Louisiana Democratic Governor defeats Trump-backed businessman, CNN projects

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards narrowly won reelection, CNN projects, beating out Republican challenger Eddie Rispone, who was backed by President Donald Trump. #CNN #News

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  • Bob Llanes
    Bob Llanes 6 days ago

    I guess the people of Louisiana are satisfied being 50th place in USA. THEY HATE TO WIN. You deserve what you voted for. Have fun being Last place in the USA.

  • elperiquito quecanta

    Everybody is the art of the American green paper pin of his dollar and the whole world does not want it to be separated with American paper we want it to be paid with gold or silver and commercialized and paid with gold and silver and not with printed green papers Americans understand it, gentlemen gringos and everything is changing, don't be foolish to understand donald trump

  • Everything is a Lie ! All for Wealth and Power !

    Stay the hell out of that Radical state...

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  • randy day
    randy day 11 days ago

    News OAN and Epoch Times real News Trump 2020 make them all cry again

  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman 11 days ago

    You would have thought that CNN would have had election coverage of the runoff

  • Shiftyeyes775
    Shiftyeyes775 12 days ago

    Everyone that watches politics knows this is nothing to talk about. The republican candidate is disliked and the democrat who won is moderate. CNN didn’t tell the truth here again?? He loves guns, the bible and he believes in a free market society ! That’s why he won. Not because the people are sick of trump... what a crock of shit

  • Jay Muller
    Jay Muller 13 days ago

    Trump is the best president we've ever had

  • NANCY Noise
    NANCY Noise 13 days ago

    All right! Who says Louisiana is America’s barf bag??? 🤩🥳🤗

  • Kriegtime101
    Kriegtime101 13 days ago

    Gop must fade into history.

  • Jr Kuzel
    Jr Kuzel 14 days ago

    Tell the democrats to get out of face i they crash and burn in hell r.i.p. just rot away in hell so fuck you9

  • Franco Palumbo
    Franco Palumbo 14 days ago

    CNN - Predicted Hillary to Win Big Time! Guess what? Fucking Wrong as Always! Communist are Funny!

  • Domenic Localzo
    Domenic Localzo 14 days ago

    ♥️🇺🇸 Trump 20/20

  • dems lost
    dems lost 14 days ago +1

    I.G. Mike Horowitz: "FBI employees were discouraged from documenting concusions and recommendations about sor

  • Rubicon Outdoors
    Rubicon Outdoors 14 days ago


  • Robert Hartford
    Robert Hartford 15 days ago

    John Durham is playing Santa this year.....and is rumored to be wrapping some gifts.

  • Scuddy LeBlanc
    Scuddy LeBlanc 15 days ago

    More than 2 million people in Louisiana voted in the 2016 Presidential election. Out of 13 candidate on the ballot, President Trump received 1.2 million votes to Hillary Clinton's 780,00. Only 1.5 million people voted in Louisiana's election for Governor. John Bel Edwards won with less than 775,000 votes.
    If the Governor's election had taken place with the Presidential election, and with Trump on the ballot, Rispone would have won with more than a million votes. Edwards would not have stood a chance with a good voter turn out.

  • denna56
    denna56 15 days ago

    Bye Bye Trump!

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 15 days ago

    Communist News Network/CNN Russia loves U

  • Robert Mailloux
    Robert Mailloux 15 days ago

    51% of people that are not trumptards.

    • Tony Smith
      Tony Smith 15 days ago

      No they are DemonRats/Weeds

  • Alison Montana
    Alison Montana 16 days ago

    I've lived there, Louisiana is the most corrupt political situation that ever existed, the Edwards have run the show there for at least 60 YRS, they are the most crooked bunch of criminals in the freaking world. They lie, lie, lie. I am not surprised they won, has nothing to do with Trump one way or the other.

  • God has saved me!
    God has saved me! 16 days ago

    Fuckers Trumpers, they don't want a Trumper governor them but want Trump for the rest of the country!!! F U

    • Tony Smith
      Tony Smith 15 days ago

      Lucifer loves his own ....the Weeds

  • God has saved me!
    God has saved me! 16 days ago

    Not to bad for a socialist! 😂😂😂

  • MoonGlow
    MoonGlow 16 days ago +1

    Why fear Russia? The Democrat Communist are on your doorstep!

  • Dodd Garger
    Dodd Garger 16 days ago +1

    3500 pages of testimony and not a single mention of bribery regarding pres Trump, only regarding Joe Biden...
    435 Members of Congress and THEY are unable to prove our President is a Traitor
    But all of you already convinced he IS, MUST KNOW SOMETHING 435 Members of Congress don't know... As in so far there is ZERO evidence of CRIMES by our president.. As all the witnesses have stated in pointed questioning CNN is so blatantly omitting... Like when Sondland flip flops... Crickets..
    Wow... Impressive.. 👍

  • CekeCeke BamBam
    CekeCeke BamBam 16 days ago

    African Americans, your 35% of the population in America has weight. Get out and vote. You are not 13% but 35%. Keep making them babies, employed or unemployed. God takes care of us, not the government.

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 16 days ago


  • Sin City
    Sin City 16 days ago

    This doesn’t mean crap ...lololol. Trump 2020

  • Anthony S2K04
    Anthony S2K04 17 days ago

    It was to close for comfort. Next election will tell.
    This guy trolled everyone today. His opening statement and the EXPLOSION of Media hysteria that followed. Will ensure a least a million book sales and the Republican questions which discredited his own personal opinions. Democrats have yet to get the EXPLOSION statement. It simply doesn't exist. Democrats are corrupt and therefore assume everyone is corrupt so they can live with themselves. Am I relevant yet. Don't be ignorant and get out of the CNN human lab rat cage. Ding. Another word of the day for all to spew. How explosive and blowtorch can the failing fake media be. What's more pathetic is those lab rats that support this bullshit. His opening statement was misleading and would have otherwise been stricken from the record as has no basis of foundation and has been confirmed during these investigations. No Quid Pro Quo. EXPLOSIVE QUID PRO JOE AND SON. WHAT A JOKE THE DEMS AND MEDIA HAVE THEIR HEADS UP THIER ASS ON THAT OBVIOUS CORRUPTION AND PAY FOR PLAY. DOESNT GET ANY MORE GANGSTER THAN QUID PRO JOE

  • TyrranicalT-Rad
    TyrranicalT-Rad 17 days ago +1

    He won because he had the gator and crawfish vote. 🤣

  • James Burns
    James Burns 17 days ago

    CNN worldwide known as FAKE NEWS

  • Red Neckle
    Red Neckle 17 days ago

    Tricked again by the Demonuts!!!

    • Josefine Heiss
      Josefine Heiss 17 days ago

      Someone call the ambulance, another butthurt redcap.

  • zerihun assefa
    zerihun assefa 17 days ago

    ''.......How to purchase was not our prime motive at all! We were dreaming as such BIG to live in excitement! It is your blancher who appear on Facebook regularly! The ball-&-socket of human skeleton were jerking for their daily life harmony to unprecedented gains from catastrophic happening! As such,the journey differ from the agony; the currency vary from the idiocy so far in practicality! And, UNIQUENESS was the decisive factor to determine our championship profoundly to stab-burn occasion! ''

  • Ruben Melendez
    Ruben Melendez 18 days ago

    Thank you African Americans. We need your vote to defeat this Trump lovers. Love when we all come together to defeat evil.

  • Mark Promo
    Mark Promo 18 days ago

    Democrats are a bunch of asswipes ,will run this country right into the ground wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sukmhj Llkt
    Sukmhj Llkt 18 days ago


  • pinchi wey
    pinchi wey 18 days ago

    O wow what a win!!!

  • Laurie Mcguiness
    Laurie Mcguiness 18 days ago

    Rest in hell RepubliKKKant party

  • C. Reck
    C. Reck 18 days ago

    Well hopefully he runs his state successfully and creates business and profit not welfare and piles of shit!

  • James McCabe
    James McCabe 18 days ago

    Blue wave!

  • James McCabe
    James McCabe 18 days ago

    Blue wave!

  • Margo Mason
    Margo Mason 18 days ago

    Right on!👌💪👏

  • Aftab Alam saudi
    Aftab Alam saudi 18 days ago

    I love all American people.
    I love all Saudi people.
    I love Donald trump jhon my ankle.
    I love king Salman bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud my ankle.
    I love Saudi new crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz AL Saud.
    I don't like Pakistan people.
    01 02 03 04 06 10 14 17 19 23 12 Thief.

  • Sweet Summer
    Sweet Summer 18 days ago

    Louisiana's Governor is Pro life, Pro gun,pro jobs, a very Conservative guy. It's all good.

  • Brad Williams
    Brad Williams 18 days ago

    Keep up the good work gov haha 😂

  • Brad Williams
    Brad Williams 18 days ago

    How many blacks are locked up from this pos

  • kobe charley
    kobe charley 18 days ago

    Dems keep shining cause they care for us...bye bye dummy trump and you gangs

  • Anthony Sheehan
    Anthony Sheehan 19 days ago

    Fantastic! Hoping for many many more of these kinds results.

  • American G.D.A.
    American G.D.A. 19 days ago +1

    The AMERICAN people have seen what
    "Business Owners,
    do to the Constitution.
    They are absolutely sick and tired of their UNGreatness!
    They're sick and tired of ALL of them, ONLY THINKING of THEMSELVES!
    That's why the person in Louisiana LOST!
    And because he was BACKED BY DOPEY!
    All These Rich folks are missing the POINT!
    DOPEY didn't make everyone in AMERICA RICH!
    He Ingratiated Himself And His Rich Buddies!
    GREEDY Obstructing
    Dopey Changed Everything.
    Rapes the Constitution for his Own Gain. Not the betterment of the poor and middle class!
    There are more poor and middle Class, Than There Are Rich Folks! That's why the Louisiana person Totally Lost the race!
    No Other Reason!
    Too Bad They Didn't See That Coming!
    Even Though it Was Written In The Stars!
    They Just Don't Know How To Read The Stars!
    They Didn't Think That Class At School Was Important Enough To Go To!

  • Miosha Hall
    Miosha Hall 19 days ago

    Im from Louisiana and we wasn't to allow another Bobby Jindal back in Louisiana.....meaning Bobby Jindal cut our financials, our hospitals, veteran funds just to put money in his pocket. Alots of hospitals, health clinics veterans home;senior citizen homes will shut down all around Louisiana during the time Bobby Jindal been our governor.

  • Shaun Dejwan
    Shaun Dejwan 19 days ago +1

    Trump, keep doing your thing baby, we all turning blue very soon.

  • Manatee 7
    Manatee 7 19 days ago +1

    Trump and the red Russian GOP led politicians are going DOWN!!!

  • Voice Of Reality
    Voice Of Reality 19 days ago

    Republicans...can't fight, distancing themselves from huyite pepol faster than light, from christians even faster....
    "Republicans who are eager to separate the party from white nationalists and alt-right racist", are scared that anyone would ask why we are under the yoke of a dual citizen Congress.
    You get the government you deserve.

  • Tre McCho
    Tre McCho 19 days ago +1

    Congratulations, won fair and square, for now we still live in a democracy.

  • Paris M
    Paris M 19 days ago

    CNN projects have absolutely ZERO credibility

    • Josefine Heiss
      Josefine Heiss 17 days ago

      Someone call the ambulance, another butthurt redcap.

  • Cathy o
    Cathy o 19 days ago

    Republicans should wake up Democrats are rigging elections

  • LAVIN20
    LAVIN20 19 days ago +1

    Kentucky and Louisiana lmao.
    If conservative politics were so good why is the south worse than a third world country

  • Bret M
    Bret M 19 days ago


  • nayinayi1
    nayinayi1 19 days ago

    So is "god bless his heart" like giving you a middle finger in LA?

  • Takry Goni
    Takry Goni 19 days ago

    Biafra is coming!!!usclip.net/video/4-kpe5u7tYc/video.html