Why Are You Always Tired?


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  • lexeey lore
    lexeey lore 14 hours ago

    I'm a night owl and I've been trying to fix my sleep schedule since I was in high school but it's hard, even up until now I still fall asleep in class and I'm so worried about the life after graduation

  • Kristie The Fairy
    Kristie The Fairy 16 hours ago +1

    "Why are you always tired?"
    Something my mom asks me when i drop sleepy after school😂

  • The Turret Man
    The Turret Man Day ago +1

    Well... but...

    *I CANT NAP*

  • Greedy Animal
    Greedy Animal Day ago

    Oh shit you mean to tell me a lack of physical activity makes me tired?!?!? Like no one can just use common sense to figure that one out

    • SkyMaster Albani
      SkyMaster Albani Day ago

      i see you everywhere, well i mean i guess 2 videos count as 'everywhere'

      EDIT : wait nevermind, my laptop was playing eye trick on me, youtube was lagging and didn't change the comments for different videos

  • BroadwayAlto
    BroadwayAlto Day ago

    Depression AND anxiety AND insomnia

  • Noctis Kami
    Noctis Kami Day ago

    You are bored with the same daily routine in your life. Your job suck and you dont make enough to pay the bills. All that stress and shit make you tired.

  • blep blep cat
    blep blep cat 2 days ago

    People feel good after 20 mins nap and i feel fatigued and achy even after sleeping for 5 hours.

  • Deidra Key
    Deidra Key 2 days ago

    I’m part of that 20%

  • Adam Mada
    Adam Mada 2 days ago

    Well I'm fit and eat healthy, get 9+ hours of sleep a night and do my best to keep sleep & awake times consistent and have done this for years and still I'm borderline narcoleptic. My tiredness is caused by loneliness, social anxiety, depression and resentment and there's no cure to it!

  • Bart Joosten
    Bart Joosten 2 days ago

    Sadhguru has got the answer 🙏

  • Valtersen
    Valtersen 3 days ago

    Smoke weed and ya will sleep like in heaven. All that is unnecessary

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 3 days ago

    Omg he looks like me! 1:05

  • Martinator
    Martinator 3 days ago

    What if my urine is like water colored? I'm I overdosing on water?

  • luna valintines
    luna valintines 4 days ago

    Cool video

  • silvia ___
    silvia ___ 4 days ago

    Bro Im just depressed

  • F.B.I Investigator
    F.B.I Investigator 4 days ago

    When I get home from school I sleep at 5:30 PM and wake up at 3:00 AM

  • tigereyes5879
    tigereyes5879 4 days ago

    I'm definitely a night owl. I live on the east coast but when I traveled to the west I finally felt like I was on a normal sleep schedule.

  • Untalented
    Untalented 4 days ago

    OMG, thank you

  • 15lial
    15lial 5 days ago

    Fapping to much can also make you tired

  • S Rijnbout
    S Rijnbout 5 days ago

    I am one of the rare people who has trouble with falling asleep after drinking. last saturday I was in my bed at 2 am after a party but I didn't fall asleep until 8:30 am.

  • Sam Hem
    Sam Hem 6 days ago

    Cool cool I'll just stop having an anxiety disorder and depression.

  • ArtWithASideOfSweg
    ArtWithASideOfSweg 6 days ago


  • Noah Oh
    Noah Oh 6 days ago

    Better question: why do you think that people care about how tired you are????

  • Jacob Hollis
    Jacob Hollis 6 days ago

    Im considered a night owl. So me working late into the night is pretty awesome.

  • William Perese
    William Perese 6 days ago

    Physical exercise releases the energy you're looking for. Ignore at your own risk

  • NapkinsNuts
    NapkinsNuts 7 days ago

    I think it’s school they make us get are asses up at 5 o clock

  • Tesseract 14
    Tesseract 14 7 days ago

    Well I work at night so ja

  • ilovecorn97
    ilovecorn97 7 days ago +1

    Im always tired because of my acute anemia and insufficient vitamin D levels :((

  • Adwans :3
    Adwans :3 8 days ago

    Maybe cause i never sleep

  • julianslc07
    julianslc07 8 days ago

    Watching this at one in the morning
    NO REGRETS, until my wake up alarm sounds, then I want to die.

  • GamerGrill47
    GamerGrill47 8 days ago


  • bears 25
    bears 25 8 days ago

    Because you have a brain tumour

  • Smart Racoon
    Smart Racoon 9 days ago +1

    One word School

  • awsome connie
    awsome connie 9 days ago +1

    "10 percent of americans have depression!" That includes me...

  • FCN_ Art
    FCN_ Art 9 days ago

    Meh it’s not like I’m physically tired,I’m just tired from all the bs in my life I just don’t have the nerve to deal with it🙄😒I’d rather stay in bed and do nothing🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Oliver MJ
    Oliver MJ 9 days ago

    If my pee would be that dark, i would go to the hospital....

  • brambutz
    brambutz 10 days ago

    Im working in a shift. 8 hours with 5 day working, 2 days rest and 3 weeks recycle time from normal shift, night shift and late night shift. Sometimes its really horible and impossible to get energized cz ur lifecycle of sleep and life really bad. Can u help me :((

  • Irish Jet
    Irish Jet 10 days ago +1

    Because I have narcolepsy :(

  • Jenshiee %ì,àŷ
    Jenshiee %ì,àŷ 10 days ago

    Its 5:45 am and i have to go to class at 6 and im watching this f

  • Jeff Larocque
    Jeff Larocque 10 days ago


  • penisin sideme
    penisin sideme 11 days ago

    what about lack of food? does that affect it

  • Marin1 Dora2 PS4 Igrice Mobitel Igrice Dragović

    I Can Only Sleep Once Every Day I Have A Disorder BTW I Wake Up In 3:00 or 4:00 or5:00

  • xd Valerian
    xd Valerian 11 days ago +1

    Whatchung and 4:36 am

  • Syd Thornton
    Syd Thornton 11 days ago

    I'm only tired when I get to school. Then I go home and I'm like a frickin 6 year old on a sugar high.

  • Myles432
    Myles432 11 days ago

    *Has anxiety and can’t sleep while worrying about trying to do all these in the video to get more sleep*

  • Myles432
    Myles432 11 days ago

    I have 3 problems:
    Not enough Water
    Weekends always ruin my sleep schedule
    I’m very much a night owl

  • Myles432
    Myles432 11 days ago

    School is the problem. I’m very much a night owl and it’s not my fault my body needs to sleep later in the day. I naturally get tired by 12AM but I’m still forced to wake up at 5am anyway...

  • Myles432
    Myles432 11 days ago

    Simple Answer: *School*

  • William Haynes
    William Haynes 11 days ago

    This video attacked my whole lifestyle T_T

  • tvitravelbiz
    tvitravelbiz 11 days ago

    Why am I never satisfied?

  • Eugene Balfour
    Eugene Balfour 11 days ago

    It's also related to how in the past 50 years, people have been using machines to do something as simple as going to work or the store (by the way, those machines are called cars). Also, in America, high school starts at 7-8:00 because of school busses

    • Eugene Balfour
      Eugene Balfour 11 days ago

      If we could just cycle places, it would be better

  • Drew Draws
    Drew Draws 11 days ago

    Probs a mixture of my depression and anemia

  • LearnToThinkFree
    LearnToThinkFree 12 days ago

    What if I have a question and it's not burning?

  • Qufox
    Qufox 12 days ago +2

    *Just smoke weed*

    • Ary Lopez
      Ary Lopez 7 days ago +1

      Ary: OR TURN INTO A LAUGHIE! 😎😉😂

    • Qufox
      Qufox 9 days ago

      +Xonical * sativa -- that strain type of weed wakes you up & energizes --

    • Xonical
      Xonical 10 days ago

      uh weed makes you slow and chill. I think the correct word is...


  • JenzAr
    JenzAr 12 days ago

    I think I’m nocturnal

  • Jo Do
    Jo Do 13 days ago

    But I like my deja vu(s). Seeing the future is sometimes worth the sleep dep.

  • ToddyA
    ToddyA 13 days ago

    20 minute naps during the day turn intil 6 hrs. Even if i put a alarm i sleep through it during the day.

  • Notchle
    Notchle 13 days ago

    Because i stay up until 1 am watching youtube videos every day eventhough i need to get ready for school at 6:30

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream 13 days ago

    With that crusty bracelet

  • Squigs439
    Squigs439 13 days ago

    I ain't got no iron❤️

  • grandeja
    grandeja 14 days ago

    How about us who sleep 8-10 hours a night AND workout every day... I go to the gym and i move otherwise too but i'm more tired thsn ever. I dont workout too much but still i almost fall asleep as soon as i start running/workibg out...

    • grandeja
      grandeja 14 days ago

      And i also eat and drink healthy and enough

  • Renan Terezan
    Renan Terezan 15 days ago

    Post Malone.

  • Meiji
    Meiji 15 days ago

    Why cant they make a place for nightowls. Where we can sleep and wake up when our body needs. I get way more work done at night and I could live a more productive life if I was allowed to do it all at night.

  • Tera Shewchenko
    Tera Shewchenko 16 days ago

    I love my jogging and I will drink as much water as you want but nope to giving up coffee. It's warm and it smells good and it makes me happy lol.

  • Funicidal
    Funicidal 16 days ago

    9-5 world? I wish.
    Here it’s more of a 7-3 or 6-2

  • oliver tomberg
    oliver tomberg 16 days ago

    But what if my rem sleep starts literally while im falling asleep on the day?

  • NoelleTheTheatreGeek
    NoelleTheTheatreGeek 16 days ago

    I mean it COULDNT POSSIBLY be because I have to wake up at 6am every day after having stayed up till 1am doing homework. that would be crazy

  • Max DeView
    Max DeView 16 days ago

    Anyone else tired from not getting enough sleep?

  • SHOOK Galaxy Miku
    SHOOK Galaxy Miku 16 days ago

    I wake up at 7:30 for school

    TBF_ALEXX 17 days ago +1

    *OMG i was scrolling through videos and i saw the thumbnail and INSTINTLY yawned😂😂*

  • Hod Hodi
    Hod Hodi 17 days ago


  • Artistic
    Artistic 18 days ago +1

    I take 15 mins to sleep completely lol so my nap will be of 35 mins...
    Who else taking time to sleep?

  • Milo Overzicht
    Milo Overzicht 18 days ago

    Chemtrails dos that

  • Ethan Watson
    Ethan Watson 18 days ago

    How to not be tired: step 1 - vape methamphetamine. Step 2: Don’t run out of it

  • Srta. Woods
    Srta. Woods 18 days ago

    i'm tired because i'm depressed

  • Cosmic_Tears
    Cosmic_Tears 18 days ago

    I have severe anxiety and will probably start becoming anorexic. I eat almost nothing but like my body. So....
    Diabetes runs in my family. And all I eat is basically carbs.
    Cereal and English muffin are carbs
    PB & J, some fruit and milk for lunch has carbs.
    Pasta was for dinner last night which is carbs.
    It’s like seriously. Milk and fruit are he only good things in my diet. But the milk doesn’t come from cows and is fat free. And the fruit have this sticky stuff on it made of sugar.


  • Midhun Xavier
    Midhun Xavier 18 days ago

    Top question: Why am I single

  • Fronk Fronk
    Fronk Fronk 18 days ago

    How are you supposed to time how long you are napping for

  • FishyYT
    FishyYT 18 days ago


    LUKE VLOGS 19 days ago

    “It might be because of your poor diet and little exercise”
    Me: “Shit”

  • AwA -
    AwA - 19 days ago

    I’m always tired at school and people think I’m high because I look so tired I don’t want to look high😔

  • Böttan Bo
    Böttan Bo 19 days ago

    I go to a boarding school... therefore i wake up the same time everyday and go to bed the same time everyday. I run 10miles (+or-) every week and i go to the gym... i also take a 30-40min nap everyday yet im tired. Im also hydrated and i have a good diet... explain pls...

  • En K
    En K 19 days ago

    I need to go to the doctor lmao haha thanks asapsciencie :) 😊✨

  • Ian Fortuna
    Ian Fortuna 20 days ago

    I've woken up 20,000+ times I'm still not use to it

  • Dog Milo
    Dog Milo 20 days ago

    I fell asleep halfway through this

  • norah m.
    norah m. 20 days ago

    because i'm depressed okay moving on

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin Hernandez 20 days ago

    Depression is why for me.

  • im quaking
    im quaking 20 days ago +1

    I’m tired of my soup falling off my spoon when I blow to hard

  • Monty Burns
    Monty Burns 20 days ago

    Too much cocaine

  • Dimi Savage
    Dimi Savage 21 day ago

    Im full energy at night ,i rap at night , i cant talk very well at mornings ,i dont coffee or co2 drinks

  • Kaitlyn Y
    Kaitlyn Y 21 day ago

    I have depression and general anxiety disorder... so I guess I’m just screwed

  • Sabrina Lim
    Sabrina Lim 21 day ago

    but...i have good sleep. i make sure to have 8-9h of sleep sometimes 10h on weekends lol

  • iiMooseii
    iiMooseii 21 day ago

    Coffee helps me sleep lol

  • Ugge Ugge
    Ugge Ugge 21 day ago

    i cycle 40 minutes a day, sleep 9 to 10 hours, drink a lot of water and eat healthy. I’m still tired and I blame school

  • The Winspear
    The Winspear 21 day ago +1

    I know why I'm always TIRED... 😉

  • Elena Gibbons
    Elena Gibbons 22 days ago

    Look. They say to fall asleep and wake up at the same time everyday, even on the weekends. When you go to bed at 9:30 ish and wake up at 6 in the morning on the weekdays, you just ain’t doing that on the weekends

  • FPV Adventures
    FPV Adventures 22 days ago

    I'm always tired, but when I'm playing sports, I have the most energy of all players. It's a disorder called "LAZINESS".

  • Maddi M
    Maddi M 22 days ago

    I hate GAD and Depression. I NEVER get sleep.

  • mirza sadic
    mirza sadic 22 days ago +1

    Did you mean to say gamers and not night owls by any chance?

  • mirza sadic
    mirza sadic 22 days ago

    *CaN i HaVe A cUp Of JoE?*