Everything We Know About Baby Yoda's Species

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Now that Disney+'s Mandalorian has introduced a mysterious new character that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Jedi master Yoda, it got us thinking: What's up with this species of pint-sized, pointy-eared aliens? What makes them so special, and what have we learned about them over the years?
    In a Moviefone interview between George Lucas and Hayden Christensen where they answered fan questions, Lucas was asked about Yoda's species and his off-screen history.
    As the years went on and the Expanded Universe was created, Lucas still didn't want anyone to give Yoda any kind of backstory. He eventually added another character of Yoda's species to The Phantom Menace more on her in a bit and let creators in the Expanded Universe invent a couple more of the same species. But when Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, everything in the Expanded Universe was considered non-canon, leaving only three Yoda-like characters in the Star Wars universe.
    While there have been several of Yoda's species, including those from the Extended Universe and the Knights of the Old Republic video game, at this point in time, there are only three in the official Star Wars canon: Yoda, Yaddle, and this new "Child" character colloquially known to fans as "Baby Yoda." Yoda, of course, is the most visible of his species, appearing in six films, as well as in the animated shows Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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    Yoda, we hardly know ya | 0:18
    And then there were three | 1:07
    Strong with the Force | 2:23
    Long live the green! | 3:27
    Served, dinner is | 4:29
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  • Looper
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    Will Baby Yoda appear in Rise of Skywalker?

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    Don't forget to go outside sometimes.

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    True story:

    Baby Yoda is cute

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    baby yoda = yodas son

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    Yoda reminds me of Kermit the frog.

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    1 that yoda has probably existed for a few million years.. .watching a video about baby yoda actually made me feel sad because the bounty hunter will probably never see him get out of body form.....

  • shylock6882
    shylock6882 9 hours ago

    Baby Yoda? Why couldn't they give it a different name? I'm thinking that's actually yoda as a baby.

  • I'm thinking about a good username . . .

    Right in time for Christmas toys....

    That's all it is.

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 16 hours ago

    Here am I

  • John Coffey
    John Coffey 16 hours ago

    I have some theories here: Yoda and Yaddle are the only names we know for that species. Maybe this one will be a hybrid name, like Yuddle or Yodle, possibly the offspring of the two.

    The logical conclusion is that Yodle will become a Mandalorian.

  • High Elven Wisdom And Love

    He seems like a little elf to me.🌿

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    Ok am I the only whole wants baby Yoda merch?

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    Baby Yoda 50 yrs old making him the first baby boomer

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    Star Wars is fucking infantile!

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    Baby Yaddle

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    If i have all those Baby Yodas *Not Clones* than i wanna hug them all 😀😀😀💚

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    Baby Yoda 🙄😂 good grief! Another doll to make a buck 😂🙄

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    Everything we know=Cute

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    I see "baby Yoda" in the title,I click..man,how many of these videos have I watched?I don't care,baby Yoda is CUTE 😍❤❤😍

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    Save yourself 5:48, the answer is nothing

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    Yaaaaas bea bea yoadah

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    4:52 you really gonna take food away from an elder?

  • Galliano Marr
    Galliano Marr Day ago

    What does "canon" and "non canon" mean please? Is everything that disney ads to the star wars world now called "non canon" because they add new things to it?

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    baby yoda raps in the candy shop

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    He looks like a green hairless Mogwai! Can he eat after midnight?

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    ~THE PROTAGONIST. George initially said that Yoda was the product of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Honest.

  • timespaice
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    Baby Yoda will become a lord sith.

  • Adrian Jacobsen
    Adrian Jacobsen 2 days ago

    It's not the teeth that gives away what diet a species eat, it's the eyes. Yoda is definitely a predator species, like humans

  • Pedro Gordinho
    Pedro Gordinho 2 days ago

    Doesn't the Yoda in SpaceBalls count?.

  • casanova419
    casanova419 2 days ago

    Right now baby groot is saying Mother Fu--ker I just lost my reign.

  • Disappointed In all of you

    No, looper... you don't get to act like this is even remotely new info just because it's relevant to a show and you think you can capitalize on the popularity of it. I only watched long enough to type this, you're garbage.

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    i want a baby yoda 😭 on jesus christ i do.

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    No one:

    Baby Yoda:

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    3:57 made me well up a bit.

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    i wish people would call baby yoda by his name yody

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    baby yoda reminds me of baby groot

  • slade tuner
    slade tuner 2 days ago

    in star wars legends besides yoda and yaddle there where only 5 members of yoda's species who's names are minch, oteg, vander tokare and an Unidentified Jedi in the jedi knight video game

  • slade tuner
    slade tuner 2 days ago

    Or Yoda Jr

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    Baby Yoda I am, watching Disney+ you are.

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    Disney's gonna sell some toy Yodas.

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    They are just asura

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    Nothing about me you know

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    I worked at a park in Florida and there was a giant tortoise there that started puberty at 70 years old and these guys live to be over three hundred years old, my grand kid will be long gone before he's gone.

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    Grand Master Yoda

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    both CGI lol 😂 why care if cute or not

  • shylock6882
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    Hold up! If baby Yoda was 50 around the time of little anakin skywalker and 900 when he died after training luke. Doesn't quite add up. That ain't no 800 years passed.

    • shylock6882
      shylock6882 10 hours ago

      @gmail account Ok maybe I misunderstood what they said in the video.

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      That baby isnt Yoda,'baby yoda was 45 when master yoda died

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    This channel is garbage

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    this must be the baby born after Hulk and Yoda had sex!

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    FFS! It's not "Baby Yoda" it's Yoda's species.

  • optimalwolf 569
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    Would the Yoda species have reincarnated because video shows that baby Yoda appeared 5 years after Yoda died. And could they be the first jedi nights I know this has a lot of holes but maybe just maybe it's true

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    I dont care what scientists have to do I just want them to make this species happen I want a baby yoda so bad 😭😭😭

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    I thought it was yoda but in his early age? is it just another creature of the same species?

  • Daniel Phillip
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    Fun fact everything up to the star wars the old republic and star wars the old republic itself is considered cannon according to Disney also yadel's death is cannon and she died protecting anikan when he was young

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    I don't care what the details of his species is, all I needed to know was how fucking adorable they are when they are young.

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    We all know you know nothing, like everyone else, and that this video is a waste of time

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    what we know about yoda is that he cant work at Taco Bell because he is a registered sex offender.

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    Don't get it wet!!!