Best of the Worst: Petey Wheatstraw

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • In preparation for the new biopic starring Eddie Murphy, the gang highlights Rudy Ray Moore's weirdest movie!
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  • Alex C
    Alex C Day ago

    This is my favorite BOW episode.

  • Travis G.
    Travis G. 3 days ago

    More RLM sneezes please.

  • Byron Reid
    Byron Reid 6 days ago

    I forgot about Rich Evans.

  • brian sanders
    brian sanders 6 days ago

    One of the best to do it.
    Slept on by so many.
    Top 5 in my opinon

  • breatheinthepinkair
    breatheinthepinkair 8 days ago

    "Turn Down for What" is Lil Jon, Mike.

  • tycho
    tycho 8 days ago

    wait what... The director is named Cliff Roquemore? What a name!

  • NC A
    NC A 10 days ago

    you should review more of his movies :)

  • Geoffrey Fermin
    Geoffrey Fermin 10 days ago +1

    Damn, who in the hell is that bitch.

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B 12 days ago +2

    I just re-watched Dolemite. Remember Hy Pyke from Hack-O-Lantern?
    He's the mayor!?! I never connected that before.

  • the503CreepOut
    the503CreepOut 12 days ago

    24:04 "It says 'Lil' Wayne'(Turn Down for What?)." - Turn Down for What is Lil John, right?

  • Treyworld
    Treyworld 12 days ago +4

    PC Pals: "Wow, this movie really offends me!"
    Me: "SHUT UP!"

  • nasha crablegs
    nasha crablegs 15 days ago


  • Reuben PC
    Reuben PC 16 days ago +2

    I love how mike thinks lil Wayne is lil Jon

  • Adriano Andrade
    Adriano Andrade 17 days ago +1

    A Re:View of Pluto Nash with Mike on both chairs would be cool...

  • Oberst Köstlich
    Oberst Köstlich 20 days ago

    You might consider doing a Plinkett-Review on 'Pluto Nash' in the time everyone is expecting a Review on StarWars.
    So you could take your time and disect the trilogy in peace or maybe overthrow that idea completly.
    I would actually prefer an in depth Review of Pluto Nash as I have a weird relationship to this movie.

  • Rick Lucey
    Rick Lucey 21 day ago

    Dolemite just rocks it and no one can tops it!

  • Mark Siefert
    Mark Siefert 22 days ago

    Did Johnny Depp look anything like Ed Wood?

  • Leroy Stone
    Leroy Stone 23 days ago

    I loved Pluto Nash too. So odd and fun.

  • Phillip Marlowe
    Phillip Marlowe 23 days ago

    15:28, actual nipple shit along with the nipple horns.

  • Vurt72
    Vurt72 23 days ago

    I watched this the second time and i wasn't really paying full attention (i have a kitten who demands attention). I sneeze and hear "there it is!", i had to go back and watch what he meant (i was suspecting someone sneezed!) and sure enough, i sneezed at the same time as Mike did haha!

  • Dommy Dench
    Dommy Dench 24 days ago

    "No Petey!"

  • Keegan Ganes
    Keegan Ganes 24 days ago +1

    Damn I missed jack!

  • smokyprogg
    smokyprogg 25 days ago

    Dave Chappelle's costume from the "Time Haters" sketch was totally Petey's disguise at 16:24
    EDIT: He even repurposed the joke from 3:45 in the same sketch. Come on.

  • Cloudy Mao
    Cloudy Mao 25 days ago

    so ncie of rudy to give lil' wayne a shoutout in his film.

  • Misha Gurevich
    Misha Gurevich 29 days ago

    FYI one of the lights in the big W is out

  • SuperChatoG
    SuperChatoG Month ago +2

    Good Morning
    A big hug from Portugal
    One more like

  • cristy
    cristy Month ago +2

    damnn who in the hell is that bitch

  • BlurBerry Creative
    BlurBerry Creative Month ago

    I liked Pluto Nash too lol

  • behinderteleberwurst

    >Lil Wayne
    >Turn Down for What
    No, man, that's the wrong Lil.

  • eric planting
    eric planting Month ago

    man, say what you will, the shots and framing on petey wheatstraw are great

  • A.M. Wolf
    A.M. Wolf Month ago +2

    Let us hold a Tums Festival in remembrance of the dearly departed Rich Evans.

  • MiqelDotCom
    MiqelDotCom Month ago +7

    A cool Dolemite story from Mike Flores (posted on the SubGenius Film Society page)
    "It was 1975 and I went to a grindhouse in Chicago to see Dolemite. Rudy was going to be there and he was. In those days you couldn't get tickets in advance, you waited in line in groups for each upcoming show. I got into line and a Chicago cop walked over to me and motioned for me to walk over to him.
    I did and he told me not to go into the theaters with all those "n's" and in those days nobody said "n word", they spelled it out. I said I was fine and went back into line.
    Rudy was walking up and down the line making jokes at the people in line (" your so fat..., etc) like Don Rickles on steroids. He walked over to me and asked what the cop said. He asked me my name. After I told him he said very loudly, "This is my friend Mike. Ya'll show him a good time". He then told me to meet him in the lobby after the show.
    We became friends and I would interview him for the zine of The Chicago Psychotronic Film Society IT'S ONLY A MOVIE years later. In the interview he praised Eddie Murphy, who is now playing him in DOLEMITE IS MY NAME.
    He was the comedian at my wedding party in Las Vegas, the marriage didn't last but my friendship with him did.
    He lived to see young white people fall in love with his work. He did a concert in Chicago and people were saying his routines back to him. It was a market he never thought he would reach."

  • Martha Pozo
    Martha Pozo Month ago

    That part where Petey Wheatstraw throws the Devil over the edge looks familiar...

  • RoyalFlush270
    RoyalFlush270 Month ago +1

    Rudy Ray Moore should've played Sephiroth

  • FujiFilm
    FujiFilm Month ago

    Holy fuck. The Devil fucking Gold Experience Requiem'd that funeral

  • Mark Siefert
    Mark Siefert Month ago

    Fred Williams produced this? Fred ”Blacula” Willams?

  • Mark Siefert
    Mark Siefert Month ago +1

    Rich Evens will never die. His geekiness will live forever!

  • nyaife
    nyaife Month ago

    25:27 WTF

  • Akinokaze Haruichiban

    At risk of "That was the joke", when you were saying you didn't know what the staff was meant to be and said it had like a discoball on the end, all I can think is..."It's meant to be a microphone" he even looked like he was using it as such in the battle with the devil you showed earlier in the review.

  • Teddy Rubskin
    Teddy Rubskin Month ago

    I am genuinely offended by the term "Dark Man Logic"

  • bsc24
    bsc24 Month ago +2

    wait did mike say lil wayne sang turn down for what

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher
    Hash-Slinging Slasher Month ago +6

    do any black folks watch red letter media?

  • Horrorfanatic78
    Horrorfanatic78 Month ago +5

    RIP Rich Evans. I will always remember him wearing that stupid "Dick the birthday boy" shirt just before being mauled be a nightmare creature from hell. This world wasn't good enough for him.

  • nexxusx
    nexxusx Month ago +3

    I wasn't sure how I felt upon hearing about Rich's death. But now I am sure about how I felt.

  • Benoit Lelièvre
    Benoit Lelièvre Month ago +3

    Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Carter, like his father. He dropped the D because his dad is a deadbeat. So, no relations to Petey

    • Zabe
      Zabe 22 days ago

      Turn down for what?

  • Scott Morel
    Scott Morel Month ago +1

    The editing from 25:00 to 20:15 gave me a seizure.

  • Chaaaos I
    Chaaaos I Month ago

    How old was lil wayne when this movie came out?

  • Conway Twitty
    Conway Twitty Month ago +1

    Lil Wayne, the famous rapper ‘Turn Down for What’...

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams Month ago

    Crazy to think, Lil Wayne, the rapper famous for being confused for Lil John got his name from Petey Wheatstraw! I always knew there was a deeper reason than him just dropping the D out his name

  • V. M.
    V. M. Month ago

    For some reason im always confusing meteor man and pluto nash...

  • Yul Brynner
    Yul Brynner Month ago +1

    They're very sweaty.

    There's some balls. - Jay

  • Grant Green
    Grant Green Month ago

    I think I am gona watch this one.

  • Nab00theEnigma
    Nab00theEnigma Month ago

    No Rich, literally unwatchable

  • Ptaku93
    Ptaku93 Month ago +1

    9:18 just look at how the crew has grown over the years! In some cases they doubled in size!

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Month ago

    26:00 y'all better watch out, the RLM curse is gonna get Rich Evans. Well, either that or the rat costume guy.

  • Derek Baldwin
    Derek Baldwin Month ago

    RIP Rich Evans, the service was modest, so modest that Ellen didn’t even show up

  • Viceroy Sundercles III Conqueror of Mars

    Is The Wizard replacing Dick the Birthday Boy?

  • Leland Hutchinson
    Leland Hutchinson Month ago

    RIP Rich Evens

  • Rico The Protagonist

    Did these fools say lil wayne did turn down for what? Thats lil Jon. Get it together black sum bitch.

  • Grover Golen
    Grover Golen Month ago

    Jesus Christ that ded rich scared me by how hard I laughed RIP