Will Smith calls THE SPACE STATION!!


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  • Aku
    Aku 5 hours ago

    "Yeahh, that's hot, that's hot

  • nevan
    nevan 9 hours ago

    8:57 transparent? is that some space effect?

  • Rainy Daiz
    Rainy Daiz Day ago

    Tyler Henry

  • G Blue
    G Blue Day ago

    The exercise area is huge

  • Elements
    Elements 2 days ago


  • charaf fehd
    charaf fehd 2 days ago

    that is crazy .....we love you bro (morocco)

  • DJDanny
    DJDanny 3 days ago

    How come everyone i talk to says that space is fake?? And people who promote space are lying pieces pf sh*t? I just dont get it

  • Jake B
    Jake B 5 days ago

    Guess what guys I made another shitty movie.

    Yaşar KARAKOYUN 6 days ago

    rvry baody

  • Maredchell Tito
    Maredchell Tito 7 days ago

    You're really the man.

  • Maredchell Tito
    Maredchell Tito 7 days ago

    You're really the man.

  • Clifford Sarausos
    Clifford Sarausos 7 days ago

    Will will smith's smith's will smith's

  • Youtube Watcherwhenimchillin

    How about asking what specific flippin science they r doing up there! And what all that junk in the room is for and to take the camera and just show us some live footage theu the window and just stop being a lame microphone tossing fake acting nasa bs

  • Cocoa Candy
    Cocoa Candy 14 days ago +1

    Omg I’m so addicted to this channel! Please keep the videos coming!!! 🤴🏽

  • Michael-Dwyer Dorrington

    The whole family are T*TS!!!

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay 25 days ago

    Why the hell did nobody tell me theres a Will Smith USclip channel??????

  • Vernon MacDonald
    Vernon MacDonald Month ago

    awesome video thanks Will .

  • chilly22
    chilly22 Month ago

    if Yusaku Maezawa is going to take an actor to the moon i hope it's Will. would you go Will?

  • Dhruv Dashora
    Dhruv Dashora Month ago

    Please upload genius Einstein hindi series

  • Dhruv Dashora
    Dhruv Dashora Month ago +1

    Please upload genius Einstein hindi series

  • Dhruv Dashora
    Dhruv Dashora Month ago

    Please upload genius Einstein hindi series

  • Dhruv Dashora
    Dhruv Dashora Month ago +1

    Please upload genius Einstein hindi series

  • Dhruv Dashora
    Dhruv Dashora Month ago +1

    Please upload genius Einstein hindi series

  • Dhruv Dashora
    Dhruv Dashora Month ago +1

    Please upload genius Einstein hindi series

  • Sangit Assam
    Sangit Assam Month ago +1

    How the hell they get internet connection in the universe

  • ÂL·Ø ИЄ
    ÂL·Ø ИЄ Month ago

    When will you become like Neil Armstrong, and see you in space? will Smith

  • Vlad Caluș
    Vlad Caluș Month ago

    Hey, Will!
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  • Jose Lugo
    Jose Lugo 2 months ago

    he was so nervous 😭

  • van de hean
    van de hean 2 months ago

    Flat earth

  • Bouwien Bovenberg
    Bouwien Bovenberg 2 months ago

    Its rewind time

  • PaulaRekiyah
    PaulaRekiyah 2 months ago

    Will Smith is dope for this 👏🏾

  • zack k
    zack k 2 months ago

    Alright will spit it out, is the earth round?

    JEM GLEZ 2 months ago

    You are the best actor will

  • 21stcenturymermaid
    21stcenturymermaid 2 months ago

    yo thats a fact lmfaooo will asking questions us the people would want to know😂

  • Summer Grace
    Summer Grace 2 months ago +2

    NASA This is Wonderful It been my dream to speak with my Superheroes of the UNIVERSE. Will Smith Thanks ;The Planet is Spectacular .⭐🌎❤

  • krysdekel
    krysdekel 2 months ago

    Will Smith is the GOAT.

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall 2 months ago

    We living on a space ship

  • vikrant kulkarni
    vikrant kulkarni 2 months ago

    5.38.. hell yes.. m with d same Q. with will smith.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin Dixon
    Justin Dixon 2 months ago

    Amazing just Amazing!

  • David Vonch
    David Vonch 2 months ago

    Omg first thing he asks... haha

  • zoe fofo
    zoe fofo 2 months ago

    Will smith is a bad interviewer. Garbage

  • Bartholomew
    Bartholomew 2 months ago

    Will Smith's full of schmidt. He's a clown and a lying fool.

  • jawad ali shah
    jawad ali shah 2 months ago

    Why are the flags there ? Why some selected ones ?

  • kartik harish
    kartik harish 2 months ago

    just loved it....

  • James Spingola
    James Spingola 3 months ago

    Still love ya Will!

  • Happy_Hannah 77
    Happy_Hannah 77 3 months ago

    Will will smith smith will smith
    Yes will smith will smith will smith

  • Irfan Mahmud
    Irfan Mahmud 3 months ago

    O my goodness

  • zdrumdude
    zdrumdude 3 months ago

    A legend.....LOL...he’s the fresh prince. Can’t stand him or his wife. Giving parenting advice.....REALLY! Go away.

  • Malverde Malverde
    Malverde Malverde 3 months ago

    Flat earth

  • Malverde Malverde
    Malverde Malverde 3 months ago +1

    Nasa = national association of space actors

  • Tangie Bass
    Tangie Bass 3 months ago

    awesone this is reason i worship lord my god space.....gravity...chocolate spinning lol😎😋🤗

  • Imaginews Report
    Imaginews Report 3 months ago

    As a Ham Radio Operator, I can speak directly with the ISS anytime the ISS is in range! Almost every astronaut on the ISS is a licensed ham radio operator!

  • Davin Arries
    Davin Arries 3 months ago +1

    Will be honest. What was the REAL purpose of this video....Spoiler to what Wills thinking. Mass Indoctrination. Have a lovely time guys ;)

  • Make It A Place Of Peace

    Will, How could you not ask him if he has seen The Mothership or any of The Baby Planes (Ezekiel's Wheeels)?

  • Ira Vasylenko
    Ira Vasylenko 3 months ago


  • Beats By Neech
    Beats By Neech 3 months ago +1

    Wait dint u already go to space before? I seen it on independence day homes wtf u trippin will smith😂

  • potato 4eva
    potato 4eva 3 months ago

    Aww who else was hoping the astronauts just pooped upside down? bars on the ground hole in the roof style .. the magic is gone and the veil of acrobatic space defication has now been lifted :(

  • Hussein Hamdy
    Hussein Hamdy 3 months ago


  • Jarynia
    Jarynia 3 months ago

    Man thank you will your channel is not only motivational and educational but also very fun to watch.

  • Sana Dil
    Sana Dil 3 months ago

    why were the windows covered?

  • Mauricio Ojeda.
    Mauricio Ojeda. 4 months ago

    Vean mis videos, salvar al planeta tierra del calentamiento global.
    Watch my videos, save the planet earth from global warming.

  • Precious Alifa
    Precious Alifa 4 months ago

    Just OWO !!!

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 4 months ago



    Hola will

  • Deema Zoloto
    Deema Zoloto 4 months ago

    go to mars, and take trumpy

  • Cassie Vee
    Cassie Vee 4 months ago

    These are questions i would want to know the answers to. What's the poop situation 😆😆

  • Raghav Jain
    Raghav Jain 4 months ago

    This is will Smith From Independence day asking the astronaut How does it feel ?(Burning inside) 😂😂😂

  • Jordy Rakena
    Jordy Rakena 4 months ago

    all the money, but still using a bad laptop. RIP

  • Spitball47
    Spitball47 4 months ago

    0:50 Does anyone know the song name??

  • Trey Cormier
    Trey Cormier 4 months ago

    Legendary goat and all the above lol thanks for ur work man !!

  • MsCece Miller
    MsCece Miller 4 months ago

    Thank you Will for sharing your adventures! I've seen places through you that I will never see in person. btw I would never bungie jump or go on top of the building where you kept scaring Scott but I would watch from the ground! Lol

  • Daniel Petricevic
    Daniel Petricevic 4 months ago

    why are the windows covered?

  • Nina B Sewing
    Nina B Sewing 4 months ago

    Will, have you seen , sewing inspace? usclip.net/video/n0c1cijmh7o/video.html ; I want to attend. I started my piece last month. My #instagram I'm calling it #americanapplepie #ninasnostalgictable . Can you sew will?

  • Badboy23
    Badboy23 5 months ago

    Why dont you go in space ?

    CHANNEL S.R 5 months ago


    PAPA CHEN 5 months ago +1

    Will: ask about poop
    Astronauts: i study about the space my whole life and you askn about poop 😂😂😂😂😂

    NEXUS 5 months ago

    Hello! We are the Scicommunity, and we are a global network of scientists, doctors, and science communicators with the common goal of making science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics accessible to everyone. You can check out some of our current series on our USclip platform, Nexus!

  • Aaliyah time
    Aaliyah time 5 months ago

    my uncle name is will to

  • Shay Brown
    Shay Brown 5 months ago

    This guy will push any agenda they tell him to pathetic

  • multy killer01
    multy killer01 5 months ago

    Приезжай в Астрахань. Это в России)

  • Akhildev Yedla
    Akhildev Yedla 5 months ago

    shrimp eating reminded me of indepence day movie

  • Eva Hall
    Eva Hall 5 months ago

    "People have to poop 💩!!" Lmao

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Maldita sea Will te amo

  • Yazzy
    Yazzy 5 months ago +1

    How does he have WiFi in space ?

  • SnowTree Productions
    SnowTree Productions 5 months ago

    Will is sitting in front of a pretty nasty pro tools hd rig. Except the speakers are pointed at his nipples.

  • Roni Vanegas
    Roni Vanegas 5 months ago +1

    WOW! Great :D

  • marky046
    marky046 5 months ago

    Astro-NOT-ready huh, I see what you did there Will. ;)

  • Sylvia Thorpe
    Sylvia Thorpe 5 months ago

    Savannah Georgia! I rarely hear my city ! So cool, love the video

  • Candice B
    Candice B 5 months ago

    How can anyone thumbs down this video 🤔🧐 ... the majic of God before your eyes 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • SPR11
    SPR11 5 months ago


  • Spanich Storm
    Spanich Storm 5 months ago

    Fuck jews

  • QueenJ. Snow
    QueenJ. Snow 5 months ago

    omg so cool

  • let's grow together
    let's grow together 5 months ago

    Love Will Smith. Subscribe to my channel, I will subscribe back. Thanks.

  • Shaunta Martin
    Shaunta Martin 5 months ago

    good questions Will

  • Gabe Escobar
    Gabe Escobar 6 months ago

    house shoe house nigga

  • Pink Trix
    Pink Trix 6 months ago

    Super cool! I hope I can visit Nasa in the future.

  • Aspect Duf
    Aspect Duf 6 months ago


  • Sirhc C
    Sirhc C 6 months ago

    Green screen with harnesses holding him sad ISS is on the ground lol wake up people???

  • Yulema Nunez
    Yulema Nunez 6 months ago

    Will next video you need to pet a lion or race a formula 1 car lol