Daughters Get The Hairstyle Their Moms Want For Them

  • Published on Jul 27, 2015
  • "I feel like an 'I Love Lucy' character!"
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Comments • 8 343

  • Трио Ок
    Трио Ок 6 days ago

    Asian girls hair style aged her a lot

  • Brianna Rodriguez Vazquez

    *this video made me very emotional for reasons i cant explain.*

  • Jaisa Stanley
    Jaisa Stanley 9 days ago

    I would never do this my mom want my hair to be its natural color and short. I hate short hair.

  • Flip Booker
    Flip Booker 11 days ago

    Oh jeeze

  • lenka simekova
    lenka simekova 12 days ago


  • Olivia Brown
    Olivia Brown 12 days ago


  • -Starlight Wolf Gacha-

    Ok they all looked better before 😂😂

  • juniper quaintrelle
    juniper quaintrelle 12 days ago

    Yup that's snookie vibes

  • EeveeChuu Zz
    EeveeChuu Zz 12 days ago +1

    Not Gonna Lie, I Hate All The Hairstyles 😂🤣

  • Lexi Playz
    Lexi Playz 14 days ago

    My mum wants me to have a bob haircut lol

  • AlienPotato Masher
    AlienPotato Masher 15 days ago

    Mom: I hAtE tHe MiDdLe PaRt
    Also mom: *has a clear middle part*

  • Ali Ell
    Ali Ell 17 days ago

    Okay that hairstylist can not cut hair, that is hideous

  • izuku Midoryia
    izuku Midoryia 18 days ago +1

    i cut my hair every 3 years

  • Emma B
    Emma B 18 days ago

    3:26 the girl in the white looks like cami mendes

  • rararabia19
    rararabia19 21 day ago

    Dang...am I the only one that liked them 🤷‍♀️

    ANNIE HARRELL 24 days ago

    I hate all of them. This just re affirms the fact that moms have no idea what’s trendy.

  • Ella Stevens
    Ella Stevens 26 days ago +1

    I woild never let mh mom choose my hair cause i would have to get a fringe and short hair

  • Isabella Leone
    Isabella Leone 27 days ago +1

    i hate all styles lmao

  • Leyla Rustamova
    Leyla Rustamova 27 days ago

    The blonde girl has bad taste, the Hollywood waves with the side part for her nicely

  • Princess Menguita
    Princess Menguita 27 days ago

    Tbh I don’t like any of these hairstyles in them:/

  • i will steal your kneecaps


  • Papia Dutta
    Papia Dutta 28 days ago

    Moms got bad taste for sure... 😂😂😂

  • Erin :3
    Erin :3 28 days ago

    Rip their daughter’s hair

  • Riley Bo
    Riley Bo Month ago

    they all look so bad i- 😂

  • Ella Neal1
    Ella Neal1 Month ago

    all of them are nasty. no cap

  • Maddie Pugliano
    Maddie Pugliano Month ago

    all of these haircuts are... not it

  • its. jadyn
    its. jadyn Month ago +1

    I feel bad for the kids

  • personal_playlist 94

    OMG. Such poor hairstyling. All the girls were better off without a hairstylist. I don't think it is the Mom's fault, that girl who did a makeover sucked.

  • SkyRizza
    SkyRizza Month ago

    I only like the “ horse mane” one

  • Rodessa Basangan
    Rodessa Basangan Month ago

    I really want to get some of your works 😭😭😭

  • Sweety Tea
    Sweety Tea Month ago +9

    “What do you think bout you’re daughters hair?”
    Mom: “Crappy.”
    **Continues To have basically the same hair and hairstyle**

  • The Chaser
    The Chaser Month ago

    I would sue my mom for deciding to give me those hairstyles if I were one of them

  • Caitlyn Marie
    Caitlyn Marie Month ago

    If my mom styled my hair I would have a perm lol

  • Lilly lol :D
    Lilly lol :D Month ago

    I have a Bob haircut but IT Looks Cute😌

  • Ashley Doom
    Ashley Doom Month ago

    Yuck. Those extensions looked terrible on her. Poor girl.

  • Jaylanica Norbert
    Jaylanica Norbert Month ago

    I Will kill my Mother.

  • Lydilein
    Lydilein Month ago

    I'm Sorry but those cuts look hideous on their daughters

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor Month ago

    The hairstylist was dreadful

  • this guy
    this guy Month ago

    Ain't no one touching my hair. My hair is down to my waist. Chicks dig it for some reason.

  • marokko müller
    marokko müller Month ago

    If my mother could choose my hairstyle, she would have my hair cut back to the earlobe.
    And I hated it!! I have very thick hair and on every puff of wind my hair explode!👩🏼‍🦱🙆🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️

  • Temptation Edits
    Temptation Edits Month ago

    3:15 Sir???.

  • Tayaba Rahim
    Tayaba Rahim Month ago

    these are so bad

  • Liam Doyle
    Liam Doyle Month ago


  • Pxearly
    Pxearly Month ago

    My mum would do a pretty good job for me

  • Seneya Azad
    Seneya Azad Month ago

    Oh my it's Kayley Melissa 😍

  • Isabelle Kaiser
    Isabelle Kaiser Month ago +1

    I don't like any of these hairstyles🙈 I'd never let my Mom choose my hairstyle 😅😂

  • 萧秀虹
    萧秀虹 Month ago +3

    i will cry if my mom help me change the new hairstyle

  • annatheawesome1
    annatheawesome1 Month ago +2

    This was fun! ^^ I wouldn't let my mom choose my hairstyle though

  • Lila Dettelback
    Lila Dettelback Month ago

    Mom with a middle part: I really hate the side part

  • jennbeth1
    jennbeth1 Month ago +1

    OMFG. These haircuts are high crimes and misdemeanors

  • Gayvenclaw Commonroom
    Gayvenclaw Commonroom Month ago +2

    Is it bad I'm too scared to cut my hair because of my parents?

  • ygarcia2194
    ygarcia2194 Month ago +2

    At 3:52 I thought she Looked Beautiful

  • sleepy drawer_0w0
    sleepy drawer_0w0 Month ago

    I’m not Asian, or anything like that, but my mom wants my hair as a bob cut, AND I STILL HAVE IT, I HATE MY BLONDE BOB CUT, -ps I hate you mom 🙄

  • Samantha Lazaga
    Samantha Lazaga Month ago +1

    U know the twins u know the wave bangs I think her mom is Filipino because she sounds like

    Like if ur Filipino too :)

  • Leash B
    Leash B Month ago

    Now I'm sitting here trying to think of what my mom would say for my hair. She knows nothing about hairdos! She REFUSES to speak to me if I even mention dying my hair, even the one day use stuff, and I'm a 33 year old woman!

  • E⃠m⃠i⃠l⃠y⃠ N⃠i⃠c⃠o⃠l⃠e⃠

    My BOTH parents use to style my hair like Ariana Grande LMFAO 😂

  • My Channel lol
    My Channel lol Month ago +1

    That one mom: I hate the middle part (not a side part)in the hair
    Me: you have a middle part (not a side part) idiot

  • Regina Greer
    Regina Greer Month ago

    It is time for the moms to let the girls wear their hair the way the girl wants to wear it.

  • *internal screeching *

    Their mom's litteraly needs fashion help

  • Little BirdLover
    Little BirdLover Month ago

    I'm Filipino