Is Makeup Bad For You?

  • Published on May 19, 2016
  • Should you be using makeup?
    Science Makeup PARODY:
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Comments • 4 413

  • LoveQueenshy •
    LoveQueenshy • 3 days ago

    *looks at 2 year old perfectly working mascara*
    Meh, oh well.

  • Arian K
    Arian K 4 days ago

    Look I'm a girl and I hate makeup and I will never wear it it really isn't necessary to change the way you look

  • Winddragon777 Dog
    Winddragon777 Dog 10 days ago

    How about not wearing make up and try eating some healthy stuff or use healthy products to prevent stuff you want to cover up in make up

  • Transgirl Vs. The World

    Watching this after doing my nails and dolling my eyes up.

  • yahaira campos
    yahaira campos 17 days ago

    what happens when you stop wearing makeup?

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 19 days ago +1

    I don't really wear makeup but I found this rlly interesting

  • Jit Evergarden
    Jit Evergarden 21 day ago

    I just don't wear it at all. Girls at my age just over do during their time of youth. I'm 12 btw and I see girls a little older than me and the same age as me use it or they even say they have a desire for makeup. To me it makes your face look dried out and increases ance. I just want to make myself glow with makeup!

  • Miscia Aishi D. Tarlit

    Everybody doesn't need makeup. We are already beautiful in our own natural way.

  • FluF kins
    FluF kins Month ago

    Like idk if Im only one but I just HATE makeup with passion. It hides our real face and beauty, like see idc if someone wears makeup but you wont make me do so too.

  • Pro 1988
    Pro 1988 Month ago

    I don't wear makeup

  • Gum Drop
    Gum Drop Month ago

    Make-up is not good for your skin. People support putting make up on because it will "make your face more pretty" or "it can cover up your non good looking side". I don't really support putting make-up on everyday to make yourself pretty or hide your ugliness. Only because it's not good for you, it causes you to have really bad acne and ruin your skin. Putting on more makeup is not going to help it go away. I think , that people should stop using makeup as an excuse that your ugly when you truly aren't. There IS such a thing as skin care , I dont know why people can buy make up to cover up your true face and ignore the fact of buying products that can actually help your skin be cleaner and a healthy looking face. Who cares what other people say to you? your face will be healthy in a blink of an eye if you really and truly put effort into it in take care of your skin rather than use makeup.

  • Queen Cisneros
    Queen Cisneros Month ago

    what i want to know is what happens if you wear makeup everyday

  • Layla Al Omar
    Layla Al Omar Month ago

    Made of insects? Yuck

  • Littletwinkster AJ
    Littletwinkster AJ Month ago

    Thank God I don't wear makeup XD

  • Laci Forgues
    Laci Forgues 2 months ago

    So this means that most makeup has bad chemicals used in it but the bad part is so grinded or cleaned down it can't really harm you? I so was not ready for this

  • Gina Wisteria
    Gina Wisteria 2 months ago +2

    I’m a girl...and I don’t even wear make-up XD Idek why I’m watching lol

  • Maiya Coles
    Maiya Coles 2 months ago

    They only time I were makeup is halloween or a little at xmas

  • Jenna Avery
    Jenna Avery 2 months ago

    I'm glad I don't use makeup

  • Wildiful
    Wildiful 3 months ago

    Hah, no makeup for me!
    I'm a girl and I'm going makeup free forever

  • Anshuman Kumar
    Anshuman Kumar 3 months ago

    That's why I don't use make up products

  • Bluebunny and green frogey

    girls think there ugly when before there not but when they where makeup they look worse than if there where ugly before.

    • Kagome Higurashi
      Kagome Higurashi Month ago

      when girls where makeup it's because they want to (at least most of the times) and please read you comment it makes no sense

    • Bluebunny and green frogey
      Bluebunny and green frogey 3 months ago

      well 75 % of my school at lease the rest are jest in the trend

  • Lilia Tinio
    Lilia Tinio 3 months ago

    Parabens are capable of mimicking estrogens which are associated with headaches which is common for women with high estrogen levels. I experienced severe headache because of this ingredient in my makeup that's why I don't buy products with parabens often. (Just saying.) ☺

  • Personu 2004
    Personu 2004 3 months ago

    Once someone asked me what makeup i use...

    I never used makeup

  • timothy flores
    timothy flores 3 months ago

    Beauty gurus are mad😂

  • 안녕ejassi
    안녕ejassi 3 months ago +2

    Just trust ur own natural beauty💕

  • sundari
    sundari 3 months ago

    props to girls who put on a full face of makeup every day. i could never do that I don't have the patience, it also feels weird on my face and it takes too long to get it off. but you do you!


    i wear makeup for fun. it's nice to do colorful looks.

  • Bridget E.
    Bridget E. 3 months ago +2

    my mascara that I barely ever use is over a year old
    oh god..

  • KLJF
    KLJF 4 months ago

    I have started a company that makes very thin latex masks that can make you look like your favourite celebrity . if you want one then you are a moron .

  • milkii x
    milkii x 4 months ago

    I'm sure 99% of people who say "makeup is unhealthy for you! You shouldn't wear it!" Are hypocrites and are the ones that eat and drink nothing but fast food, candy and soda all day, which is way more unhealthy than makeup.
    Also, telling an insecure girl to not wear makeup because "love yourself, you're already beautiful the way you are!!" Is the same as telling a depressed person to just "get over it and smile!!" No. It doesn't help. It makes us feel worse about ourselves. If it was possible for us to love ourselves, we wouldn't be insecure in the first place.

    • milkii x
      milkii x 4 months ago

      Scarlette Quinn I don't know how to describe this but I don't feel comfortable with my body and face, it's not like being insecure about something a little, it affects my life, like I can't go to social events, I can't go to the beach, I spend like half an hour looking into a mirror and checking how I look like, I avoid taking pictures, get anxious and cry for hours about my looks and many other things. I want to accept myself the way I am, but I can't, it's simply impossible, I'll never love myself even every single person on earth will tell me I'm beautiful. I wish I didn't feel this way tho
      And no it's not about getting a boyfriend, I'm already dating an amazing person who thinks I'm great. I just want to be happy and confident about my appearance.

    • Scarlette Quinn
      Scarlette Quinn 4 months ago

      Of course, I am not your mother, so I cannot stop you from the choices you wish to take. Why are girls so obsessed with being pretty anyways. There is no point of having a pretty face if your heart is ugly. What will happen if you are pretty? You will get a nice guy. *That clearly only cares about looks* . You will be accepted by stupid people who care about beauty rather than what is inside.

    • Scarlette Quinn
      Scarlette Quinn 4 months ago

      I'm saying that washing and moisturising will *prevent* any acne or pimples. If you treat your skin well, without wearing too many chemicals, then nothing can go wrong. Of course, if you naturally have unattractive features, then that's a whole different story. I don't think you're old enough to go into that.

  • CutieSenpai
    CutieSenpai 4 months ago

    I just wanted a simple yes or no answer

    • Scarlette Quinn
      Scarlette Quinn 4 months ago

      Here is the simply answer:
      Scientifically (if you care about the health of your skin): No
      If you care more about how other people perceive you: Yes

  • Alexis Walamalag
    Alexis Walamalag 4 months ago

    my mom said that i could only wear lipstick blush and mascara and the color of the lip stick was onl allowed to be a light pink or light brown like nude colors that enhanced my little fish lips haha

  • Mr. Donald Duck Blows trumpet

    I just use eyeliner, neem face scrub, aloe vera face wash, moisturizing cream and (sometimes) compact powder and foundation.

  • DragonCake
    DragonCake 4 months ago

    I don't even wear makeup. I find it useless and i just don't like makeup. It takes me 10 mins to get ready in the morning.

  • Corgi Cream
    Corgi Cream 4 months ago +1

    i don't wear makeup

  • Helen Dominguez
    Helen Dominguez 4 months ago

    I don't want to wear makeup, people already think I'm wearing makeup and don't believe me when I say I'm not wearing any. If I ever wear makeup, I'm gonna look even scarier than pennywise.

  • Helpless Doggo
    Helpless Doggo 4 months ago

    Just think of them as ugly as you can then you'll know what they look like without makeup

  • Sarah Menkes
    Sarah Menkes 4 months ago

    What are these things

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E 4 months ago

    It doesn't matter if It's bad for you or not; It looks so freaking stupid! Theres nothing wrong with your looks!!!! Save your time, money and health and do without it!

  • jalomunguia
    jalomunguia 4 months ago

    MAKEUP IS BAD FOR YOU? what if.....

    *you never wore makeup ever in your life?* what would happen? nothing?

  • Baby Bear
    Baby Bear 4 months ago +3

    We don’t need makeup. We are already beautiful.

  • Reem esam
    Reem esam 4 months ago


  • iam shooketh
    iam shooketh 4 months ago +1

    Lipstick can may be made out of shark fat, it comes from the liver called squalene, its like this sort of oil.

  • Shade Playz
    Shade Playz 4 months ago

    Yay!!!! I have reasons why I hate makeup now woop woop!

  • Reagan Butrum
    Reagan Butrum 4 months ago

    My 12 year old friends wear makeup and I tell them they shouldn't because they're kids but they just tell me that I'm being judgemental

    • Scarlette Quinn
      Scarlette Quinn 4 months ago

      I think that it's fine to give some advice to your friends. But in the end, it is their choice.

    • Brooke Olsen
      Brooke Olsen 4 months ago

      Reagan Butrum I think it depends on what type of makeup.

    • Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica
      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica 4 months ago

      Reagan Butrum It's still none of your business.

    • Reagan Butrum
      Reagan Butrum 4 months ago

      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica Yes I understand but they've been wearing makeup since they were 10 and some even younger

    • Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica
      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica 4 months ago

      Reagan Butrum Yes, because they can wear make up if they want to. It's a personal choice

  • Arubah Saleem
    Arubah Saleem 5 months ago

    At 2:33 that's a rimmel moisture renew lipstick 💋💋

  • Jean Tomlinson
    Jean Tomlinson 5 months ago

    I'm here for a good time not a long time

  • Lil Yoda
    Lil Yoda 5 months ago

    I’ve had my mascara for a year🤮😭

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf 5 months ago

    wow i know companies had been going paraben free but didnt know it is so harmful

  • Ari- Chan
    Ari- Chan 5 months ago

    I don’t like makeup because I don’t like the smell and the fact that you have to remove it regularly whenever you wear it and I find that troublesome

  • Stardust
    Stardust 5 months ago

    Tbh I don't use make up, I'm a-okay with how I look :) Even tho I have acne I just think of it as a normal thing and just hope for the best ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • S. Sophie
    S. Sophie 5 months ago


  • ǝƃuıɹɔ ɯɐ ı llǝʍ 3

    Omg the ad for this video was a MAC ad lol

  • hy oh
    hy oh 5 months ago

    If Wearing makeup make you feel great wear it
    But learn to love your natural face too
    And use makeup that isn't toxic

  • Saron Andat
    Saron Andat 5 months ago

    So True

  • yohana zane
    yohana zane 5 months ago

    Now.I'm scared

  • Jenny J
    Jenny J 5 months ago +1

    i thought this would be mostly about not science

  • Aryana PÖTÅTÖ
    Aryana PÖTÅTÖ 5 months ago

    *mom watches video* SEE THIS IS WHAT I TELL U MAKEUP BAD FOR U its not just me who says that HA moms are always right..

  • Aryana PÖTÅTÖ
    Aryana PÖTÅTÖ 5 months ago

    *mom walks by* *sees* YES, yES it ISSS

  • Teona Stankovska
    Teona Stankovska 5 months ago

    I'm 14 and i hate makeup ....

  • Sakura Arts
    Sakura Arts 5 months ago

    When i was in kindergarden our teacher put makeup on us for a performance
    When i was Primary 1 and 2(Or Grade 1 and 2) Our teacher put makeup on us for a play
    Last year our teacher put makeup on us for a singing performance
    This year our teacher put makeup on us for a singing competition
    Our teachers are killing us

  • Kaykay2 Kayra
    Kaykay2 Kayra 5 months ago

    Meh I don’t really car as long as I’m not involved

  • Queen S
    Queen S 5 months ago

    Doesn't matter I don't wear the stuff anyway

  • Real Gemmerline
    Real Gemmerline 5 months ago

    Hands up for those girls who see this video but still loving makeup ! 😘🙌🙋

  • fiddlesticks
    fiddlesticks 5 months ago +1

    Paraben makeup is outlawed in the European Union because of the cancer link, but not in the United States

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith 5 months ago

    I don't wear makeup. (Except for lip gloss, I sometimes wear lip gloss for special events)

  • William Coleman
    William Coleman 5 months ago +1

    What about foundation and concealer?

  • Positive Fool
    Positive Fool 5 months ago

    I wear lip gloss, that's it.... Makeup feels weird and I have long eyelashes so when I wear mascara I cant see, or I'm putting it on wrong....

  • ice cream
    ice cream 5 months ago +1

    I'd like to share something that happened to me about a week ago. I had been into k-pop for a while and they all always had such pretty pink lips. I searched the net for a while on ways to get lips like them. I found a few methods that were 'fool proof'..And I tried them for a about 2 days😂😂 it's too much work. They included drinking lots of water (but that meant a LOT of trips to the washroom!!) and scrubbing lips with a mixture of honey and sugar. I didn't expect much difference suddenly.
    But at school when me and two other girls (just classmates, not 'good' friends) were talking, one of them said my lips looked so 'good'. I was a little weirded out tbh😂 but I thanked her anyways. I hadn't even put anything on my lips that day. So what I wanna say is: do what I did! It works!

  • ice cream
    ice cream 5 months ago +1

    Many people have told me I have clear skin...I don't use makeup at all. Just Vaseline if my lips are dry. I drink lots of water, wash my face everyday, apply a herbal cream if by chance I have a little pimple or something and put cucumber slices on my eyes at night.
    I know it might sound like I'm just saying this stuff (which we hear everywhere to be good for us!)..But I actually started doing all this a few months back. It works. I encourage you to try these simple steps too! 💜

    • ice cream
      ice cream 4 months ago

      Scarlette Quinn haha thank you ♥️

    • Scarlette Quinn
      Scarlette Quinn 4 months ago +1

      Good for you! You're really sweet. It's very rare to find girls like you who encourage others!

  • Charlie Xoxo
    Charlie Xoxo 5 months ago

    This is why I don't wear makeup

  • Julia Brooks
    Julia Brooks 5 months ago +1

    OUR?! You mean girls right? A girl should be talking about this

  • Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown 5 months ago +3

    Maybe it isn’t bad for us, or maybe it is, but what’s important is to realise how much animals actually have to suffer for us to have these unnecessary products. People should be aware and research why animal testing should be banned. Nowadays there are many alternative methods, which are cheaper, etc. These poor animals have their skin burnt with no anaesthetic, they get toxic and corrosive substances put in their eyes, they are kept in tiny cages where they can’t even move to scratch themselves, and so many other tortures, and at the end of it all, they are all just killed off, and if they aren’t they mutilate themselves or die of depression or shock. Over 115 MILLION animals are used every year for animal testing. Why anyone would think this is okay is beyond me. I bet you wouldn’t let your dog or rabbit be used for this, so why is it okay to let other animals be used. Any animal with a nervous system peels pain and suffering, please for once stop thinking humans are better than every other living thing, we are all animals at the end of the day, and us being the more “intelligent” species should know better and try to protect other species. Stop supporting this terrible industry. If you have anything to say please do your research beforehand.

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star 5 months ago +1

    OMG ❣️he looks gorgeous with makeup on 😘😄

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara 5 months ago +1

    Lol the other day I went downstairs after waking up without wearing makeup and my mom asked me if I was sick😂😂

  • Dear 772
    Dear 772 5 months ago

    In my opinion, MAKEUP IS STUPID! You don't need makeup!!! No matter what,I will never wear makeup!!! You are pretty without makeup! Idk how I AM THE ONLY 9 YR OLD WHO HATES MAKEUP!

    • Dear 772
      Dear 772 4 months ago

      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica well i mean all the girly 9 year olds in my year group are obsessed xd

    • Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica
      Damon Albarn Angrily Playing His Melodica 4 months ago

      Dear 772 9 year olds shouldn't be wearing or thinking about makeup anyway, let alone have a youtube account??

  • Anisa Caines
    Anisa Caines 5 months ago

    Natural looks better, make up can make craters in your skin and make it dry.

  • SugaTheBts Martin
    SugaTheBts Martin 5 months ago

    I thouth makeup was a good thing 😅

  • Madison Koskiven
    Madison Koskiven 5 months ago +1

    I can't stop wearing foundation; I think I look hideous without it. My face gets so red without it

  • demory Playz_PH
    demory Playz_PH 5 months ago

    I don't put make up on, I'm perfect with my natural look. All you need is to take care of your skin , face and other stuff. Be happy

  • Gamer Nat
    Gamer Nat 6 months ago

    Am never wearing make up!

  • Marelize Basson
    Marelize Basson 6 months ago

    And yet some people make billions of it..I'll let people use there imagination for this one..

  • MrRobot 6196
    MrRobot 6196 6 months ago


  • Jassy Productions!
    Jassy Productions! 6 months ago

    I'm the only one here who doesn't wear make-up, apparently.

  • J Mar
    J Mar 6 months ago

    In Portuguese, Parabens means congratulations. so if make-up becomes paraben-free, then theyll become congratulation-free. Get it?

  • kinzeesh
    kinzeesh 6 months ago

    Thank you guys, I now feel even BETTER about not wearing make up much anymore!! Awesome!! 😁🤝🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💝🌈😇💖

  • Mira bashir
    Mira bashir 6 months ago +1

    damn all the hot girls in the comment section

  • Gacha Cutie
    Gacha Cutie 6 months ago

    If you are young and wear make up its 100% when you are older you will look like an old grandma almost you will have a lot of pimpels and there is a chance you will get acne so if you are still young dont wear make.up uless you want to look like an old hag when you are 18 or 20

  • Ella Chamberlain
    Ella Chamberlain 6 months ago

    1:20 that adds up to 105% lol someone tell me am I insane. can I not count or is that 105%?

  • Asuka Chan
    Asuka Chan 6 months ago

    This is why I don’t wear makeup and I’m happy with what my face looks like :D

  • Yuleidy CE
    Yuleidy CE 6 months ago

    Makeup makes you uglier (jk)

  • Ksenia gaming
    Ksenia gaming 6 months ago

    well im allergic so my life is sad ;(

  • Shantelle Silburn
    Shantelle Silburn 6 months ago

    But, but I use castor oil in my hair!

  • Jaden Of Awesome
    Jaden Of Awesome 6 months ago

    I just did my makeup for a night out when I first watched this video.... thanks.

  • Whatever Art
    Whatever Art 6 months ago

    Me: wait I’m 11 why am I watching?
    Also I don’t care enough

  • Aran Kaur
    Aran Kaur 6 months ago +1

    Can you do a video about the digestive and respiratory system please. I watch your videos EVERYDAY ✌️🌟🔥😁

  • Jenith Suarez
    Jenith Suarez 6 months ago

    Is makeup bad for you?
    Me:yes it is

  • Kia White
    Kia White 7 months ago +1

    2018 ?

  • Artsy-Corne
    Artsy-Corne 7 months ago

    So, it's not. Besides giving you acne.

  • Naomi Awoyera
    Naomi Awoyera 7 months ago

    Who else was worried about throwing out their expensive mascara 😂😂