Daughters Get The Hairstyle Their Moms Want For Them

  • Published on Jul 27, 2015
  • "I feel like an 'I Love Lucy' character!"
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Comments • 8 198

  • jorge marin77
    jorge marin77 3 hours ago +1

    I hate the hairstyles we learned today is

    Love ur hair and do not trust ur parents hairstyles

  • Lea Petterson
    Lea Petterson 7 hours ago

    they all look worse

  • Jeongyeon's DerpFaceu
    Jeongyeon's DerpFaceu 9 hours ago

    I watch this view days agp and...today it happened to me 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Me Myself, and I

    Ngl these all sucked

  • Lauren Krawczynski

    I’m never gonna let mom touch my hair after this

  • Rita Ahlawat
    Rita Ahlawat Day ago

    The Chinese girl got the “ I’m Karen may I speak to the manager?” Cut

  • Elaine Boone
    Elaine Boone Day ago

    I hated the girl with the white shirts hair I feel so bad for her

  • Tamaki Aho
    Tamaki Aho Day ago

    Ugh, my mom would totally want my hair to be all the way to the ground. Super long, picking up all the dirt on the floor.

  • XxKaykayplayzxX
    XxKaykayplayzxX Day ago

    the mom saud she hated the middle part but yet she has one

  • Sage PlayzZ
    Sage PlayzZ Day ago +1

    My mother just love the way my hair are already she is not like them 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Golden Gacha
    Golden Gacha Day ago

    My mum said she wants me to be bald

  • Golden Gacha
    Golden Gacha 2 days ago

    Not being rude but they all look bad again not hating and being rude just saying

  • Leah Gray
    Leah Gray 2 days ago +3

    1st. No!
    2nd. Maybe.
    3rd. Kind of.

  • Leah Gray
    Leah Gray 2 days ago +3

    Is it just me or was the stylist super pretty?😂😂😂

    XXPOTATO VLOGSXX 2 days ago

    Wait- is the long hair one extensions..?

  • foxy the pirate
    foxy the pirate 3 days ago

    What do u think of mallorys hair? :mum: Crapy 😏😂💔

  • Livvy Alien
    Livvy Alien 3 days ago

    I hated all of the styles..

  • Hello I am a potato Lovegood

    I would _never_ let my mum do that

  • Minall Raza
    Minall Raza 3 days ago


  • medine
    medine 4 days ago

    lmao can't relate because im not even allowed to make decisions for my hair

  • just me
    just me 4 days ago

    The fuk? You call this a HAIRSTYLE?

  • M and M
    M and M 5 days ago

    I sort of like the first girls hairstyle

  • Katie Does Random Stuff

    Omg the all stink!!!!

  • Katie Does Random Stuff

    Ugh my mom would cut my bangs off and chop it off int a bob

  • Jeanna Holloway
    Jeanna Holloway 5 days ago

    I like the girls hair with the fohawk!!!! It’s amazing!

  • Lana Khader
    Lana Khader 5 days ago

    I don’t think the blonde hair girl hair looked good in any style

  • puppies puppies
    puppies puppies 6 days ago

    They were all so horrible

  • Jäna Bänäna
    Jäna Bänäna 6 days ago +3

    I didn’t like the blonde girl‘s hair at all
    The others were... like okay i guess
    But definitely not good

  • Bushra Kaleem
    Bushra Kaleem 9 days ago

    I hate all of them

  • Roshni Dahal
    Roshni Dahal 9 days ago

    They are looking really bad

  • Ogechi Uzoukwu
    Ogechi Uzoukwu 10 days ago

    The hair stylist needs to go back to hair school...

  • goldenmoondrawer
    goldenmoondrawer 10 days ago

    I went through this... My hair was cut into a bob it was my mom and my grandma pushing me into the hair cut

  • Trix 1975
    Trix 1975 10 days ago

    👍most looked good minus the blonde

  • Savannah The Iguana
    Savannah The Iguana 11 days ago +1

    Oh my god... ewww lol

  • Zebra ٢٠٠٥
    Zebra ٢٠٠٥ 11 days ago +1

    I don't think I'd alive if I cut my hair. My mom's Chappal and me would be besties till grave .-.

  • Zebra ٢٠٠٥
    Zebra ٢٠٠٥ 11 days ago +1

    Me: Mom, what hairstyle you want for me,for my hairs?
    Mom: oh, I just want long hairs.
    Also me: long hairs what?
    Mom: uhh, I don't want to cut your hairs.
    Also Me:😑😑😑😑😑

  • BeachySlimez z
    BeachySlimez z 11 days ago

    They cut their hair for this😳

  • Jinyoung's Peach
    Jinyoung's Peach 11 days ago +5

    What do you think of mallory's hair?
    Mom: Crappy
    That's what my mom thinks about my hair

  • Lydia Thomas
    Lydia Thomas 11 days ago

    I liked the bob on one of the girls but i hated the other ones

  • Morgan Spitzer
    Morgan Spitzer 12 days ago

    I like all of them tbh

  • Roelinn Joubert
    Roelinn Joubert 13 days ago

    Where did they find the "stylist" Kindergarden? I would NEVER EVER EVER let her touch my hair that blond girl's hair just looks gross and a mess and the other two aren't far behind 🙅‍♀️

  • Prisha Grover
    Prisha Grover 14 days ago

    i love , i love lucyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!! its the best thing in the worlllld , like all the lucy fans

  • Ruchi Priyamvada
    Ruchi Priyamvada 19 days ago +1

    All the hairstyles were really bad and I think none of the daughters liked it!

  • Shalini Verma
    Shalini Verma 20 days ago +1

    Where is David

  • Shivani Narendran
    Shivani Narendran 21 day ago +2

    I have short hair but my mom wants my hair to be long

  • Casey Schubert
    Casey Schubert 25 days ago

    Oh my god... that bob haircut was terrible. Nothing like a one length bob..

  • Iveth C. T
    Iveth C. T 26 days ago

    ¿Is that a really a new look? OK, no ewwwwww

  • classicqrvntt
    classicqrvntt 27 days ago

    sorry but, these hairstyles were like BAD bad

  • Addison Carlson
    Addison Carlson 29 days ago


  • AshTheAnime Cat
    AshTheAnime Cat Month ago +1

    Tbh, all the hairstyles sucked in my opinion. But if they're happy then....eh

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace Month ago

    One girl looks like Dora the explorer
    I hate all of the hair styles

  • Jessica DiSalvo
    Jessica DiSalvo Month ago +1

    mom: were gonna look like twins!!!!

    me: oof...

  • گلسا مرتضوی
    گلسا مرتضوی Month ago +2

    the blonde girl is soooo freaking rude:/

  • vaishali sharma
    vaishali sharma Month ago

    I didn't like any of them

  • Magola
    Magola Month ago +1

    The girl with her hair up looks like Veronica from Riverdale

  • quirrelevant
    quirrelevant Month ago +2

    Imagine if their dads where the ones to choose.

  • ItsRayleigh x
    ItsRayleigh x Month ago +4

    I think the hair styled looked nice idk why :P

  • BufferingJeonJungook
    BufferingJeonJungook Month ago +1

    I need to wear a hat all the time so that they cant touch my hair

  • Tyra Wideman
    Tyra Wideman Month ago +1

    The blonde girl wasn't lying about the Snooki hairstyles 😂

  • sarcastic bitch
    sarcastic bitch Month ago +1

    All of them looked *AWFUL*

  • Khyati
    Khyati Month ago

    The blonde hair girl look like superstar from 70s but she look better with new style
    I like new look better then her old one
    Before she looks like some Disney movie villain
    I don't know could be just me

  • P Lestrange
    P Lestrange Month ago +5

    I like the short "edgy" one- it rlly suits her

  • Rachel Ingram
    Rachel Ingram Month ago

    She thinks it is soooo short but it is just medium length. Gosh my hair is short. I have it shaved on the sides and back

  • Rachel Ingram
    Rachel Ingram Month ago

    Lol I feel like a horse!

  • Pastelbird
    Pastelbird Month ago +1

    Why are moms so obsessed with looking like their daughter's twin😂😂😂

  • Sk Zafar
    Sk Zafar Month ago +2

    Omg the last girl was so rude with her mom and gave bad comments to her and the hairstylist

    • h u g s
      h u g s Month ago

      It's her hair of course she's gonna be upset.

  • Snoopy Lover
    Snoopy Lover Month ago

    These poor poor girls

  • baby unicorn g
    baby unicorn g Month ago

    She looked like Andy mack

  • Aba Khesoh
    Aba Khesoh Month ago

    I love the black shirt girls laughter

  • Mallory Schwarting
    Mallory Schwarting Month ago +2

    OMG someone with my name spelled the same!!!!!

  • ItzSavage patricia
    ItzSavage patricia Month ago +1

    This happened to me but my aunt did it and I HATE MY HAIR 😭😭😭

  • Naima Othman Hassan
    Naima Othman Hassan Month ago +1

    I dont know why but the blonde hair girl looks a sort of like Luna Lovegood...a little

  • Confuzzled namjoon
    Confuzzled namjoon Month ago +1

    oof the hairdresser did such a bad job on the blonde girl...

  • Rutu
    Rutu Month ago

    2.44 her reaction was just wowwww 😍😍😍

  • Emily Fothergill
    Emily Fothergill Month ago

    The mum that hates the middle part has a middle part

  • carter valdez
    carter valdez Month ago

    It I got the hairstyle my mom wanted for me.... *yikes*

  • Abigail Bouchard
    Abigail Bouchard Month ago

    Not gonna lie the Asian girls hair looked better before

  • No
    No Month ago

    I mean the others can just put it back but, the one with a bob, ouch. She can’t change it back if she doesn’t like it until like a year or so

  • Aurora
    Aurora Month ago +1


  • Skelly Skully
    Skelly Skully Month ago

    My mom would totally let me get a side cut/shave punk like hairstyle

  • Kiera Murphy
    Kiera Murphy Month ago

    My reaction to Asian girls hair cut

  • Sara M
    Sara M 2 months ago

    Sis the blonde one is not it 😭

  • delilah occonnor
    delilah occonnor 2 months ago

    The girl with the blonde hair her hair actually looked pretty good 😛👍👍👍👍

  • Panda kinnu
    Panda kinnu 2 months ago

    I hate them all 😥

  • Kim Bob
    Kim Bob 2 months ago

    Bok gibi oldu hepsi

    ALICE BESSON 2 months ago +3

    This video proves why you should never let your mom choose your hair cut/style 😂

  • Betray Yoongi
    Betray Yoongi 2 months ago

    My mom would fricking choose a bowl cut !!!!! NO SHE HAS DONE A BOWL CUT

  • Bella Del Rey
    Bella Del Rey 2 months ago

    if my mom was there, i would have very very short hair probably reaching my ears

  • Adriana
    Adriana 2 months ago +1

    This was so cruel! The mom just wanted her daughter to look old like her! That bob was so bad!

  • Jess Draws
    Jess Draws 2 months ago

    I hate having long hair pros and cons.. Pros: Looking pretty, Lookin’ like the ring out here 😂😂, Flip my hair and that’s it 😂 Cons: Having to brush it, Having knots, little Hairs pop out from the top and sides, having HAIR in my mouth in the wind, and that’s it

  • XxYoBoiCjxX Gameplays
    XxYoBoiCjxX Gameplays 2 months ago

    Ik if i had a daughter her hair would be amazing Poor kids 😂😂

    KARIMA AHMED 2 months ago +1

    “You should thank her”
    “I DID!
    Lol why is that so meh 0-0

    LM&JK LM&JK 2 months ago +3

    All the hairstyles are from their parents time, it looks so retro, I think those hairstyles are The ones their moms used back at days

  • Jessica Hanson
    Jessica Hanson 2 months ago

    The extensions. Gag!

  • Skullcrusher XMonster
    Skullcrusher XMonster 2 months ago

    The girl in the white shirt is the only good haircut in my opinion

  • Annu Beanie
    Annu Beanie 2 months ago

    This is why I don't allow my mom to style my hair ..

  • XxMystic wølfxX
    XxMystic wølfxX 2 months ago

    Me and my mum are chinese and she wants my hair hella short

  • Crispy Potato Fam
    Crispy Potato Fam 2 months ago

    That one mom who still reminds her daughter to thank everyone 😂😂

  • Ella Mazur
    Ella Mazur 2 months ago

    I hate all of them

  • Chloe Klein
    Chloe Klein 2 months ago

    The girl With the "funky" and "edgy" hairstyle looked like Minetta from Bnha...😂😂(not an insult, but yeeeeahhhh)