How to Break a Bad Habit

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
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Comments • 996

  • Faraz Zunigas
    Faraz Zunigas Month ago

    I want to break phone addition habit! I wonder how many hours should I check phone. Moreover, i don’t even have nails in my middle finger, it’s fully bleeding.

  • MSD nades
    MSD nades Month ago +1

    Hi man I’m like 13 the same weight as you but I don’t think it’s all muscle I’m trying to go to the gym as much as I can but my dad works overtime so I can’t go to the gym as much as I used to I wanna look lean not for hoes just for myself I wanna know how to break my habit of skipping exercise I feel really fucking fat even tho i don’t look like it im going to high school in a bit and this is really making me depressed I don’t have any motivation I fucking hate myself and I’ve already attempted suicide once but I could not pull the rope I just wanna know how to feel motivated if you all wanna see me check out @manroop_xiii On insta plz be respectful

  • lionel Messi
    lionel Messi Month ago

    Good video

  • Ađityå Gurung
    Ađityå Gurung 2 months ago

    I smoke when I suffer from cold..coz its the only medicine of cold for me..and I it works☺☺

  • Seth Britton
    Seth Britton 2 months ago

    ok so what aout weed lol make a video on weed

  • Tyronn Dafney
    Tyronn Dafney 3 months ago

    Is smoking weed bad as well?

  • Abdou Gaming Dz
    Abdou Gaming Dz 4 months ago

    You are legend

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M 5 months ago

    Bro ur awesome😍.U motivation is 👌

  • апокрифическая любовь

    Even tho I have a gf I prefer to watch porn I don’t know why I’m just addicted and I can’t stop I jerk off like three times a day and finish when I could have sex it just doesn’t exceed the standards I have in my head so I rather watch porn it’s so much better to me…

  • Adin Sreekesh
    Adin Sreekesh 6 months ago

    1:29 look at the way his hand is moving

    GREEDY PESOS 8 months ago

    You look cool with that cigg....haha

  • Cameron Michael S
    Cameron Michael S 9 months ago

    God Bless You man. You on Fire.

  • Paul The1&only
    Paul The1&only 9 months ago

    Can you make a video of shakes you make at home?

  • Brentley Morris
    Brentley Morris 11 months ago

    Well done Jose!!!

  • Mr. Bullshit
    Mr. Bullshit 11 months ago

    I quit porn by eating and watching and its nasty and goes away

  • Novius
    Novius 11 months ago

    2:58 Are those trackpants from ESNTLS? Could I find similar types of pants anywhere else worldwide, like h&m or GAP?

  • Balot TV
    Balot TV Year ago

    You are really saving my life and helping me on other certain things. Thanks man! Much love☝👊

  • Busaio
    Busaio Year ago

    the only reason you don't watch porn is because you have a wife.What about people who does have the pleasure of having a partner and are super horny.Fuck that.

  • Nicholas Lynch
    Nicholas Lynch Year ago

    Excellent video! :-)

  • Trelise Cotter
    Trelise Cotter Year ago

    I have a few habits

  • Dank Dose
    Dank Dose Year ago

    Jose the type of zuniga to speak with wobbly arms 24/7 but cant even shake his own shaker

  • M Afzal
    M Afzal Year ago

    Whenever i watch ur video i first like it and then rotate the screen.

  • U.S. Border Patrol

    I had a blender bottle like that and it broke after 3 days. Got a refund, besides it doesn’t well. I’d stick to an actual blender.

  • René Vos
    René Vos Year ago

    Also spending money: Make for some stuff a limit of what you spend. Like spending no more than 200/300$ on a watch, not more than 150 on shoes, not more than 40 on a simple t-shirt and etc. . Also, just don't buy stuff you sorta want. Just the stuff you really want. Spend some time on spending your money especially when you're young it's actually a quite efficiënt way to at some lvl make money.

  • swaleh mbarack
    swaleh mbarack Year ago

    I find this informative 💓

  • Eli- Tech
    Eli- Tech Year ago

    thank you HONESTLY

  • justin8771
    justin8771 Year ago

    U kno I gotta get this bundle deal haha

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo Year ago +1

    Fruity pebbles remided me of The Rock and John Cena

  • cutie girl
    cutie girl Year ago

    Wot about hair pulling ...🙄🙄😭😭

  • GodGamer Karan
    GodGamer Karan Year ago

    I'm only 9

  • Abhijith NARAYAN
    Abhijith NARAYAN Year ago


  • Mohammad Omar
    Mohammad Omar Year ago

    I eat everything in my diet. I don't classify them as nutrients . Even my crush complicated my looks and deep down I adored u Jose.

  • José Macedo
    José Macedo Year ago

    Which is the recipe of that shake?

  • Christian Castillo

    Jose is the type of Zuniga who don't smoke

  • J Havoc
    J Havoc Year ago

    I was watching this as I was pigging out on a large pizza by myself...godamit Jose lmao

  • Pucci World
    Pucci World Year ago +1

    Are you single

  • Yzzil Blue
    Yzzil Blue Year ago

    bitch girls want boys who smoke weed and not zigs.

  • uniser
    uniser Year ago

    what if im eating buggers and i cant stop it? :DD

  • Stephen Ajulu
    Stephen Ajulu Year ago

    Hey Jose give the TMF fam, your shake recipe!

  • Apex 72
    Apex 72 Year ago

    Second one is unreliable especially if you work a 9to5

  • rando gaming
    rando gaming Year ago

    What if your on your phone talking to your gf/ girl you like

  • Patrick Riis
    Patrick Riis Year ago

    i smoked a cigarette after this video

  • Streamin' Wo Tah
    Streamin' Wo Tah Year ago

    Shake and Junk Food = Life :D

  • UJjwal Pratap
    UJjwal Pratap Year ago +1

    Mine bad habit is only no. 5 . i use my phone about 25 hours a day.

  • Mega Quinn
    Mega Quinn Year ago +1

    I'm a proud Straight Edge! Alcohol and Smoking doesn't take away your stress, they give you more. If you think it looks class with a glass of rum and a cigarette in your hands, you're wrong mate.

  • Yisrael Levi
    Yisrael Levi Year ago

    I'm 16 I smoke u gave me motivation to slow down

  • Insanity On A Bun

    Perfect vid man

  • edward owusu wiredu
    edward owusu wiredu Year ago +1

    José is a kind of Zuniga, who talks about bad habits, but sneaks and smoke weeds Hehe

  • Marin Capote
    Marin Capote Year ago

    Fucking Porn 😑, Shit So Addictive 😂

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic Year ago

    A Zuniga

  • Chelly Hernandez
    Chelly Hernandez Year ago

    Jose is so fine💯🤤

  • Tom Baugh
    Tom Baugh Year ago

    And drugs?

  • Sean Simpson
    Sean Simpson Year ago

    I read the “power of habit” too😎😎

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez Year ago

    I need help please!! I have a bad habit or a addiction of sperming for a year now and can’t stop it. I always promise saying I will quit it starting now but couple days my brain makes me do it when I don’t want to! I have a foot fetish and I want to get rid of it. How can I stop this? This all started in March 17 2017

  • German Baron
    German Baron Year ago

    Wow! this was an eye opening one for me! Thank you... I dropped a like and I will work on these bad habits that I actually thought were not "habits."

  • Jan Trevor
    Jan Trevor Year ago

    The best way to stop doing bad habits is watching TMF and subscribing in Jose Zuniga's channels💪💪 (notice me Jose Zuniga) iam your #1 fan

  • Kianna London
    Kianna London Year ago

    the gum does have a BIT of acid in it

  • Konstantin Kocevski

    Jose you need to workout on that pull up form, too much swinging!

  • i cant change my profile pic or banner pls help

    Dude having a supreme sticker

  • raki rana
    raki rana Year ago

    har chiz mei ad bosdke