Smh 😪

  • gomitogomez1
    gomitogomez1 7 days ago

    'cause I study mechanical engineering and I go to the gym.

  • Sleepy Cosmos
    Sleepy Cosmos 7 days ago

    Thx man, i've been wondering why for awhile. It makes sense I hardly exercise and eating healthy. The hardest part is drinking water while you work or in school. x-x

  • EliteFurret
    EliteFurret 7 days ago

    Because i have autism

  • Shameka Green
    Shameka Green 8 days ago

    Every morning I say imma get up for work at 8am but i be so tired i get up at 10am then be pissed that I have to stay at work longer to get my 8 hours in. I know i suffer from depression but if i cant get to work on time or early how can i catch the doctors office. It reminds me of my old cigarette habit...where everyday I say imma gonna quit didnt...I did finally quit now I'm trying to stop this oversleeping habit. But I found myself in the same circuitous habitually. No matter how much I sleep I still need to sleep more in the morning. I love the morning air so peaceful it makes me want to stay in bed. Any advice?

  • Madison Mosey
    Madison Mosey 9 days ago

    What exactly does sugar do to the body?

    • Eyad Masri
      Eyad Masri 5 hours ago

      It provides it with energy

    ULTRA GAMER 9 days ago +2

    Thats meeeee

  • ekconomos
    ekconomos 10 days ago

    Me di cuenta que tengo que ir con psicologo gracias a este video

  • Thomas Michael
    Thomas Michael 10 days ago

    I have hypersomnia. Exercise although helps, but is no solution. Hopefully the sleep study helps.

  • Pokémon FTW
    Pokémon FTW 11 days ago

    Thanks for this video, guys.

  • #7 WALKER
    #7 WALKER 11 days ago


  • Kaitlyn Rose
    Kaitlyn Rose 13 days ago +1

    I fell asleep while watching this

  • huh what
    huh what 14 days ago +1

    Why are you always tired?

    You lazy af😂

  • The Glorious Sapphire Monkey

    People that often sleep tend to have longer lives! Look at Sleeping Beauty!

  • heyy Mates
    heyy Mates 15 days ago

    Yeah, wow. That's what my life is about. Trying to become awake. The funny thing is, that i do all of this stuff. I have the same sleeping rythm every day, work out, eat healthy, sleep about 8 hours every day, drink no alkohol and even stopped drinking coffee for about a month to see if thats causing my everyday tiredness. But nothing helps. I have no anxiety or depression. But it feels like i am not too far away from the depression if the tiredness doesn't stop. Nothing helps, and feeling tired all day long and never having enough sleep throughout the day (i could sleep all day long) feels bad. Really bad. If there is somebody who can tell me how to fix this i would really appreciate it!

  • Conrad Van Orten
    Conrad Van Orten 16 days ago +1

    how the hell do you take a nap for only 20 minutes??

  • Mio
    Mio 16 days ago

    "It's time for you to sleep too" -Gon

  • srijeet shee
    srijeet shee 17 days ago

    what if time becomes a physical quantity? 😋

  • Cockka Cockk
    Cockka Cockk 17 days ago

    well , sometime i feel tired sometime i don't 😂

  • kingus
    kingus 17 days ago

    Im always tired cuz i smoke weed lol

  • abced joe
    abced joe 18 days ago

    I'm full of life and energy, but I slept in too much

  • Sameer Suman
    Sameer Suman 18 days ago

    What to do if I feel very tired after 7 hrs of out of home sessions...as If i sleep I can't sleep at night....and I can't make a small nap cause I can't hear the alarm.

  • Capn Moineau
    Capn Moineau 18 days ago

    There are no health benefits for coffee, except the fact that it makes you not as drowzy and that's it

  • Boopadoopaloopa
    Boopadoopaloopa 19 days ago

    I don’t have any caffeine I drink a ton of water I get good sleep and I go to the gym a couple times a week and am still always tired lol

  • Daniel Pavlides
    Daniel Pavlides 19 days ago

    Cause X dead

  • Cooltabby 13
    Cooltabby 13 19 days ago +1

    Yes Anxiety definitely has ruined my sleep habits!

    FLOPPI 19 days ago

    No im not

  • WavyTripleA
    WavyTripleA 19 days ago +6

    Me: mom i am always tired
    Mom: it is definitly that game thingy there i am removing it.
    Me: dont do that otherwise i will never sleep.
    Mom :why is that
    Me: my console will cry for his papa. That is why.
    Mom: slaps the shit out of me takes the console and throw it out of the window.
    End of story

  • OG _
    OG _ 19 days ago

    Subtitles in Hindi.


  • mc rongaruu
    mc rongaruu 20 days ago +1

    Are you really a night owl? Or just living in a wrong time zone🤔

  • Aj Pearson
    Aj Pearson 20 days ago

    Does this have to do with man-made EMFs suppressing melatonin? Don’t act like the advice in the video is going to fix everyone

  • Duyen Quang
    Duyen Quang 20 days ago

    my school starts at 7am. no one wants to keep a constant waking schedule where one wakes up at 6am in the dark everyday

  • Zachary Dchan
    Zachary Dchan 21 day ago

    I sleep to avoid life cause there's nothing better to do.

  • Long Live RockNRoll
    Long Live RockNRoll 21 day ago

    I guess dehydration is the reason for my insane sleeping

  • Victoria Reulas
    Victoria Reulas 21 day ago

    What can happend if you don't drink milk?

  • Øne-Hit Disaster
    Øne-Hit Disaster 21 day ago

    Shine red light on your testicles

  • Elliot Richards
    Elliot Richards 21 day ago +1

    I must be a night owl I can't get to sleep any later then 1 or 2

    • Eyad Masri
      Eyad Masri 5 hours ago

      I even sleep at 4-5 AM on holidays😪I wish I could get rid of this habit

  • Hannah Steele
    Hannah Steele 22 days ago +1

    I can't watch this I'm too tired

  • NUKE !
    NUKE ! 22 days ago


  • Geronimo Vasquez
    Geronimo Vasquez 22 days ago

    I like the cartoons..

  • Qwertzy
    Qwertzy 23 days ago

    I watched this video tired

  • Shadowhunters Unite
    Shadowhunters Unite 23 days ago

    I’m meant to b asleep rn 😂

  • saif saif
    saif saif 24 days ago +1

    because im lazy

  • Navin Israni
    Navin Israni 24 days ago

    This is why I don't watch videos on USclip when I am sleepy. You guys don't care about the effect of background music. This video in particular makes one even more tired.

  • Elijah
    Elijah 24 days ago

    Wait... Coffee is good for your health? How?

  • Chronicles of Laura
    Chronicles of Laura 24 days ago

    I'm a super night owl. I hate mornings but love evenings. It's so peaceful and my kid is in bed lol. I live my night owl traits at weekends when I don't have my kid. Not great when I have to get up early during the week but I can't seem to help it. Getting up early on a weekend seems super weird to me.

  • Melancholy Milla
    Melancholy Milla 25 days ago

    Um maybe bc i sleep 7 hours😧😧

  • Raphael Alexander
    Raphael Alexander 25 days ago

    coffee is shit, dont be fooled

  • Anastasiya Dolya
    Anastasiya Dolya 27 days ago +1

    Exercise does help from depression and insomnia.

  • Christ
    Christ 27 days ago

    Depression, poor diet, poor exercise, daylight hours, poor sleep hygiene etc

  • ScarletTheGoldie
    ScarletTheGoldie 27 days ago

    My mom doesn’t let me excercise. And she doesn’t want to spend money on healthy food. I can’t do anything.

  • May Doritas
    May Doritas 27 days ago

    It’s cause I’m here at 4:20am 🤙🏿🤙🏿

  • ameliap0ndd
    ameliap0ndd 27 days ago

    me : *smokes weed daily* also me 'why am i so tired all the time'

  • Aja Patrick
    Aja Patrick 27 days ago

    can also be anemic lmao! i’m always tired.

    FAI BER 28 days ago

    i started exercising i became more tired

    GET SHREKED 28 days ago

    *I had a 15 hour nap....*

    JMESIX 28 days ago

    Cuz you watch porn and jack off every night

  • Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar 28 days ago

    I'm a night owl and also l do very less physical activity.

    • Jim
      Jim 3 days ago

      Sounds healthy

  • sean626262
    sean626262 29 days ago

    I used to be tired all the time. Started working out, eating healthy, and drinking tons of water 3 and a half months ago. Now I feel great all day. It's awesome.

  • Masterah !
    Masterah ! 29 days ago

    I have to be better at comments some day

  • Fut Draft God
    Fut Draft God 29 days ago

    Thanks daddy, very cool.

  • Marc Martinez
    Marc Martinez Month ago

    Im so tired to watch this video. Bye

  • sophia martin
    sophia martin Month ago

    Bruh. School is stressful aab.

  • Imy Platt
    Imy Platt Month ago

    I literally can’t nap I just don’t fall asleep I only nap when I’m sick so when I wake up I’m so confused coz I think it’s the next day

  • Blake Hendrickson
    Blake Hendrickson Month ago

    I have to wake up at five but I don’t get back from school until three so to get “enough” sleep i would have to go to bed at 9 but I’m never tired enough at nine plus I have sleep apnea so if I’m not wearing my mask (bc it gives me panic attacks) I truly need 12 hours of sleep to get enough sleep to feel rested so I’d need to sleep at 5 pm which gives me 2 hours to shower do homework hang out with family go anywhere like to the store and clean anything.

  • Timothy Tan
    Timothy Tan Month ago

    Sometimes when i take naps,i get a headache

  • Eddie Avinashi
    Eddie Avinashi Month ago

    4:00am Bible:
    *Get used to doing one uncomfortable thing every morning for 21 days. Start with waking up at 4:00am and making your bed.*
    *Maybe add a cold shower next.*
    *Maybe add a 30 minute HIIT session next.*
    Keep growing. Wean your lizard brain off the habits keeping you from becoming great.

  • Anime Scenes
    Anime Scenes Month ago

    And here I was thinking my USclip addiction is to blame...

  • Anime Scenes
    Anime Scenes Month ago

    I’m all of the above. RIP

  • தமிழரசன் ராணிகோவிந்

    Not always,but only when mater comes to studies

  • Ewuraba Benyarko
    Ewuraba Benyarko Month ago

    ".....caused by lack of physical activity and poor diet-" I think I found my problem

  • The NewGeneration
    The NewGeneration Month ago

    I don't drink or smock, i go to the gym 4 times a week and do cardio 1 time, i sleep 8 hours everyday and i feel sleepy and tired all the time.

  • Raisa Cherry
    Raisa Cherry Month ago

    Now this makes me yawn 😂😂

    FOXGEAR92 Month ago

    So basically to not be tired all the time I have to start being healthy...
    But I love video games and pizzaaaaaaa........
    Guess I'm forever tired.

  • maria mistretta
    maria mistretta Month ago

    People should watch what they eat to.
    Find ways to workout in the day.
    They forgot to add in the video not everyone who get tired are depressed. People can be tired for a lot of reasons depends.
    People get tired after a long day at work or school.
    People had to do lot of chores that might make people tired.
    People might be tired if they went to sleep late or got up to early.
    People who are iron deficiency get tired.
    If people are dehydrated don't drink enough water thought out the day.
    People shouldn't stay up late with there phones on or near a computer screen before going to rest because that to can cause tiredness.
    It also be the side effect of meds.
    Sometimes it could also be the weather.
    Some people just get the afternoon crash expectly after a heavy meal.
    Which ever meds people take.
    Well the women, that have firborids, the firborids causes tiredness.

  • RobinWrath16
    RobinWrath16 Month ago

    1:22 in this part how about when you pee clear no color? It means what?

  • Samaya H
    Samaya H Month ago


  • Sabreen Yousef
    Sabreen Yousef Month ago

    Having low energy is always the worst, but fatigue is a whole other story:/ If you're often asking yourself why youre so tired maybe drop by my channel? I made a video in the hopes of helping people find answers when they have none or when nothing is working.